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 Milo Ventro(Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Milo Ventro(Heroes Uprising)   Milo Ventro(Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 23, 2012 10:10 pm

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Invincibility breeds weakness and stagnation. Now you're on you're on your toes. On guard, always afraid. One mistake and you can die. Fear is our greatest weapon as long as we aren't paralyzed by it. Welcome to the mortal world Ventro, enjoy your stay.
-Aaron Stark

Name: Milo Salvador Ventro
Codename: Fusion
Alias: Miles, Molito, One man Army, The Swiss Army Knife, The Cheater, Superman, The Living H Bomb, Avatar, Savior, Sentient Power, Chief, Boss, Force, Will of the Universe, Protector of the Universe, Lord Ventro, Lord Fusion, The Hero, Hero, The Sheriff, Collective, Mr. President
Age: 33
Height: 6'1
Weight: 225 lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Identity Public
Species Absorbium; Homo-Sapien
Race: Caucasian
Personality: Milo Ventro is deeply tormented by deaths and the pain his step-father put him through. He covers this up by being a wise crack, unpredictable and a joker. Will go to the ends of the Earth to protect his loved ones. He is driven towards the goal of unity, and has no qualms with killing people in his way. After his various shattered relationships he has matured when it comes to the proper usage of his abilities, and his actions, believing working alone regardless of how powerful you are is not good. He is a natural Leader always striving to make the right choices, strictly believing ends justify the means even when it comes to his loved one's.  He struggle's with relation to humanity, and with beings below him in power, and often seeks advice from others.  After seeking counsel from his friends he has managed to revert to his old days but with far more maturity, and strives to do his best to help others.

Known Relatives: Samuel Ventro (Father,Deceased), Angel Ventro (Mother), Henry Ventro (Stepfather,Deceased) Leah Ventro (Sister), Rachel Ventro (Half-Sister), Danny Ventro (Son), Amy Ventro (Daughter),  Fawkes Logarth (Godfather), David Fuller (Godson), Marie (girlfriend), Sandra Fuller (ex-lover, sister like bond).

Allies: The Shadow X Men, Avengers, X Force, Omega League, Samuel's group, Asgard, Illuminati, S.H.I.E.L.D, Atlantis, Inhumans, C.O.G, X Lords

Enemies: Espada, Akatsuki, Hellfire Club, Mutant Response Division, Hellfire Cult, AVALANCHE, Syndicate, New World Order, Phoenix Alliance

Occupation: Shadow X Men Leader, Illuminati Member, President and CEO of Ventro Industries, Protector of the Universe, USA WMOD, Fusion Foundation Director
Religion: Christianity
Theme Song: B.o.B Ft Kanye West Do you Have The Stamina
Tech N9ne Mental Giant
Chingy Superhero
Eminem No Love: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Lil Wayne: Drop the World [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Milo, and Marie: Michael Jackson: You Rock My World

Skills: He is a former police officer cop so he is skilled in armed and unarmed combat. He is quite the strategist when his mental capabilities are put the test, and a capable interrogator. He's performed grueling training with Keel allowing him to push his physical body to peak condition. He's learned how to pilot most vehicle's, land-based, aerial, sea, and he can use, and plant explosives. He is a master hacker, and has several other skills.  

Peak Human Strength: Milo's physical strength is enhanced to the very peak of human potential. As a result, Milo is as physically strong as a human being can be without being classified as superhuman, able to lift around 800 lbs.

Peak Human Speed: Milo can run at speeds of up to approximately 30 miles per hour, and has on an occasion run a mile in little over a minute (almost 60 mph) when under duress.

Peak Human Stamina: Milo's body eliminates the excessive build-up of fatigue-producing poisons in his muscles, granting him phenomenal endurance. He can exert himself at peak capacity for several hours without rest before showing any signs of fatigue.

Peak Human Agility & Reflexes: Milo's agility and reflexes are superior to that of any Olympic athlete who has ever completed.

Peak Human Durability: Milo's ability to withstand injury is superior to those of ordinary humans. This explained how he has survived the physical punishment during his life like building falls and explosions.

Peak Human Metabolism: Milo's enhanced metabolism allows him to heal from injury or disease faster than humans. Milo is subject to all human vulnerabilities, although his immunity to diseases, toxins, or even alcohol poisoning is extraordinary. Although he can still get drunk.

Peak Human Mental Process:Milo's mental performance is greatly enhanced, allowing his mind to operate in the most efficient and rapid manner possible. One manifestation of this is his tactical genius; the ability to quickly process multiple information streams (e.g., threat assessment) and rapidly respond to changing tactical situations. Milo also possesses an edictic memory, meaning that he never forgot anything and has perfect recall. This enables him to remember any military tactic and apply it to any situation.

Peak Human Perception: Milo has exceptionally keen eyesight and hearing. And it is even possible for him to dodge bullets.


Mjolnir: A magical hammer only he and Kano can wield. He can summon to his aid wherever he is it allows him several abilities Weather Manipulation(Magical), Resurrection, Alpha Particles, Negation of Mystical Energy,  Cosmic Energy, Matter Manipulation,  Thermo blast, EM control, Invisibility, Intangibility,  Barriers, Energy Absorption,  God Blast, Anti-Force,  Transmigration of Souls, Flight, Teleportation, and a Mystical Link.

Destroyer Armor: He owns the Destroyer Armor which gives him Superhuman Strength, Speed,Stamina,Durability,Agility,Reflexes, and Energy Projection. He lends it to Yamairo when they face universal threatening level threats.

Tyrant's Warship: He owns Tyrant's warship which the SXM took after Kano blasted him away. The Warship is gigantic sized and as big as Galactus's warship.  It is filled with thousands of rooms and technology. It's size can be altered and it has nearly every known weapon to man except the Ultimate Nullifiyer, heart of the universe, and other nigh omnipotent or supreme godlike objects.

Ironman Armor: He has Ironman Armor given to him by Anthony it comes around him with the click of  a button. While in the armor he is nigh invulnerable, and super strength, speed, and reflexes. It also gives him repulsors, Unibeam, Wireless Communication, Increased repair speed, flight, Energy Conversion recharge, lasers, magnetism, pulse bolts and Force-fields.

Special Laptop: The laptop Stewie and Gary gave him. It gives him access to every computer on the planet or whatever planet he is on. He can get information and download it instantly.

Ultimate Nullifier He is the current owner of the Ultimate Nullifier having taken it into his possession after the battle against Prime, and the Hunters.

Power Gem: This is the gem he has for Illuminati, and he is a master of the gem's abilities, using them to merely amplify his own abilities.

Several Weapons: He owns several weapons such as machine guns, Air-gun's, snipers, hand-guns,   Katanna's, grenades, flash bombs,  smoke grenades, RPG's, Jet-packs,  Plasma guns,  Blue-tooth's, pocket knives, tasers, ect.

Watchtower Watchtower is a system he built, that has installed C.L.O.C into it. C.L.O.C. is the Centrally Located Organic Computer who assists Milo. It is the most powerful computer on earth, and one of the most powerful in the universe. It is the ultimate monitoring system, and can even be used as a means of communication, and translation, as well as teleportation. It has several other functions and only Illuminati members can access it.

Storage Unit: Milo owns his own Private Storage Unit which is a massive alternate dimension which contains various weapons from Infinity Gems, Cosmic Cubes, to technological resources such as Iron Man uniforms, copies of his unique laptop to even mythological weapons such as the Destroyer's armor, Mjlioner, The Norn stones ect. He is the only one able to access the dimension via a code he designed with immense magical manipulation.

Quantum Bands: These were desgined by Eon for the current Protector of the Universe, hence Milo has them.  The bands draw energy from the Quantum Zone, the realm of potential energy from which all actual energy in the Marvel Universe derives. The wearer can 'Quantum Jump' vast distances. The Bands give their wearer control of the electromagnetic spectrum. The Bands are able to augment the wearer's physical strength and durability.  The Bands can be programmed to perform certain automatic functions, such as detecting energy, shielding the wearer when they leave an atmosphere into space, etc.

The Bands also link to Eon or currently Epoch. The Bands can bend light around themselves to appear invisible, allowing the wearer to go around unnoticed. Milo extend this to allowing themselves to be cloaked or allow image induction, but it is theoretically possible. Milo can summon the bands from any distance, and they usually remain around his wrists, one must be worthy to wear them, but Milo can decide who is worthy enough to wield his bands, and if he wills it even corrupt beings can utilize there power, although he can decide what functions are available to them, and such.

Powers: Empathic Mimicry:
Milo has the ability to absorb the powers, energies, memories, knowledge, talents, personality, and physical abilities(Whether superhuman or not) of others by being in their immediate vicinity. However he retains the abilities without requiring the presence of the original user. As a result of being a mimic of powers he is immune to the side effects of many of them such as being immune to time stops, seeing Fawkes while he's invisible, and being unaffected by telepathic commands. Milo is able to use multiple abilities simultaneously and due to the nature of his powers they cannot be replicated by other means. He constantly re-absorbs abilities so if he meets a speedster and absorbs their speed and he meets another one absorbing it again he gains the speed again. His power is not limited to only "living" entities as he's managed to absorb power from several deceased during times when the opportunity presented itself such as in the afterlife or when Shawkun used Tenshi to shatter the barrier between the living and the dead. He's been shown capable of absorbing powers from machines, gods, cosmic entities, mystic entities, and even conceptual forces. The range of which he can mimic powers is planetary  and beyond.

