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 Luke "Metal Man" Duke (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Luke "Metal Man" Duke (Heroes Uprising)   Luke "Metal Man" Duke (Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 27, 2012 7:19 pm

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Any last words?
Yeah, fuck you

Luke to Velon

Name: Luke Duke.
Codename: MM
Age: 28
Height: 6.2 (normal) 7.1 (Metal Form)
Weight: 187 lbs (mostly muscle; normal) 450 lbs (armored)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Identity: Secret
Species: Homo-superior
Race: Caucasian
Personality: A good man who'll do what he can to protect his friends. He is extremely strong willed and stubborn in some cases, and refuses to give up regardless of the opponent. He's gone as far as flip off Velon, the master of magnetism.
Known Relatives: None known

Allies: SXML

Enemies: Brotherhood, Espada, Hellfire Club, Dark Serpent

Occupation: SXM member
Religion: Agnostic
Theme Song:

Skills: He can fight hand to hand and trade fists with the best of them

Weapons: Never uses them

-Organic Steel Transformation: Luke is a mutant with the superhuman ability to convert the tissue of his entire body into an organic steel-like substance. He is able to transform into this armor-like state at will (the process is virtually instantaneous) and remain in that form for an as yet undetermined amount of time. Once in his armored form he remains so until he consciously wills himself back to normal. If he is rendered unconscious, however, he spontaneously reverts to his normal form. While in the armored state, Luke possesses the same degree of mobility that he does in his normal form.
--Superhuman Strength: After transforming into his armored state, Luke possesses vast superhuman strength. He can lift up to 100 tons, and his punches are strong enough to send Namini's summons flying miles away, despite them being gigantic.
--Superhuman Stamina: Also, while in armored form, Luke's musculature produces considerably less fatigue toxins than the musculature of a normal human.
--Superhuman Durability: In his armored form Luke is invulnerable to most forms of bodily harm. His armor is capable of withstanding ballistic penetration. He can survive extremes of temperature, however, if one quickly alters the conditions, they can cause his body to become brittle and this be harmed. He's survive the massive Shinra Tensei of Deva Path. He can also survive falls from great heights while in his armored body. He can go without food, water, or air for many days while transformed, though he would eventually require sustenance.

Bio: Luke was born in Colorado, and he became interested in sports at a young age. He got involved in Football, Wrestling, and Track. By the time, he was in High School he was already a ladies man. However during his Junior year in college his powers manifested, and he learned of Genosha. He faked illness, and left to Genosha to gain control of his abilities. He befriended Simon, and Riya, before he was taken during a Legacy attack on the island. He was mind-controlled and helped attack Samuel's group. Later Catherine saved him, and free of mind control he joined the SXM and helped them battle Legacy.

After the fall of Legacy he decided to remain with the SHadow X Men, and became there physical powerhouse, but was quickly challenged with keeping up with beings that could overpower him. He was placed on Filipe's squad, and with Kathy performed the Fast Ball Special for the first time against the Akatsuki. After that the Fastball special with her became his signature technique, and he developed feelings for her while she was on Genosha. However in Decimation after the Horsemen manipulated her and used her to eat Genosha and the SXM she quit the team. He was saddened by this, but joined the battle against the Hunters after delivering her goodbye letter to Milo before fighting.

After that he developed a friendship with Justin Aka Metallic due to there similar powers, and during the invasion of HAMMER along with Tiffany they stuck together in there main assault. He joined Metallic's squad, and later during an attack on D.C where he was overpowered by Velon he told him off regardless, and was injured, and angry at Metallic's death, he attend his funeral over the next week. When the world was affected by the power wipe, he was one of the members who got a job following Clint's advice after the SXM was shut down. He went home getting job in construction to support his family, who'd been financially stable due to friends in the team. He listened to Milo's advice not taking the formula, and his powers were returned naturally upon the wipe being over, and Castiel stopped.

He rejoined the team as it became the SXML, and continued fighting with them facing the Dark Serpent, and most recently aided in the battle against Surtur and the Frost Giants.

Owned consoles - Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Playstation 4.

Previously owned - Playstation, Nintendo 64, XBOX, XBOX 360.
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Luke "Metal Man" Duke (Heroes Uprising)
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