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 Spike Torsin (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Spike Torsin (Heroes Uprising)   Wed Mar 28, 2012 5:15 pm

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Name: Spike Torsin.
Age: 35
Personality: Known not as a killer so much as a recruiter. Spike often takes jobs that involve "recruiting" people, and anyone doesn't want to be recruited, he changes there personality's. Although he sometimes enjoys a good outright fight, he is not known for doing so. He is no coward, he just see no use in dragging things into long and pointless battles. He holds a particular dislike of Joe and the Dark family.
On a relative note, Spike holds much respect for his now deceased father, as well as his family and anyone who was loyal to his father.

Known Relatives:



Theme Song:

Skills: He's a skilled close combat fighter. He can use most weapons if a situation arrives, but is not a master at any.



Static body - Spikes body is constantly charging unnatural amounts of static electricity. While not harmful for the most part, it's good for comedy as he can make others hair stand on end by mere touching them and giving them a shock.

Body shut off - Through physical touch, Spike can transfer a concentrated larger amount of static electricity through a opponents body and into there brain. This shock causes a overload in the brain, making it shut off until the body receives a sudden jolt (such as being hit by any sort of impact from a punch/kick to a element attack to a telekinesis force blast.)

Personality alteration - Spike is able to mentally alter the part of a persons brain that determines between right and wrong, as well how to respond to said situations. This effectively changes the personality. Spike does not need to keep concentration on this after it is done, as such he can alter the personality of endless amounts of people.

Spike is also capable of limited telepathic ability's, namely the ability to blank out or repress certain memories.

As such, he could turn the kindest of people into the most blood thirsty murderers without said person even realizing anything had been done to them.

In theory, a telepath can find out what had happened to Spike's victims by searching the person's mind and unlocking those memories Spike repressed.

(A key note is that the person effected cannot fix themselves, even if effected person has telepathy. This is because, to the effected person, there is nothing wrong with him/her.)

Bio: Spike is a man who is hired, mostly by gangs or groups to persuade and recruit a person, or people to that particular group. He is often involved in such things as getting police or other government officials to agree to the terms, and even work/help underground mod bosses. A dangerous job, but well paying. Spikes power makes it so there is rarely trouble.

The hatred between Joe and Spike didn't start between them two directly, but rather, through their fathers. The Torsin family holds a long line of drug/gang leaders, Spike is the first member of his family for century's to turn down such a ranking. And although Spike and his father never saw eye to eye on many things, they each still held great respect for one another. This respect came from one another success at what they do. But more importantly, family is always family, no matter what.

One night Spike was contacted, and a arrangement was made for Spike to meet up with a member of his fathers drug gang. At the meeting, Spike asked why he was called. The contact simply lowers his head, as he slides a piece of paper across the table they was sitting at. Spike looks at the paper, before crumpling it up in his hand. In a demanding voice, Spike asks the question "who". The contact replied with the name "Nick Johnathon Dark", Joe's father. However, Spike would never see the day where he could avenge his family, as Nick later died due to heart complications. Spike then decided to make a point to the Dark family, he would find Joe, and not kill him, but complete ruin his life.

And that is exactly what he did, he found Joe, watched as he saved a girl (Katy) and developed a love life. Then when it seems Joe had it all, Spike made his move, using his powers to turn Joe from Katy's hero, to her most hated enemy. Everything Joe had, he lost piratically overnight. Joe was convicted of attempted rape as well as resisting arrest, and attempted murder of officers. Spike considered having Joe killed at this point, but upon hearing he swore revenge on Katy for sending him to prison, he decided to let Joe life, and let his life spiral further out of control.

Spike later heard about Joe's death. Instead of being disappointed that it wasn't him that killed Joe, he was instead quite glade. Joe was dead, and there was absolutely no ties to him as he wasn't the killer.

Spike still continues his work however, turning down the opportunity to take his fathers place. He is still well tied to the that particular group, and called upon by them for many jobs.

Owned consoles - Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Playstation 4.

Previously owned - Playstation, Nintendo 64, XBOX, XBOX 360.
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Spike Torsin (Heroes Uprising)
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