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 The German (Heroes Uprising/Deceased)

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The German (Heroes Uprising/Deceased) Empty
PostSubject: The German (Heroes Uprising/Deceased)   The German (Heroes Uprising/Deceased) I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 23, 2012 9:07 pm

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Whenever I'm around...you're as good as useless
The German

Name: Gevon Go Gunt
Codename: N/A
Alias: The German
Age: 27
Height: 4'7
Weight: 144 Lbs
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Identity: Secret
Species: Homo-superior
Race: Saxon
Personality: He is very brave when it comes to facing evolved humans as he knows their powers won't work. However if he gets cornered or is in danger he becomes scared and tries to escape a situation he's in. He is a coward and will join whatever side benefits him at the time. However despite his cowardly nature the one person he will risk his life to save his Hitler who he believed will help stop german decline. He cares deeply about his country, and it's political state, and wants to use his powers to help the world.
Known Relatives: Father, Mother, Brother.

Allies: MRD, Legacy, Secret German Army

Enemies: SXM, SHIELD

Occupation: Freelancer, MRD and Legacy Agent
Religion: Agnostic
Theme Song:

Skills: He has military training and is very skilled in unarmed combat. He is also pretty skilled in armed combat and deception.

He normally carries around a multitude of guns which he makes great use of in combination with his powers

Brain Manipulation. The German can manipulate the brain, either to suppress the powers of other evolved humans or to erase certain memories from the person. He can suppress people with multiple powers, but his puts strain on his body. He can also render people unconscious with physical contact, and mass manipulating of brains can leave multiple people in a vegetative state.

Cloning: Due to Experimentation he has metal in his right arm which can be covered up by clothing. It glows green allowing him to create clones of himself. He can mentally decide the number of his clones and where he wants them to appear. He can mentally control all clones and see through there eyes.

Bio: German has a hard past, born into a family of Nazi's in hiding his parents having both served Hitler during the war, and older people. They already had raised his older brother in the life style, and he grew accustomed to it becoming very discipled, helping hide his parents, and seeking to rebuild the Nazi regime to rebuild Germany and restore it to it's former Glory. Raised a fanatic that's when his abilities developed to manipulate the brain, and a soldier uncovered his family's Nazi past, and he erased his memories all of them leaving him and other soldiers in a vegetative state. They were later placed in a hospital, and his family believed that his powers were useful, and helped him gain control.

His brother rebelled against the family believing there life style to be inhumane, and fled to America to start a new life. When his brother left he snapped, and lost control rendering everyone in there village in a vegetative state. He trained himself becoming a hunter, gathering supplies to try and help everyone, and tried to gain information on the brain to repair his village, until the Agency moved in, and cleared out the Village and recruited him stating they could restore his village if he helped them, and he learned of other Evolved Humans, and decided to clash with them. He then sought them out heading to America, and there he met Troy who had been cast out of the group trying to save Milo.

He met up with Nate, and Sarah, and proving useful he joined the group on there mission to save the world, and rescue Milo. Future Milo helped him gain more control of his powers, and he went with him and present Milo to stop Zulan from eradicating Washington D.C. He realized Milo was the key to saving the world from a genetic meltdown upon joining the Agency, and trained harder under Blot's instruction, and helped Velon capture members of the team, and even kill Anna. He betrayed the Agency, and joined Samuel's group seeking to make everyone special, and intending to lead a Task Force to deal with Specials. But Samuel betrayed him, and was determined to have him killed.

German fled, and sought out his brother now a successful national hero due to his Anti Nazi Campaign, and Zulan kidnapped his brother. Zulan took Feinz hostage, and German joined the group, and helped them kill Samuel. He then started a new life with Feinz both becoming partnership in there International Hunt for War Criminals, and when the Government hunted down specials Feinz got him working with the Government. He was later assaulted by Ezekiel, Filipe, and Kano at a base. He was hospitalized, but returned to his peaceful life with Feinz.

Than later on Joe took him to Shawkun's tournament and he fought Katy and nearly won. He was beaten and Shawkun took his soul. It was returned he left returning to live in Germany hiding during the symbiote invasion. Later when more gained abilities he decided he would help stop this disaster. He was later injuerd by Samuel and unable to help in the demon invasion. He resumed normal life until he decided to join the government in Germany and he met Sindus in hopes of inventing a legacy virus to cure all the evolved humans so there would be no more evolved human terrorists. He agreed to help start the Superhero Registration and fought several superheroes. He gained the ability of cloning due to experimenting and was later nearly killed by Millo's suicidal bombing.

After his near death the resurrected Zulan healed him and he decided to serve Hitler who had been planning his return for several years. He learned Hitler had started a new group Fuher's army and he joined as well as Zulan who was forced to use bio control to become a "perfect German". German became one as well and helped in the battel's to save earth. He battled the SXM and other groups various times winning several and was avoided by heroes. After this he joined Sidus's MRD and eventually Keel lead the X force in a mission to kill him.
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The German (Heroes Uprising/Deceased)
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