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 Sandra Fuller (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Sandra Fuller (Heroes Uprising)   Mon Jan 23, 2012 10:00 pm

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Maybe if I didn't already know this was coming, it would have taken a few seconds to figure this out. But as it is, you're not going to win this encounter.

Name: Sandra Fuller.
Codename: Ms. Movestress; The Phoenix; The Dark Phoenix.
Alias Sandy.
Age: 27
Height: 5'4
Weight: 131 lbs
Alignment: Neutral Good
Species: Homo-superior
Race: Caucasian.

Personality: Sandra was a strong willed, caring girl early in the rp.  She didn't show much fear of others with powers, and wanted to learn how to control her own.  She showed a readiness to fight for her friends and loved ones, even if she had to give her life to save them.  When things started to go bad Sandra started to bottle up her emotions, which lead into the awaking of the Dark Phoenix when Sandra was finally pushed to the breaking point.  

Sandra suffered a lot of pain through her years as a hero and even became emotionally fragile, especially in cases that involved her loved ones.  Although she has gotten better control of her emotions again, they still heavily effect her decisions, and in high pressure situations can cause her to act without fully thinking things through if her loved ones are in danger.

Known Relatives: Mother (Jane)/father (Thomas) - murdered / Dave - Husband (divorced) / Abigail - Strong Bond, Adopted Daughter / Manny - Brother / David - Son / Chloe - Adopted Daughter / Milo - Strong Bond, Short Relationship / Emmet - Relative - Strong Bond / Tenesha - Lover / Katy - Best Friend / Cassandra - Clone, Adopted Daughter.

Allies: Milo Ventro, The Shadow X Men, Manny's pirate Crew, Avengers, X Force, Codebreakers.

Enemies: Zulan, Blackheart, Shawkun, AVALANCHE, Madara, Akatsuki, Controller, Phoenix Alliance, Sefroit, Velon, Mephisto, MRD, Government, Shield, Jet, Mother.

Occupation: SXM member
Religion: Agnostic
Theme Music 1: Everything Burns by Anastacia and Ben Moody
- This song relates to Sandra's emotional and physiological issues, expressing how she would like to rid her life of all her problems, to burn them all away.

Theme Music 2: Falling Inside the Black by Skillet
- This is The Dark Phoenix theme, expressing how she would lose himself in hatred or sorrow, and give in to a darker, blacker side of himself.

Theme Music 3: Livin' on a Prayer by Bon Jovi
- This song is dedicated to the love Sandra and Dave share, and the ever hopefulness they will make their relationship work no matter what.

Theme Music 4: Innocence by Halestorm
- This song expresses Sandra's sorrow of the pain Dave is subjected to by simply being with her.   Dave had stayed with her despite chances to walk away, and one could argue the pain he go's though because of being with her is slowly stripping him of his innocence.

Theme Music 5: Battlefeird
- Dedicated to Sandra's constant relationship problems and troubles with loved ones.

Theme Music 6: Imagine Dragons: Battle Cry
- This music reflects Sandra's slow decent into darkness.



Sandra on her own is a powerful telekinetic and telepath, considered an omega level. When she became the avatar of the Phoenix Force, she gained access to the entities vast powers, as she serves as the nexus for all of the multiverse's psionic energy.

-Telekinesis: She can move both physical mass and energy with her mind alone. Her limits and strength are powerful enough to lift houses off their supports, and she can use precise enough powers to cut through objects by pinpointing the telekinetic force. She can protect herself with a telekinetic shield, and has survived powerful blasts from some of the strongest characters in the story. Simply put, her power has no limits
She can also stimulate individual molecules in order to create heat. While she has access to the Phoenix Force, she is able to manipulate matter and energy on a sub-atomic scale using her telekinesis.

-Telepathy: She has gained this power through unknown means, but it is guessed that this added ability might of been a early signal of the hidden potential as a Phoenix Force avatar. This allows her full control over the minds of other people. She can shield herself or others from detection, even from other telepaths, and she can even alter the mind signals of mutants in order to shield them from mutant scanning devises.
She can create elaborate illusions, allowing her to fool people into believing what she wants. She can use this illusions in order to cloak people from physical detection by making them appear to not be there. She can create illusions over entire planets
She can manipulate the minds of others to unknown extends, making them do what she wants by simple mental commands, paralyze them, cause them pain or completely erase their memories. She can cause a neural jump start to increase the powers of other mutants, but this is only temporary. She can use mind blasts in order to attack the minds of victims.

-Phoenix Force Avatar: A cosmic entity which embodies chaos, especially the act of creation (and necessarily destruction - that creation may begin again), and derives its power from those yet unborn. Sandra's body is permanently tied to the Phoenix Force as a nexus. The Phoenix Force gives her vast abilities to manipulate time, space, matter and energy for virtually any purpose. Sandra can also revive, absorb, re-channel and preserve any kind of life-form, since the Phoenix Force is the sum of all life-force. The Phoenix Force can significantly boost her mental abilities allowing her to rearrange matter at a molecular level and to fly unaided through space and survive in any atmosphere. She can also manipulate the voluntary and involuntary responses in the human body.

--Interstellar Travel: A Phoenix Force avatar can fly unaided through the vacuum of space, and can travel interstellar distances faster than the speed of light

--Telekinetic Sensitivity: This lets her feel the texture of objects she has a telekinetic hold on, feel when other objects come into contact with them, and probe them at a molecular level to identify if they contain alien materials or feel when two things which she has a telekinetic “hold” upon are similarly composed. It's something unique to the phoenix avatar. She has at one point restrained every single atom in Terrel's body to prevent him from moving.

--Cosmic Pyrokinesis: The ability to create, control, and manipulate cosmic flames, flames which are not dependent on oxygen. The source of Sandra's cosmic flames derives from her ability to manipulate matter at the atomic level, which allows her to generate intense heat, combustion and concussive blasts by stimulating heat molecules, or simply from her access to cosmic energy, or by combining both powers at once to create more powerful cosmic fire. When using these flames offensively, she burns her victims at the molecular and sub-molecular levels; thus no ashes or other combustive by-products are produced. Her cosmic flames are different from flames that are usually created by common pyrokinetics (like Troy), because her flames are not dependent on oxygen. As a result, she can create cosmic flames under seemingly impossible conditions like underwater or even in the vacuum of space. At one point, she could not create the tekelinetic movement necessary for the flames to form when at Absolute Zero, but she has overcome this weakness. When using her Cosmic Pyrokinesis, the flames usually manifest in the shape of a large fiery bird, a Phoenix. Sandra, however, has complete control over her cosmic flames and can shape them however she wishes; as a fireball, fiery claws, or even the appearance of an ordinary fire. The pain caused by these flames can be either mental, physical or both simultaneously. Her cosmic flames (particularly when augmented by the Phoenix Force) are theoretically powerful enough to destroy entire galaxies, and she has easily engulfed entire planets in them.

--Resurrection: Sandra and the Phoenix Force are one-and-the-same entity at some fundamental level, and as such Sandra can never truly die. Upon the death of her corporeal form, Sandra spends time in the White Hot Room until she can be brought back. The Phoenix Force can also restore her body to life, although there appears to be some unknown limitation to how quickly it can successfully accomplish this following her death. This relation mimics that of Jean Grey before her, but it is unknown why the Phoenix Force lost this intimate connection to Jean's in the first place

--Temporal Manipulation: While acting as the Phoenix Force, Sandra can manipulate the past across large temporal distances and with a profound knowledge of the causal effect her actions will have. It may be the case that time as a concept doesn't apply to the White Hot Room

--Star-gate portals: She is able to create these to take her anywhere in the universe despite the distance instantaneously.

--Disintegration Wave: A destructive attack calling on the power of the Phoenix Force, it can consume and remove a near infinite amount of molecules per second.

- Sandra has an addiction to decorative holiday cookies. Cookies in all different shapes and covered with frosting, creams, and toppings.

- Sandra has a secret passion for music and dance that few outside of Emmet are aware of.

- Sandra has a on again/off again relationship with Milo Ventro who she loves as more then just a friend.    She is secretly a bit jealous of Marie at times.

- Sandra has been secretly bi-sexual and has a behind the scenes relationship with Tanesha.

- For her entire childhood and early adulthood Sandra had no idea she had 2 sibling lost brothers (Manny and Emmet).

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PostSubject: Re: Sandra Fuller (Heroes Uprising)   Mon Jan 23, 2012 10:01 pm

Sandra as the Phoenix
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Sandra using Phoenix Force.
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Sandra as the Dark Phoenix.
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Sandra as the White Phoenix of the Crown.
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Sandra as Dark Shadow Phoenix.
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Alternate Sandra from the Cancer Verse as the Dark Phoenix.
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PostSubject: Re: Sandra Fuller (Heroes Uprising)   Mon Jan 23, 2012 10:08 pm

Using the Phoenix.
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Sandra using Phoenix Force vs Velon.
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Sandra vs Filipe
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Sandra mad.
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PostSubject: Re: Sandra Fuller (Heroes Uprising)   Mon Jan 23, 2012 10:09 pm

History: Part 1.

Uprising of a new hero. Hardships endured, new friends gained.

Sandra Fuller was born and raised with her family. She had a normal life until she met Troy who came towards her to have "fun", they had a brief fight and Sandra discovered telekinesis knocking him out and falling unconscious. Dave another evolved human had been watching and took her to his house to rest and started a friend-ship. They often hung out with each other and later Troy came to her house starting a fire holding her and her parents hostage.

