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 Vinlo Illtore(Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Vinlo Illtore(Heroes Uprising)   Sat Mar 24, 2012 11:12 pm

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His anger issues, I never suffered from those, if someone pissed me off that much, I’d simply give them lung cancer, take away their vision, or put them in a coma where they endured constant pain for eternity in their mind..so I guess you can say I’m good with problem solving!

Name: Vinlo Illtore
Codename: N/A
Alias: N/A
Age: 57 (looks 21, deceased)
Height: 6'2
Weight: 215 lbs (All muscle)
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Identity: Public
Species: Homo-superior
Race: Mediterranean.
Personality: Vinlo is mentally insane and just enjoys killing evolved humans to gain powers. He is a power-hungry maniac bent on causing mass destruction and becoming the supream Being. He used to be a good-natured soul on a mission to save the world but the powers he got corrupted him and he went insane wanting to be a being who claimed to be on a quest to be perfect and to enjoy a perfect life. After being stabilized he considers the Nova Corps his family, and loves his son but considers him a rival. His Mind is being corroded by all the extra DNA, the extra rrestial DNA altering everything about him from his sleeping patterns to dreaming and he is now somewhat OCD about order.
Known Relatives: Father(Deceased), Mother(Deceased), Wife(Feline), Zulan(Son)

Allies: Nova Corps, SXML

Enemies: SHIELD, Agency, Zulan

Occupation: Criminal
Religion: Agnostic
Theme Song:

Skills: He is skilled in martial arts mainly Karate and kick-boxing. He is a master of using knives and double bladed sword.
-Master of Armed Combat, including several alien fighting styles.

Weapons: Nova Force Standard Laser Gun.
-He's made specific adjustments so he can change the size of his weapon, and it can shift into other weapons similar to Transformers. He is working on modifying it to shift into ground and aerial based vehicles as well, and it has seveal other weapons, and even control the size of the laser similar to SHIELD's weapon.

Intuitive Aptitude. He can instinctively understand and manipulate the workings of a complex system. He uses this skill to analyze his victims brains and steal their powers. He can also use this to analyze situations. Because of the skill, he also shows a much better level of control.
However, he still possesses the "hunger" for abilities, same has his son. However, he's consumed in it and it doesn't really bother him, as he doesn't mind doing it.

Powers he had gained include.
-Aura Absorption
-Super Strength
-Super Speed
-Self Propelled Flight
-Impenetrable Skin
-Optic Blasts
-Matter Creation and regeneration(Cannot create living things)
-Energy Manipulation
-Matter Manipulation
-Biological Manipulation
-Dimensional Travel
-Space-Time Manipulation
-Self duplication
-Portal Generation
-Sound Manipulation
-Precognitive dreaming
-Induced Radiation
-Magnetic Manipulation(AStran Metal Master Level.)
-Mass Manipulation
-Demon summoning
-Superhuman intelligence
-Hellfire blasts
-ghost rider transformation
-Hulk transformation
-Plant integration
-Energy Absorption into Super-Strength
-Fear detection
-Aura Projection
-Nova Force(Mid-High Level Usage)
-Dakkamite Physiology
-Elan Physiology
-Kornan Physiology
-Mephitisoid Physiology
-Skrull Physiology(FF Super Skrull Physiology)

Bio: Vinlo was born and raised in Italy but his two seemingly normal parents except his father had a power without-knowing a man Claude his dad's boss once came over for dinner and was good-friends befriending Vinlo. However one day he used his powers to come after Vinlo's parents killing them this pissed him off and caused him to pursue Claude as he unlocked his power and he saw a message from his father about his powers. He went after Claude murdering him to gain his powers and decided Evolved humans were bad and needed to be eliminated.

He inherited money from his father and met Glage his butler who knew about evolved humans and the two planned to travel on a mission to destroy evolved humans and save the world. He traveled killing evolved humans until some men were sent after him and he allowed them to capture him he was brought to the Agency HQ with Glage. He told them his mission and since they wanted to keep evolved humans they told him who to target. He would go after the dangerous one's and slowly go unstable.

He went insane and on a destructive ramapage murdering millions and was stopped and the Agency was torn to pieces and members died as they fought him. The insane villian went back in time to gain some more powers and returned only to be imprisoned in the ground with some powerful matter conversion. He had made a video before he went insane and gave it to Zulan wanting his son to stop him if the Agency failed as he knew he was going crazy. He was later freed during the chaotic Symbiote invasion and merely watched the SXM learning about them. He decided he would find Zulan and manipulate him to find a man named as Joshua who had the power of life-creation. For being locked up for a while he has forgotten most of his powers but retains some. He bean a destuctive spree searching for Joshua.

He worked with Samuel and battled Milo surviving his encounter he left to continue his search. He had survived due to a clone he had and than decided to continue his search for Josh and wanted revenge on Samuel who failed to come on his end of the bargain. He continued hiding in search for Josh and was forced to battle demons during Blackheart;s invasion. After the battle, he left the planet after Surfer take Josh away to use his power to re-build several alien species Galactus wiped out. Vinlo pursued them but lost to the duo in combat. He then returned to earth and saved Benjamin's gang. He joined the gang and later helped them try and obtain the Government's Skrull Weaponry. Although Dave had already taken it, and he remained a gang member using powers to help the gang.

Eventually however he planned to cleanse the earth of humanity and re-start, and had Benjamin's gang recruit strippers and prostitutes to the gang. He then hid them in an underground shield, guarded by demons. He had painted the future learning MRD was developing a weapon to wipe out mutants, and began an onslaught trying to wipe out humanity while Dimitri started a sentinel invasion. He started by fighting Samuel's group and Milo. He made Peter fight Milo and took over Vegeta before fighting, and even copying Samuel's abilities with aura absorption. Samuel took back the abilities he gained from him, and then Vinlo was killed by a full powered Milo.

Later Zulan obtained his soul with Shawkun's ability and gave it to Shawkun wanting him to start the Hideout. Finally after years of suffering as Shawkun's slave he managed to escape and torture Shawkun with Milo's aid. After that he was returned to life, and started a restaurant chain called Vinlo's Pizza, and Pasta. He was eventually recruited by the Shadow X Men to battle Shawkun but after seeing how far more powerful Shawkun was he abandoned his vengeance to resume his normal life. However he grew bored with that leaving earth to meet with Michael and join the Nova Corps to atone for his sins against mankind. He was recently drawn into the conflict between the Shi-Ar that the escaped Gan had started in order to restore the true ruler of the Shi Ar to power.

He is starting to form a friendship with Ixia, and Krathos and helped the Corps put down Volero. He attempted to interrogate him to no avail, and has managed to alter his body to adapt to the presence of alien DNA unlike his son who stuck to mutants.


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Posts : 1418
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PostSubject: Re: Vinlo Illtore(Heroes Uprising)   Sun Mar 25, 2012 2:16 am

Vinlo after murdering some members of the original Agency.
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Vinlo after being risen from his underground prison
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Vinlo gathering optic blasts
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Vinlo absorbing Solar Radiation with his new Daxxamite Physiology
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Vinlo in his Hulking Form
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Vinlo Illtore(Heroes Uprising)
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