Copied Powers:
-Precognitive Dreams
-Self Propelled Flight
-Superhuman Strength
-Superhuman Stamina
-Superhuman Durability
-Rapid Cellular Regeneration
-Bone Claws
-Super humanly acute senses
-Pheremone Manipulation
-Kinetic Energy Manipulation
-Space Time Manipulation
-Precognition through paintings
-Biological Manipulation
-Intuitive Aptitude
-Weather Control
-Induced Radioactivity
-Shape Shifting
-Light Manipulation
-Super Speed-Can now think, move, and react faster than light)
-Portal Generation
-Darkness Formation
-Molecular Manipulation
-Sound Manipulation
-Malleable Physiology
-Mass Manipulation
-Magnetic Manipulation
-Electricity Manipulation
-Power Absorption
-Healing Touch
-Activation and Deactivation
-Evolved Human Detection
-Hulk Transformation
-Infared Vision
-Superhuman Intelligence
-Atmosphere Manipulation
- Ability supercharging
-Soul Absorption
-Asgardian Physiology
-God Blasts
-Thermo Blast
-Geo Blast
-Negation of Mystical Energy
-Undead Lethality
-Alpha Particles
-Earth Control
-Odin Force
-Spider Sense
-Webbing Generation
-Ghost Rider Transformation
-Hellfire Blasts
-Penance Stare
-Power Cosmic
-Symbiote Manipulation
-Negative Zone Portals
-Vast Energy Manipulation/Unlimited energy
-Bone Growth and Creation
-Shock Wave Generation and Manipulation
-Speed Manipulation
-Power Replication
-Lateral Repulsion
-Matter Creation
-Mental Manipulation
-Magma Manipulation
-Nature Manipulation
-Essence Manipulation
-Matter Regeneration
-Aura  Absorption
-Plant integration
-Aura projection
-Fear detection
-Energy absorption into super strength
-Optic Blasts
-Self Duplication
-Dark Energy
-Ice Energy
-Magical Energy Manipulation
-Shadow Manipulation
-Psychic Energy
-Psionic Shield
-Psionic Blast
-Regeneration-This is different from RCR this regeneration is automatic and causes him to automatically heal from wounds even complete eradication
Invulnerability (Can withstand damage from all but strong magic and cosmic forces)
-Levitation-Magical Flight
-Power Suppression
-Energy Suppression
-Reality Manipulation (Blackheart, Sammie)
-Control over the DarkForce Dimension
-Physical Copies-He can use his magic to make solid the intangible copies of himself, but they have no free will of their own and are at the total control of him
-Hyper Psionic energy (draws nearly infinite psionic energy from hyperspace and can control the four fundimental forces of the universe)
-Interdimensional Transportation
-Chaos Magic Reality Warping
-Lie Detection
-Body Insertion
-Probability Field (From an outburst mutant/Zach)
-Quasi Omniscient
-Reality Warping Immunity
-Elemental Manipulation
-Speed Manipulation
-Organic Steel Skin
-Empathic Mind Control
-Object Detection
-Gravitational Manipulation
-Energy Pressure
-Retarded Aging
-Animal Motif
-Energy Absorption
-Energy Conversion
-Energy Materialization
-Extra Arm Creation
-Carbon Copy
-Voodoo Doll
-Time Dilation Field
-Pulse Manipulation
-Sand Manipulation
-Darkness Manipulation
-Dream Invasion
-Chess Sight
-Complete clone
-Age Manipulation
-Molecular Assimilation/Absorbtion
-Rock Skin
-Rock Manipulation
-Dust Manipulation
-Smoke Control
-Phoenix Force
-Unnatural Precision
-Plasma Generation
-Metal Manipulation
-Diamond Manipulation
-Literary Manipulation
-Alternate Dimension creation
-Kinetic Memory
-Genetic Sight
-Multi tasking
-X Gene Sensing
-Code Manipulation
-Samarsa Eye
-6 Paths of Pain
-Animal Summoning
-Rikduo Clan Magic
-Weapon Shifting
-Soul Interrogation and Removal
-Gezo Mazo Summoning
-Outer Path Manifestation
-Energy String Creation
-Storage Magic
-Iron Sand
-Explosive Clay
-Tendril Nody
-Grim Reaper Curse
-Underater Breathing
-Water Absorption
-Magical Water Creation
-Dragon Force
-Plant Abilities
-Wheel Eye
-Kaleidoscope Eye
-Eternal Kalediscope
-Dragon Slayer Magic
-White Eye
-Aquatic Healing
-Radiation Absorption
-Animal mimicry
-Astral Plane Tap
-Perception Alteration
-Mindscape Transportation
-Spike Creation
-Death Manipulation
-Reality Deletion
-Nervous System Control
-Phoenix Form
-Elemental Shift Disruption
-Matter Consumption
-Steam Manipulation
-Wood Manipulation
-Life Force Absorption
-Psychic Vampire
-Will Bending
-Outer God Powers
-Spirir Energy Manipulation
-Anthropic Principle Manipulation
-Puppet Master
-Biological Energy Manifestation
-Illusion Castin
-Belief Induction
-Matter Absorption
-Coloration Control
-Toxic Transmutation
-Sickness Manipulation
-Meta-Plague Manipulation
-Techo Virus
-Phoenix Mimicry
-Dormamu's abilities
-Chemically Enhanced Physiology  
-Quantum Matter Manipulation
-Ability Reversal Ghosts
-Sword Materialization
-Hunter Manipulation
-Molecular Fusion
-Substance Mimicry
-Kinetic Adaption
-Fear Aura ƒ
-Kryptonite Bestowal
-Cellular Manipulation
-Addiction Inducing
-Strength Absorption
-Reptilian  Attributes
-Pressure Manipulation
-Thermokinesis from Greg
-Pocket Dimensional Creation
-Blood induced Matter Transportation
-Enhanced Bone Marrow Functions
-Yin/Yang Manipulation
-Magic Usurpation
-Gene Regulation
-Soul Mirroring and Projection
-Object Tracing
-Reality Marble
-Psionic Teleportation
-Red Hulk Transformation
-Fiction Manipulation
-Alternate Reality
-Phoenix Mimicry
-Plant Manipulation/mimicry
-Succubus Bloodline
-Ancient Dragon Slayer Magic
-Personality Manipulation
-Sparks Generation
-Energy Transference and Distribution
-Sight Based Mimicry
-Vector Manipulation
-Cosmic Awareness
-True Magic (First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth)
-Angel Physiology
-Energy Conversion
-Ability Manipulation
-Senses Manipulation
-Pawā Gunshū Kara
-Molecular Solidification
-Generating and converting ambient psionic energy into solid matter.
-Quantum Field Manipulation
-Old Power
-Territory Manipulation
-Fusion and Fission
-Self Evolved Intellect
-Electronic Reality Manipulation
-Wave Manipulation
-Chi Manipulation
-Death Perception
-Cosmic Energy Absorbtion
-Glass Manipulation
-Card Manipulation and Summoning
-Ability Induced Duplication
-Concept Mimicry
-X Gene Manipulation
-Reactive Adaption
-Stellar Energy Manipulation
-Drug Secretion
-Media Manipulation
-Psionic Pryokinesis
-Force Manipulation
-Psionic Equilibrium Distortion
-Nova Force
-Level Manipulation(Boundary Manipulation)
-Force Field Generation
-Insect Communication
-Animal Communication
-Microwave Emission
-Hive Manipulation
-Nerve Manipulation
-Matter Substitution
-Distance Manipulation
-Perception Manipulation
-Sexual Inducement
-Behavior Manipulation
-Dream Manipulation
-Muscle Manipulation
-Sleep Manipulation
-Sloth Inducement
-Container Imprisonment
-Addiction Manipulation
-Artistic Animation
-Knowledge Manipulation
-Tachyon Mimicry
-Physics Manipulation
-Paradox Inducement
-Star Magic
-Limited Quantum Precognition
-Penance Touch
-Chaos Manipulation
-Curse Inducement
-Sense Evil Intentions
-Vice Manipulation
-Sense & control demons
-Sin Duplicates
-Vast Demonic Energy Manipulation
-Hell Fusion
-Attraction & Repulsion (Nate)
-Quantum Magic(Adam Warlock)
-Quantum Magic Augmentation
-Soul Affinity
-Reflective Immutability
-Poison Manipulation/Generation
-Wendigo Transformation
-Desire Manipulation
-Musical Empathy
-Cartoon Physics

Absorbium Transformation: When under immense stress, and such Milo transforms into the invinicible Absorbium a state where he can utilize his powers to there full potential, and is virtually unstoppable. While he achieves genetic perfection in this form he is capable of utilizing his native abilities aka the manipulation of True power, and harnasses the power of the other Absorbiums including Source. If he is killed in this state the consequences are immense and could possibly lead to the 'end' of true power or at least access to it.
-Times Used.
1. The First time he utilized this state was when he found Sindus's old research facility where Absorbiums were tortured.
2. He used this form when he went on a universal rampage, and clashed with TOAA.