Dave came to rescue her and than Zulan came murdering her parents. She was taken to his place in Egypt with Troy. Yamairo and Isabel came to find Troy but recruited Sandra to the group to train. She trained with Yama's group and learned how to use her powers better. She later helped the group fight the villains from the future and bonded with Abagail. She went with Nate to rescue Troy and with German planned to take out the fake Yamairo.

Later Milo came and brought them back to the Sahara Desert. Sandra than helped trained Abagail and befriended her. Two-Weeks later however she stayed at the warehouse hiding from the authorities. She later helped the group stop Benjamin from escaping and later fought against the Agency. She had began a relationship with Dave and later was sent by Milo with some others to stop Velon in Hawaii. She was one of the few who fought Velon the longest and was saved by Anna. She later was taken to the Agency base with her lover Dave by German.

Later Yamairo and others came to free them. Sandra was freed and helped the group when they fought Samuel. When they were shrunken down and taken to the prison Sandra shared a kiss with Dave thinking she was going to die. When they were freed her relationship with him continued and when the government began hunting evolved humans she helped the group. She went to Sindus's island to find Keeth and discovered her power of telepathy to take out Keeth. She helped free the evolved humans and was injured by Alex. She later joined the SXM and went to Asgard.

Member of Shadow X Men. The Phoenix emerges.

Later she joined the SXM and when they returned to Earth she became a semi-active hero helping and on one mission to help a mental patient it turned out be a trick by Shawkun and Shin. She was tricked and Shawkun stole her soul. The duo kidnapped her and hosted a tournament to rescue her. Later the supercharged Yamairo rescued her and Katy. Later she and Dave left the team becoming members that could be called upon and lived together in New York. Later they went to China to help fight the Symbiotes and was injured by Venom Milo. She was healed and helped pursue Vinlo helping the SXM.

She nearly died when facing Vinlo but was saved by Milo. Her relationship with Dave continued and she became a full-time member after Samuel gave billions super powers. She was a target of Controller and later after the team wanted to keep her with them Dave tried to get her away. She was later awakened and helped fight Black-heart in the white-house. She unlocked the Phoenix Force and used it to defeat Black-heart. During the Secret Wars she was locked up in a power suppressing cell and was freed and battled Milo and some others nearly beating Milo. Later she returned to earth where she began having problems controlling the Phoenix Force and was captured by the Government her mystical energy used to power Skrull Weaponry.

Battle of the Espada. SXM tore apart.

In the Espada arc Sandra was among the group who went to face the Espada, along with Milo, Nate, Yamairo, Filipe, and Troy. When the team split up, Sandra met up with the Espada known as Segunda, or Ely as she was otherwise known. Sandra and Ely started fighting, however through the course of the battle, Ely retreated from battle. A bit later Sandra finds a injured Filipe. She then heads out to gt Milo so he can heal Filipe, instead finding the defeated Troy along route. When the barrier is dropped and Sandra could tap into her full powers, Sandra quickly gets Troy and Filipe to safety. With the two refusing to stay still, Sandra brings them with her, quickly finding William. When getting back to the SXM island with the others, Sandra took on Ely once again. Ely however absorbed the phoenix's energies and defeated Sandra, however Vegeta and Harry came to her aid.

A few weeks after Sandra is seen helping Troy practice.

In the civil war, Sandra was one of the members refusing to sign the superhero registration act and went with Filipe. Shortly after Milo and his group left, Sandra used the Phoenix powers to teleport Filipe's group to the west coast. After German arrested several members of Filipe's group, Keeth asked her to teleport the remaining members, however she found herself unable to. When Aaron came for Keeth, Sandra stayed out of the fight and beside the injured Katy's side, helping her escape with the rest after the fight ended. Later Milo arrived at Sandra's group, starting a fight and quickly overpowering her before she could obtain Phoenix form. When she was able to use Phoenix Force, Milo had to take her down quickly by control her blood and causing her a stroke. Shortly after she was sent to the mutant prison. While in prison, Sandra and Alisa got a quick visit from Yama and the group, who had to leave shortly after. As the others get in a battle, Leah is able to get to Sandra and the others, she free Sandra and the group escape the prison. They quickly get the other group, teleporting to Angel's island as the prison explodes.

Fear of power, Phoenix has left the planet.

When Carl arrived in the Darkness/Nightmare arc, Sandra along with the rest of the SXM who had spread out, started helping with Carl's plan. Arriving in a city, she was attacked by Zulan. After trying to convince Sandra she would destroy the plant, he teleported her away and made a force field to prevent her from returning to Earth. Later Sandra is able to telepathically contact Yamairo, with James helping him retrieve the signal. With this, Dave gets a space suit and is sent to get her. Dave grabs Sandra, returning to Earth just as Skull's was about to attack her. Later, after Yamairo left for the Skull planet and Jason took his place, Sandra came to him for advice, unable to sense the Yama she was speaking to was a fake (Due to Nightmare). She was shocked when Jason (Yama) suggested she leave. Shortly after this, fearful of the phoenix power and doubting herself in her ability to control it, Sandra left the Earth, leaving behind a farewell message.

Later Dave had kidnapped the president and had NASA send out Skull ships to find Sandra. She was found out in the depths and the emptiness of space. As Dave came to approach her in a space suit, she ended up activating her powers and destroying one of the ships. After Dave embraces her in a hug however, she realized what she done and stopped attacking. Sandra was at first reluctant to return, however when Dave pleaded with her to come back, she quickly accepted and Dave brought her back. She went to rest as Dave got her soup. Later Sandra is seen with Dave, helping fighting sentinels. Soon after she saves Katy and Kiya from a self destructing sentinel, then with one attack wiped out a group of sentinels that was outnumbering and slowly overwhelming Troy. After the battle, she brings the group back to SXM and leaves to be with Dave.

SXM meets the Matrix.

Later Sandra was again called into action by Milo, wanting her to set up a telekinetic barrier around the SXM island. She was one of the people who went with the group searching for the missing mutants. She allowed herself to get captured on purpose, arriving in a city afterward. After a search, Katy is the first person she finds, she is then soon joined by Kano as well. With some help from Troy, Sandra is able to locate the others and teleports them there. After searching the city some, Sandra noticed someone following them. When the man hurt Katy, Sandra left the battle area along with the others. When another man exactly like the one Milo face approached her, she teleported the group to safety when Kano used a god blast. After getting a message from Milo, Sandra teleported away with Troy, Kiya, and Katy. She was unable to control where she teleported, arriving in a random part of town. When the group met a couple of agents, Sandra planned a escape. We would soon find out however that plan had failed since the next time we see the group, they are beaten up. As Sandra was about to get killed, she was saved by Milo. From here she finds out they are all inter-graded into a massive computer system, and helps search for the glitch (aka: the exist). They find info of the base being at Area 51, as Milo takes care of the fighting, Sandra takes lead in continuing the search for a way to get free. They found the escape, and Sandra teamed up with Kano to create a opening for Troy, Katy, and Kiya to escape. With this, a level 2 defense was activated, erasing the entire area as Milo teleported to Sandra and Kano. With time running out, the entire section of the program is erased and it seems Sandra, Milo, and Kano would have died.

Sandra notices Cloy, she talks to him getting info on the mastermind of the system, then offered him to come back with the group. When Cloy refused, Sandra returned to Milo. Sandra later returned to Genosha, following Samuel and Yamairo, only to find the place in chaos. To help out, Sandra takes it upon herself to step in and stop the fight between Harry and Jet, fearing people may get hurt. Later Sandra heads out to NYC with Amber to give Dale a helping hand with criminals who was rioting. She took out groups of criminals effortlessly and teleported Micheal and Lucy to the hospital out of danger.

Encounter with Akatsuki.

When the path's attacked Genosha, Sandra survived the initial attack and went to help Troy, she was caught by surprise by Preta Path and killed by Human Path. Sandra, along with most everybody else was revived by Namini when she realized the wrong of what she did. Soon after Sandra go's with Filipe to the village to find Shari. When they got Shari and Miyo, they returned to Genosha. Sandra later is involved in helping Milo, Yamairo and others come up with a plan to capture Akatsuki. When the group separated to face off against Akatsuki, James had Sandra stay with him so they could rescue the Dragon Slayers. Sandra later brings Filipe to the battle between Kisime and Katy, she then teleports to Kakuzu, finishing him quickly and getting Luke. After this Sandra heads out to retrieve Izoru, bringing him to Madara location. Staying out of the fight itself, Sandra acts mostly gathering info and sending it to James. After Madara revealed what he did, Sandra left the battle to check on the others as Milo continued the fight. She arrives at Riya's area to find her KO'd. After bringing Riya, Shari, and Shiyo to James, she teleports over to Isabel's area. She finds Troy, she then gathers James and the rest and brings them back to Genosha, afterwords she brings James to see Sasori. When Isabel returns to the area, Sandra confronts her, trying to tell her the truth about her family's death. Sandra was about to face Isabel when she wouldn't back down, only to get asked to retreat by Troy.

When the DS essence appear, Sandra ends up fighting against the fire DS. After a hard fight, and even with help from Troy, the fire DS would appear invincible. It would seem the DS would move in for the kill, until Namini faced Madara and deactivated them, setting Sandra and Troy free. After the DS defeat, Isabel attacks Troy and Sandra stands against her. Reluctant to hurt a friend, Isabel finds a opening and quickly takes advantage, injuring Sandra severely. She was healed after the fight by Milo and brought back to Genosha.

