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 Phil Danton (Ghost Rider)

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PostSubject: Phil Danton (Ghost Rider)   Wed Mar 28, 2012 6:53 pm

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I was given this curse to spend eternity killing. But I did not ask, or want this, it was forced upon me. So he want me to kill, so be it, I'll kill... the original werewolf when I find him. I will kill countless people, I will enjoy doing it under this curses influence. But if it takes all eternity, I will see this curse ended, I will see the original werewolf a bloody mess at my feet, and that... I will TRULY enjoy.

Name: Phil Danton.
Codename: Black Wolf.
Age: 20 - 30's. True age unknown.

Personality: Phil in human state is a loner, staying to the shadows and avoiding any lengthy contact with others. He dare not track down his former lover Stacy, who he assumes is scared shitless of what he has become. He is forced to suffer the reality of what he has done, and realization of what he will do, day after day.

His goal in life is to tack down the original werewolf, the giver of his curse, and kill him. He believes this is the only one means of ending the curse.

As a werewolf, he is cold, blood thirsty, run by animal instinct to kill and feed.

Known Relatives: Mother, father, sister, brother (murdered). Stacy (former lover - spared).



Theme Song:



Powers: As a human, none. After night though, when his curse is activated, is a different story.

Curse of the Werewolf;

The curse placed upon Phil allows him to transform to a wolf at night.

Werewolf Form - A transformation brought on by the glare of the moon in the nights sky. Phil's body grows, taking on a wolf like appearance, forming paws, a snout, and tail, along with wolf like ears. His body is is covered with black fur, as his eyes glow red.

In this state, he is able to stand on his hide legs, or run on all 4. He retains all knowledge and awareness, this came over time though. Emotion is almost none detected in this state, as he's driven to hunt, to kill, to feed, causing mayhem and terror. He had been known to show just barely enough rationality through to spare the lives of loved ones, running off instead of ripping them apart.

Phil is the second to obtain this curse, surviving a attack from the original Werewolf. His powers include;

Curse Pass-ability: If Phil attacks someone, slashing them with his claws, if they escape or are allowed to live, the mere fact that he had drawed their blood means he had spread the curse to them.

Regeneration/Revival: The curse has made Phil virtually eternal. He can regenerate from any injury within a nights rest, even complete regeneration of lost limbs. He can regenerate minor injuries almost instantly, and won't even be slowed down in battle because of them. If killed, the curse allows revival within a day or two. To the exact extent of what he can come back from, is unknown to him.

Supernatural feats: Running on a 4 legs, Phil can reach insane speeds estimated up to around 100mph, if not more. He had shown the strength and durability to ram a parked car and run through it like it was tinfoil. He has raised entire cars, flipping them with nearly no effort so victims would have no means of escape.

Eternal Youth: As part of the curse, Phil can never grow old, forcing him to suffer a eternity of murdering with no rest to ever come.

Undetectability: Phil as the cured wolf is virtually undetectable. Hidden from all sources. Only eyesight can detect him, simply because it is allow so he causes fear. The purpose of this power is to ensure Phil's life truly remains immortal. How it exactly works is mystery even to him.

His only notable weakness seems to be silver as it temporarily slows him down. It still can't kill him though, it's as if his life is connected to another being, and as long as this being lives, Phil, and his curse will live on as well.

Bio: Phil was a logger when he was normal. He was attacked one night by a large wolf like monster. Everyone was killed, Phil was fatally wounded. He was spared by the creature and later woke up his his house. It was day now and he found bodies all around him. He went to jail, transforming that night into a wolf like monster and broke out, ripping through the cell bars like a knife through butter.

Leaving a trail of destruction, he woke up in the forest, his clothing reduced to sheds. He went to his lovers Stacy house. That night he transformed again and slaughter her family, sparing only Stacy herself. Their next encounter would both reveal to Phil what he become, and put him on the run.

Owned consoles - Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Playstation 4.

Previously owned - Playstation, Nintendo 64, XBOX, XBOX 360.
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Phil Danton (Ghost Rider)
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