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Shi'ar plot
At Chandilar, the Shi'ar Emperirum's Homeworld, Bartholomew Ignatius Rohan, a human with a strange set of powers, arrives to buy supplies. Seeing the guard attacking a girl carrying a child, he gets in the way. Eventually attracting the attention of Kor, the Praetor of the Guard, he is quickly defeated and thrown in jail.

In the Predator homeworld Krayt the super predator is seen fighting his own people and soundly defeating them. He demands and takes a ship and flies off into the galaxy, to attempt to test himself further.

After he's thrown in jail. Bart is met with Ganiorgi Pallza, the former advisor to Magistrix Cereza and second in command of the Empirium, until he betrayed it. He manipulates Bart with promises of information on his mysterious weapon the Starsaber, in return for freedom. Bart does as he asked, released Ganiorgi back into the world.
The two manage to make their way to the armory, barely dodging the Praetor Kor on the way. Once there, Gan explains the origins of the Starsaber, created from crystals forged in the surface of stars, and harnessed by an ancient order of Knights. Gan promises he can introduce Bart to someone that knows more, if Bart gets him of Chandilar. Still unaware of exactly who Gan is, Bart agrees.

Back at Chandilar, Gan and Bart get to Bart's ship, and we meet Veel, the ship's sentient AI. The attempt to escape the planet but Kor pursues them into space. Thanks to Veel on the guns, an asteroid field and Kor's confidence wavering for a second, they are able to escape. Maenwhile, Shield saves a guard from a criminal. Thanks to this heroic act, he is introduced to Kor and given membership in the Imperial Guard.

Krayt's ship meanwhile is swallowed hole by a strange anomaly. It turns out this anomaly is a strange alien race that tells Krayt to back away from the current space he is in. The aliens somehow teleport him back to his home world, or perhaps an illusion of his home world, and tell him if Krayt passes a test, he is given his freedom and his species will survive. He begins fighting Krayt. After adapting to Krayt and overwhelming even the super predator, Krayt manages to stage an escape using the portal generators of the strange aliens reproduction of his home world, and ends up at the Aeries

Back with Gan and Bart, they set a course for planet Aeries, the Shi'ar home world (home world is their planet of origin, Throneworld is the current capital), arriving quickly through hyperspace. After entering a bar and waiting for a while, they are eventually met with Gan's informant. However, upon instantly feeling her hand on his shoulder, Bart feels the need to attack her and pushes her straight out of the bar with a tk push. Before it can go further, Gan stops them. Krayt seems the fighting and watches, until Gan notices him, and offers him a job. Krayt, without transport and without a home world, as he assumes the strange alien from before had already destroyed it, accepts.

The four move along as Gan explains their objective, to overthrow Cereza and put the rightful ruler on the throne of the Imperium. Meanwhile, Bart and the girl, who is named Kria, seem to share a mental connection of sorts. As they bond, with Kria amused at Bart's lack of understanding of his powers or his Starsaber, Gan explains to Krayt some backstory on the Imperium, and how he had found the true Royal family's heir. Before they get to Bart's ship, they are approached by a strange pair, Gadelf, and a speedster named Muzonion, who offer their services to Gan. He agrees since they had overheard them. After discussing their powers (Muzo seems to be a Kryptonian), Gan introduces them to Aurelia Neramani, the true descendant of Magistrix Lilandra, the same girl Bart had saved earlier. She tells Bart the child she was with was her baby sister.. Gan explains their job is to escort her back to the Throneworld. Bart shows concern on fighting Kor again, but the clown assures them that he has something for Kor, and they just need to worry about protecting Aurelia. Krayt calls Bart a coward over his hesitation.

Gan orders Krayt, Kria and Bart to set off to the Royal broadcast chamber and put in an announcement, Muzo and Gadelf to take Aurelia and her baby sister to the ship, while he goes off elsewhere.

Bart's group goes to the broadcast chamber, but is met with Skid, an Imperial Guard, while Muzo, Gadelf and Aurelia reach Veel safely.

After a battle, Gan appears with the Vulcan Project and begins to overwhelm Skid, however, Cereza sends Kor to Aeries, and the Praetor manages to get there in time to save Skid from Vulcan Project. However this distraction is enough for Bart, Gan, Kria, Gadelf, Muzo and Aurelia to escape on Bart's ship.

At a Shi'ar colony, Volero has finished completely exterminating everyone, and sets course for Chandilar.

Meanwhile, at Xandar, Michael the Nova Prime is seen chewing out Ixia and Krathos, two of his Centurians, before sending them out to Shi'ar to aid in Gan's capture. Meanwhile, another Centurian, Ya'g Sor, is seen looking through the desolation Volero left behind

At Chandilar's spacezone, Bart gets ready to slip past undetected, but Muzo starts a fight. Just then, Ixia and Kratho arrive and engage him. Bart slips past, and on the surface, they are met with the remaining Imperial Guard, including two powerful fighters, Granya and Lazzex, and the new recruit Shield. Gan slips away with Aurelia while Bart, Kria, Krayt and Gadelf fight the Guard. Krayt defeats Granya, Bart and Kria defeat Lazzed and Gadelf holds off Shield.