Predator's attack: The goal, Sandra's head.

When word of the alien invasion came, Sandra soon revealed a secret she with held from the group, that she attacked an entire alien species, killing many. As the first ships arrive, Sandra was hidden, her being their target. When one of the massive ships was destroyed, it fell with danger of crushing others, getting this info from Holst, Sandra left hiding and went into action, teleporting those in danger. After witnessing the appearance of the Super Ship, Sandra and the group returns to Genohsa to develop a plan. When developed, Sandra takes Riya to capture a few battle ships. When the ships are captured, Sandra has to take a detour to bring a downed Aaron to his lab. After figuring out the ships, Sandra along with 5 other SXM members set out. They reach the mother ship, entering without trouble, once inside Sandra finds herself unable to teleport to a new area. After searching the ship, Sandra and the others find the power source they was looking for. Upon trying to destroy the machine, Sandra gets absorbed, her powers being zapped from her body. The group fired a combined blast, allowing Sandra enough time to focus her power and attack the machine from the inside, causing a massive explosion. They soon find out the ship wasn't disabled, as the ship prepares to destroy Earth, Sandra gets the others to delay it as she disables the ship. Finding the controls, she sends a telepathic message to Milo telling him to take care of the clean up around Earth. She then drives the mother ship through a massive intergalactic portal, driving it straight into a super nova sun. She escaped the ship, but had to use a untested transport technique to get home.

The Dark Phoenix saga.

2 weeks later Sandra is enjoying a movie with Dave, a Japanese man kidnaps Dave. Unable to find Dave, Sandra returns to Genohsa. When it turned out the SXM was more interested in finding Kira, rather then their missing comrades, Sandra took it upon herself and left searching for Dave. With the search yielding no results, Sandra begins taking the law into her own hands, kidnapping people and commanding Dave be found and freed. After a quick meeting with Quelter, Sandra heads out confronting the group that came to save Japan, attacking both former villains and SXM alike. Yamairo returns SXM to Genosha and Sandra continued fighting Metallic's group. As Sandra catches Tesla, Harry arrives with a warning about the Phoenix Force. The next day, after getting a call from Quelter, Sandra arrives at Sindus house, breaking in. The SXM came to face Sandra, and she was frozen when Filipe unleashed the Ice Flower Funnel. When she was brought back to the Genohsa gym, Sandra was taken away by Quelter and Ivan. Ivan later heals Sandra, showing her illusions to get her to go Dark Phoenix. After the DP is awakened, Milo appears. With Sandra, Akatuski, and Isabel, they head to Genohsa. As the battle starts, Sandra gets matched up against Light Admiral Harry. Not long after the battle started, Milo fought for control of his body over Madara, teleporting himself, Sandra, and Akatuski away. Later Sandra, manipulated by the Phoenix Alliance, is seen wreaking havoc along with Milo and other DP host. When SXM make their move, Sandra is challenged by Jet, Harry, and Filipe. Filipe manages to use his attack for the second time to freeze Sandra again. However, when the others attack Milo, Sandra reappears, having already avoided the attack. Throughout the battle, Filipe manages to get Sandra the ice monolith. As Namini repels a respira attack from Milo, it heads towards the frozen Sandra. However, Yamairo saves her. Amber soon returns with Dave, who immediately go's into tears.

Dave takes Sandra to rest, later Sandra is back with the team, getting assigned to her team. Later again the team Sandra is on gets a mission, Sandra teleports them there. On the mission it doesn't take to long for Sandra to start battling Manny, making a impressive start Sandra soon finds herself having to counter a attack from Isabel. Sandra has to take care of Deidara C4 bombs. With the attackers making a quick escape with kidnapped members, Sandra returns the rest of the group to Genohsa, immediately telepathically informing others. Learning they are after the elementals, Sandra gathers them and discusses with others how to protect them. Sandra is later assigned to look after Katy. When Akatuski attacks, Sandra soon go's into action saving Troy from Isabel, then heads out, keeping Katy with her, to where Milo and Marie is. Sandra arrives to see Madara has taken over again, loosing Marie, Sandra uses her power to protect Katy. Sandra starts to fight Madara, when Madara kills Dave he reawakens the Dark Phoenix. Wanting revenge, Madara quickly takes advantage of this to have Sandra capture the elemental. She does so quickly, gathering Katy, Troy, and Elle without trouble. Returning to Madara, Sandra see's him fighting Namini. Sandra steps in, but gets repelled. As they continue to battle, Madara threatens Namini, and Sandra gets synced into the Gedo Mazo revenge slot. When synced, Sandra faces Yamairo who arrived to face Madara. When Yamairo pulls out of the fight, Sandra leaves with Madara, the Akatsuki, and the elemental people. While waiting for Madara to put his plan into action, Sandra gets talking to Manny. When SXM and Espada attack Akatsuki,, Sandra battles against Yamairo, Harry, and Namini. As the fight raged on, Sandra appears to be holding her own without much effort. When "Dave" showed up at the area, the fighting stopped as Sandra was shocked to see Dave. The fake Dave tries to kill Sandra, and is stopped. Remembering what Manny said, and seeing him injured, Sandra starts to calm herself down. Sandra then helps Manny.

Back to being on the good guys side, Sandra fights along side Namini when the fire dancer demons are released. After leaving Namini in the hands of Roy, Jessica, and Jim, Sandra teleports over to a badly hurt Katy to protect her. After returning to Genhosa, Sandra finds out what Nate, James, William, and Fawkes did, causing her to get rather upset with them and leaving. She returns later, announcing she is leaving SXM, however still remaining a member to be called upon in emergency's. After visiting Dave's grave later, she leaves, turning to Manny and his crew.

The battle with Kronos.

Sandra remained inactive when Shawkun attempted to make his return and raise to power. She did become active again however when Milo came to her, requesting her assistance to free Kronos. When Yamairo go's missing, Sandra is attacked by Oceanus as she and the others search for Yama. Milo finds Yama and they go to get him, only for Kronos to send them to 2017. Sandra, Troy, and Milo manages to get back together, discovering they are in a alternate time line. They learn Filipe and Harry is in prison, and quickly free them. The group go's to contact AT (alternate time line) James, only to get attacked by AT Harry. A fight started with the AT counterparts quickly getting defeated, as German came taking down some members, Sandra teleports the group to the old wear house they used before SXM started. Milo takes a risk of reality warping and manages to bring everybody back to the proper time, where Kronos arrives to threaten them to get the time gem. When Kronos and Atlas attack, Sandra takes on Atlas. Sandra is knocked away easily, as Milo go's Hulk on Atlas, Sandra comes on the attack again, going after Kronos. As Sandra battles Kronos, Harry joins in to help Sandra. Suddenly the Titans retreat from battle. Sandra continues to follow the group to Olympus, helping to fight off the Olympians. When Ares appears, Sandra, Filipe and Harry take him on. Aphrodite arrives taking control of Harry, and Sandra attacks her quickly. When Harry defends Aphrodite, Sandra is left with no choice but to quickly KO him, they then get Yama and leave. When Rachel has a vision, Sandra go's with the group to the destroyed LA to look for Kano. When Warrior Madness was spread through the Asgardian's, Sandra showed up going into action again, helping Troy and Katy take out hell-hounds and stop Asgardian's. Shortly after Sandra teams up with Amber to help Milo stop Kano. With Milo wanting to take Kano alone, Amber leaves to Olympus having Sandra stay to help the others. Sandra is later seen combining efforts with Milo to fight Hyperion. Sandra later go's with Yamairo, Zulan, and Tenshi to help Milo fight Kronos.

Back to duty. Battle against Avalanche.

With the fights over, Sandra takes her leave from the group once more, returning to Manny's crew. While there she ends up saving Manny when the Navy attacks and heals him. Later when Iliria came to Shadow, Sandra faced Iliria when she threatened the crew. Iliria sends Sandra to the brimstone dimension to distract her for a while, Sandra makes it back much faster then expected, but finds Iliria and Eston is already gone. Sandra later finds Eston, teleporting the group to him. The group go's with Eston, meeting up with Avalanche where Sandra learns Anna is with them. A fight breaks out and Sandra takes on Anna. As Anna makes a surprising move on Sandra, Sandra freezes time, contacting James. Before resuming the fight, Sandra places a telepathic tracker on Anna. Anna realizes they can't overpower Sandra, so she gets Ren to put her in a illusion of Dave's death. Avalanche gets Eston and leaves, setting Sandra free. Sandra go's and heals the injured then teleports the group to SXM. They decide to wait for Iliria to make there move before tracking Anna, Sandra uses the free time to see Abigail. When the group heads to Anna's location, they face Sefirot. Manny sends Sandra to help Milo with Superman. When Kujon brings in Dooms Day (DD), Sandra attacks coming to Milo's aid. Using a combined effort, Sandra and Milo believe they defeated DD, the believe however is short lived and the fight continues. After DD is banished back to the fictional world, Sandra gets Frozen by Filipe. After Sefirot merged with the planets life stream, Sandra along with Anna go's with Milo to stop him. After Milo forced Sefirot out of the life stream, Sandra and the others are also pulled out by Gaea.

