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 Juliet "Julie" Sanders(Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Juliet "Julie" Sanders(Heroes Uprising)   Juliet "Julie" Sanders(Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 27, 2012 6:34 pm

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Name: Juliet (Julie) Sanders.
Age: 20.
Height: 5.1.
Weight: 133 lbs
Personality: Honorable, respectful, brave.
Known Relatives: Mother (currently undetermined whereabouts) / Father (dead) / Master (currently unnamed)

Allies: Shadow Escorts, SXML

Enemies: HAMMER, Dark Serpent

Occupation: Academy Instructor
Theme Song:
Skills: She is skilled with a sword, and is well thought in hand to hand.
Weapons: Anti-mugen sword - Juliet wields a special sword she had given for her a few years ago. This sword is able to ignore and slice many mutant defenses, including ability's such as elemental shifts and super strength/durability.

Powers: Julie has the power to absorb the strength, not powers from those around her. As Julie adsorbs opponents strength, she slowly increasingly stronger physically, as well as becoming increasingly faster. This allows her to fight stronger, as her opponents get ever weaker. As long as she is absorbing the strength from others, she also has a near amount of infinite stamina, with only sustaining injury being able to slow her down. These are however only temporary battle stats, when the fights are over, Julie's strength will gradually decrease again to it's natural levels.

Effects on the opponent: The effects on a opponents body due to Julie's strength absorbing powers, the first and most noticeable is;
- Rapid tiredness: The opponent will get out of breath and worn out far easier then he/she should.
- Soreness: With the lack of strength, opponents muscles may become sore.
- Deactivation of powers: When the opponent gets to a certain point of exhaustion, he/she will become unable to further use there powers.

Bio: Julie's early childhood (when she was 5) is one she does not remember well, and is thankful for it. Her birth mother was a angry, abusive person. Her father was not much better, being a drunk and being out late. One stormy night, Julie was in bed, but awoke to the glare of car lights. She left her room, as she was about to go down stairs, she stopped. Hearing her mother and father shouting, she watched from the top of the stairs. As she watched, she seen the father hit the mother. In response, the mother grabbed a gun from a near table draw, shooting him. The mother looked up, seeing Julie, and without a word, the frightened girl ran back to her room.

Over the following month's, Julie's mother only got worse, then started beating Julie, sometimes just out of the random with no apparent reason. One night when her mother left to the store, Julie ran away from home. She would become lost in the woods. Having been their 2 days, Julie was frighten, cold, wet, dirty and hungry. Worse still, it would appear yet another stormy night is coming as thunder roars in the sky and lightning flash in the distance. Just as the storm front approached, Julie was found by a man of Japanese decent. He took Julie, who was curled under a tree, and brought her back to his place. Julie would later grow closer to this man, becoming his pupil over years she lived with him. She was raised to be a strong and capable swordsmen, as well as a honorable and brave person.

Reaching the age of 14, her ability to absorb strength started to surface. After training the power, she quickly became stronger then her master and teacher. At the age of 17, the time has come when Julie could no longer rely on her masters safety, it's time she had to face the world. Out of respect, Julie's former master had a gift to give her before she set out on her journey. The man gave Julie a sword, claiming she is the one destined to use it. He told her the blade was a anti-mugen blade, made by a mutant from the day's of the original X-Men. He told her the blade had survived many battles, and had stopped many strong opponents. Julie ask "why are you giving me this?" Her master replies by saying "it's only fitting a mutant carry a blade capable of stopping other mutants, it's not my place to wield such a blade." They pay their respect to one another, and Julie sets out on her own.

Juliet's heroism career started outside SXM in a small group known as the Shadow Escorts. They feuded mostly with a group lead by Virus known as The Forgotten. She eventually moved on to the SXM but never really took off as a front line fighter. Instead she found herself a teacher in the Academy on Genosha, teaching striking, defensive, and weaponry tactics.

Owned consoles - Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Playstation 4.

Previously owned - Playstation, Nintendo 64, XBOX, XBOX 360.
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Juliet "Julie" Sanders(Heroes Uprising)
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