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 Zach Ryder(Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Zach Ryder(Heroes Uprising)   Zach Ryder(Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 28, 2012 10:03 pm

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One thing I've learned about luck, is that there's always a consequence

Name: Zach Ryder
Alias: Zak, Lucky, Charm, Batman
Age: 21
Weight: 172 lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Identity: Public
Species: Homo Superior
Personality: Zach is your typical teenager, with not a care in the world. He enjoys partying and hanging out with his friends. He loves anything that is fun, and he hates school. He's a very outgoing type of person, and always tries to be himself. Loud noise, and chaotic, situations are things he enjoys. He often does stupid and dangerous things with his friends, but usually nothing life threatening. He is always making jokes, and trying to get girls. He usually tries to avoid being mean, but he can be pissed off like any other person. Over time his personality changed drastically from a joker with a love for dreams, with someone with a hatred for humanity.
After his parents abandoned him, he grew depressed, and sunk into Alcoholism, often drinking, and craving for more power wanting to help others, but in reality wanting to be able to make sure no one could ever hurt him again. He often gets angered when people mention his family, and he gains pleasure from seeing them in pain, and enjoys playing instruments as a way to relieve his stress. He's recently started to listen to Eminem, and Hip Hop more, and has become more violent, and has a hated of the Government. He's started a one man war against the United States, and only shares how he's feeling with his closest friends.
Known Relatives Father, Mother, and Sister.

Allies: Shadow X Men, SHIELD, and Asgard.

Enemies: Predators, Akatsuki, Ryder Family, Hunters, and the United States.

Occupation: Former High School Student
Religion: Athiest
Theme Song: Eminem Ft Lil Wayne No Love

Skills: Zach is a skilled guitar and drum player. Over the years he's gotten better after his teacher was killed, Nate become his new teacher, and he continued to learn. He's also very good at hacking without leaving traces, and can chug down large amounts of coke. During his time with the SXM he learned hand to hand combat, although no specific martial arts.

None, has access to the Storage Unit on Genosha.

Powers:Probability Field: Zach s a mutant with the ability to subliminally and psionically initiate random telekinetic acts that affect probability in his favor by making improbable (but not impossible) things to occur within his line of sight, thus causing him to have "good luck" and his opponents to have "bad luck." This phenomenon can be anything from an enemy's equipment failure to hitting just the right switch with a stray shot to shut down an overloading nuclear reactor. Then full extent of his powers is still unknown.

This unconsciously controlled talent is triggered when he is in a stressful situation (such as fighting or escaping). This effect constantly emanates from his body at all times and is completely subconscious. However, it is also largely participatory - in order for the luck to take effect, he must engage in an action whose chance he can affect. He cannot consciously control his ability, He can only activate it by putting herself in a position in which she could be harmed.

For example, if debris falling from the sky was about to hit him in the head, he would still be hurt if he stood still. However, if he tried to avoid them, he would move perfectly to avoid each and every piece about to hit him. In addition if he where to stand before a hail of bullets he would be a bullet-ridden corpse. Instead, he must take action; in attempting to avoid the gunfire, he will miraculously bob and weave just right to avoid every single shot.

As a byproduct of his probability abilities, Zach's cerebral cortex emits a current of bio-electric pulses down his spine to instinctively guide his movements during such situations, which has the added effect of augmenting his natural reflexes and agility to near-superhuman levels.

-Enhanced Agility
-Enhanced Reflexes

Recently thanks to his training, he has gained control of this ability. He can trigger it in any situation, and supers the ability in certain situations. After using Cerebro 2.0 in order to find Strade, his powers were pushed to their maximum making him Quasi Omniscient. Meaning he can detect, and prevent the probabilities of any situation, and also has his own way of tracking people via knowing where they will go next, or where it is likely that they will be. Due to his new level of power he see's outcomes and such in slow motion, giving him accelerated perceptions.

Reality Warping Immunity- Due to this Probability field Zach is immune to the effects of any form of reality manipulation or alteration. This makes him useful against beings capable of manipulating reality, as he is immune to their effects, but can stil luse probability against them, and he can extend this immunity.