As the battle with Avalanche/Iliria and SXM/Manny Crew gets back on it's way, as Milo fights Iliria, Sandra shows up to help the group against Ren. After a quick fight the group returns to Genohsa, Sandra and Abigail leave to be alone. Sandra was later seen talking with Manny, as they spoke, Manny and the Crew gets frozen as a man approaches Sandra. Revealing himself to be Howard, he uses Dave as means to have Sandra attack and kill Velon. Sandra does so, attacking Velon and killing him. Howard keeps his word and returns Dave to Sandra, then brings them both to Genohsa where Dave comforts Sandra. Noticing the fights going on, Dave and Sandra heads out to help, facing Ren and getting trapped in illusions. This time Sandra is able to break the illusion and attacks Ren. After beating Ren, Sandra go's to Dave's side, calling William over telepathy.

Battle with Apocalypse.

Two hours after the fight, Dave is refusing to speak to Sandra, making her worry. Upon examining Dave's memories, she finds blank spots. Later Manny came looking for Sandra, together with Troy and soon James, they find Sandra and Abby. After failing to find Milo at James request, the conversation changes and Sandra admits to killing Velon. Dave later teleports away with Sandra, warning her of Judgment Day, Decimation. When Dave starts getting to upset to speak about it any further, Sandra reads his mind, seeing the end of the humans. Later Dave tells Sandra that Milo is in danger, thinking it's related to the celebrities kidnappers, they begin their search. Upon searching, they end up finding Dracarot and Sindus under attack, saving them. They continue their search, finding Cholster, who was really Kevin using body insertion. Through the course of battle Kevin uses body insertion to place Sandra inside another body, cutting off access to her powers. As Kevin was gonna kill Sandra, Dave teleported the group back to the apartment. Sandra tell Dave Milo's location. Leaving Drac and Sindus behind, Milo and Sandra teleport to priest church, searching for Milo. There they met William, who tried to attack Sandra. Dave grabbed Sandra and teleported to NYC. Dave plans to ask the avengers for help, as soon as Sandra and Dave get there, the place is destroyed. The two was saved by Dale. Cyber had protected the Avengers and Dave explained the situation to them. They teleported to Priest's church to find Apocalypse, Priest, Virus, Emma, Simon, an army of mutants, and Sentinels waiting for them. The fight starts, and as Dale tackles Sandra out of the way of bullets, Dave teleports to get the SXM. After Apocalypse defeat, Milo free's Sandra from the body she is trapped in.

The breakup. Sandra's downward spiral begins.

Back at Genosha, Sandra again is seen watching over Dave's room, worried as he again is not speaking to her. Then, unexpectedly, Dave speaks up. Sandra quickly go's to him, and a heartbreaking conversation takes place. Dave soon leaves Sandra on the floor in tears, after breaking up with her. Shortly after, Sandra releases her power calling upon the phoenix. Heartbroken, Sandra attacks Kujon, Troy, and seriously injures Abigail. When Sandra realizes what she did, she breaks into tears as the others (Joined by William, Rail and Harry) comes to her. William gets to work on Abby as Sandra mentions the break up to the others. They take Sandra to the mansion where she can rest. Later, the recovered Abby comes to Sandra. Milo later arrived, giving news of the hunters. Despite in a depressed state, Sandra didn't want Abby hurt, as such would fight beside her. Howard soon came to Sandra again, revealing it was Zulan who was behind Dave and Sandra's separation. Looking for Zulan, Sandra uses Cerebro 2.0 at Milo's request. Sandra gets the location and they go after Zulan, meeting with Angel. They soon start a fight with Zulan, Sandra leaves to search for the members Zulan kidnapped, failing and returning to Milo before getting shrunken and trapped in a jar by Alice. While trapped Sandra and Milo start to reflect on their similar heartbreak situations. They develop feelings and share a moment. After they try to plan a escape. After a comical failed escape, Alice comes in to release them, returning them to normal and sending both back to Genohsa. While Milo handles some business, Katy convinces Sandra to come and hang out.

Later Milo and Sandra are alone together, where Sandra opens up to Milo again, allowing the two to grow closer. She stay's with Milo throughout the Legacy Virus ordeal, finding comfort and understanding from him. She would remain at Genosha for most of this arc, helping as she can. Later she would leave Gonosha, teleporting to Namini's village to warn her about the virus. After that she went to Amber's house in NY, giving Amber the same warning when she showed up, then returned to Milo. Sandra later set up a barrier around Genosha at "Isabel" request. Sandra is later approached by Dave, who had returned to get back together with her. Sandra took Dave away from Genosha, and admitted to him she had developed feelings towards Milo. Needless to say this caused more tension between the two, and Dave left, leaving Sandra alone. Sandra however catches Dave's thoughts, following him to the location of the Red Room where their conversation continues. After their conversation a frustrated Dave teleported away, Sandra did not follow.

Sandra would later get involved in the battle with Bernard. After the fight she along with a few others introduce themselves to the new arrival Emmet. She later has a moment of reflection, revealing Milo had gotten back together with Marie. Sandra help's out in the Hunters battle, fighting Hunters, Prime, and the Leader. Shortly after the battle, Sandra would end up erasing Dave's memories, allowing him to take a new direction in life. It would be revealed shortly after that Sandra is having a child. After the 5 month time skip, Sandra is largely inactive, staying on Genosha. The few things she had done in this time was broke up a fight between Katy and Jin, then helped Manny put his grounded ship back in the ocean. Both task easily accomplished with telekinesis. When Tesla, Chulance, and Tiffany was trapped in the desert, Sandra was asked if she was able to get them. Not knowing what effects calling on the Phoenix Force might cause with her unborn child, it was decided she wouldn't go. William was sent instead. She's been inactive since.

Emotional trauma builds, death of a unborn son.

Later when Void gained control of Milo, Sandra learned Dave's life was at risk. With a extremely tough decision to make, Sandra put everything at risk, even her son, to save Dave. She faced Milo, and died protecting Dave. She was resurrected due to the Phoenix, but her child, was not. She learned from Harry that she could revive her child, at the cost of another life. Both Dave and Manny offered themselves, but Sandra was unable to take the life of either. She later went on a mission to rescue Amber from Black Heart. Black Heart tried to manipulate Sandra to his side, but she refused. They got the ones who was kidnapped away and Sandra started searching for ways to revive her child. Sandra would later end up defending the Inner Circle and engaging Amber in battle. The battle was won when Amber used up all her power, and surrendered to Sandra.

Sandra went straight from that battle into another mission and helped Troy capture Greg. Sandra and Dave later plan to look for Kano for help reviving her child. However, Milo would return. When Milo fails at reviving her child, it hit Sandra hard. After Genosha was attacked, Sandra was among the group who escaped. She would later snap, losing hope of her child returning, and vowed to end it all. Sandra teleported away from the group, and sent out a global telepathic message challenging Void. When Milo was defeated by Lucy with a special weapon, Sandra went after Jorgan next. After roughing Jorgan up, he convinced her to sigh a soul deal. Sandra went and got Dave, asking him to come with her. And keeping his word, Jorgan got Sandra her child back. She fought with the Dark Avengers to the best of her ability, but unwilling to use the Phoenix while pregnant, she could not do much against the likes of Amber.

Sandra would later give birth to her child within a time skip. This would work out just good enough for Sandra to recover and take part in the invasion. Before going back to the Dark Avengers though, she made sure Dave would take her newly born child and keep him safe at all cost. Later Sandra and Dave began to plot killing Jorgan using the fact Dave came of his free will, thus wasn't bound by the soul deal like Sandra. While Dave left after his first target, Sandra would again meet with amber, taking a almost fatal injury in order to protect Jorgan and the Dark Avengers. Amber attacked with intent to finish Sandra, but stopped short when Sandra revealed why she was on the Dark Avengers side. As Amber left for battle, Sandra slowly made her way to the now KO'd Dave, later passing out from either the pain or Blood loss, her Phoenix powers unable to close the massive wound. When Sandra awakens, her injure is bandaged up, and she see's Manny has again come to her aid. She manages to teleport the 3 so they can meet with the rest of the group.

Pain and fear, Shawkun & Nightmare returns.

3 weeks after the group had split up, Sandra is seen with Dave in a restaurant, after moved to England. It's revealed Sandra had been seeing what was assumed to be images of Abigail since the move. Worried for her health, Dave took Sandra to the apartment, where she went to see David, Dave then went to Yamairo's group to inform them of Sandra's condition. Later that night Shawkun kidnaps Dave and David, setting up Ilira to take the fall. When Sandra awakens, noticing Dave and David gone, then the smell of Brimestone in the air, Sandra rages a attack on Ilira, demanding her family be returned. With her mansion destroyed in 1 attack, Ilira takes Sandra into the Brim where she displays her dominance in that world, even over the Phoenix. Ilira hesitated to make a fatal blow against Sandra however, knowing it only put her further on Milo's bad side. Shawkun shows up, taking Sandra from the Brim, to the place Dave and David are held captive. Shawkun forces Sandra into a trade, the Phoenix Force status for her family's life. After Sandra transfers the Phoenix status to Shawkun, he turns against her, injuring Sandra. As she faints and is on the verge of bleeding to death, Dave manages to get all 3 away just in time, crash landing at Yama's place. They was healed there by William and found herself unable to remember, this caused the loss of her Phoenix Force connection to come as a shock to her.