Empathic Imitation
Milo has the ability to imitate the powers, energies, knowledge, talents, personality, and physical abilities(Whether superhuman or not) of others by being in their immediate vicinity. His power works in percentages he is capable of 100% imitating Sandra for her full range of powers, emotions ect, or he can imitate 50% Sandra, and 50% Yamairo. IN theory he could have 1% of 100 things but that make each percent practically useless. Just by having 100% doesn't mean he's always equal to the person in the case of extremely powerful beings that would simply 100% of them that he can harness, however that's only in extreme cases. He can selectively choose what he wants to immediate from people whether the full spectrum or just their memories or a couple memories or a skill or two. He's capable of using it by being in the same vicinity, but physical contact greatly accelerates the process.

Power Replication. After loosing his original power to Samuel, he gained this ability through the power drug. He can copy a power through touch, but only one at a time. Currently, he had replicated James's telepathy.

The Void: He can access the Void, whom he bonded with when Dave transferred it to him. Hee gains incredible strength, speed, durability, and endurance. It is capable of communicating with Milo telepathically, and accessing control over his body. It can transfer to other hosts upon physical contact, and take over them, especially when said host is intoxicated.

As the Void, Milo  possesses the ability to shapeshift, has massive control over the weather and darkness, and can create destructive storms and deadly "infini-tendrils". Black tendrils he can sprout from his body or from dark clouds he creates with his molecular powers. They can attack physically, make stuff explode on contact or phase into people to take control of their minds. Those impaled on these tendrils experience traumatic visions of the past, present, and future r eat their soul

The appearance of the Void changes, varying from a shadowy, trenchcoat-wearing villain to a massive hurricane of darkness. The Void is at his strongest during the night. His powers also increase to maximum whenever he is inside the Negative Zone, which he rules over. He has remnants of the Void fragments, he can use to assume the form of Void, however it is merely the Void of the universe itself combined with the negative aspects of his personalities, far more powerful then the original Void, and he can detect others with fragments like Dave, absorb them, and control them, or render them in pain. Because of the fragments negative zone crystals nicknamed Negazite can affect him as Kryptonite affects Superman, more so when he is in this form, but if he assumes the full form he is immune, and in the Negative Zone he in this form he is immune.


Chronoskimming: Allows him to temporarily transplant a person's mind and send it through time into a younger/older version, or a close ancestor/descendant, or as a disembodied astral form. This probably accomplished through the combination of two powers, telepathy and chronokinesis.

Chrono-Shield: the unconscious emanation of a fourth dimensional pulse which creates a chrono-shield protecting her from changes in the timeline,

Psychometric Projections: Ability to mentally project past events.

Bio:(Moved to get it's own post.)

-Salvador is Spanish for Savior
-Milo's favorite flavor of Ice Cream is Vanilla
-He is a fan of Pop, Hip Hop, Rap, Classical, Jazz, & Alternative music.. He's known to occasionally listen to soft rock.
-His favorite musical artist is Michael Jackson
-Milo was in the United States Army for Three Months
-Milo was clinically depressed for nearly half a year.
-Milo is the most powerful man on earth.
-Milo's favorite Fast Food Restaurants are Mcdonalds, Zaxbys, and KFC.
-Milo is capable of Breaking the 4th Wall.
-Milo once suffered from an Identity Crisis due to his enhanced powers.
-Milo is a Self Taught Musician, with Nate helping him and can play multiple instruments including the piano, violin, and drums.
-Milo has had a significant substance abuse problem since high school with periods of light or heavy indulging that lasts months to years to periods of abstinence that last for roughly the same amount of time.
-Milo is a pretty frequent marijuana smoker, and during some periods of high stress might be smoking even heavier then usual.
-Milo's greatest fears are being betrayed, and being alone.
-Milo is among most powerful beings in the universe.
-Former quote. Even as the Protector of the Universe, you sometimes show ignorance befitting a mortal Milo Ventro. And that is perhaps the best of you
-Kano Odinson

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PostSubject: Re: Milo Ventro(Heroes Uprising)   Milo Ventro(Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 23, 2012 10:11 pm

Molito is one of the Absorbiums, a race of beings born from True power, the sentiment power of all beings in the universe, placed in the center of the Multiverse, born from them, with so much power very few were made, and finally due to the Celestials experiments many were wiped out with so many superhumans and entities drawing on power, the Absorbiums could use True power to assimilate the power of others. They decided to seek out the Celestials experiment so they could truly harness the full capacities of True power, banding together, Milo determined to save his powers, clashed with Zed his rival, and fellow people, trying to achieve there ancestor's dream of unification, they headed to earth. Upon earth they went out in search of humanity, there the Absorbiums began getting one step closer to unleashing there true powers. Milo and Zed clashed becoming rivals, and two of the strongest Absorbiums, Zed however began to become corrupt wanting to force unification, while Milo wanted to instill peace, and they split up into factions, Zed seeking out the X Men wanting to utilize there abilities to gain limitless powers, Milo gathered a small fraction of loyal Absorbiums, and brought Zed down saving the X Men, and the entire Superhero Community.

After Zed, and co where captured by SHIELD, Milo gathered his own and went after Zed, but SHIELD formed a program to interrogate them, and learn to use them to grant humans abilities. Held hostage for years, Zed and Milo were rescued by the X Men, with Hope Summers. Milo bonded with her, evolving his base nature with her own powers, and Zed died aiding the other Absorbiums escaping captivity. Milo ended up killing Hope by draining her, promising he'd never abuse his powers, and decided to unify all, going to lead his people, and help them manifest there true powers, he joined the war against the Hunters, and his people decimated, including Zed he promised to achieve there mission, and converting into raw power after the Hunter's invasion he roamed the Astral Plane, tracking down the Ventro family inhabiting the body of Angel's newborn who would soon die, the baby caused a miraculous recovery, and his memories were intentionally sealed in the process of the bonding.

Milo Ventro was born in Chicago, Illinois the son of Samuel and Angel Ventro. Samuel disliked having the idea of Milo being involved in the Agency, so him, and his older sister Leah were moved to Manhattan. Around this time Angel got a divorce, and set up a fake marriage with a member of the Agency named Henry Ventro. Milo experienced pain and hardship throughout his child hood due to the cruelty of his step father. Reaching High-school was another big step in his life as during his Sophomore year his older sister Leah went off to College in New York, and he began dealing with a bully in the form of Mikey Gretsky who also came from a troubled home. His father Henry was eventually set up by his mother, and arrested for selling drugs. While during his sophomore year he took an interest in law, and in senior year started a relationship with one of his close friends since Sophomore year Kristen Kellerd a woman who also wanted to be a lawyer that came from a middle class family.

After graduating High-school his plans in life were to go on to Law school, but he went with Kristen to Savannah, Georgia for her family's reunion. There he met the son of a famous business man Lex Leven, and befriended him influencing his life. The night he proposed to her was a tragic day, as some thugs looking for money had broken in and during the robbery they shot Kristen. She died before reaching the hospital, and Milo entered a deep state of depression sinking into alcoholism and drugs. However inspired by Lex he decided to move to New York which was where he planned to move to with Kristen to start their careers. Instead of Law School he went to the police academy, and became obsessed with community service. He became known as the "Sheriff" and joined the police with his next step being to join the FBI.

Using police connections he managed to track down the thugs seeking revenge, and was suspended for police brutality after beating one of them near death. During his suspension he straightened his life up becoming a Christian, and doing odd jobs for money as well as getting money for his apartment in Manhattan. Returning to the service he worked his way up becoming one of the best police officers in Manhattan even getting on the news. He made several friends including two of his closest friends Lucy, and Michael. In the year 2009 he began dealing with a rising gang in New York lead by an illegal immigrant named Benjamin Hadrudez who changed his life forever. This was the time upon which his abilities first manifested, allowing him to duplicate flight from Nate so he could get said man to the hospital. He then defeated Benjamin, and allowed Nate to become his roommate wanting to learn more about his abilities. They ended up going after an arsonist named Troy on a rampage on New York via his powers, and the hunt for the arsonist lead them to meeting Yamairo. Upon meeting the Time Traveling samurai they got involved with his group that sought to help Evolved Humans gain control over their abilities.

Working with Yamairo lead to him battling his nemesis Zulan, gaining control of his abilities, and even battling Homeland Security Agents from the future. He resumed work as an officer after saving Washington D.C using his abilities to his advantage, but after nearly being found out he quit the force, and joined the FBI. During his early days in the FBI he came into conflict with the Agency, a group determined to use his unique genetic sequence to rid the world of specials. They managed to capture him and hold him hostage for several days until Yamairo and the others saved him. Shortly after rescuing him Zulan kidnapped his mother, triggering another sequence of events that lead to him fighting a new group consisting of former agency members lead by a man with the ability to absorb other powers named Samuel. During his conforntation with Samuel all his powers were absorbed, and help came in the form of a small possee of unlikely allies consisting of Zulan, Velon, and Kathy. After reuniting with the group and getting the formula he required a less potent version of his original power, and brought down Samuel with the help of The German.