In space, Ixia and Kratho are pushed off by Muzo, but Kor arrives, and then Vulcan. Kor's bloodlust erupts as he takes on both enemies. The Centurians head for the planet, and notice Volero, chasing him down. After a fight, Kratho seemingly dies and Ixia begins a beat down on Volero with no success. However, Vinlo, who has been recruited as another Centurian, arrives, and the two get ready to fight him together, but Kratho reveals himself alive, and springs a quantum lock trap on Volero. Ya'g Sor arrives as well.

Kor in space is defeated by Vulcan's energy attacks being powered by Muzo's heat vision

Gan manages to force Cereza to surrender, using her loyalty to the Imperium by proving Aurelia is indeed the descendant. As Bart and the others arrive, he betrays Bart, and offers him to Kria. Veel arrives and he manages to escape on his ship, taking with him Aurelia's baby sister. Gan hires Krayt once more to track him down. Muzo and Gadelf leave. Bart is determined to get whatever information Kria has on him and why he has these powers, the Starsaber, and his ship.

Also while all this was happening, Milo and Michael were battling a sun parasite and being major bros

Two Earth weeks later

Bart manages to escape Shi'ar space after using a nearby SWORD patrol and triggering another Galaxy War. He arrives at Kree space, and his met by Vel, the current fleet commander. He uses a jedi mind trick on her, and she takes Bart to Son-Aris and the new Accuser. He manages to convince them to help him get back into Chandilar.

The Centurians on Xandar discuss the possibility of a new Galaxy War (the war was starting as they were discussing it) and how they should just bring Gan in. The Worldmind sends Ixia, Vinlo and Yog to defuse the border skirmishes before it erupts into a full war

Skid and Shield betray the Imperial Guard and join the resistance. Gan reveals to Cereza his plan, to burst open the portal to the Negative Zone and the Kyltnand unleashes the Annihilation Wave. As he readies his bomb and sets off for the Kyln, Skid busts out Cereza and she gets ready to follow him. They receive help from the resistance formed against Gan's obvious takeover.

At Hala, the new accuser Eres leads a patrol to accompany Bart towards Chandilar to treaty for Aurelia's sister. Unfortunately, Krayt arrives and attacks, and Bart slips into hyperspace to escape him, due to more skirmishes occupying his backup. Kria joins the fight in hyperspace using her strange psychic powers and begins firing on Bart, who uses Kria's last position to track down Gan, who is already at the Kyln. At Chandilar, Cereza takes a ship and heads there as well.

Bart arrives first, and heads towards the hangar of the prison. Kria follows behind tracking him with telepathy, and then Krayt deduces where they went. As Bart attempts to interrogate Gan, Kria engages him in a fight, but Bart defeats her. Unfortunately, Gan has time to prepare the bomb and sends it towards the negative zone rift. Krayt arrives at this point, and Gan pays him more money to keep the two occupied/kill them as he escapes. Kria and Bart use their telepathy to coordinate and escape into space, showing a power for bodily stasis as Veel picks them up, managing to jump out into hyperspace and escape, just as the Annihilation Wave is unleashed.

At the border wars, the centurians manage to defuse the situation, including Vinlo calming down Nono, just as the wave arrives. Yog and Ixia head towards the Kyln as Vinlo and Nono stay behind and try and fight the wave there.

A few hours later, the wave has began its attack. SWORD and the Skrull Empire send the wave towards Hala on Son's insistence, as he takes it head on. They also attack Chandilar, who is being defended by the Imperial Guardian with Cereza at the helm once more, working on behalf of the Aurelia, and Xandar, the Nova Corps attempting to stand their ground. Vinlo, Nono and a surprise Ikon help them defend, until Nono is called away when news reach her that Hala's perimeter has been breached. Ixia and Yog are almost captured exploring Anihillus's mother ship, and head back to Xandar. At Chandilar, the defense almost breaks, but the Herald of Galactus appears and defends the planet on Galactus's order. Nono arrives at Hala and finds it almost overtaken, Eres the Accuser abandoned in space. She rescues him, and helps evacuate. Son-Aris is captured, as it's revealed Anihillus has freed the Mad Titan Thanos.

Bart and Kria, meanwhile, have slipped out of the Virgo Supercluster and head towards an unexplored planet that seems able to sustain life, in search of the answers he seeks about his powers. Krayt is still in pursuit, but is sidetracked when a darkness overtakes his ship, and offers its help. They are however tracked by Krayt, under Gan's orders. They eventually arrive, not at a planet, but a fertile moon orbiting a gas giant. Upon landing, still being pursued closely by the predator, Bart is taken to an ancient abandoned library by Kria. There, the two fight and manage to defeat Krayt, and inside, discover Bart's ships origins. It seems the galaxy had once been home to two opposed forces, and the last log of the library shows the side to which the Sword Breaker belonged to launched a suicide attack against the other. Bart deduces Kria is a remnant of the other side. She confirms this, and further explains his powers aren't natural, but induced by his ship, which is refereed to by the library's computers as a "Lost Ship".

