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 Mike Cambell (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Mike Cambell (Heroes Uprising)   Mike Cambell (Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 28, 2012 1:18 am

"This is fuckin' ridiculous..."
-Mike Campbell

Name: Mike Cambell
Codename: Vamp
Age: 20
Height: 6'2
Weight: 195 lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Species: Homo superior
Race: African American + Puerto Rican
Personality: Mike is the type of guy that finds fun in anything he does, even in the presence of danger this is seen to be clear. He's not afraid of anything. I mean, you put a gun to this guy's temple and he'll still scoff at you. He has a lot of faith in his power, but the kid isn't dumb. He knows his limitations, and he knows when he can't get something done.

Allies: Terrell, Redeemers, Tiffany, Lucifer


Occupation: Superhero
Religion: Atheist

Theme Song: Whatchu Want


Weapons: None

Powers: Energy Vampirism

Bio: Mike had been attending Empire State University after lliving what he deemed as a normal life. He and his parents had always kept his mutant powers a secret, and they were glad his power wasn't one that set off many alarms. He never had any dreams of becoming anything but an accountant. He never really thought much about his powers until recently. It all started when the pressure of College had been getting to him. He was ready to just drop out and find a place in the city. Maybe even mug a few people for rent money. Things changed when Terrell Harrison arrived in NYC to destroy the symbiote army.

When Terrell seemed to have destroyed all traces of the rogue symbiotes in New York City's sewer system, his escape was halted as he bumped into Mike. The two got into fight which was concluded with Terrell's hybridized symbiote finding Mike worthy enough to be the host of its offspring. From there, Mike basically followed Terrell's lead, and had even been present at the fall of the Avengers. Mike and Terrell bonded, and ended up having a brotherly relationship. Mike became a pioneer for the Redeemers,giving it its original name. Soon, Mike was sent to Genosha to get to know what the SXM were up, only to befriend a few of them. He became especially close with Tiffany. Things seemed to be going well with the two until Kujon was revived from the dead and fought for Tiffany's affection. Mike gave in, knowing he couldn't beat Kujon and that Tiffany wouldn't really argue with being with her former lover.

Eventually, Mike and Tiffany got together again. This seemed to be Mike's highlight of life until Terrell's apparent death from a mysterious energy source late known as zinnon energy. With Terrell gone, Mike had assumed the role as leader of the Redeemers. After Terrell's return as Russian super soldier, Mike was worried for his friend's state of mind. Upon getting Terrell back to his senses, Mike and Terrell weren't as close as before as Terrell distanced himself from everyone. With time though, Mike and Terrell were able to renew their friendship.
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Mike Cambell (Heroes Uprising)
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