He sought to return to the FBI but the Government learned about Specials, and began hunting them due to a shape-shifter seeking to gain control of America named Jason. He then set out on a journey to find Strade a man who could restore his original abilities so he could stop Jason and save the Specials. With help from Nate, and the others they managed to track down Strade and regain his powers. Using his restored abilities he managed to end the persecution of mutants, by revealing to the Government that Jason a shape shifter had been responsible for most of the crimes mutants had committed. After this he convinced the group to form a team of sorts to give mutants a good public image. However he decided to head to Asgard with Kano, and remained their for the next two months.

With the Team's return to earth, he set out to make a good impression on the earth. He got the Sentry's old costume, and replaced the S with a F. He began saving lives, and fighting crime all over the globe..getting other members of the team to join this new superhero movement. His new mission was cut short, as he was forced to join in Shawkun's tournament to help rescue Sandra. He of course won the tournament, during which he murdered Zulan, and with help from Yamairo he managed to defeat Shawkun. He resumed his mission, and became the world's most popular hero. He helped defend the earth during Loki's Symbiote invasion, and helped Kano embrace his destiny as the next Lord of Asgard.

With the invasion over, and the news that Zulan's father Vinlo was now on the loose Milo met up with Fawkes, and Alex to start a group to deal with their enemies permanently. The trio then gathered a small team, and quickly Fawkes took over. Milo was once again forced to participate in a game of sorts, this time the tournament was orchestrated by the newly revived Samuel. However during the Tournament the older mutant had succeeded in giving billions of humans the X-Gene.

Milo took over the X-Force, and quickly became an active member helping deal with the alarming amount of mutant terrorists. He managed to use Fusion's popularity, and the Ventro's wealth to acquire the island known as Genosha. He established an institute for people with abilities, and used the Terrigen Crystals to boost his already god-like powers. Using his new boost in power he joined forces with the Silver Surfer to locate the next Sorcerer Supreme, aka Dale Parker. With the new magical guardian found, he participated in the final battle's against Black Heart. With the invasion over he used his new magical energies to reverse the effects of the outburst, and cut off all ties to the normal world.

With the Demonic Invasion over, he learned from his mother that he would die unless he left Earth. Milo refused to leave the planet, and six months later he was brought to the Travler's planet. There he was forced to participate in the Secrete Wars, it was here he learned that Samuel was his father, and the origins of the Agency. He stripped his father of his abilities, and grew to resent his father. He also came into conflict with Yamairo, regarding the issue of killing villains.

In the end he manged to defeat Travler using The Scarlet Witch's chaos magic. Six Months later Yamairo decided to pass leadership of the SXM over to him on his birthday. However only hours later his older sister Leah was kidnapped by a group of mutants known as the Espada. He went to rescue her, but was lead into a power dampening tower of terror. After battle's against members of the Espada including Gorian, and Quinta he managed to escape with help from other SXM members. Now on the run he helped the group back at the tower deal with a transformed Decima Espada ,before fleeing to Genosha to stop Primera.

However instead of fighting Primera he met up with, and battled Cuarta. He placed him in the negative zone, and months later when the superhero Registration Arc took place, he encouraged the team to avoid using their abilities. After he was turned into a Fugitive, and forced to battle Aaron in the middle of NYC, he eventually joined the Government after they used a squad of German clones to capture Lucy. He took over Legacy, the mutant army the Government gathered, and with their help he battled Anti Registration on multiple occasion's. Eventually however he betrayed the Government becoming a suicidal bomber to take out their supply of Sentinels, many of the German clones, his arch rival Mikey, and even his lover Lucy. Behind he left the SXM, his family...and an also passed on his unbinding will to save others.

Due to being a Phoenix Force Avatar, he was sent to the White Hot Room upon death separating him from Lucy. He met up with the Phoenix, and then went to Heaven to spend eternity with Lucy. However TOAA spoke with him saying he had work to do in the realm of the living, and he sought out the Angels meeting Namek and inspiring him to be a better soldier. He became an Angel, and retained his natural abilities as well. He took a brief trip to earth to warn the team that Zulan and Mikey's souls had not been located, and of an approaching evil. He resumed his peaceful life retiring from the life of an angel. He self resurrected himself via the Phoenix Force, coming down to earth to stop Hitler's nuclear apocalypse.

He took control of the team again planning to deal with threats against mutants such as the Hellfire Cult. He also absorbed Lucy's memories regarding the SXM, allowing her to live a normal life in Manhattan. He helped the team battle the Mutant Response Division, and was even forced to fight Harry, to prevent the latter from assassinating Sindus. During this time he also developed a close bond to a mutant he rescued from MRD named Kairi, and they began dating. Around this time a massive Sentinel invasion took place, and after having the team fight off the invasion.. he learned Dimitri, Aaron, and Zane set it up to give the SXM a good public image.

However the invasion had drawn out a crazed Vinlo, who kept claiming the humans would be responsible for every mutant's death. Milo refused to listen, and fought Vinlo to the death. During this time some of his friends had been kidnapped, and he decided to begin searching for them, enlisting the Silver Surfer's help. Also with all the disappearance's taking place he gathered all the mutants on Genosha, getting a rematch with Cuarta. With this he showed up at the Mutant Rights debate as Fusion, and after a heated debate the American Government passed the bill. During the time of the search he began helping the team deal with the Akatsuki, an organization based on the manga series Naruto.

This was around the time Milo began dealing with Depression. It started after the Akatsuki killed Samuel, and most of the members in his group during a vicious assault. He then fight Namini in combat, and managed to win. However after communicating with Samuel, he learned what was taking place. When Akatsuki kidnapped his half sister Rachel, he retaliated by kidnapping Izoru's sister. However he eventually took the team down to fight Madara, and with help from Kano and Namini they managed to take down Madara.

However Milo had simply absorbed Madara, and as such their personalities bonded. During the Predator Invasion he tried to get William's help to restore the Predator's home world. But he gave in to his more aggressive side, and helped demolish the Predators. He was then manipulated by the Phoenix Alliance, forced to help hunt Kira. During this time he began to fight against Madara, and Dark Phoenix for control over his body. With the Alliance defeated, he called a meeting, and had the team set up squads to prepare for the Hunters attack.

Two major events took place in his life one was Kairi leaving the planet with Surfer, and the other was learning the Hunters planned to use him to wipe out mutants. As he grew clinically depressed,he met Marie an Aerokinetic who grew attached to him. Eventually he lost control of Madara due to a trip to the past to learn his weakness, and was responsible for Dave's death. After Madara's death at Illiria's hands, he was free to start a relationship with Marie.

With his relationship with Marie, Milo conquered his depression. He helped the team counter several threats such as Zulan, Shawkun, and the immortal hunting Tenshi. He later allied himself with Ganta, and together they invaded the planet Hala. After a brief struggle he ended up with Son Aris to a stand still, till the Avengers freed him from Supremor's control. Months after the invasion he came into conflict with the assassination team of AVALANCHE, which led to Anna's departure from the team.

Around this time his relationship with Marie ended, thanks to Illiria's interference. With his mind cluttered, he accepted her invitation into the Hellfire Club wanting to find his mother. He helped defeat Sefirot, a powerful mutant who sought out control over the life stream. After a brief reunion with Gaea, Amber, and Sandra he allowed Anna to take on Sefirot alone. He then began a search for them, after both vanished. After a failed search he buried his emotions in his work, and developed an obsession for finding his mother, and Zulan. His confrontation with Priest lead to his "death".

He was "Revived" during the attack on Priest's church, and he ended up fighting Apocaylpse. After a lengthy battle he destroyed him via causing his celestial heart to xplode, and interrogated Siya learning about her actions, and the future. He let Dracarot join the team, and he went after Zulan with Sandra, once the serial killer began kidnapping SXM members. However he was captured by the newly restarted Agency, but formed a relationship with Sandra during their time in captivity. After their release, he returned to the island, and assisted in the Quarantine, coming into conflict with Filipe, and Harry who left Genosha. He had Virus recruited to the SXM to help deal with the Legacy Virus, and later Silver Surfer come to help him cure the Virus.

Milo learned of the Hunters impending invasion from the Hunters, and sent out a global telepathic message in hopes of building a massive army to combat the Hunters, save the superhero community, and avenge the previous generation of heroes. He later got involved in a conflict against half of the team, after they went after Illiria, someone he considered one of their largest allies. He learned how Illiria ended his relationship with Marie, and confronted her, getting back together with Marie.

He went to another dimension to train, and hunted Dormmamu, locating him, he gained his immense abilities, but quickly lost control over the sheer amount of powers, making him useless against the Hunters. He made a Soul deal with Dormmamu promising his release if he stopped the Hunters, gaining the control necessary, he returned to Marie, and helped her push her powers to the maximum as well as her martial arts capabilities. He manipulated the time of the dimension so it felt like 3 days was three months, they completed their training, now with the powers to win, he brought them back to their regular dimension going to Genosha.