Sandra helped everyone wake up from Nightmare's dreams and later helped fight against a clone of her. She was outclassed by the clone which did have the Phoenix powers, but held it off just enough for Filipe to freeze it. Sandra and Milo tried to examine the Abby clone, but it was destroyed by Shawkun. Sandra was later KO'd by a clone of Milo, which appeared to battle Yama's group. In a future battle with a clone of Milo, Sandra was knocked out again and turned against Milo. When the group failed to take Milo, they went after Shawkun. After revealing Sandra willingly gave her Phoenix host status to Shawkun, Shawkun killed her.

Monitoring act. Sandra can escape her destiny no more.

After being revived, Sandra was returned to normal, but Milo decided to keep the host status. Now just a mutant, she moved back to England with her family, taking care of David and wondering about the future while Dave resumed his job at MI6. As Sandra laid back to relax, calling Manny via telepathy to talk. This conversation would be cut short as Dave arrived, tears in his eyes and the news showed the monitoring act. Sandra quickly determined Dave had agreed to the monitors. As Dave begged Sandra to take the injection, HAMMER burst in attacking and Sandra reacted to counter them. Dave kept begging Sandra, but she couldn't do it, and rushed off to protect David. Dave tried to give Sandra the injection, but she stopped him, and opened a portal to escape. Barely capable of using the technique as a simple mutant, Sandra arrives at Manny's ship, where she collapses from exhaustion. Getting rushed to land, Sandra is rushed to Yamairo who reverses time around her so she regains her energy.

The rest of the crew bring David with them to Yama's after a HAMMER attack on the ship. Sandra was attacked by Jin when he and Joe came looking for Manda, and she served as the telepath of the group and used her ability's to gather the group together. On the first attack on Genosha for the purpose of reaching the Cerebru, Sandra was almost at her destination when Dave arrived taking her down with a taser. Dave never intended Sandra any harm, he in fact wanted her to take the injection to keep her safe. Downed by the taser, Sandra pleaded with Dave to let her go, to let her help. As more HAMMER came, a explosion appeared to of occurred, putting everyone except Sandra to sleep. Yama's group, and Dave was soon teleported away. A women named Ruth appeared before Sandra in a angel like fashion, and claimed herself as one. She came with a warning of dark forces approaching, and told Sandra she must re-obtain her Phoenix Force status, for she is not just a host, but the true avatar and only one who could use the Phoenix Force to it's fullest. When Ruth left, Sandra was left alone. Giving a call for transportation, Sandra proceeded to use the Cerebro before getting picked up by Yamairo.

The Cerebro turned up little results and Sandra again used her telepathy to gather the team together when they planned to retake Genosha and stand up to HAMMER. Sandra assisted in the battle, fighting drones and soldiers alike. She later began to assist the group when the Predator's made a comeback, after returning stronger then before finding a energy source from Nono's home planet. They targeted all high class mutants, as well as anyone in the way. They not just wanted Sandra, but any possible host dead. Sandra fought for a bit, before getting teleported away by Milo and Uriel. After explaining where they was, Sandra was given a option. She either accepted her status as the Phoenix Force avatar, or she would die. Realizing she couldn't run away from her destiny any longer, she accepted the Phoenix Force becoming the White Phoenix. Returning to Earth, she quickly cleared Genosha of all invaders. Realizing Nono was attacking the mother ships, Sandra decided to leave her be. Sandra took care of the Predators on Earth quickly, warping most into the sun. She kindly offered to leave some for Milo, but he passed up the offer.

All Evils Of The World saga. Sandra's brother revealed.

Over the time skip Sandra had been reunited with Dave, who was even lucky enough to have the injection removed. They spent some time, getting dinner together. Sandra was later called together with a group to head out and investigate a series of murders, with little results on her end. When hearing of Nate's death, Sandra and Dave quickly came to Milo's side. As Milo assumed Jet was responsible and went to Iliria's to kill him, Sandra was the first to head off in pursuit after Milo. When she got to Iliria's, Jet was already beaten and as she tried to convince Milo to let Jet go, consumed by rage, Milo released a powerful sound attack that forced both Sandra and Iliria to back away, causing both great pain. Sandra managed to convince Milo to stop without resorting to conflict by convincing Milo to revive Nate. She would soon find out something was blocking Nate's revival when Milo's attempts failed. Later when talking to Yamairo and the group, Sandra seemed fairly sure of herself that Jet was not the one causing these murders.

As the group started waiting for night to fall again, Sandra spent more time with Dave. When Zulan showed up at the island, after reading Zulan's mind at Yamairo's request, finding out he had no memory. Sandra and Dave left to a restaurant for a short while, where Sandra relived some memories from Zulan and Shawkun that she rather would, but never will forget. She then proceeded to send more time with Dave, wanting to stay by him. Sandra later assisted on the night time patrols when the shadows appeared. She later had a brief encounter with Fior, although he got away with "Isabel". Sandra then go's to visit Amber to see if she's alright. She defended Genosha from the Hulk-ings, Nicole, and invading HAMMER forces when she returned, and come night took Manny as a partner for patrol. The two got attacked by the shadows and Sandra was the one to take them on. As the battle went on, something started happening to Sandra, she started getting reckless, annoyed, and angered, and ended up leaving NY in ruin. As the shadows all started converging on Sandra, Manny throw himself in front of her taking a attack meant for Sandra. As Manny died, Sandra ended up looking into deep repressed thoughts of Manny's mind. Sandra see's Manny was her brother. Sandra while reviving Manny lost control of her ability's and passed out. The two would then be rescued by Kano and brought back to Genosha, remaining unconscious for a extended period of time, causing some members, especially Dave and even Manny to worry.

Sandra gained consciousness again later, and went to Milo, James and the group present. After quickly confirming she wasn't the Dark Phoenix, she noticed Ikon in the group. Sandra quickly made her intentions clear, telling Ikon (or Zulan in her eyes) to stay clear of her family. Sandra assisted Milo and Amber later in combating "Isabel" who had obtained ATEOTW. She later revealed to Manny that she was his sister. After returning to Genosha Sandra talked to Dave learning about her past and that telekinesis wasn't gained through natural means. As they tried to find Jorgan to stop HAMMER, HAMMER put their plan into action and both Sandra and David died to a sudden and severe illness. Sandra was revived the next day, and came back to Genosha, finding Dave. Milo returned her son who he revived. She later tracked down Katie and Jacob, bringing them to Genosha and leaving them in Dave's care after telling them of Troy's fate. Sandra got Katy from Iliria's group, taking down Misery and Ted. She then forced Spike and Kelly to change Katy back to normal. With Katy, Sandra revived Troy and Abigail.

X Lords, Phoenix ops to be a neutral party.

When the X Lords formed, Sandra and her family became neutral parties, not becoming members of X Lords nor joining the rebels. Life had become good, and Sandra and Dave started being familiar faces around the Avengers as they often took Abby to see Tanya. Some tension did arise when Sandra met Shawkun in Detroit, and started a fight with the man who'd put her through so much torment over the years. Sandra proved indeed more powerful then Shawkun, but using a few new tricks, he gained a tactical advantage, putting Sandra in a very bad situation, and also showing that power didn't always determine who won. Shawkun however let Sandra go and made his escape after the battle. Sandra immediately went back to Genosha with Dave, bursting into Milo's office and demanded to know why Milo was giving Shawkun of all people a second chance. The two argued, and Sandra tried to get it into Milo's head that Shawkun didn't change, and never will. After the two came to a somewhat of a agreement, Sandra wanted to go after Shawkun to finish him. Dave however, didn't like the idea, and pleaded with her not to go. Despite her confidence that she could do it, and Shawkun merely got lucky with attacks she didn't expect. Sandra decided to put her family first and foremost, and let Shawkun off the hook for now, though she hates the idea of him running around free.

After this Sandra simply spent time with her family, having some private time with Dave. Sandra was visited by Milo later, who wanted to know where her alliance stood. She later came into action reviving Tesla who was killed by Carson. She teleported Drac, Yama, and Emma back to the resistance after their attack on Genosha failed. Sandra and Dave soon visited the resistance and attempted to get the team reunited. While failing at uniting the team, they had come to a truth. The next morning Sandra awoke in a good mood, and helped Dave calm himself to relieve some stress. It looked like it would be a good morning until Dave and Abby suddenly vanished. Sandra lost track of them, and went to Milo for assistance.

Milo gave Sandra paintings of Ivan location. Sandra got the assistance of Ivan and Devon, and went after her son. This second encounter resulted in getting Dave back, but David escaped. Sandra later helped Zach by putting mental blocks on his mind to limit his power. She seen images from Dave's mind and with Dave, they went to the Resistance, facing David again who had now found a age manipulator, who aged his body to 10 years old. David fell to a unexpected curse Milo had placed on guns to prevent none supporters from using them. Sandra got to work, erasing David's memories of hell and replacing them with peaceful memories of having a childhood. She then visited Chulance and Tesla, getting Abigail.

Sandra and Dave later spoke with Howard and the angel Uriel about rescuing the innocents trapped in hell. As Uriel left to prepare things in heaven Dave and Sandra prepared themselves. Sandra removed the telepathic blocks on Dave, and she looked in on Dave's mind as she brought some memories of his time in hell forward. They went to Lex, recording Dave's memories as Sandra pushed Dave's full memories to the surface. They later bond with their family and speak with Uriel. They decide to fight Milo. Milo kills Dave and absorbs Sandra's Phoenix attacks, but is shot by Dracarot with a specially designed weapon and killed. After TOAA saved Milo and changed the events which occurred, Sandra was continuing to bond with her son and family, waiting for Uriel's word of when they would attack hell.

