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 Jessica Carter (Spiderman Uprising)

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PostSubject: Jessica Carter (Spiderman Uprising)   Wed Mar 28, 2012 7:16 pm


Name: Jessica Carter.
Alias: Jess, J.C.
Age: 32.
Height: 5'4
Weight: 135 lbs.
Species: Human.
Personality: Jessica is a hard working girl, but caring at the same time. Being a news reporter, she has become good at hiding her emotions on screen, but she generally shows concern for others around her, even if they be strangers. She hope's buy being a news reporter that she can open peoples minds to the need for change in the world, to make a better world. She will take any story given to her and report it, however she prefers more emotional stories then anything.

Known Relatives: Jeniffer Carter (mother, deceased) / Bob Carter (father, deceased) / Misty Harris (foster mother) / Husky Harris (foster father)



Occupation: News Reporter.
Theme Song:



Powers: None.

Bio: Jessica grew up in a poor neighborhood and was later put in a foster home to live out her teen years. He mother died at a early stage of Jessica's life from heart trouble and bad dieting. She spent her childhood raised by her father until he died of work related incidents, namely faulty safety equipment. With no suitable place to live, Jessica was put in a foster home. Despite the hardships of life, she finished school and became determined to show the dangers lurking in the everyday world, and the need for change. She started in a small local paper reporting and at age 26 managed to get hired at The Daily Bugle. Although the job ultimately calls for her to do any story assigned to her, if she can she's known to pass jobs to other reporters in op for stories more suited to her cause.

Owned consoles - Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Playstation 4.

Previously owned - Playstation, Nintendo 64, XBOX, XBOX 360.
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Jessica Carter (Spiderman Uprising)
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