He gathered the team, and went out to gather allies. Successful putting an army together, he led the team during the Hunters invasion of Genosha. He engaged in his final battle with Zulan, unable to kill him using the Penance Stare. He was savagely beaten by Prime, and beaten into a state of unconsciousness. He regenerated, but remained in unconsciousness. He was awakened once Kano arrived, and the battle at Prime was still going on. He duplicated Kano's immense magical abilities, only causing him to once again become the superior hero. They decided to put a team together of the Earth's power houses in order to defeat Leader, and end the Hunter invasion. He went to get Namini facing Rulk, and absorbing his abilities he fought on equal terms with the monstrosity of immense strength.

Unable to find any method of defeating him, short of risking major damage to reality or the time-line, he sent him into the Negative Zone, generating some clones to help protect Namini's village. He took her, and the rest of the power-house team to the Leader on the Hunter's home planet. Bringing the Ultimate Nullifier a massive battle against Leader took place, with Nono restraining Leader, he used the UN's power to defeat him. In the Leader's final moments he learned he had absorbed Leader's abilities, meaning he was the current reason Hunters were immortal. In anger he crushed Leader's skull, and melted his body, bringing the group to earth, where Dave wanting revenge for ruining his relationship transferred the Void into him. Using Leader's abilities he banished the Hunters, and placed them all in the Negative Zone.

Months after the Hunters invasion, despite the Void, he remained active in fighting crime, being one of the greatest superheroes, and the most well known member of the superhero community. With the use of his immense abilities and limitless wealth he put an end to Organized Crime, Terrorism, Famine, Genocide Poverty, and War, even getting rid of all Nuclear Weaponry. Due to this he created the longest period of World Peace in history, due to his accomplishments, and the fact that he saved the entire universe from the Hunters he grew extremely cocky, and arrogant believing in himself, and less in Team-work.

However despite his change in behavior, Angel still recruited him into Illumanti, and also gave him all of the Infinity Gems, and the Gauntlet, which he stowed away in his Storage Room along with his other collection of powerful weapons. However he began having horrible nightmares regarding the Void, and they only grew worse after Jorgan's election to President. A few weeks after the inaguration he began to loose control of Void, warding the SXM off wanting to be with Marie. Finally he lost control and after a fight with Yamairo at his lake house, Void took over, and brought him, and Marie into the Negative Zone. He then proceeded with opening several portals releasing everything from the Negative Zone including The Hunters. Most of the freed beings invaded Earth, while the Hunters went to wage war on Galactus, and his Heralds.

With help from Kano, and the Hellfire Club Milo regained control over Void, not wanting to use his abilities any-more. However the struggle with Void came placing him in a coma, he remained that way for days, until the Phoenix Alliance came to fight him, causing a fight in his bed, when Marie was stabbed, he emerged from the coma, and fought them while fighting off Void, leaving the planet to avoid causing further harm to the team. He went to join the Phalanx now lead by Ultron in an invasion of the Shi-ar empire stating mass murder gave him control of the Void, James, and Yamairo came to get him, but he sent them away. The Void revealed how Dave was responsible for his condition, so he headed to Japan where he fought Manny, Sandra, and Harry. He murdered Sandra, and her baby, before Milo snapped driving himself into the core of the son.

God spoke to him, and he learned about his mission, he fought with Void to gain control causing several fires, he went to put them out, and rejoined the team, getting rid of his powers in order to remove Void. The Phoenix Alliance, Bernard and James with the mind gem came after him, while the Void gained control again, and went to meet Jorgan, who helped him gain full control of Milo. Jorgan gave him his freedom, allowing him to return to the team, and rest. After Genosha was pulled into Carmen's dimension, as Void he joined the Dark Avengers, and fought the two Yamairo's. Later on patrol he was killed by Lucy's Terrigen crystal weapon, and remained dead for a good while, before finally managing to revive himself, and helped break the barrier around Amber's mansion leading the Dark Avengers on an assault on the team that was formed.

After the assault on the mansion the team split up again, but did not regroup, and he began dealing with the Void trying to regain control, he came and spoke to Amber in her dreams revealing when Void was sleeping he could enter dreams, and later when the Shi-Ar, and Phalanx invaded, he regained control momentarily to tell them about the virus, the Void regained control, and helped Jorgan gather the World Leaders in an underground bunker in the White house with John, and Dimitri to protect them. He helped decimate most of the invading forces, till they vanished in a blast of bright light. Two weeks later when Galactus attacked with a massive army of cosmic powered extraterrestrials, and Gods. The Void in control went after Tanya wanting the Power Gem so he'd be able to effectively combat Galactus, however Amber came to stop him from getting it, but Marie ended up saving him.

Milo seeing her hurt, snapped, and regained control, attempting to defeat Galactus, he was brought down, and various allies came to his aid, and he revealed the truth of his abiltiies, and entered his Pre Retcon state PRM. In PRM he easily overpowered Galactus, and Jorgan came to kill Big G with the Ultimate Nullifier, but Galactus stripped Jorgan of the weapon, and used the UN against PRM. PRM absorbed the UN, and stripped Galactus of his cosmic energies converting him into Galan, and gathering the Olympian Gods, bringing them to Olympus he reverted to his normal state, and devoured it as a result of his cosmic hunger, some of the Gods escaped. He then struggled to gain control of Void, absorbing him, he then gathered the group in DC, decimating the White House, and becoming a Terrorist in the process. HE learned Jorgan set off a Terrigen Crystal bomb, and he took it into another dimension, he returned having sealed off his abilities with limiters, he was then healed by William.

He manifested all of his mutant abilities, but was unable to manifest any others, and moved into an apartment with Marie, Rachel, and Nate. After a reunion with his sister Leah, and the nightmares caused by Nightmare, he decided to seek out Yamairo, and others to bring down Shawkun. He helped fight against Shawkun, and gain information about his current plans, and even formed a squad of his own after most of his friends were turned against him by the personality manipulator Spike, he later gathered hsi squad and fought Shawkun. Milo fought the soul manipulator hard, in the end taking beating him by, what one would assume to be, offering up his soul. After Shawkun feel into Milo's trap, he was rendered almost powerless and banished to eternal damnation.

After doing what he should of done long ago, he helped the group get their own personality's back. He had forgotten about the X Force, which again caused another battle shortly after. Milo defeated the X Force though, also restoring them to normal. During the intermission arc Milo had set up a protected school for mutants to protect them from HAMMER, and even took in Tiffany to test her skill level. Milo later regrouped with the SXM when they decided to retake Genosha. Grabbing Sandra he teleported her to Uriel where she reclaimed the Phoenix Force. Returning to Earth, Milo left the invaders to Sandra and did up Genosha so it pretty much paradise on Earth. When the mass murders began occurring in New York, he was once again driven into depression when Nate was one of the victims, and he even nearly beat Jet to death at Illiria's mansion, since shadows had committed the murder. He freed Shawkun from his personal hell, got Marie, and joined the X Force in order to gain information about the killer. He eventually learned what was going on, and in the end murdered defeated the ATEOW "Isabel" with a blast of hellfire, and assisted in getting Yamairo's body together.

After that Epoch contacted him, and hired him as the new Protector of the Universe. He accepted the role, and unlocked the secretes of his abilities with his new cosmic Awarness. After HAMMER used Jorgan's virus against Mutants, he led the SXM on an attack to bring down HAMMER, and gathered together the Illuminati initiating the X Lords Project in order to gain control. He quickly took over the World Government, and began enforcing his power to change the world, stating a movement against World Peace, which Dracarot a misguided terrorist was against, and put together a Resistance against the movement determined to bring them down in the name of democracy. Milo stopped them from bombing an X-Corps facility in DC, and began working with the Forgotten after Virus released a virus that targeted humans. He had William, and his Healer Squad develop a cure, which he modified to only heal his supporters, and provided information for Sandra to help her track down David. After Dracarot used his own ability to cure everyone, Milo decided to take control of the situation.

He quickly turned the world against Dracarot, and his band of Terrorists. Over the next two months he ran the world into the ground, until Dracarot and some others battled him in MHF. They used the TCG to kill him, and in Hell he was saved by TOAA. TOAA restored the timeline, and he resumed leading the SXM. When the C.O.G came to power, along with the demon invasion he began working with Namek to fight against the growing forces. He remained in constant communication with the President, and eventually aided in bringing down the C.O.G with the aid of the SXM, Avengers, and The Olympian Gods against the C.O.G. With them stopped, he returned and refused to help Sandra rescue David not wanting to cause another demonic invasion. Eventually he saved Shawkun from Sandra, until learning she was being manipulated, and Shawkun would never change. After freeing her from his soul manipulation, Lucifer came to Genosha in search of him. He ended up confronting Lucifer, and saving Akroma from him. After Lucifer's visit to Genosha he met up with Sandra deciding to help her rescue David from Hell, revealing he needed to track down Reese Warner.

