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 Matt Galmore(Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Matt Galmore(Heroes Uprising)   Matt Galmore(Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 28, 2012 5:26 pm

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Heh, you in BIG Trouble now!
-Matt Galmore/Goliath

Name:Matthew Galmore
Codename: Goliath
Alias: Matt, Matty, Lil Matt, The Mat-sta
Age: 19
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Identity: Secrete
Species: Human
Race: African American
Known Relatives: Bryan Galmore(Father), Tasha Galmore(Mother/Deceased),Tanya Galmore(Sister), And Ellan Fannymint(Grandmother, deceased).

Allies: The Galmore Family.

Enemies: Oscorp.

Occupation: Student
Religion: Christianity
Theme Song:
 Hurricane Lil Boosie: Lime Life

He's a skilled piano player, and a capable rapper. He does not have any combat capabilities, but has been involved in several street fights.

He has a handgun.

Matt is very perverted, often expressing his sexuality. He's always going after girls strong, and is hardly subtle. This is seen in his raps, where he often expresses himself. Being someone who's suffered alot, he always speaks his mind, knowing he might not get another chance. However he is not a bad person, simply misguided, while he never sugarcoats his conversations, he is never intentionally rude.

However he does tend to abuse his abilities, using them for pleasure and personal gain. He does not care to hide his abilities, and can be quite public with his displays of power. However he does not have an antagonist nature, he often simply shows off to impress women, however he can still be deemed dangerous due to his flashy nature. He does however have a good heart, as he does want to punish criminals, due the fact that one killed his mother.

He is willing to help others, but when he is in trouble he tends to flee. He does not like owning up to his mistakes, and often blames others, or comes up with convenient excuses. He does have anger management issues, and can get upset quickly, especially when his family and friends are insulted, or harmed. He will do whatever it takes to protect them, even if it means coming into conflict with and harming innocents.

Pym Particles: Matt was involved in a chemical spill filled with pym particle's allowing his body to constantly generate them. As such he can manipulate them with concentration. However overuse of his abilities can lead to mental instability, or a complete break-down. Other consequences include rapidly changing sizes, or being trapped in a current size for hours, and possibly days depending on how much he pushes his limitations.

Size Reduction: Matt has the power to reduce himself to the size of an ant, approximately one-half inch in height. He does not have to reduce himself to ant size, and can reduce himself to any size he desires. With the decrease in size he looses mass, and as such when reduced to ant size, he can be crushed as easily as an ant, making this ability extremely risky. He can also reduce himself to microscopic sizes if he so chooses, and can even become sub microscopic allowing him to enter a subatomic universe, or the microverse.

Size Addition: Matt's Pym Particles which interacted with his brain to enable him to grow to gigantic height. The growth process required the rapid acquisition of bodily mass, presumably from an extradimensional source. This extradimensional mass fortified all of his cellular tissue, including his bones and muscles, enabling him to support his increased weight, and giving him superhuman strength. He is capable of growing from a few inches, to heights exceeding even the tallest highest buildings in New York.

Exterior Size Modification: His pym particles allow him to reduce, and add mass to other objects aside from himself. However he has to have some sort of physical contact with what he is altering he can for example make a car toy sized, or make it into monster truck size, by touching it, and can do the same to other people. But if he is touching a building, he can reduce the entire building in size, including people, and objects within in  it. If his feet are planted on a road, he can "connect" to the other objects, and lifeforms on the road, and modify. their mass.

Enhanced Strength, and Durability: When he grows to gigantic proportions his strength and durability increase tremendously. He gets to the point that he can demolish entire armies without receiving any sort of injury, and he can tear skyscrapers, and bend them like plastic foil. He is not however immune to pain, but things such as bullets will not penetrate his skin, and only feel like small pebbles being thrown at him.

Matthew Galmore was born in a stable environment his dad working at Oscorp, and his mother working at a hair salon. However he did live in the bad part of Atlanta, and as such around the time he was six or seven, some thugs broke into his home, stole lots of his families possession's, and shot his mom to death. This incident forever changed Matt,  who picked up his mother's interest in music taking piano lessons, by the time he was fourteen he got a job playing the keyboard in his Church.

He made a good enough salary to support the family, and bonded with his sister, as well as his grandmother. By the time he entered high school he began rapping, in order to get a better reputation. He began to rap at various talent shows, and such all around Atlanta, making a name for himself as Lil Matt.  After his Freshman year, he transfered to a Performing Arts School.He still watched his friends, and he started a serious relationship by in his Junior Year with Jacquisha Beelbrooks.

However this relationship ended, after Jacquisha came down with a serious illness, and died a few months later. With her death Matt grew depressed, and failed his junior year. His depression only grew worse as his sister Tanya left for college, and he dropped out of school. Around this time he went to visit his father at work, but was caught in a chemical spill, and hospitalized. His family sued Oscorp, receiving millions of dollars, allowing him to become treated. After his treatment he returned home, quickly cheering up due to his new found wealth.

He also discovered that in the accident, he'd been exposed to the Pym Particle's, granting him size altering abilities. With new found meaning in his life, he set out to discover a purpose, and to enjoy his new abilities. Recently he helped out the Tyler the new Captain America, member oft he New Avengers, and ended up joining. Joining the NA changed his life, while he practically remained the same he was glad to be a hero, no longer wasting his wealth from Osborn. He worked hard until the team collapsed during No More Heroes, he got a GED, and decided to use the money to open up an orphanage in Africa which was getting enveloped in an Islamic-Christian Civil war initiated by Fitrah's leader Aziz. Upon getting his powers restored he helped stop Fitrah's weapons planning to use to fuel the war, and helped many get arrested via the U.N's aid. He began doing solo work in Africa wanting to remain a hero there, and help missionaries who spread a message of peace.

However he returned to Genosha upon Tyler's urging whom he regarded as his closest friend, and rejoined the Shadow League. With the League he helped deal with the paranoia and chaos in Fear Itself. He developed a close bond with Tyler, as both were effectively human. He played a role in crowd control, and joined Damage Control to help rebuild damage caused during Dark Serpent's rampage, and from Death's curse.


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Matt Galmore(Heroes Uprising)
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