Angels appear, to hell to safe her son .[center]

David later started feeling ill, and it became determined that because of his birth in hell, he was the key to opening a gateway. After legion of demons escaped Hell through David, Sandra tried to end him to save the world. This backfired and angered David, triggering his memories to return. David joined Black Heart and together with Misery planned to take down Sandra. By having Misery seal the Phoenix Force from Sandra, Sandra was helpless to fight Black Heart and her son. At the last moment though Namek appeared killing David and defeating Black Heart, thus saving Sandra. With Milo busy dealing with the C.O.G Sandra and Dave was somewhat reluctant to bother him for help, and was eventually approached by Shawkun who "helped" Sandra by torturing her in agonizing misery, but it was to help Sandra regain her Phoenix powers. Sandra located the God Of Creation in the C.O.G battle, but didn't get the chance to ask for his help.

After having a argument with Milo, Sandra was approached by Namek and asked to kill Shawkun, in return Namek would help her get her son back. Sandra quickly took on Shawkun, and trouble raised quickly as Shawkun was still manipulating Sandra's soul. This manipulation caused Sandra to wipe out Detroit, kill the population, and bring down Yamairo. Milo arrived bringing Sandra back to Genosha, restoring everything, and letting Shawkun free. Milo was pissed at Sandra, and she and James both argued with Milo that it was Shawkun's doing, but Milo wouldn't buy it and even slapped Sandra in anger. It wasn't until Namek arrived that Milo had to admit he was wrong. Milo blocked Shawkun's soul manipulation and Sandra quickly took out Shawkun. She would also later help the angel Akroma, with Milo's help, against Lucifer, who threaten Sandra, everyone she knew, and all she would know if she assisted the Heavenly Host. Sandra paid little mind to the threats though. When everything settled, Sandra went back to Dave and Abby, and called Manny.

Sandra proceeded to stick to the plan, and along with Filipe, Harry, Milo, and Dave, went into hell. After engaging demons and Lucifer, Sandra ended up getting her son back with the aid of Reese, a man who removed David's demonic essence. Sandra had a brief encounter with Terrel, getting stricken by a attack on her soul. Yama reversed the effect and Sandra used her telekinesis to control every particle of Terrel and Mike's being, before bring them down. Only to fall later when they discovered it was all a illusion. Sandra would later become aware of Shawkun's revival, but be left behind by Milo who opted to go alone.

[center]No rest for the weary.

Sandra later attempted to help heal a beaten Milo. She was targeted and temporarily brought down by a strange injection when Carson attacked. She was given a heart attack by a revived Velon, but healed by Milo, and fought against Void. She assisted in a war between alien races, and started targeting Shi'ar, feeling a headache each time they used a certain blast. She fought Vulcan Project, feeling a massive headache that temporarily paralyzed her when the Shi'ar fired a huge bomb. She continued to help Cyber bring down Vulcan, and tried to stop Gan from entering a portal the blast created. He got past because of Vulcan. After Vulcan's defeat she faced the remainder of the Shi'ar, avoiding another attempted blast on her and destroying more ships, teleporting to the Shi'ar leader. Sandra and Cyber made their way to the Shi'ar home planet after learning of the M'Kraan crystal, with the war finished Sandra stabilized the crystal and Cyber set up a barrier, They returned to Earth waiting to hear from Milo and Son.

Later when Sandra and her family was visiting Manny, David got attacked and taken over by Void. She was later one of the few to escape Void, not being turned into a Voidling. She gathered others who escaped and assisted in bringing the Voidlings down. Sandra would later again combine her efforts with Terrel, who gave Dave a power boost, and the 3 took on Void, getting David down and weakening him again. Sandra would find herself leading SXM into a attack to assist the Heavenly Host in regaining Heaven. After settling down with her loved ones, Sandra was called in to assist Katy, who was prepared to face Greg, then helped Sirius when he needed a escape from a old rival. They returned to Genosha. Sandra later arrived to confront Terrel during WW4, but Milo took over the fight.

Sandra would stop Jin from destroying Genosha, when finding out Katy was the cause, they suspected Shawkun and confronted him for answers, but not before finding Cole to make a clone of Sandra. They pulled back from the battle, and Sandra did all she could to help Katy, though nothing seemed to help. They eventually got Milo's assistance. After these events Sandra was involved in a battle with a mysterious foe, who shot Sandra down using her own Phoenix flames against her.

When the Brotherhood raised Sandra took her team on the attack against the super villain group. While proving promising at first with the Phoenix's massive telepathic ability's, Sandra had made the critical mistake of walking right into Shawkun's trap. The frontal attack cost Sandra her soul, and her team their lives. Shawkun later used Sandra's soulless remains to get under Dave and Manny's skin. Sandra's soul was freed when Shawkun was defeated. She was the first to meet Milo when he returned to Genosha a week later.

Troubles keep emerging, Abby's soul is lost.

Sandra found herself coming to Abby and David's aid, after letting them go on a mission. Arriving to late Abigail's soul was already taken by Mephisto. Returning to Genosha it didn't take her long to go in pursuit of Mephisto. Sandra ended up making a girl Mephisto was manipulating into a Phoenix host in return for Abby's soul to get freed from hell. The deal was never held up, and after Crowley was done, Sandra had ended up selling her own soul for her family's safety. With help from Yamairo and Aya, Sandra was able to get her soul deal broken, before anything more could be done though, Sandra found herself caught up in another Hunter war. Working with Yamairo there efforts didn't appear to be going well, and things again turned for the worse when Zulan arrived. Unexpectedly Milo had started regaining their efforts, coming to their aid. After the war, Abby was raised from the dead, but was completely different from before.

Sandra later became involved with the war happening in heaven, which had spread to Earth. While helping with the chaos Sandra's family again became a vocal point, heaven regarding her as a enemy and angels even trying to recruit other SXM members to fight against her. Fighting alongside allies including Kano, she fought for her son's safety, forces of heaven again seeking David. The war against the heavenly forces subsided once Milo got involved, faking David's death. Sandra went back to helping SXM, and with Dave started searching for the reason in Abby's change. They eventually requested Shawkun's help, who discovered Abby's soul was not the original, that it was only month's old. Before anything could be done, the power wipe occurred, causing Sandra to lose her mutant ability's, as well for her Phoenix connection to be blocked/lost. With Abby comatose, the SXM was forced to start over with regular lives, and became disbanded. Sandra took care of David, as Dave, now full time with MI6, tried to find a way to cure/heal Abby. Sandra never took Neil's cure to regain powers, trusting Dave's judgement against it, and adopted to regular living with David. When powers was restored, Sandra revived Sirius on Tesla's plea and went back to Abby. Milo arrived and explained what was wrong with Abby. He fused her demonic essence with her artificial soul. Sandra didn't snap at Milo for waiting so long to help, she instead became conflicted with herself, wondering if she could of ever stopped this from happening to Abby to begin with.

Love tested again, through it all a family grows.[center]

With a warning from Milo to be cautious with Abby the Fuller family got back to normal, as normal as they could get. Sandra would later get involved into a fight with Kosmos, only to get called away mid fight by Angel. Warned of her family in danger she rushed to their aid, quickly subduing Amora who was desperately seeking to get Dave back. After Sandra learns of Dave sleeping with Amora and fathering her child, more tension arose between the two. A sense of shattered trust threatened to tear Sandra and Dave apart once more with the kids being the only life line. As arguments unfolded Dave both angry and heartbroken spent much time on Genosha in the bar drinking, fearing his relationship was over and blaming Amora as the cause. Sandra started residing at Manny's ship, wanting to be away from the place she had called home on Genosha, and started to revert to alcohol herself. Before Sandra made the final call that would decide her future with Dave, David and Terrel devised a plan to save the relationship. They used their powers to split Dave into 2 people, one who ran to Sandra, one that went to Amora. They claimed that a clone of Dave kidnapped the original and was out to destroy the family. With David and Terrel's plan holding out, the family got back together. However, unknown a certain foe was back, and became aware of what had taken place. Shawkun. However, he decided not to act... right away. The family together once, Sandra was last spotted offering to help at Milo's new academy.

Sandra later consulted and spoke with Katy, trying her help her through her troubles between Troy and Joe. Sandra also brought Tesla, Chulance, and Zach back to Genosha where Milo was able to restore Tesla and Chulance powers. Sandra was approached by Namek and lead a team of SXM members into battle against a demon army. After eventually wiping out the attacking forces, she was soon informed that they reappeared. Before being able to get back into battle, she was met by Katy and Duke, Duke wanting to kill Katy. The questions as to what was going on was soon answered when Sandra met the illusionist Ben, taking him down without much effort, and taking down Duke as well, as Ben tricked him into thinking Sandra was Katy. When she awakens Duke, she would need to stop him from killing Ben. Sandra decided to take Duke's memories of Katy and Ben.

Sandra supported Dave's decision to go get Chloe from Amora, but unexpectedly Shawkun arrived merging the two halves of Dave back together, this gave Dave all the injuries his other half had sustained. As Amora attacked Sandra teleported herseld, Dave, and Chloe back to Genosha. She healed Dave and spent most of the night watching over and bonding with Chloe, letting Dave rest. The following morning Sandra came to Dave when he woke up, revealing she was up all night and later fell asleep while Dave was making her breakfast. When Sandra awoke Dave was gone, but she seen a note left by Dave. She went to the amusement park meeting up with the kids, and soon Dave where they proceeded to ride many of the rides and bond with Chloe. Sandra started to have doubts, worried they was taking on more then they could handle with 3 kids, but Dave gave her a vote of confidence to put her mind at ease.

