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 Tenshi Homarru (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Tenshi Homarru (Heroes Uprising)   Tue Mar 27, 2012 6:43 pm

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People don't have the right to live forever. We die, and anyone that defies that is quite simply committing a sin against nature.

Name: Tenshi Homarru.
Codename: Hellraiser
Age: 36
Height: 6.2
Weight: 167 lbs
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Identity: Secret
Species: Homo-superior
Race: Japanese
Personality: Tenshi holds a strong hatred towards those who has cheated death either by pure luck or some kind miracle. He also despises those who has the ability to revive themselves after death. He see's most of them as selfish cowards, afraid of the fact that they must die. Thus why he used his spiritual power to create himself a spirit body. He tracks those with self revival and makes them face the reality of death. Usually his Zanpakuto will destroy his victims spirits, more or less erasing them from existence and making revival from this point impossible.

However, on rare occasions, a victims spirit (or if you want, soul) will not be outright destroyed, merely passed over to the the spirit world. In these cases, although it may take a bit of time, revival is still possible. This is when Tenshi takes it upon himself to follow his victims to the spirit world (or afterlife) to finish off his victims once and for all.
Known Relatives: Mother (deceased), father (deceased), grandfather (deceased), girlfriend (deceased)

Allies: Zulan, New Agency

Enemies: SXML, Olympians, Asgardians, Egyptian Deities,

Occupation: Mercenary
Theme Song: Number One - Bleach OST - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


Weapon: Black Zanpakuto capable of killing of killing living people and spirits alike.
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This weapon, despite it's appearance, is always in it's highest transformed form. It is kept this way for Tenshi to be ready for any battle he may come across. The only time this blade can be viewed as a regular sword is when Tenshi is using his spirit form to access the spirit world, or if Tenshi was to die.

Powers: Spirit Energy Manipulation - Tenshi has control over spirit energy, a deadly and very destructive force. He can release the energy through his body, as example he can channel energy through his fingers to create deadly piercing attacks. However, he can amplify the power through his sword to unleash devastating waves of energy, capable of causing massive damage. He can also release his spirit energy to affect gravity around him. Referred to as Spiritual Pressure, this can have a negative effect of the speed of those around Tenshi, slowing them down and ever causing so much pressure or weaker opponents that they'll be unable to lift themselves off the ground.

However, spirit energy can also be used to create a type of rapid movement called a flash step. These are short range ability's that can be used in rapid succession. Although appearing as a teleportation at first glance, it is not. It's the ability to allow use to move in quick burst of super speed without having to move as a mass of light required for teleportation. This means that while teleportation has the advantage of distance, the flash step has the advantage of deadliness as Tenshi is still able to attack while using it.

Another aspect of Spiritual Energy is it is extremely rare, and is capable of harming Olympians, Asgardians, and all manner of gods. He as one of the major fighters during the Olympian invasion of earth, and it is unknown whether he is limited to harming gods, or all immortals in general.

The dark spirit form is the full release of Tenshi's spiritual power into his physical body. He's faster, stronger, tougher, and less effected by injuries. This state all gives him access to his ultimate attack, the ability to open the dark spirit world.

Dark Spirit World - A spiritual world separated from the one we live in, this world is separated by a incredibly strong spiritual barrier and houses all evil spirits who dies in the living world. Tenshi is able to break this barrier, meaning that all the evil spirits will be allowed to walk among the living once again. Not only that, but when the barrier between worlds are broken, both worlds merge into one. The sky will become red, there will be no sunlight, and clouds will become black. The effects of time all but come to a stop, meaning nothing will ever age. It also means that evil villains will never actually die because there is no place for there soul to be sent after death.

The only way to bring things back to normal would be to land a fatal blow to Tenshi himself. And with a endless swarm of villains, and time manipulation impossible in this world (effects of time no longer exist after all), it's easier said then done.

Tenshi is also able to roam the spirit world by creating himself a spirit body. He don't use this form often as it leaves his living body defenseless. However, at rare times he has used this form, he's been known to wreak havoc in the spirit world where good spirits are sent. As such, evil spirits tend to look up to him, some even calling him there god, and when released back to the living world, a lot tend to fight along side him.

Tenshi is also able to use his spirit energy to create protective barriers, as well he can mask his spiritual signal making him untraceable to most kinds of mutant trackers.

While breaking the barrier between the living and spirit world may work in Tenshi favor, oddly enough it also helps Jet out to. The hellish red/black sky makes it so that both Jet and Harry's powers are at there peck at the same time, leveling out the playing field for both fighters.

Spirit Seal - This attack is not designed to cause any harm to the opponents physical body, instead it is designed to temporarily paralyze the person spirit (or soul), and as such, paralyzing the body. This works by Tenshi channeling his spirit energy through a seal symbol on the end of his Zanpakuto handle, he then hits the person with this seal either on the forehead, chest, or most commonly, the back in the spine. When the opponent is hit, they are paralyzed for 10 seconds. More then enough time to get the job done.

Bio: There is not a lot of detail known about Tenshi's past except that there was a tragic accident in which his family was killed. At the time, there was a mutant near by who could revive those who died. The man however refused Tenshi and all help, and forced Tenshi to except his family was gone. Tenshi felt it unfair, and his hate towards immortals and those with resurrecting ability's started.

Later a number of names got around for him, names such as the live reaper, or death's accompanist. He has no problem with other mutants however, but he hates those who can cheat death. In more recent times, he has come to see these people as cowards, afraid to face the natural fact of death. When asked about his actions his common response is "those who fear death are the ones truly deserving of dying."

He later went after Yamairo believing him to use his time manipulation to remain immortal. He battled Milo,Yamairo, Elle,Riya,Zach,Chulance, and Katy. He later broke the barrier, which made Shawkun near unstoppable. He was then placed in a holding cell along with Kiya. He would continue to appear several times over the course of the rp including siding with Jordon in Dark Reign, and unexpectedly in some cases helping the SXM.

Owned consoles - Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Playstation 4.

Previously owned - Playstation, Nintendo 64, XBOX, XBOX 360.
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Tenshi Homarru (Heroes Uprising)
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