Back at Hala, the planet is taken, but thanks to Nono's assistance, Pol-Arris and Eres manage to evacuate the citizens to Xandar. There, the battle is ongoing, until an arrival of Kana, Champion of the Asari, helps end the battle. At Chandilar, Galactus's Herald takes Kor and Skid, and then heads to Xandar, she contacts Michael and asks him for cooperation in an assault on Annihilus himself. Michael agrees, seeing no other way to end the war when the Wave has such massive numbers.

And so, a special team composed of Catherine, Michael, Kor, Skid, Kana and Eres, later joined by Milo, take off in Kana's vessel towards the mother ship of the Annihilation Wave. After finding ir orbiting near Hala, Milo creates a distraction and they board the ship. Outside, Nono and Pol-Arris lead a small ship carrying a warpgate to perform an orbital drop on Hala, which is then used by the Kree army and SWORD's spartan units to enter the planet and attack from bellow.

On the ship, Eres manages to save Son-Arris who joins the fight outside. Milo, after a bloody confrontation, defeats and seals Thanos, and Catherine leading the remaining heroes manages to take the cosmic rod from Annihilus and defeat him. Before Milo can put the rod in a safe place, it disappears, taken by an unknown party. The wave begins to retreat, but Milo destroys them by mimicking Galactus power.

Catherine thanks all those that helped in the victory, and takes everyone home, returning to the World Eater.

Saakar plot
On the Tayo star system, planet Sakaar, Mikey is brought forth by what the locals call The Great Portal, a dimensional disturbance that teleports things and peole from across the universe to Sakar. He is saved by an attack from plasma octopus aliens by Kayle and Gian, Gian apparently having worked for the science division of the Red King, that is attempting to harness the portal to rule Sakar even harder. They complain he is no Sakarson, or an old power wielder, and that they can't save every human.
Mickey discovers a melting pot for the universe's cultures, due to the Great's Portals' constant activation. He is also told of the Red King, that rules Sakar with an iron fist. We find out Gian is a descendant of the Banners, and Mickey is told the story of how Bruce once liberated Sakaar from the Red King of the time, until the reactor in his ship went off. It seems the story on Sakaar is still one that places blame on the Illuminati of the time (Tony Stark, Reed Richards, Stephen Strange and Black Bolt), as well as the Red King

However, the refugee camp is attacked. Damus the Red King explains to a capable guard that anything that comes through the Portal belongs to the Imperials, and the Rebels had been attempting to recruit those that wander through, indicating Gian and Kayle are rebels fighting the Imperials.
As all this is happening, Hei, the Black Reaper, his mission supports Huang and Mao, and the nature man Jack, all wake up in a cell of the Red King's dungeons. Before any of them could get their wits about them, Praxis arrives and tells them that to remain alive on Saakar, they must prove their usefulness in some way. Those that don't have any intellectual capacity are forced to fight in the Arena. Those that are useless in all respects die.

Back with Mickey and Kayle, Mickey's body suddenly surges with a strange energy and he manages to overpower his attackers and the numbing agent used against him. As he manages to escape with Kayle, at the Science Division where Gian works undercover, he hears of the attack on the rebel area and assumes another scientist, Fetro, had betrayed them. However a third older man says that the story doesn't match up. Gian curses himself, saying he doesn't live up to the Red King

Huang and Hei, along with Jack, get ready to fight, while Mao prepares to pass off as a pet. The fighting begins, as Praxis explains the Arena is surrounded by lava and they will be fighting enhanced warriors for their lives. King Dumas gives the okay to begin. After a grueling fight, with Mao watching Huang's back, the four manage to survive. Dumas shows interest in Jack, while Hei, Huang and Mao are sent with the other new citizens of Saakar. They meet a man named Ham, who seems to know Huang uses guns, and says he can hook him up.

Meanwhile, Mickey and Kayle run to a springs hidden off in a mountain. As Kayle catches fish for dinner, she explains Mickey's strange power that had saved them. Mickey is not a mutant, but a native of Saakar, a Shadow People, and the power was Old Power. Mickey doesn't believe her, and Kayle says there is someone, an exiled Shadow Priest named Miom, who can help them.

Jack is seen talking with Dumas, the king. Dumas offers him a role in the Imperials as a General, having been very impressed by his powers over the elements. Jack agrees, and warns Dumas that he is nothing compared to Earth's strongest, and for him to be careful with what the Great Portal can bring. Damus says he fears nothing

Jaden, the guard from before, attempts to hunt down Mickey.

Hei and Huang attempt to get information from Ham, as well as weapons. Ham tells them they are far from Earth, and to just rather work on surviving on Saakar. He gives them a job, and if they can succeed, he'll hook them up with weapons. Hei asks for a forward payment on the weapons so they can actually fight. Ham sets them up, and Hei hunts down animals that had been threatening Ham's trade routes.

Gian apologizes to Fetro over his outburst.


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