Bio: Zach Ryder was born in Miami, Florida a normal teenager who grew attached to the beach, and all of it's pleasures. As a kid he went to the beach all of the time, and during the summer his cousins would come visit him there. His powers first began manifesting when he was in sixth grade, and he managed to help save one of his cousin's from a shark. After that he became popular, but his parents wanted Zach to get away from his overcrowded life. They took him to Odessa Texas, and that's when he decided to start taking up guitar & Drums. Instantly, he became a great musician thanks to his dedication and abilities. After he finished middle-school, his drum teacher Kelly decided to take him to NYC, NY were he could attend a performing arts high school.

He left his civilian life once more, and went to NYC. He was currently in eleventh grade, and he was working in Broad-way plays. He remained in communication with his family, and friends, while still focusing on his studies, and even getting into a serious relatoinship with a woman named Bella Smith. However his entire life changed when the Predators invaded, and his powers manifested he managed to get to safety, and Harry recruited and trained him, working together with the SXM he helped stop the invasion in New York. He remained with the team with more control he helped during the final battle in space.

With his adventures on the SXM he stayed with them a few days, to gain control of his powers, before returning to his life, where his family was searching for him. During the invasion Bella was injured, and in shock cut off their relatoinships. He didn't return to the team till the Phoenix Alliance's initial attacks, Harry bringing him back to Genosha. He became a main member of the SXM, and joined Yamairo's squad with Chulance, Riya, and Elle. He became an important member of the squad, and went with them on the mission to rescue Roy from the Espada. With the mission failed he helped defend the island mainly clashing with Deidara. He still helped out the team, balancing it with classes at his school.

He didn't do anything major until the Hunters war, where he went with Chulance, and some members of the New Agency to help fight off the Hunters there, he went to rescue his Drum Teacher Kelly to get her to safety, as Warp came, he was depowered along with Chulance, and tortured, being saved by Illiria, and the Espada. He went to help Damage Control evacuate once the Hunters turned on humanity, and he failed to save Kelly who was murdered by the Hunters, and his abilities were exposed on live television, which gained him hated at his mostly anti mutant school, after the invasion was over, he was expelled from school, and he returned home only for his parents to abandon him.

Angered he moved to Genosha full time, and became an Alcoholic not wanting to take help from anyone even his best friends. Later on he helped Tanya bring Mikey inside genosha, and upon learning Strade could upgrade powers, he decided to find him so he could gain Reality Manipulation. He used Cerebro 2.0, but was overwhelmed, and Tesla brought him to the infirmary. He awakened his powers boosted, he caused Telsa to fall asleep, and left Genosha on one of their transportation ships. He made his way to New York in search of Strade, but with his new powers he decided to exact revenge on his family, and took a plane to Texas, where he made his way to his parents, and tortured them, leaving them alive so they could see the monster they created, he wiped out legions of Hammer Drones with ease, and declared war on the United States before escaping his neighborhood. He eventually rejoined the SXM in the cosmic battle against Galactus, and his forces, after that was over, he moved into Yamairo's warehouse, and aided the team when necessary.

He helped the SXM when they invaded Genosha to take it back from HAMMER, and was overwhelmed when the Predators invaded again powered by degenerative engines. When dealing with All the Evils of the World he was once again overwhelmed, and now seeks out Strade, still wanting to be upgraded to Reality Manipulation. He came to terms with his own ability, realizing how powerful it was after the Council of Gods sought him out using him as their prophet to spread their divine message to the world. He was taken underground by Chulance and Tesla to escape the gods, and later rejoined the SXM. His stay was brief as he was stripped of his powers, and along with Mikey went to Texas to become musicians. He enjoyed embracing life and following his musical career, and even got a deal producing his first album called 'Batman'. However during this time they encountered some Skrulls seeking technology to summon their "God" but it sent Mikey to an alternate dimension.

He contacted the SXM after their powers were returned, and helped get Mikey not knowing it was Alternate Mikey. With that he had a reunion with his best friend Chulance, and helped him and others confront Lance. He convinced them to leave Lance alone in peace, and resumed life as a member of the SXML. He decided to help Chulance get the money that he owed DJ Poly, and helped deal with Aiden when he went on a rampage on Genosha.


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Zach Ryder(Heroes Uprising)
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