[center]Mephisto makes his move.

What would turn out to be a good day however spiraled out of control when Mephisto attacked controlling David. They got to Abby and broke her mental barrier, letting demon essence completely take over. Mephisto also threatened Chloe, however he made a deal with Sandra that if she gets him a cosmic cube, Mephisto will return both David and Chloe. However, he said he could do nothing for Abby. After Mephisto took his leave Dave and Sandra tried to talk to Abby, which didn't go well at all and Sandra even had to heal Dave when Abby injured him. As Sandra started to break down after losing Abby, Dave came to comfort her. As he did, Dave took a needle and gave her a sedative which should keep her out around 24 hours. Dave teleported away dropping Abby in the ocean and wanting to end the demonic threats. Meanwhile witnessing the events, Filipe as SXM leader determined that they have ignored these problems Sandra has been having for far to long, and would intervene to bring these issues to an end. Harry got Abby and knocked her out, as well as gathered other group members. They repaired Sandra's broken home and after determining William could easily wake her if needed, that it would be best to keep her out. Sandra was later awakened and went to confront Yamairo. Though her getting the cosmic cube mattered not as through his own trickery Mephisto obtained the cube anyway. Sandra helped the SXM battle Mephisto.

Serpent arrives. No greater fear the fear itself.

In Fear Itself Sandra tried to help the team figure out what was going on. When people started going crazy Filipe quickly froze Sandra, despite her seeming to be fine. When Angrir (Shawkun as one of the worthy) appeared, he started attacking Sandra's family and playing with her. Sandra broke free of Filipe's ice trap and went after Angrir in a rage. Angrir soon got a hold of her soul, and broke her spirit. As Sandra had appeared to of given up all together, Manny came to inspire her to face her fears and keep fighting. Sandra attacked Angrir defeating him. As Sandra went to look for her husband, son, and daughter, she got side tracked being called for help. She rescued Rachel in Paris, sending Rachel and Leah back to Genosha. With Peter handling Skirn, Sandra meets up with Nono and a group of SXM members and attacks Skadi, who surrendered to Sandra. Sandra planned to put him to sleep and bring him back to the person he used to be (Harvey), but the others disagreed and Katy jumped at the chance to finish Skadi, to Sandra's disapproval although it was probably best. Next target was Greithoth, however tracking him down lead straight to Serpent himself. Serpent took out Katy and the likes quickly, and did not intend to give Sandra so much time as to even heal Kano. However Sandra got her opening with Amber arrived and Kano was awakened. Now 3 to 1, Sandra took lead attacking Serpent as Amber followed up. Shortly after the worthy re-emerged, much stronger then before attacking Sandra. With the others help, she aided till Milo was able to take Serpent down.

When learning Serpent was still alive the group gathered on Genosha and came up with a battle plan. They decided to fight the worthy, letting Ondi deal with Serpent. Sandra got paired with Angrir (Shawkun) and their battle began. The battle was long, Sandra couldn't go full force without making Angrir continually stronger. She had to restrict herself enough to let Angrir control the fight, making soul manipulation unnecessary. When the fight was nearing it's end Sandra found herself under Angrir control anyway. As death seemed certain Troy with Odin Force enhanced powers arrived, the two quickly double team attacked Angrir before he could regain control. Sandra had no time to rest though as she quickly went to help fight Serpent, then Harvey.

Time to save Abby. Sandra must endure hell.

Soon after the battle Sandra found herself with Dave at the watch tower, Abby had been captured due to a "no death curse" Death had placed upon the Earth. With Castiel's help Sandra and Dave intended to save their daughter. They entered Abby's mind where they began seeing memories of the tortures Abby went through, and met a manifestation of Crowley. After a short encounter Sandra tried to send Dave back, but he'd refuse to go. As the two went deeper into Abby's memories of hell, Dave got pulled into his own replica of hell, and Sandra was left alone to watch the torture and agony of both Dave and Abby as she ventured deeper into the memories by herself, now needing to save both. As she pushed up she was eventually pulled into the mini hell herself. In trouble and being tortured Castiel and David acted to aid Sandra and Dave. They took the roller coaster bypassing the rest of hell and meeting a upset Abby. Castiel started purifying Abby's soul and provided the others we a opening to escape. Now free the concern for Castiel was briefly overshadowed as Abby soon announced that she was quitting SXM and leaving the family, having lost fate in them, in Sandra, and predicting only more suffering in her future if she stayed with them. Sandra took Abby to the shores of mainland America where they parted ways. There wasn't many tears shed, but does not mean it was any easier for Sandra seeing Abby walk away. Returning to the Watchtower Aaron offered to have someone keep a eye on Abby, Sandra agreed and was only at the Watchtower briefly before leaving to have some time alone.

8 years of pain in 1 quick session.

Sandra was seen at a mountain range, cold and snowy she went to a location where she hoped to have some time alone. But even this one request seemed to much as a strange man soon approached her. With her mind racing, Sandra regarded the man rather coldly. After recalling some of Sandra past failures, we soon finds out the man is a god known as Osiris who had selected Sandra for trial. Pulling Sandra into a court room, Osiris allowed her a attorney who Sandra chose was Dave. Over the course of the trial Osiris called witnesses such as Thomas Fuller, Dave Fuller, Abby Fuller, David Fuller, Amora, Sindus, and Kujon, showing all their tortures while putting the blame squarely on Sandra's shoulders. Trying to keep it together, Sandra tried to defend some of her actions, while accepting others. The trial got to the point where Sandra's composure was slipping away as she started to argue with Osiris, and buy the end Osiris sentenced her as guilty. As Sandra was sentenced to a damnation worse then hell, Milo showed up for the save, getting Sandra and Dave back on Earth. With the family taken care of Sandra went with Milo to take care of Ben. The duo wasn't long making the Phoenix Alliance retreat, leaving Ben alone. Ben tried to resist, but Sandra and Milo was still clearly to much, despite Ben's boost in power.
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PostSubject: Re: Sandra Fuller (Heroes Uprising)   Mon Jan 23, 2012 10:10 pm

History: Part 2.

Problems exposed: Sandra's road to recovery.

After Ben was taken down Sandra hung out with Milo, it was here when Sandra broke down while talking about the past that Milo became aware how troubled Sandra was.  He put her to sleep to calm her down, taking her home.  Sandra wouldn't sleep long however before getting called in against Surter's forces.  After helping deal with them without much trouble, Sandra was taken home by Dave, who seemed to have his eyes opened to the reality of Sandra's state by Tesla.   Dave started talking to Sandra to get her to open up to him.   Sandra slowly started opening up more to Dave, helping in the prison escape and having a brief encounter with Nick Ventro.  After things started returning to normal, Sandra admitted to Dave about still having affections for Milo.  Dave had trouble excepting this and ran off to the bar and started drinking.   Sandra became upset and Katy and Milo came to see her.  Feeling his presence in her life was only making things harder between Sandra and Dave, Milo turned on Sandra and attacked her, putting tension between them so Sandra could focus all her love on Dave, instead of being torn between 2 men.  

After talking to Harry, Dave came to realize how important he truly is to Sandra, and that some affections for Milo wouldn't change how much she needed him by her side.  When Dave appeared back at the house, Sandra welcomed him back with open arms, returning from her encounter with Milo.   Early the next morning, Sandra told Dave what went down between herself and Milo, which upset Dave and he swore not to let Milo touch her again.    Dave started helping Sandra, even visiting Milo to use his abilities to remove all Sandra's pain and worries, to no avail.   They set up a meeting with James for psychiatric help, taking the whole family.

When James was ready the family started talking about their troubles, Sandra bring up how she feels that everything is her fault.   James gave her his advice on that subject, but she appeared reluctant to bring in Milo.  Sandra revealed that reflecting on her life was the reason she was in her current state, thinking about how she failed everybody or could of done things differently.  James told Sandra she couldn't help what was going to happen.  Before she left when the session ended, James offered to take care of Chloe and David in order to allow Sandra to get out for a night and join Marie.  Sandra arrived at the party with Carmen, they was later called away to meet Marie at the bar as she wasn't one for big parties.   As they drank, they started talking.  Sandra started talking Milo, even having a few resenting thoughts toward Marie but not speaking up.

Zed's attack: Aftermath, attitude adjustment.

During Zed and Milo's battle, Zed's attacks caused Sandra to activate the Phoenix Force, and she unleashed waves of cosmic fire throughout the bar.   Zed's attacks continued and after all was said and done, Carmen and Marie was down while Sandra was left hurting and feeling empty.  After observing the scene, Anna arrived.  Sandra never gave much mind to the others pain or Anna's arrival.  She did warp Carmen and Marie to the medical center, and warned James not to mess with Marie's mind.  However even with this, Sandra wasn't acting like herself.    She checked on Dave and had a few brief words with Milo before going in search of Jean Grey to uncover more of the Phoenix's power.   She reached Jean via telepathy and met Phoenix.   She discovered that Zed had done something to her judgement and that she would need to become whole again to fully control the Phoenix Force.    Sandra's body got burned by the phoenix flames under Jean's control.   It was about to cause a fight between Dave and Katy, but Sandra returned to settle things down before leaving again.    Meeting Jean and Phoenix again, she was given information on the Phoenix's abilities and was put into a state of stasis as Sandra underwent the changes of unlocking the Phoenix power.

