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 Kain Sonne (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Kain Sonne (Heroes Uprising)   Kain Sonne (Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 29, 2012 2:17 am

Name: Kain Sonne (German for Sun) ("Real" name is Aaron Yamamoto-Anderson, as well as Darien Archer, will be explained later.)
Codename: Hell's Best Friend, Hell Child Project, Devil's Claw, Project 666
Alias: Hell Reaper
Age: 20
Height: 5'10
Weight: 210 (pure muscle, dense bone, some bionics.)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Identity: Secret
Species: Genetically engineered human/mutant
Race: Caucasian, from no specific regions.
Appearance: He has long black hair, blue eyes, slightly pale skin, athetic build, he wears a long black trench coat, like this [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] He also wears armored gloves and his boots are armored.
Personality: His personality depends on whether he is fighting or not, and who he is around, when he is fighting, he is cold and distant. Otherwise around strangers he is distant and calm, but around his sister he is kind, warm, and gentle. He is very intelligent and doesn't like fighting women, but he will definitely kill.
Known Relatives: Sister: Alive. Main genetic engineer/father: VERY dead. Adopted Brothers Dan Della Robia/Iron Strike and Kale Yamamoto/Shinku/Hell Strike.
Allies: Shinku/Hell Strike/Kale Yamamoto, Iron Strike/Dan Della Robia And Elizabeth.
Enemies: Unkown, probably most people at the moment.
Occupation: Mercenary.
Religion: Very Atheist
Theme Song:https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=4XLzzGdCcdE Devil Came To Me by Dover
Skills: Every aspect of fighting, hacking, computers, emergency treatment, torture, all forms of vehicle piloting, stealth, shooting anything/everything, lying/deception (for missions only), decryption, codes/decoding, killing, explosives, vehicle repair, parkour like no other, acrobatics, infiltration, ect.
Weapons: Countless energy based weapons, blades, ect. He has a suit that can hide weapons and tools in a pocket dimension, his suit can also turn him invisible and can propel him through water, and can fly at a few hundred miles per hour, and due to gravity generators on his boots, he can walk up building and on ceilings for infiltraition.

Powers: Increased physical attributes, similar to Spider-Man, except Spider abilities. He can create an incredibly destructive energy field capable of ripping through adamantium if enough power is applied, it shreds in all directions when something comes in contact with it, it can also be used as an energy shield and energy blades, it needs to be projected through his skin, so it can't be used long range, he can generate small bursts of electricity transmitted through contact, he can see incredible distances with stunning accuracy and see in any spectrum, measure things, ect, due to optical implants, he has incredible hearing, smell and sense of touch if he desires, he can turn abilities on and off, except his sixth sense, it's not like the "Spider-Sense" Spider Man has, it's an innate sense of what is going on near him, if he's at a restaurant, and a waitress is about to walk into someone, he'll -probably- know, not definitely, it is imperfect, he can withstand unimaginable amounts of pain, and even delay it till later, his bones are reinforced, and his cyber brain can interact with most technology, he has a nutrient and anti-biotic/adrenaline and general survival injector in his chest, he has three hearts, four lungs, two livers, and a minor healing factor, he's no Deadpool as far as healing goes, but he is the ultimate assassin.

Bio: He was genetically engineered in an alternate dimension where Shinku and Iron Strike currently reside. At a point, Iron Strike had his mind looked through, and the people behind it decided to use his knowledge to create the ultimate assassin, and they succeeded, they created his DNA and genetic code from scratch, and gave him incredible abilities, they "downloaded" information directly into his brain once it was formed enough. He was born in a test tube without previous genetic material, i.e. no sperm or egg. They named him Darien Archer after the scientist who created him. After he was formed as an infant, information was constantly feed through his mind, he was experimented on, and trained. When he began independent thoughts, they installed a device into his brain to control him, when he was twelve, nonstop missions began, starting small, regular assassination of well guarded diplomats, then he moved on to bigger prey, he took on the best, and killed them, by fifteen, he killed 3285 people, not including body guards. Averaging 3 missions every day, 365, for three years. He ended up facing Shinku and Iron Strike, finally losing, Iron Strike/Dan removed the mind control device, but not before wiping a significant amount of his memories to avoid what trauma was possible, they got a psychic to help repair his mind as best as possible, Doctor Xavier to be exact. After the beginning of his therapy he escaped and killed the person he created him, he rescued his daughter, who was seven, from him, she was used for experiments and "despicable purposes". He had adopted Iron Strike and Shinku/Hell Strike as his brothers, and took their last names. He returned and continued therapy, helping to take care of the girl he rescued as his sister, then began hero work, but when he was 19, it was discovered what he had done for three years, Shinku and Iron Strike vouched for him, being some of the most respected people on earth, they gave them a year to come up with a solution, they knew immediately what to do, they would send him to the dimension they came from. They took time preparing, and got Kain everything he needed, Dan built his special suit, weapons, improved implants, ect. He decided to take his sister with him. Which she had demanded. After the preperation was done, they began their journey.
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Kain Sonne (Heroes Uprising)
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