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 Nick Ventro(Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Nick Ventro(Heroes Uprising)   Nick Ventro(Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 27, 2012 8:23 pm

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Name: Nick 'Nicholas' Ventro
Codename: Collision
Alias: Project Ventro, V Man
Age: 16
Height: 5'4
Weight: 155 lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Identity: Public
Species: Homo-Sapien; Clone
Race: Caucasian
Personality: Nick being the clone of Milo is very arrogant and is overconfident in his abilities considering himself a living weapon. He does have a desire to be a hero, but suffers from severe anger management issues. He is very defiant and hates being told what to do or used by others. He has trust issues, and betrayal is his greatest fear. He does not feel the need to work with the others and is very impulsive. He wants to live up to Milo's name, and fears he may not be able too. He is anti social, and tends to bury his emotions instead of sharing them with others. He has a hatred of slavery or imprisonment of any kind, and a hatred of telepathy or any form of invasion of privacy.

Known Relatives: Milo Ventro(Clone)

Allies: Shadow Escorts, SXML

Enemies: Terracorp, SHIELD, Dark Serpent & The Worthy

Occupation: Vigilante
Religion: Atheist
Theme Song:

Skills: Nick being educated in his pod knows much about the world, and other nations. He is very intelligent and has numerous skills.
-Skilled in numerous forms of hand to hand combat ranging from Karate, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do,
-Skilled in the usage of various ground based, ,aerial, and water based vehicle's.
-Knowledgeable of various fire-arms, and explosives.
-Computer Genius and Master Hacker.
-Skilled Musician capable of playing the Piano, Flute, Saxophone, Trumpet, Violin,Viola, C hello, Base, Drums,

Weapons: N/A

Powers: Nick has the same ability as his predecessor the ability to mimic and retain the abilities of Superhumans he's exposed too. As of now he is only capable of absorbing ten abilities at a time, and the more powers he gains the weaker each ability becomes in comparison to the original. An expose to too many powers may overload him and render him comatose. He is capable of sensing people whom he was given genetics from, and can see through them or experience their dreams/nightmares. It is possible he can manifest the abilities from other genetic sequences buried within him overcoming his 10 powers limit.
Manifested Abilities
--Self Duplication
--Rapid Cell Regeneration
--Aerokinesis (Marie)
--Superhuman Strength & Enhanced Physiology (Benjamin)
--Hulk Transformation
--Mass Manipulation
--Speed Manipulation
--Kinetic Energy Manipulation
--Power Cosmic

--Superhuman Strength
--Superhuman Speed
--Heat Vision
--Arctic Breath/Super Breath
--Super Hearing
--X Ray Vision

Current Selection:
Nick is constantly shifting the ten powers he keeps at his disposal for a variety of reasons including favorites, battle strategies, and powers needed for survival. He has retained self duplication to make him into a one man army at all times, and allow him to multi-task. He retains the ability of regeneration to prevent aging & regenerate from most attacks especially foreign powers. He retains telepathy to protect himself from psionic attacks and be able to manipulate people & understand them. He recently reacquired Aerokinesis for the sentinmental value and also ability to influence oxygen/breathing plus an untouchable elemental form. He retains Benjamin's super strength & durability/body to utilize his combat skills effectively on opponents of various strength levels.

His second-set of powers chosen are for dealing with situations. He retains the Hulk Transformation to unleash the power of the Hulk on powerful foes or large armies. Mass Manipulation to miniaturize armies, make himself a giant or even affect weight. Speed manipulation to keep up with any situation and take care of things fast. Kinetic Energy Manipulation for immense destructive power with an element of surprise & range. He keeps the Power Cosmic on reserve to summon Rider's destructive energy and to combat foes with exotic abilities.

-Elemental Manipulation
-Super Speed
-Energy Manipulation
-Shape Shifting

-Clay Manipulation
-Power Cosmic
-Optic Blasts
-Mass Manipulation
-Electro Magnetic Manipulation
-Dream Manipulation
-Weight Manipulation
-X Ray Vision
-Molecular Absorbtion
-Desire Manipulation
-Elemental Manipulation
-Energy Manipulation

Bio: Nick Ventro was created in an joint effort by Terracorp and SHIELD with the aid of Lex Leven. Nick was created to replace Milo or deal with him if he turned Rogue. He was grown artificially growing one year each week, and was exposed to various X Gene's to help him integrate powers into his body. He was also fed images and information about the world to prepare him for his mission. He was later freed by the Shadow Escorts in Niko's attempt to kill him and joined them to escape Terracorp seeking a live outside of the facility. He abandoned them in hopes of locating Milo, and encountered Ben who wanted to recruit him into his mission to conquer earth. Nick was infuriated by the usage of telepathic abilities against him reminding him of Terracorp, and Sandra saved him. He began suffering visions connected to Velon, and helped him recover Catherine and Peter's bodies for a deal he made with Galactus. He learned he had merely been used, and was overpowered by Velon, however he absorbed energies of the power cosmic from the Surfer. With his new-found powers he went on a rage in Manhattan destroying a Terracorp facility determined to exact revenge on everyone who betrayed him.

His rampage didn't stop even despite Dark Serpent and the Worthy's rise and attack on earth. He eventually clashed with Surfer as Dark Serpent gained control of the world, Surfer trained him to control the portion of power cosmic he absorbed from the cosmic sky traveler. Upon gaining control he aided him in the battle against Dark Serpent, meeting up with Sandra again whom he considered one of his few quaintness among st the SXML.  He once again worked  with the team when Surtur began his rampage on earth working with Filipe the leader of the team, and after co-ordination with them to stop the Asgardian's Devil, he went about himself traveling. He felt rejected when Milo didn't reach out to him, and decided to keep his distance, and find his own path while he began dealing with growing depression.


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Nick Ventro(Heroes Uprising)
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