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 The Mythos of HU

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PostSubject: The Mythos of HU   The Mythos of HU I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 23, 2012 9:26 pm

The Mythos of HU is essentially a compiling of all the various forces within the universe of Heroes Uprising, starting from the strongest, and culminating in the perceived weakest.

Above All stands TOAA, who's name is The One Above All. He is essentially a personification of the writers will upon the story, in this case us RPrs will to change something we cannot possibly change any other way.
It's enforced is the Living Tribunal, an entity that oversees the entire multiverse (and omniverse).
All of the multiverse's mystical energies, Gods and entities arise from the Root of Akasha. The Root is a part of TOAA, and from the Root were born the Two Witches of Judgment. They arose to combat the Eight Outer Gods, each God representing an aspect of the madness of evolved beings, such as madness for power, madness for lust, or madness for knowledge. All the existence is fated to return to the Root, into TOAA, before the last Death takes TOAA as well.

Universal Powers:
Each Universe possesses a trifecta of artifacts or essences, the Soul, the Heart and the Will. The Will is non corporal and acts as more of a commanding force for the various personified concepts. The Hunters work as the Will's executioners and eliminate everything that threatens the overall universe.
The Soul represents the Universe's mind and spirit so to speak, and to control it is to control the very essence of the universe, and the essence of life
Finally, the Heart, arguably the most powerful, is an object which allows one to synchronize with the Universe itself, from the most abstract concepts up to the powerful forces. All arcane, cosmic and magical forces are thus one with the person wielding it.
In short, the Will is nothing more than the Universe's self preservation aspect, the Soul represents essence and life and the Heart represents the powers of the universe, cosmic, magical and arcane

There also exists the Infinity Gauntlet and Infinity Gems. The Infinity Gems are the remnants of one of the earliest beings from the time of the universe's creation. Feeling lonely and wanting to explore the vast universe, it split itself into different parts. Under unknown reasons each individual gem became associated with a particular facet--power, space, time, mind, soul, and reality. The Infinity Gauntlet was designed to hold them.
Whoever has them all possesses power comparable to one who wields the Heart of the Universe.

Conceptual/Cosmic Entities:
Within each Universe, we then have the concepts personified and representing the 3 forces of Equity, Necessity and Vengeance.
The one representing Equity is Galactus, who's power varies greatly as is generally not as strong as the others within the group.
Necessity is represented by Eternity and Infinity. Two entities which respectively represent all life in th universe and the ever expanding space.
Vengeance is represented by Death and Oblivion. Death being the obvious concept and Oblivion being another of it's aspects (although unarguably not as strong)
These have spawned many other conceptual entities, amongst them noting Epoch.

Bellow conceptual entities (which are far more than the mentioned ones) are concepts brought by the the existence of life with rational thought. For example, the Angra Manyu.

The Phoenix Force represents life that has not yet been born. The Cosmic entity of death and rebirth, and guardian and Great Extinguisher. While all universes possess a Phoenix Force, all the the Phoenixes are interconnected in some way, for the Phoenix serves as the nexus of all psionic energy in the multiverse, and the guardian of the M'kraan crystal.
Jean Grey, a powerful mutant of Earth-616, is said to have been the closest thing approaching a physical form the Phoenix ever experienced, due to their close psychic bond. Currently, Sandra Fuller displays the greatest compatibility with the Phoenix, able to go as far as call upon the powers of the White Phoenix of the Crown.

Earthly Gods:
Elder Gods. While born on Earth their powers are vastly strong and can match cosmic level feats. Gaea, Set and Chthon would be the main ones of the group. All Elder Gods typically stand above the different pantheons, but notable exceptions amongst each pantheon exist for warriors capable of fighting them.

Bellow this, and again there will be great variables, we have the pantheons of normal Gods. The strongest is know to be Asgard, his ruler sharing an intimate connection with a limitless energy, the Odinforce.
Also a powerful pantheon is Heaven, the Judaio-Christian one. Its ruler, God, is the single most powerful entity amongst the various Gods worshiped on Earth.

Other Entities and Concepts:
We also have the mystical entities, born from Magic, miracles of the universe which are impossible to duplicate. Due to the varying natures of these miracles, the powers of those that are born from them vary greatly. Dormammu and the Judgement Witches are examples of such beings. Directly connected to the concept of Magic is what humans call "True Magic", which is in short the ability to harness said miracles that shaped the mystical aspects of the world.

We have the Demon Lords, who can vary in power. One only needs to remember Black Heart as an example
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The Mythos of HU
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