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 David Fuller(Heroes Uprising)

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"His psionic potential it's limitless..he has no limits. There is no thought pattern he cannot dominate."
-Devon Grey

Name: David Manny Fuller
Codename: Collective
Alias: Davy, Dave Jr,
Age: 13
Height: 4'1
Weight: 105 lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Identity: Secrete
Species: Homo-superior
Race: Caucasian
Known Relatives: Dave Fuller(Father), Sandra Fuller(Mother), Abby Fuller(Adopted Sister), Jave Hollos(Paternal Grandfather),Abigail Hollos(Patern Grandmother), Thomas Fuller(Maternal Grandfather, Deceased), Jane Fuller(Maternal Grandmother,Deceased), Manny Kaabir (maternal uncle)

Allies: Shadow X Men, Avengers

Enemies:Void, Forces of Hell,

Occupation: N/A
Religion: Agnostic
Theme Song:
TI Hell of a Life - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
TI Ready for Whatever - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Personality: David Fuller is a tortured soul, raised in Hell, where torture and despair ran rampart, from a young age he developed a pessimistic attitude about his situation, and surroundings believing nothing good was possible. He is scared of dying, and hates when people who have done bad things have a good life, and as such is against things such as Rehab, believing everyone should suffer for what they do. He has a hatred of his family, and hypocrites in general. He wants to save anybody he considers innocent, especially those in hell. He has a child like view on morality, believing in good or bad, and good helped, and bad dead. This un-matured morality along with immense power makes him a dangerous individual. As a result of being purified of his curse and being raised around the SXM David has matured into an individual who still wants to help people, and having seen the worst of humanity wants to help people become better. His view on morality despite everything is done still remains some what more idealistic more so now that he is no longer a host of 1000 demons.

Skills: David is a young child, it is unknown what skills he could develop, however he did spend nine years in hell.

Weapons: He stole Dave's Anti mugen gun.

David’s ability is Psioninc teleportation. He can teleport via using psinonic energies, meaning he can teleport into other people’s minds, allowing him to view their thoughts, dreams, and even their memories. He can enter memories, and change what people thought but not what happened in reality. He can bring other’s minds into his mind which he has complete control of, and any damage equals mental damage. He can physically bring in people and objects and affect them normally. He is even capable of manifesting the abilities of mutants he has trapped in his mind, it is unknown if he can manifest other skills a being has aside from powers, and if he can manifest abilities from others aside from mutants.

When Devon tried to overwhelm him with psioninc energies, he teleported into the energies itself, becoming a large mass of living psioninc energy, allowing him to manipulate it which lets him simulate the effects of Telepathy, and after absorbing psioninc energy he was able to manifest her Telekineses. He is able to teleport psioninc creations in his mind into the real world, and calls them Psioninc Manifestations. It is unknown whether he can control the manifestations or if they act like they would if they were the real deal. He is capable of his own form of "Regular" teleportation, teleporting to people via there psioninc signatures, appearing in there vicinity. Devon revealed, he was constantly "teleporting" psionic energy into his body, so he was constantly gaining more, and there was no mind he could not dominate.

He's advanced his powers to the point of being able to teleport other people from one mind to another mind, so he can trap people in another mind instead of his own. And is also capable of infiltrating someone's mind, and creating an exact duplicate of someone, as well as using the ability to transfer people from mind to mind to create a being with both characteristics.

-Legion: He is capable of hosting Legion a demon that composes of 1000 souls, but usually consists of all the damned souls of hell, giving him limitless knowledge, combat skills, magical energies, and supernatural abilities. Combining the with his psioninc powers lets him manipulate demons and Hell itself including opening gate-ways.

David Fuller came to be when Sandra was impregnated. When Void murdered him, he was still in his mother's womb, and as such he was born in Hell, his innocence burned away by the eternal damnation that is Hell. He was tortured, but during his time here he formed bonds with innocents who'd also been placed in hell by Void's murders, learning for them about the world,  and when his ability manifested, he began helping people come together, those who'd Void had killed, and formed an odd sort of connection with demons, including Blackheart who freed him from hell after nine years of torture, returning he returned to his mother's womb, and months later was born, but remembered his hellish years in hell, and was a very quite baby. When he was born several telepaths all around the world were rendered comatose by his limitless psioninc power.

He lived through the horrors that was HAMMER, Sandra took him to Genosha when the Monitor Act began. He grew to hate his parents, and when Abby came back, he hated her not seeing why she didn't deserve Hell. After being a year old physically he managed to manifest his ability kidnapping Dave, and Abby torturing them blaming his mother for not reviving him, and revealing everyone Void killed was sent to Hell. He even managed to manifest Void, and the Phoenix in his mind, overpowering Sandra. He released them, kidnapped Dave, and tracked down an Age manipulator to get a ten year old body, in the mean time he confronted Devon,and Sandra again. With Devon's unwilling help he became a mass of psioninc energy, and gained Telekenesis from Sandra. He released them all, and went into hiding after getting his desired body. He went to join Dracarot's Resistance wanting to bring down the X Lords, but Sandra and Dave came, and he tried to shoot Dave  with his stolen gun, but was affected by the curse Milo placed on the guns.

David was rendered unconscious, and Sandra replaced his hellish memories with happy memories. He had a normal childhood until The Heavenly Host tried to get Sandra to kill him, causing his memories to return. He joined Blackheart, and the Hellfire Club but was murdered, trapped in hell again he aided Blackheart against Lucifer. He ended up getting purged of his demonic essence by Reese, and returned to earth. He decided to live with his family, and over time he grew to bond with them especially his mother whom he bonded with over there similar powers.  He helped the Shadow X Men fight multiple threats including demonic threats, and when they began dealing with Castiel, and Rogue Angels stealing souls he went after them with Abby, and Marie. They ended up confronting Mephisto, and getting overpowered. After Abby was lost in Hell, he helped Yamairo bring the Shadow X Men together at the mansion, and later was shot dead by Crowley and sent to Hell.

His memories of Hell returned, and after returning to life he changed scared of death, and not wanting to be a hero anymore, and attending the school more, his friends such as Chase noticed his change in demenour. After he was stripped of his powers in the power wipe he adapted to normal life missing his sister, and was sad when powers returned. However he grew accustomed to them again seeking more control over his power, and when Abby's soul was returned with a block within it David restored his bond with her. When the family was split apart due to Dave's brief affair with Amora, David tired of the arguments sought out Terrell, and with his help put the family back together again. When his parents adopted Chloe, David developed somewhat of a sibling rivarly with her over the similarity of their powers, and how his half sister's abilities might surpass his own.

Once again he was targeted by demons this time by Mephisto who managed to gain control of his body via his psionic connection to demons. He was powerless against the elder demon's control, until Mephisto gained the Cosmic Cube allowing him freedom. When Dark Serpent's rampage on earth began he was enveloped in his own fears, until liberated by his mother, and helped the SXML combat the Mighty, and aided the team's telepathic defenses during the battle. During the mission to save Abby from her demonic self, David with Castiel went inside to help and aid the mission. Voyaging through Hell, he formed a bond with Castiel, and with his help got the family back to the Watchtower. However Abby left, which hurt David but he wanted to stay strong for the family, not showing his pain. After Milo snapped at Sandra, David went to confront his godfather, but Dave calmed him down.


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David Fuller(Heroes Uprising)
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