He tracked down Reese meeting up with the old family friend, and ended up helping the Arch-angels, and saving Michael's life. He aided the SXM against the NWO, but Kevin stole his body. He absorbed the NWO's abilities, and the hunters met up with him. He accepted his role as there leader, and as the Protector of the Universe, evolving. He started Ventro Industries with Lex now the Scientist Supreme, and began advancing earth. He gathered Illuminati minus Amber, and replaced her with Carl there political front. He later re-unlocked his Absorbium past due to a clash with Illiria with her outer god influence, and went to find the old island a rogue faction of SHIELD used to experiment on Absorbiums he wiped out all the agents involved in the operation using the Penance Stare, and aided in stopping Bastion from murdering his past self. After that he returned to Genosha to aid in the final battle against the Outer Gods, but ended up repairing the damage they had caused to his friends. Marie learned of his brief insanity influenced affair with Illiria, and terminated there relationship, calmed by his friends, he witnessed his flaws which he had been ignoring since the X Lords incident.

He assembled the Omega League to deal with Multiversal threats, and saved Terrel from the Illuminati revealing he was training the mutants with the most potential including Tiffany. Ventro Industries rose to be Stark and Morris Industries top rivals, and he dealt with the 99 Damned Risen, allowing Scott to join the SXM. He clashed with Shawkun again who wielded the Soul of the Universe, and seemingly overpowered him, however the attack had caused Milo to become one with True power again and the Source. He then dealt with the Absorbiums after they stripped Death of the majority of the eneity's powers, and he confronted the Absorbiums fusing them with Source, and waging war on the Multiverse. He defeated TOAA, revealed the nature of the omniverse, and Source, and then eradicated everything and recreated the omniverse as total paradise.

He grew bored with paradise, and restored the omniverse to it's original form, and continued on seeking a purpose. He then severed his connection to the Source so as not to deal with limitless powers, and began a self atonment mission. Starting with trying to connect Rachel, and Angel. Terrell helped him connect with people again, but eventually he battled Carson and the Anti Mugen Cyborgs, nearly loosing to Carson due to his physiological fear of negative zone crystals a representation of the Negative zone. With Marie gone and seeing humanity's nature he drifted away from them, another thing that played a role in his faiding humanity was the Galaxy War which he was in soldifing the Skrull's relationship with humanity, and even stopping Gan while working with Son. Finally Void attempted to overtake him showing him several paths his powers would lead him, Milo viewed them, and then abandoned humanity his interest in them gone, confronting Terrell to give his friend advice. Then determined to figure out humanity's flaws he created his own race of powerful physics the Humods.

He monitored Humod's evolution over time, but was contacted by God they were good friends, and he rebuffed Victor's attempts to use the technique he used to bring down Zadkiel on God. After taking him down he returned to earth, and helped the earth rebuild after Dark Month. Afansas, and Mozo formed an Alliance blaming him, and initiating World War 4. Milo struggled with his developing distance from humanity, going to Troy for help. Re-inspired he met with Carl, and official joined the United States Army as there first living WMOD. He fought hard for the United States posing the real as there Doctor Manhattan, and playing a massive role in the World War, eventually growing tired of the loss of lives and seeing the future's, he threatened to destroy Moscow in 24 hours, and ended up following through after the Russians turned against him trying to use the destruction of Moscow to wipe out the X Force.

After that he clashed with a brainwashed Terrell whom the Russians used to decimate Japan, and after returning him to the Redeemers, he went after the Germans, and got them to withdraw from the war, and China as well. After ending the war himself, he worked with the USA to bring about an age of more peaceful times, and helped Zane start up the X Factor over the next two months. Epoch tested him, and he was overwhelmed with infromation and his body overloaded due to his physical form not handling his powers, and his enemies took advantage of his powerlessness. He was driven to suicide but Sandra stopped him, and he fled to China seeking out Nachun Choi to master the Iron Fist technique and gain control of his chi seeking out a path to gain the power he'd need to lead the Shadow X Men. During this powerless stage he trained with and befriended Choi to gain control of Chi, traveled through the mists of team, trained with Grand-Master Tazu, and merged with the Celestial Axis before returning to Genosha.

There he was targeted by androids that sent to eliminate him, with the aid of Elle, Ezekiel, and Ledge he fought them off, and fled to the danger room with Elle where it seemed a relationship was brewing between the two. Milo using his chi meditation state along with Elle breached Absorbium's true power, and gained 'understanding' learning he had two kids Danny and Amy, their locations, and also freeing Melissa his aunt. Afansas had hired Solf to kill him, and they battled on Genosha after he took out Elle. He fled to Oscorp with help from the Billionare Club and Neil's modified MgH drug it restored his mutant abilities, and he came to clash with Ikon saving the Shadow X Men as Ikon had used his ability to understand the Will of the Universe, and gain control of the Hunters to lead a third invasion. Ikon willed Milo to be dead, finally killing him, but he appeared with Enoch in the center of the Celestial Axis learning his power loss was his final cosmic teeth to accept his destiny as a hero, and the Phoenix restored hi mto life owing Epoch a favor.

Milo restored overpowered Ikon easily, and gave him a new life instead of killing him showing his new pacifistic path. Milo then ended the Third Hunters War, and as the Protector of the Universe he began doing several intergalactic missions, and rise to intergalactic fame across the Universe. Milo became a family man taking care of his family, and continued to play hero. He lost his powers during the power wipe engineered by Castiel, and Yua however he struggled to regain his powers. He was even arrested but managed to obtain his Green Lantern Ring, and through sheer luck went to another dimension combined with the Negative Zone Projector, he returned and restored everyone's powers and began seeking atonement making amends for his sins. He sought to rebuild his family, and seek love. He struggled to rebuild his family, and began dealing with video's that potrayed him negatively released by Sid a mutant with drug secretion. Dealing with his public image tattered he moved on working on his new idea single hero unit known as the SXML gathering several heroes into his group from Keeth and Alex to Kosmos and Dale.

Although he faced many difficulties bringing a variety of various heroes together he managed to bring together the SXML, and even went to bond more with his niece Stella giving her psionic amplifier. Bringing the team back together he sought out Marie again, and to deal with the anger in his life he constructed a temporal copy of the Venom Symbiote. With Venom in control he demonstrated more reckless behavior, and even restored Terrell's old arsenal. He decided not to go after Sid and The Crew after Waller's arrest wanting to keep her in jail, instead he gained control of The Daily Bugle and began using media to fight the new vigilante oppressive government operations. Mike attacked Milo on Genosha, but he managed to defeat him, then confronted Aiden also leading an assault against the mutant populace of Genosha. Milo easily overpowered him, granted him immortality, and trapped him in a telepathic nightmare for eternity. Terrell confronted Milo stating the Redeemers were determined to bring him in, Milo overpowered him and stripped him of his restored arsenal sending the Redeemers to their tower. After that battle the role of the POTU began getting to his head causing him immense stress despite Venom, and he sought out Dracarot for help.

Dracarot stated his immense powers made it impossible for him to relate to people, and he pondered ridding himself of his powers. He met with Michael who now ran the Nova Corps, and together they planned to protect the universe. Epoch confronted him giving him a new assignment, and he dealt with the Borg from Star Trek. He learned Gan was responsible for the situation, and sent the Hunters to do war with the Borg. He managed to deal with the situation returning them, and another person from the Doctor Who Universe the Doctor Himself back home. Troy and Katy sought him out and he allowed them to speak with Katy's parents as ghosts. He banished them after their conversation but met up with a depressed Joe drinking. He restored Katy's feelings for Joe to give him a chance to get her back, knowing how it felt to loose a loved one. To deal with his own developing drinking problems he began partying until Angel contacted him stating he fulfilled his destiny and needed to train the next generation of superheroes on Genosha. He met with the Redeemers and revealed he'd been working with them, Terrell cleansed him of the Symbiote with Cosmic Flames. He'd also given up his company to Lex, and he went after The Crew. Combining his abilities he defeated Sid, Angelo, and Corey, the latter he burned alive, infused Angelo with a traffic light, and put Sid in SHIELD custody.

Exposing The Crew's actions the world's faith in heroes was restored, and to deal with this he confronted Amanda Waller and forced her into a Soul Deal threatening to place her in Hell unless they worked together to stop any Government sponsored Anti Vigilante actions. He gave the Bugle back to Jordan J Jameson, and put together a rigorous training program for the SXML Academy. Wanting to dedicate his full time to the academy and atone for his sins he resigned from his position as leader of the "Team" making Filipe the new leader. With leadership out of his life he went to focus on re-establishing his relationship with Marie intending to propose to her, and even seeking out Telsa to form the perfect diamond for the ring he was making for her. During the demonic invasion caused by Lucifer's third attack on Heaven, he helped defend earth before going to Paris with Marie. He made love with her resuming their relationship, and returned to his company on Lex's advice merchandising himself via Fusion Incorporated.

