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 Jack Benton (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Jack Benton (Heroes Uprising)   Jack Benton (Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 28, 2012 6:35 pm

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Name: Jack Benton.
Codename: Link
Age: 27.
Height: 6'4.
Weight: 220lbs
Species: Homo-Superior.

Personality: Jack is a shadow hero, helping mutants in trouble. He has been most active through invasions and instances like Dark Reign and the monitoring act/civil wars. He likes to avoid groups, letting the SXM handle major threats. He's not afraid to kill the enemy when situations call for it, but will protect the ones he's looking after at all cost, until sending them in the direction of Genosha (SXM), or if unavailable, towards another group.

Known Relatives: John (Johnny) - Father / Faith - Mother / Joshua (Josh) - Younger Brother.

Allies: Normal - SXM and other groups, to a extent. / Current - Virus and The Forgotten.

Enemies: Normal - Invading Aliens, Hunters, HAMMER. Major threats to mutant existence. / Current - Unknown.

Occupation: Normal - Hero. / Current - Forgotten member.
Theme Song:

Skills: Due to the nature of his powers, Jack is quick to adopt to using newly acquired ability's. He is a skilled hand to hand and weapon combatant. (No special skills in firearms, more swords, etc.)

Weapons: Doesn't carry any personally.

Powers: Energy Transference and Distribution - Jack has the ability to link up to, and transfer energy from one substance to himself, thus, he could use a power plant as example for source of electrical energy, or use his ability on mutants themselves and draw energy from them, creating a sort or replication to use there ability's. Unlike replication, this ability uses others as a energy source, or medium. As such, he can use all powers without a ill effect to himself. Since this method uses others as a medium to call forth power, then feed it to Jack, he suspects he can even use this ability to gain access to Cosmic or Phoenix power sources, but he has never tried such a thing, keeping to mutant ability which he knows are safe.

He can not use this trick to gain access to Empathy or replication ability's, or to use more then 1 ability at a time. While he can pick someone like Milo and choose a energy source from him (selecting a ability from Milo's arsenal), he cannot select all energy sources at once. With a replicator such as Leah, he can link to her, feeding energy from whatever ability she was using at the time. Once Leah replicates a new ability though, Jack will become powerless as said energy source will no longer exist. This means he'll have to find a new power source to link himself to.

Since this ability uses others as a medium for power, every time Jack calls forth a ability, the person he is linked to will feel their energy being drawn away from them. If both the original processor of a ability, and Jack are battling at once, it can turn out bad for both as the original processor of said ability will tire out twice as fast as normal. Once drained, there will no longer be a flow of energy to Jack. Jack either has to wait for said person to rest, or link to a new power source.

Other then using others as a medium to power himself, Jack can act much the same way as a atanna (? spelling) would when receiving a signal from a satellite and sending it to a radio in your house. Meaning he can link up with two people at once, using the first as usual, a medium to draw power from. Then redirecting that energy through himself and sending it to the second person he is linked with.

Once a link is created, it is remains until either willing released or somehow broken (thus as with the example with the replicator). Distance
appears not to be a factor as Jack can create a link, travel around the world, and still draw energy from from said person he linked with. Jack believes he has a limit to how far his connection can travel before being lost, it's just the Earth is to small to break said connection.

The link is not impossible to break with those who process proper power of doing so. Thus examples include Yamairo, who can use his powers over time to make it so a link was never created in the first place. Reality manipulation can also erase a link from existence. Dimensional travel can also cause these links to fail as well. But most, cannot break these links.

Bio: Jack has been a shadow hero, traveling the world and helping mutant kind for as long, or longer then the Shadow X Men. He discovered his ability's long ago, and as even been so close to some SXM battles he witnessed them first hand. During the Hunter and alien invasion, although it was never shown, Jack helped hide and protect many mutants from being slaughtered, all while the SXM done the actual front line battles. His first appearance in the Heroes Uprising didn't come until The Forgotten was formed. Using a innocent mutant (Julie) as a kidnap victim, they lore Jack into a trap where Virus was able to bring Jack down. Jack and Julie are both now believed to be Forgotten members, manipulated by Spike and Kelly's influence. Before his capture he was hiding Mutants from HAMMER, and getting as many as he could on their way to Genosha.

Owned consoles - Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Playstation 4.

Previously owned - Playstation, Nintendo 64, XBOX, XBOX 360.
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Jack Benton (Heroes Uprising)
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