Power of the Phoenix, in comes Super Sandra.

Sandra woke up in time to save her son and defeat the alternate Milo.    She then foiled a attack from her alter self and asks David to go take care of his sister.   Sandra realized Troy was in trouble and took care of Felicia quickly, leaving her out and leaving her fate to the others.    She left quickly to face her alter self before she try's to destroy Genosha again.   Coming face to face with her alter self, things complicated when alter Kano showed to back up alter Sandra.    Sandra quickly lead the first assault but was quickly double teamed by her alter self and Kano.   Milo showed up distracting alter Kano and Sandra quickly overpowered her alter self.    Sandra then focused on Thanos soul and prevented Shawkun from obtaining it.  Shawkun had to get Zed's help to get past her.

Wanting to rescue Thanos soul and the others captured.   Sandra and Amber decided to go into the alternate universe and get them back.   They left Milo behind to try to regain his full powers and defend the the world if Zed tried to cause more trouble.  

While in the other dimension the many angled ones attacked Sandra to try to end the Phoenix, to no avail.    The captured was rescued and Milo got his powers back and fought off Zed.    With Earth peaceful again, Sandra enjoyed the holiday's with her family.    A few months later Sandra had seemed to have calmed down a lot and taken control over her emotions.  She and Dave enjoyed some time together before going to adventure around Rome.    Sandra and Dave was enjoying life,  things was peaceful and Sandra even took Dave on a adventure through the cosmos.   However the peaceful times wouldn't last as Kano came to Sandra looking for help to control his demon power.      Sandra helped stabilize before letting David have a shot at trying to put Kano in control.    However things went wrong and David was overpowered, Kano's demon side emerging.

Sandra quickly tracked down demon Kano and after a small battle, managed to bring him down.    She returned with Kano to a not to pleased Dave, who had a way to rid demon essence from Earth.

Monitoring Arc: The women known as "mother"

Sandra returned Kano to Asgard and Dave explained his plan to close the gates of hell.    In their search for Castriel and Ledge, they uncovered parties where people acted reckless, boarder line barbaric.   Sandra rescued Dave who got pulled into one, finding a influence over his mind.    In the week to follow Sandra would keep tracking down these parties, clearing influence and getting people help.   At one party she met up with Jericho.     Sandra and Jericho managed to meet the force causing these parties, a women they only got to know as "mother".

With their encounter not yielding much information, as well as the women vanishing.    Jericho lead Sandra to Pandora.   Pandora offered help in exchange for a normal life, with Sandra wanted to insure peoples safety, as well as Jericho's curiosity on the mysterious women, both agreed to Pandona's deal.    With Pandora heading off to do her own research, Sandra with Jericho went to seek out the Greek gods.    Isis gave them passage to Tartarus and their journey began.    

Jericho freed Sisiphyus shortly after entering, Sisiphyus began guiding Jericho and Sandra through Tartarus.   Sandra and Jericho fought off a few small creatures along the way.   Before reaching the gate Sandra met Emmet who attacked with the Phoenix Force.    The battle didn't last long as Emmet realized Sandra's power exceeded his own.    Paying respect to Sandra, he joined their group until reaching the gates, at which point Emmet went to see to his own affairs.    Sandra, Jericho, and Sisiphyus entered to speak to the gods.    Despite being as respectful as possible, the gods fueled with rage went to attack.   However the group got ported away by Isis.      Arrive deeper in Tartarus Isis appeared comatose.   Sandra contacted Emmet who, now with Christian, came to aid the group.      The creatures of Tartarus began appearing and despite the groups efforts, Isis died, providing one last portal to Earth.

The group escaped back to Earth, Sandra bring Athena who merely thanked Sandra before disappearing.     The portal however allowed many Tartarus creatures to also escape.   The group almost immediately started fighting the creatures, Sandra shortly heading to Genosha to help her family, finding the SXM also in battle.    When Milo copied a move by David and added magic to his own phoinic beasts to battle back the Tartarus ones, Sandra joined the group to explain the whole situation.

With Harry's death, Milo apologized to Sandra for how he's been acting.   If anything happened to himself or her, he didn't want Sandra mad at him.   Later Milo and Sandra would start fighting MRD in their own ways, Sandra removing the MRD towers from Genosha.    Milo later decided to help Sandra with the Mother situation, but his plans to copy Mother's powers backfired.   After being stuck in her memories for a little, Sandra was sent back to Earth, her judgement impaired by the effects of alcohol and the Phoenix Force driving her.    This resulted in Sandra killing MRD agents, destroying a base in DC, destroying some Iron Man suits, destroying some sentinels, and battling Sean.

When it seemed hopeless for MRD, Sandra was suddenly faced by Kano, who was on MRD's side.   Kano attacked Sandra in full, but without access to much of his strongest powers, bring down The Phoenix was proving quite difficult.    Sandra was about to turn Kano into a golden stature when Roberta arrived for the save, giving Kano energy to fight out and turning into a weapon for Kano to wield.    Emmet soon made his presence  known and took care of backup MRD that was approaching the scene.   Sandra was going to finish her task and destroy the entirety of MRD, however Dave's arrival would let Sandra lower her guard, and Kano took advantage to hit Sandra with a powerful attack to bring her down. 

Sandra captured, monitor applied.

Kano took Sandra to a cell on Genosha.    Emmet arrived, he planned to awaken Sandra and free her, however MRD arrived.   The MRD leader Evan shot a monitor into Sandra, as they started moving her Dave feeling guilty spoke up saying he was the one who convinced her to attack.   Dave was also given a monitor, knocked out and carried away with Sandra.    However before MRD could leave, Amber made a sudden arrival and took Sandra and Dave from MRD.   She brought Sandra to her mansion where she bonded Sandra with uru chains.   After Sandra woke up Amber tied to talk some sense into her and Kano, trying to get Sandra to see the error of ways and make her friends stop fighting each other.

Amber left the two face to face but before anything could start, Milo ported Sandra away from Kano, bringing her to his location.    Milo made a duplicate of Sandra's body and transferred her soul in order to get rid of the monitor, the body with the monitor was then destroyed and Milo and Sandra spent some quality time together, Sandra getting awfully close to Milo.

Romantic Involvement.

As Milo and Sandra cuddled they got visited by angels, the angels accused Sandra of harboring the souls of all those she killed.   Milo stood up for her and the angels gave the 2 10 hours to retrieve the souls.   Milo suspected Amber and the two went to engage her in combat.   Milo took control quickly and Milo ended it after sending Amber into DBZ.

The two soon faced Aaron and Sandra supported Milo helping him bluff Aaron by pretending to be eating MRD agents turned to cookies.   Filipe later found Amber was innocent and the angels wasn't ordered to come after her or Sandra.    When Milo got Marie back from Aaron, he teleported himself and Sandra to a space station while a clone and James cared for Marie.   Milo was upset said they would finish what Sandra started with MRD, and Sandra was quickly to support her friend.

Sandra later invited Milo to dinner and in the morning she joined him on the battle field to combat MRD.   Milo joked with Sandra and brought her to a romantic room on the space station where the two got intimate quickly.    Sandra was later seen in bed, Milo had after left careful not to wake her.    When she awoke, she was soon approached by Mother who made Sandra aware of MRD taking Milo down and also taking her children.

Dealing with the enemy.

After learning the situation Sandra agreed to give mother a large amount of her power.  She went to confront MRD meeting up with Evan and Roberta where after some tension, a deal was made.   Sandra with Roberta, along with enlisting help from Emmet and Jericho, entered into Shawkun's personal dimension where trying to fight him proved fruitless.  Jericho briefly took Sandra's soul to lure Shawkun back to reality, where Sandra, Emmet, and Roberta took him down.

Sandra gave Shawkun to MRD and they returned David and Chloe to her.   Roberta said she's try to get Abby, but while she waited Sandra returned to Genosha to tend to David and Chloe.    While there she was approached by Cas and called by Jim.   Before to much could be said, Cas turned on Sandra bringing her to Nate, Lex, and the MRD where she was trapped in a machine to take the Phoenix.    She was unable to escape but Cas realized his error when noticing Sandra was tainted by mother.  Sandra was able to contact Emmet and told him in order for Cas to get her out, he needed to take down Reese.    Emmet manages to handle Reese and Cas makes his move, Lex tries to stop the escape but something starts overloading Lex's equipment and Cas and Sandra escapes, soon meeting up with Emmet.

Battling Mother.

Abby was eventually released and returned to Genosha. The family had some time to spend together, though Dave started distancing himself. Dave would disappear, unknowingly to Sandra that it was Milo. Bate would proceed to betray Milo getting him killed and leading Sandra to another trap stealing the remainder of her powers. When Mother turned on Nate, Nate had after screwed Sandra to the point where she was powerless to help him.

Things was bad but a fail safe by Milo had Mother for a better lack of words, self destruct. After Mother demise Nate was quick to label Sandra, her family, and Milo family as terrorists and with their now weakened powers, they was forced to flee Genosha.

Life On The Run

Running and hiding from Nate and MRD, Sandra briefly meet Emmet and Phoenix, who'd taken human form. After helping unlock the White Hot Room, Emmet offered Sandra one of his homes for them to hide out. Soon after a Emmet left there was a family dispute between Marie and Danny. Sandra handled most quickly and was trying to tend to Danny when a predator attacked her.
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Sandra Fuller (Heroes Uprising)
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