Merchandising himself gave him financial security on earth just in case another incident happened leaving him powerless, and on his European Vacation with Marie their bond was strengthened. He also worked with Lex and Disney World to put together the SXML theme park on Genosha to bring in more business for the island also working with Nate Genosha's Diplomat who helped set up Genosha's political system. With the opening of the theme park he dealt with Mephisto seeking to return and dealt with his magical clone of the Void which he managed to deal with however by the time he freed himself from the demon's ploy he'd been dealt with by the rest of the team. Two weeks after the issue he did some investigation into SHIELD's rise in power via using the Cosmic Cube to develop new weapons, and began dealing with the rising fear and paranoia. Giving into his fear he went on a violet rampage on the SXML tower and was eventually calmed down after beating Marie. Upon gaining control he dealt with Sammie being controlled with the Worthy in control of her body, and dealt with the Worthy. He helped Sandra realizing despite all his power he was still somewhat of an absent father from the rest of the team, and in the end he was a spearhead on the assault of Dark Serpent on Antarctica.

He tried to commit homicide using essence to wipe them both from the plane of existence but the plan failed, as Serpent returned. Using Serpent's return with his own powers he dispersed himself across the universe and pulled himself together to join the battle against Harvey who'd absorbed Serpent's powers. With Nate's plan set in motion they defeated his fear induced omnipotence, and placed him in the Vault. He met up with Death trapped making a deal to revive everyone on earth who died in the Serpent's rampage for her freedom, the entity agreed but cursed the earth to prevent them from dying. Milo opened Watchtower up to the entire team wanting to make them more active and gave everyone access to CLOC trying to avoid the earth feeling bad for putting them in their situation. Eventually he sought out Deadpool's help to seduce Death to remove the curse and allowed some who died in the chaos to die therefore having an equivalent exchange with Death. With the ensuing chaos over he met up with Tesla who completed his diamond ring and proposed to Marie getting engaged. He rescued Dave and the fuller family from Osiris, and brought Sandra to met up with Zachariah who'd aggravated the Egyptian pantheon and others with his racism towards other pantheons.

Zachariah warded them off with Milo promising to return if he caused any more chaos on earth. With that said he wanted to train Sandra to defend her family and even intended to contact Ledge to aid them in dealing with further demonic threats. The process was interrupted by a supercharged Ben placing the Superhero Community under torturous illusions leading to him and Sandra's intervention dealing with him and placing him in the Vault. With Ben conquered they went to a burger joint where Sandra unveiled her true feelings to Milo about the stress in her life, and he sent her to bed and met up with the SXML as they gathered to deal with Ragnarok, with Surtur's rampage on earth beginning and the Frost Giants aiding him due to an alliance they'd formed. Milo helped Filipe split the team up to defend the planet, and placed the general populace in an alternate earth to protect them from being collateral damage. He even helped Kano defeat Surtur by using the Second Magic to replace his Twilight sword with a far weaker one. He then pulled together a meeting with Gaea, and Glano who revealed that Kano's birth mother Faora was fused with Dormmamu's sister during her pregnancy.

He then once again helped the team deal with Red Skrull springing several super powered prisoners out of the vault, and even clashed with Benjamin who was enhanced by a super soldier formula. He learned Sandra had feelings for him still from their brief flint, and snapped at her even resulting to physical violence ending their friendship. Milo later met up with Marie, and others in hte bar telling his fiancee that he acted as he did to secure her relationship with Dave. After a meeting with SHIELD wanting the League disbanded, he gathered the energy of a cosmic cube into a "Battery" and made a billion dollar deal with NASA and Sword as insurance for the league to remain together. Milo then began focusing on his wedding to Marie, getting Harry's help to set up his bachelor party, and began sending invites to several SXML supporters, and allies. He went to Africa to help address the Civil War which he felt partially responsible for due to working with Kony, and tried to stop the situation. Reese came to comfort him trying to get him to focus on putting his family together. Inspired by the Tragedy in Africa he formed the Fusion Foundation to help advance Earth, and create a better future for humanity.

He gathered a small group whom he felt could help push Earth towards a better tomorrow such as Isabel due to her weather abilities, and Aaron. They began using their abilities to combat global issues, However upon approaching wedding day with Marie it was ruined by an old "friend's interference. Zed of the Absorbiums who claimed they all sought vengeance on him, and lead to a massive battle severing him from his Absorbium powers. This lead to panic, and a race against time to help the team deal with people from a Cancerverse, a world where death was gone. Alternate versions of the heroes led by Alternate Filipe began an invasion of earth with the Many Angled Ones, which Milo rushed to help stop ending up battling an alternate version of the Silver Surfer posssed by the Carnage Symbiote as well as Kano.

Milo battled until a fight with Zed left him without his Absorbium powers, and a complete physical being as he was before "Molito" was reawakened. He was left with his regular powers, and helped protect the avatars of death from the alternate universe so they could stop the Many Angled Ones, he fought with the SXML helping to hide Sancho but failed to save the other avatars. In the end he had a climatic battle with Zed resulting in the death of the designate and Zed being dragged into the Source the other absorbiums following and Milo torn about whether to follow them or his life on earth. Milo choose his new life reforming Death so he could help his team bring down the Many Angled Ones and the alternate universe. Due to repairing death he no longer owed Phoenix a debt, who instead reformed him so despite the absorbiums being gone he was whole again with all his powers in his mutant form. Milo took a break from being Protector of the Universe to enjoy the holidays with his family, and reorganize his wedding with Marie.

He'd formed a friendship with Death due to helping reform her, and was getting her advice on love, and other concepts due to her being a wise entity. He was determined to pursue Marie despite his immortality, and also focused his attention on Troy hoping to make him a hero again due to blaming himself for Katy getting with Joe.

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Alternate Universes/Extra

Genesis Milo
In this Future Milo ended up battling Zulan in DC, and Zulan killed Lucy when he was loosing, and Milo exploded decimating the capitol of the United States. Zulan fled, and Milo confronted Yamairo's group, he murdered all of them blaming them for Lucy's death, except Yamairo who escaped and joined the Government. Milo started his resistance with Harry, James, Erica, and Dave who blamed Zulan for the explosion, and he became an international terrorist going to war with the World Government, and became the Magneto to specials. He ended up going back in time to stop Strade's soldiers from killing his past self, and in the past he was taken down while trying to urge Milo to turn against humanity.

He was incapacitated, and taken prisoner by the group. Freed, he tried to take out Zulan, and his past self, assuming the guise of Yamairo. In the end Milo took him down, and with the past was changed, so was his future, in which he had come back in time to help stop the explosion.

New Hope Milo
In this future MRD became a powerful organization, and went against mutants, bombing Genosha, and wiping out most the SXM. Milo gathered the remaining members of the team, and formed the MPP Mutant Protection Program a group dedicated to aiding mutants being persucted by the Government. Things began harder as the Government gained anti mugen weaponry, revived German, and recruited Manda. Like the other founers of MPP he became an International Terrorist as MPP went to war with MRD. Desperate to change the world, and free mutants from MRD's iron grip, he began showing the future to Troy, Katy, Carl, and some other members of the SXM in order for them to prevent it.

He showed the former trio the future itself, and ended up having to rescue them from MRD, nearly getting killed in the process. In the future he was engaged to Kairi who intended to marry, and finally MRD tracked down the MPP's head-quarters and launched a full force attack. Milo desperate had the past warriors rescue Kujon, and Machi, and combining there powers he formed the Gurren Lagann, and gaining spiral power from the SXM he managed to overwhelm the MRD's forces, and returnd the trio to the past, ready to continue the war against MRD.

Melancholy Milo
This was an alternate reality formed by Anri's nigh omnipotent powers, in which TOAA was powerless, and only a select few wielded powers. His life was the same up until joining the police, and ended up working for the police. He ended up going against Benjamin's gang, where he met up with Marie, and later discovered Harry, and ended up heading to Japan with Marie whom he'd bonded with upon learning Benjamin had connections to a super-human to Velon. He ended up learning of others like him, and ended up getting pulled into a super human investigation, which promoted him into the FBI, and he began working hard to help those with powers, setting up a program to help beings with powers, and put together an FBI sponsored team called the Misfits to deal with top cases. He later married Marie, who was also joined the FBI, and currently leads the program dealing with a high profile criminals.

