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 Reese Warner (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Reese Warner (Heroes Uprising)   Thu Mar 29, 2012 2:09 am

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"Angels and Demons, there all my bitches even Big D himself."
-Reese Warner

Name: Reese Warner
Codename: N/A
Alias: N/A
Age: 31
Height: 5'4
Weight: 275 lbs
Alignment: Neutral Good
Identity: Secret
Species: Homo-superior
Race: Caucasian
Personality: Reese is your typical religious southern man. He is devoted to God, and is very "Churchey" loving church and all its aspects. He's a man who is really nice, and is always helping people out, but hates 'bad' folks people who are out to do bad things, and demons. He is always up for some good ole fashion southern cooking, and has a love for sports specifically Football. He loves fellowship with others, and is outspoken about his beliefs!
Known Relatives: Father, Mother, Elijah(Brother), Mary Leeworth Warren(Wife), Billy Warren,

Allies: Agency, Heavenly Host, Shadow X Men

Enemies: Hell,

Occupation: Pastor
Religion: Christianity
Theme Song:Lloyd Banks-Start it up [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Skills: Reese is skilled in hand to hand combat, and is good with guns due to his background and history in the Agency. He is very knowledgeable on Abrahamic Mythology, but believes in Christianity.

Weapons: Reese has a variety of hunting rifles in his home, and keeps a cross.

Powers: Essence Manipulation
Reese has lost alot of power as of recent. He is capable of sensing essence, and is capable of causing harm to anyone as if they were regular humans, however their natural durability can still provide protection. He is capable of teleporting to people based on their essence but that pushes him past his limits without the aid of amphetamines or supercharging.

Reese is an Omega-Alpha mutant with Essence Manipulation. A rare ability that lets him manipulate any essence Divine, Demonic, Cosmic, Magical and many more including the essence of Energy, Time, Space, Reality, and life itself. He is able to control factors of essence meaning he can control Angels, and Demons but this can extend to controlling beings composed of cosmic and magical energies, or even beings who draw on it. Since he can control bare essence aka life that means he has a form of mind control over sentiment beings that overrides psioninc defenses and such. This ability can be used to track people as he can track essence as well. Not only is he able to control factors of essence but he can summon it meaning he can summon legions of demonic creatures to his aid, and he can even form essence meaning he can create artificial creatures such as Angels, and can even generate duplicates with the same power of more of the original, and there seems to be no upper limit to any aspects of this ability.

He is capable of absorbing essence so he can render the target effectively human in nature, and when drawing life he can render the target deceased. He is shown capable of distributing essence such as granting a human divine essence to allow them to gain angelic properties as shown when he gave Dave divine essence to simulate an Angel's level of teleportation. He can manifest properties of essence as well, allowing him a form of Essence mimicry of any form of essence and can selectively manipulate the essence of a specific being, allowing him a range of abilities he can duplicate. He is shown capable of usurping the essence of beings which is merely a more advanced of mimicry which not only grants him the beings power, but also renders them weaker, or even human in terms of power. He is capable of negating essence, or generating an Essence free zone meaning he can form an area where Angels or Demons cannot enter, and can even extend this to 'Supernatural' Essence to make it so certain creatures or beings cannot come into a certain area, or make it so they are human in a certain area, or make his very presence render them in a human like state.

This can extend to raw essence itself making it so certain energies cannot be allowed by certain beings meaning lycans cannot access kinetic energy in Georgia, or there's no gravitational energy in certain areas. Or his presence can distort life such as people cannot die in his presence or negate living rendering people in the area dead. Due to his ability to draw in essence he can render himself immune to all forms of essence or selective forms, and grant immunity to others, and allow beings using essence to be affected as though humans, and that means it can effect them with mutant abilities. This means he can make himself immune to life essence so he can negate the effects of beings who produce life essence. He is even immortal since he can control the essence of souls making him immortal, and can perform Shawkun esque abilities. He can activate, and deactivate the use of essence. He can even switch essence's causing an Angel, and Demon to trade essence's, or redirecting the effects of Essence. He is even capable of destroying the Heavenly Host, and Heaven and Hell itself since he can absorb Essence from entire dimensions. Absorbing Creational Essence or the essence of the dimension itself he can become one with an area gaining nigh omnipotent control over it, and this includes the ability to absorb it all or eradicate it with a thought.

He can even control the 'levels' of essence classifying it under numbers, and altering the level meaning he can make a low tiered demon as powerful as Baal, and place Baal on a low tier ranked level. He can extend this to any of the essences meaning how powerful elements are, magic, cosmic energies ect. This also means he can determine how many years people can live, and can duplicate Sancho's power causing people to die, or even using the essence of life to trigger Reapers swooping into strip people of there souls, and deliver them to there eternal resting place. Since Essence is constantly being generated Reese constantly gains more and more power.

Reese Warren was born into a typical southern family in Alabama his father was a pastor, and his mother a school teacher, and his older brother Elijah was interested in cars, and money and according to his father going to the sinful path. His brother was four or five years older, and the more popular of the brothers, but Reese always strives to be popular, and eventually got into a car accident with one of Elijah's illegal races. His brother was sentenced to two years, and he miraculously survived, and after that he put his faith in God, becoming a christian. After graduating high school he went to College to study Theology, and worked as a youth pastor in his local church in Alabama. After graduating he became a full time pastor leading many to Christ with his knowledge of Abrahamic Mythology. His ability manifested during a shooting at his church, where he healed himself, and another woman Mary Leeworth.

She was infatuated with him, and about a year later they were married. They had a kid named Billy Warren, and the Agency sought him out, and he was recruited as one of the Founding Members, forming a strong sibling like bond with Angel. Learning of his ability with help from Vinlo, he was able to help those dealing with demonic spirits, and become an exorcist as a side job, dealing with the Agency's spiritual issues, keeping the public unaware of demonic threats, and aiding religious mutants. When the Agency fell apart, he got Angel to join his church, before Vinlo's outburst in which he confronted his old comrade, but was murdered, but despite Intuitive Ability, he's tampered with the ability so that Vinlo would gain little control. Sent to paradise, many years later the demons sought out his soul, as the Heavenly Host planned to sentence him to death in order to survive.

The Demons got him out to Hell, but he honed his skills locating the other innocents, and joining forces with the SXM to save David, and the innocents. After the rescue from Hell he returned to earth, becoming a youth pastor again and lead many mutants to Christ especially during the 3rd Great Awakening. He joined the Omega League along with Milo, Amber, Kano, Carmen, and Fawkes. He aided in crises such as when Milo reconstructed the Omniverse, and later died during the Omega League's assault on Heaven when Zadkiel took over, as Zadkiel used the nature of his ability to manipulate freewill to free him from the essence of existence, dispersed into pure essence. He reformed later posing as "God" leading the Heavenly Host nearly leading a war against humanity as part of the "Final Judgement". Milo and the Omega Squad stopped that, but in the process he lost a vast majority of his power.

He returned to earth to continue preaching the word of God, believing the reason he lost his powers were to continue his ministry. His powers returned much weaker to help him free some teenagers whom were possessed by some vengeful demons, and he began leading more to Christ. He was invited to Milo's wedding, and chosen to be the pastor to wed them. In return with the aid of amphetamines he tracked Milo down to Africa easing his pain, and getting him to return to Genosha to enjoy his bachelor party.


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Reese Warner (Heroes Uprising)
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