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 Misery (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Misery (Heroes Uprising)   Wed Mar 28, 2012 6:04 pm

Name: N/A.
Codename: Misery.
Age: 23 (appearance, real age unknown.)
Height: 5'11.
Weight: 253lbs
Species: Mutant.

Personality: Misery is a calm people, avoiding outright conflict. He usually waits, learning about his opponents. He then heads out, meeting his opponents only briefly in which time he'll place either the B or A class power seal on him/her, unknown to said opponent. He'll then wait till the right moment and move out to confront his opponents.

Known Relatives:

Allies: Hellfire Club.
Enemies: SXML.

Theme Song:
Skills: Misery is fairly skilled in just about all types of weaponry, as well as physical combat.


Powers: Power Sealing - Misery's natural ability, he has the power to seal away other mutants ability's with a mere thought. He can effectively take away the power of almost anyone. He has developed his power into 3 classes of effectiveness. The seals work by being applied to the lifeline between the user and the origin of it's power. As such, Misery's seals can be considered gates placed upon the connection between the source and the user. An example is Sandra, who Misery seals away from the phoenix force, but upon deactivating the seal, it causes the Phoenix to revive Sandra almost instantly.
Furthermore, the seal in no way affects the nature of a person. A mutant will still possess his X-Gene if he gets affect, but will not be able to access the source of his powers, for example

-- Class C Seal: A quick power seal and thus temporary, he power of this seal is weak, so it won't last long. It's design is momentarily de-power opponents.

-- Class B Seal: A common level seal, capable of sealing away the power of most mutants. This seal is much more difficult to break, only breakable on a subconscious level. It works much like a telepath disrupting another powers.

-- Class A Seal: Misery's strongest seal, it's capable of sealing away any power, including mutant, cosmic, and even other magical powers. When this seal is activated, it will cause the person who the seal is placed, to be tortured with agonizing pain each time that person attempts to break through the seal and access the origin of his/her powers.

With a connection with Misery's life force, nothing short of death or Misery's own desire can bring back the powers his opponents has locked away.

Misery can control the degree of each separate power seal, allowing one to use a single ability without activating their full power.

Misery is also skilled in a few arts of magic, these include.

Sealing Magic: This gives Misery the power to physically seal people away inside various objects. (cars, trash cans, buildings, etc) Wherever a opponent is sealed, the magical property's prevent any escape, and the opponents location is blocked. This means the likelihood of outside help is slim to none.

Summoning Magic: Misery can use this magic for a wide variety of options. He can summon weapons to attack, or summon powers to use (example: He can summon fire to use to create fire attacks, etc). This ability is not limited to real world. He can summon items from movies, games, or even mythology.

He can use this same magic to also summon other people, or himself from one place to another. Or summon various objects for various purposes. (such as summoning walls to take attacks, or summoning entire buildings to crush opponents)

Magic Mind Scan: Misery can use his magic to read the thoughts of other people, even telepaths. He can figure out anything about them in a matter of seconds. As well as stop others from entering his mind. This means his thoughts can not be read by telepathic people.

Tracker Magic: Misery has the ability to place a tracker on any opponent he meets. This tracker is extremely powerful, and undetectable even from telepaths. It can locate people no matter where they go.

Awareness Magic: A limited range magic, when active, Misery gains heightened awareness of even the smallest movements around him.

Eternal Youth Magic: Through magical means, Misery has obtained the ability to never age.

Healing Magic: Misery can auto-heal himself from all injuries, even dismemberment or decapitation. Nothing short of complete eradication can destroy him.


Owned consoles - Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Playstation 4.

Previously owned - Playstation, Nintendo 64, XBOX, XBOX 360.
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Misery (Heroes Uprising)
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