"With Great Power...comes Great Responsibility. I have the Great Power, now I need to be responsible."
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Milo in Civilian Clothing
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Milo's Original Costume
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Future Milo
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Milo using the DarkForce
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Milo using Eternal Mangekyou Sharigan
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Milo using Size Alteration
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Milo: Flame On
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Milo using Organic Ice
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Milo summoning a storm after Yamairo's death
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Milo using Super Hearing
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Milo and Aaron on Patrol:
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Milo monitoring the world:
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Milo saving civilians at super speed
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Milo at the gym
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Milo vs the world
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Milo's inner conflict
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Milo on patrol
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Milo powered up and angry
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Milo in a destroyed city fighting villains
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Milo full of power flying
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Milo standing on a roof top over looking the city
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Milo being cheered on by civilians after saving the world
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Milo Disintegrating Terrel
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Milo in Dark Reign's Future:
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Battle Worn Milo:
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The Void In control of Milo
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Milo's True Form
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Milo's New Costume
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Milo Laughing at his Opponent:
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Milo vs Alex
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Milo vs Aaron
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Milo vs SXM
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Milo vs Nate
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Milo vs MRD
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Milo vs Jet
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Milo vs Kano
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Milo vs Kano: Round 2
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Milo: Will of the Universe Form
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Milo vs Doom(Organic Armor)
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Quote :
Quote :

Milo vs Predators X
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Milo: Chaos Form
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MIlo in Universe/Reality Mode Form
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[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
"Fusion...Fusion..Milo...all these names going through my head, who am I really?"
-Dakota Jameson/Fusion

Name: Dakota Jameson
Codename: Junction;Fusion
Alias:Laser Man, Milo Ventro, Ventro,
Age: 23
Alignment: Chaotic Good/Anti-Hero
Race: African American  
Personality: The reincarnation of Fusion who was stopped by Milo in completing his role as Emperor Fusion. At times he prefers to be left alone but can't turn a blind eye to injustice at his core he wants to make things right in the world. In a constant struggle to regain his memories imbued with some of Milo's better character traits but infected with some of Fusion's more villainous traits.  A tendency for violence and low tolerance for bullshit & deception. He's still every bit as arrogant and stubborn as before when it comes to his choice's but considers that to be his fatal flow. He's open to change but not wide open to embrace it. As his memories grow he experience's a mixture of regret and lust for power & vengeance while at the same time self examining himself to ponder if those qualities really make him the man he wants to be. Longingly he has a desire to fit in the world, and seek a place as someone of good recognition once more.

Known Relatives: Father(Incarcerated), Mother(Deceased), Sister(Carol), Brother (Trevon)

Allies: Police/U.S. Military

Enemies: Criminals & Terrorists, none specific.

Powers & Abilities: Emphatic Mimicry
Emperor Fusion's reincarnation has the same powers as his previous host but thanks to the nature of his reincarnation/resurrection his powers are slowly regenerating as are his memories. His original power mutant/absorbing powers remain the same. Dakota/Fusion has the ability to absorb the powers, energies, memories, knowledge, talents, personality, and physical abilities(Whether superhuman or not) of others by being in their immediate vicinity. However he retains the abilities without requiring the presence of the original user. He's been shown capable of absorbing powers from machines, gods, cosmic entities, mystic entities, and even conceptual forces however these abilities lay dormant now leaving him to mostly superhuman & mutant abilities.
--Another new aspect of his power as his revival is a trial is the "Fusion Meter". A full meter means he has complete access to his current level of power, but hte more he uses his power especially multiple powers in conjunction drains his fusion meter leaving him drained, and with less access to any powers except a few base survival powers like strength, durability, flight, & regeneration at increasingly waning levels.

Abilities Used: (28 Thus Far)
--Superhuman Strength
--Rapid Cell Regeneration (Ledge, Others)
--Optic Blasts
--Energy Manipulation
--Darkness Manipulation(Teleportation)
--Seismic Blasts
--Telekinesis (Cassandra, Sandra, Ikon, others)
--Telepathy (Mind-Reading)
--Flight (Nate, Others)
--Admantium Claws (Logan, Ledge)
--Reality Manipulation (Samantha)
--Power Cosmic (Silver Rider/Galactus, Catherine)
--Elemental Manipulation (Catherine)
--Elemental Shift Disruption (Manny)
--Light Manipulation (Harry)
--Force Field Creation/Generation
--Intangibility (Rail)
--Molecular Fusion (Terrell)
--Substance Mimicry (Terrell)
--Kinetic Adaption (Terrell)
--Superiority (Terrell)
--Fear Aura (Terrell)
--Darkforce Dimension Manipulation (Blackheart)
--Blackheart's Powers (Blackheart)
--Runes (Kano, Thor, Odin)
--Self Molecular Manipulation (Apocalypse, others)
--Kinetic Energy Manipulation (Anna)
--Space Time Manipulation (Yamairo, Kronos, others)

Power Scale:
--Dakota has unlocked the memories of usage related to Emperor Fusion's powers. He does not have Emperor Fusion's full level of power, nor access to his full furray of powers nor able to use his powers at the same scale as Emperor Fusion regularly, or in his prime/max.

--He has superhuman strength naturally in his genes thanks to Benjamin, and several others he's absorbed superhuman strength. He constantly reabsorbs the strength of those around him enhanced and otherwise. So his physical strength level are growing.

--He has tapped into Samantha's reality manipulation powers only on accident and used it to restore Cassandra's access to the Goblin Force. Although his realty tampering gave her immediate usage of the Goblin Force, it would take a few weeks to a month to regain full access with his level of reality manipulation he used to restore them.

--His time manipulation comes primarily from Yamairo as primary exposure and by extension Kronos. He has yet to use Titan level temporal altering effects. He's reversed time in a centralized location to repair a dimensional transportation machine Apocalypse's general Adrian a teleporter was operating after Apocalypse used an anti matter attack which destroyed his throne room, Adrian, and the machine.

Milo Ventro Subconscious: Milo Ventro has been reincarnated as Fusion's subconscious but is also loosing memories and but has more access to their past memories similar to Yami Yugi in the final seasons of Yugioh. He can influence Fusion's emotions, personality, and even his powers by exerting enough force as well as communicate with him telepathically. In brief moments of duress he can gain control over Fusion's body and has somewhat more control over his powers but still not at the peak of his powers levels.

History: Dakota Jameson is a reincarnation of Emperor Fusion & Milo caused by their final clash. He was reborn into a scenario quite different from his own impoverished and into a broken family with rampant drug abuse, and sexual promiscuity. Growing up his father suffered back to back incarceration & his mother struggled with prescription opiod use.

He sought to be a role model to his younger sister Carol and did good in school, following in his perfect brother Trevon's foot-steps to enter the military. He ended up struggling in school getting into drinking in high school. He ended up cleaning up his image after a brief stint of probation for underage drinking, and ended up going into law enforcement. His drinking was problematic, but thanks to a cover up ended up going into the military like his brother. It was during this tandem he began suffering memories from a past life, and ended up manifesting optic blasts. During his final mission in the military his powers ended up hurting someone on his unit unbeknownst to them and he ended up defecting from the military around this time his mother died from an overdose.

He began a cycle of heavy drinking, and seeking purpose as well as coming to terms with being black and a mutant. Thanks to the actions of Emmet improving mutant/human relations it made coming to terms with being a mutant easier, and during the demon invasion he was able to save some people with his powers but felt he wasn't a hero. He's ended up coming into a quite significant sum of money a couple hundred thousand and is now traveling America seeking purpose, trying to deal with voices in his head, memories of a past life, and his steadily progressing powers while seeking a purpose in life.

He began manifesting different powers and memories of Emperor Fusion & Milo's life. This led to him having difficulties and loosing memories which was worsened by his increased drinking leading him to weird scene's and waking up with different women. He eventually got entangled in the life of Sandra's daughter Cassandra, and her sister Abby. With them he ventured farther into the hidden memories & powers in his mind. Their probing led to Emperor Fusion's conscious resurfacing in his head fighting for dominant control over his body.

Eventually in a three way clash for control between Emperor Fusion, Milo, & Dakota they ended up accidentally teleporting him and Cassandra to an alternate timeline based off the Age of Apocalypse where Professor X, Magneto, and several others from the regular X Men universe had perished, Apocalypse reigned supreme, and had took over the world after slaughtering Jean Grey the Phoenix. Emperor Fusion regained control over the body but lost all his memories and was forced to work with Cassandra, and that timeline's version of Logan/Wolverine to escape Apocalypse's imprisonment and eventually do battle with him to obtain the dimensional transportation technology he had so him and Cassandra could return to their own reality. In the final battle against Apocalypse with Cassandra, Logan, Scott Summers, and Storm he was hit by a powerful psionic attack that was meant for Apocalypse who redirected the attack to him. The surge of psionic energy gave him access to memories of how to use his powers, but also allowed Milo to subdue Emperor Fusion and erase memories of himself & Emperor Fusion from Dakota's mind giving him a fresh start at life as a reincarnation with memories of how to use his powers.

He ended up helping the heroes kill Apocalypse, as Logan had a gun with one bullet composed of anti mugen and vibranium that could kill Apocalypse. Using Terrell's powers he allowed Apocalypse to absorb him and use his powers to overwhelm the heroes. Then from within he incapacitated Apocalypse, and reverted him to physical form allowing Logan's bullet to penetrate his brain and kill him. Killing Apocalypse caused the Dark Phoenix of that timeline to rise revealing that Apocalypse hadn't killed Jean merely Jean's psyche allowing the Dark Phoenix to rise and seek vengeance on this world for her death. The Dark Phoenix used her powers in conjunction with the dimensional technology Apocalypse's general Adrian was operating to return Dakota & Cassandra back to their regular dimension but on the Kree homeworld Hala.

Dakota now brimming with information on how to use his powers, as well as being purged of Emperor Fusion & Milo's memories seeks to live a new life with his newfound unlimited power, and seek's Cassandra's guidance on how to move forward as well as return to earth.


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