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 Jakob Dylan. (Unused, considering Spiderman RP)

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PostSubject: Jakob Dylan. (Unused, considering Spiderman RP)   Wed Mar 28, 2012 5:54 pm

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Name: Jakob Dylan.
Codename: Reptile.
Age: 22.
Height: 5'10.
Weight: 212lbs.
Alignment: Neutral.
Species: Mutant.
Race: American.
Personality: Coming from a rich family, Jakob is use to always getting his way and being in control. He considers anyone who speaks against him as being disrespectful. He's calm in most situations and prefers to work alone. However he'll work in groups when it benefits him.

Known Relatives: Mother (Glenda), father (Derrik), sister (Hanna).

Allies: Hanna.

Enemies: Government, MRD.

Theme Song:

Power: Reptilian Attributes - Much like how Spiderman has Spider attributes, Jakob has Reptilian Attributes. These give him a array of ability's such as;

- Camouflage: Jakob can change his body in varying ways to become almost invisible. This includes color changing to blend into surroundings, or taking a "clear" color that can be seen through. However, even this form isn't completely invisible as a figure can can seen, if said opponent looks had enough to Jakob.

- Retractable Claws: Jakob has retractable and extendable claws, about 6 inches in length, that he can grow at will on the tips of his fingers and toes. These claws are very strong, and very shape, allowing Jakob to be able to scale up the side of concrete and steal buildings.

- Cellular Regeneration: Jakob can heal at a much more rapid pace then humans. Small scale injuries will stop bleeding almost right away, and completely close and heal within seconds. He is capable of regrowing dismembered limbs over a longer period.

- Advanced Agility: Jakob is capable of extremely agile physical feats.

- Scales: Jakob can grow hardened scales rapidly all over his body for protection. When the scales are no longer needed, they are discarded and simply falls off.

- Toxic Saliva: Jakob's saliva is much like a snakes venom, it's toxic enough to kill a full grown human in minutes. Due to this, he can kill a person with a simple lip to lip kiss. This has been know as the "death kiss"

- Reptilian Creature Form: Jakob has the ability to transform into a humanoid reptilian creature. His transformed state is more agile, faster, and stronger then his human form.

Bio: (Coming... sometime. Razz )

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Reptilian Form - Costume:
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Owned consoles - Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Playstation 4.

Previously owned - Playstation, Nintendo 64, XBOX, XBOX 360.
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Jakob Dylan. (Unused, considering Spiderman RP)
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