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 Krayt (Space Uprising)

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PostSubject: Krayt (Space Uprising)   Wed Mar 28, 2012 7:04 pm

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Name: N/A
Codename: Project Phoenix.
Alias: Super Predator (SP), Krayt.
Age: N/A
Height: 7'
Weight: 310 lbs
Species: Predator.
Race: None
Personality: He was born and raised a warrior, thus anything with fighting catches his interest. He doesn't care for others but will work with them if it works in his favor. He does not like cowardliness as he already expressed against Bart. While he was intended to be made to track down Phoenix, which was cause of their original losses on their home world, as well as what lead to further losses on Earth. He does not find it in his need to go out of his way however to directly track her down. He realizes his space adventures will one day lead to Earth anyway. The extra time will only allow him to grow his strength and abilities.
Known Relatives:

Allies: Gan, Kria, Bart (paid allies). Predators who accepts his command.

Enemies: Phoenix (Sandra - destined target), Cereza (paid target), his creators.

Occupation: Mercenary
Theme Song:

The Project Phoenix has been given knowledge of every single Predator style of combat, both armed and unarmed. He is a master of all these forms of combat and can fight and overwhelm any human fighter or fighting style.
He's also a skilled pilot, and a master hunter and tracker, like all Predators

Weapons: Combat spear.
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

SP has a energy core providing the following abilities;

- Energy barriers.
- Energy blasts.
- Energy absorption.
- Energy adoption.
- Super strength.
- Super speed.
- Super durability
- Virtually infinite stamina.

As well as enhancements to the brain to provide telepathic defense.


These powers have been genetically integrated into him. The integration partially failed however giving him.

- Space/time immunity.
- Matter manipulation immunity.

In time, he could develop these abilities from merely defensive into full out offensive control. But for time being, he does not have offensive use over space, time, or matter.

Bio: SP came into existence after repeated failed attempts by the Predator attack forces to see the death of The Phoenix (Sandra) after their home world was attacked by her while Sandra was still struggling with controlling the Phoenix Force. Since tracing the Phoenix back to Earth, the Predators have launched a number of attacks, one to locate and eliminate Sandra herself, another to wipe of the entire human species. Both attacks failed and as Sandra along with all the heroes in general got progressively stronger, they knew they would have to change tactics if they where to eliminate, to them, what was a progressively growing threat.

Taking one of their warriors they underwent a operation to create a new breed of super warrior. The first difference is the shoulder mounted blast gun on all predator warriors was discarded, replaced with advanced energy generator core which provided enough power on it's own to allow SP to fire intense energy shots capably of eradicating weaker life forms and injuring stronger ones. This core provides enough power to create energy barriers to completely protect SP as well. However under it's own power, it can only provide temporary protection against large scale attacks. The core however is adopting, it can learn how to absorb and store virtually any type of energy from life force such as ki to cosmic energies, this stored energy can then be used for attack or defense at a later date whenever it is needed. SP cannot however connect to energy sources, therefore the stored energy of is of limited supply.

To protect this internal upgrade, SP shoulders and upper body consist of a extremely supper dense alloy that is tested to be virtually indestructible, even compared to the strongest possible planet busting blast a Predator mother ship could throw at it. SP helmet, combat spear, and other various armors all also consist of this supper alloy. Of course this strength does not come without a draw back, weight, a lot of it. The helmet alone even with weight reduction measures are roughly ton, or around a 2000 pounds. The combat spear made of this material is a 15 ton swinging/impaling menace of destruction, and his infused and separate armors probably way in around another 20 - 25 ton. With a natural lifting weight of 20 ton per average Predator, the figures does not work. To prevent him from having to use his new energy source merely to move around, SP went through a major genetic upgrade as well. Under his own power SP can comfortably wear and carry the 41 ton of armor and weapons he carry. He can lift estimated 80 to 90 ton of weight.

By combining his body and energy source, SP virtually has infinite stamina. Although naturally faster and more agile then human species, SP can do more by focusing his cores energy inside his own body, he can reach super speeds of up to 100 mph (160 kph). Not only was the core provided to give offense, but defense as well. In theory, SP has enough energy coursing through his body that he break down his entire being, essentially turning him into a mass of energy for a short time. It in theory allows him a form of teleportation, to move as a pure energy mass. However it's unsure to the Predators if SP is even able to break down the super alloy that consist of part of his body. If it works, it's a huge plus. Or he could rip himself in half with this move.

With energy attack offense and defense covered, as well as durability, speed, and strength. The Predators need a way for SP to defend against such attacks Phoenix might use such as altering matter or freezing/warping time, at least temporally, long enough to get the gob done. For this they took an idea from the humans, power suppressing. However to suppress Phoenix or other omega mutants power would be a hard task to complete. So they instead went for power immunity, through further genetic enhancements SP was granted light touches of matter manipulation, space warping and time manipulation. These powers wasn't replicated well enough to be of any real combat use, however they did ensure SP's body matter couldn't be tampered with and granted him immunity to being space warped away, time freezing or time based attacks. He could be thought of like a low class mutant, the powers and effects are there, but he lacks the complete control to utilize it.

The final precaution was telepathy. To defend against this sensors and micro chips where implanted that would keep SP's mind focused and out of others control.

Without helmet: [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Owned consoles - Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Playstation 4.

Previously owned - Playstation, Nintendo 64, XBOX, XBOX 360.
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Krayt (Space Uprising)
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