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 Monel(Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Monel(Heroes Uprising)   Thu Mar 29, 2012 5:53 pm

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"The Reign of the Surfer is over! All will kneel before Monel!

Name: Monel
Alias: Money!
Age: 26
Height: 5'5
Weight: 243 lbs
Alignment: Bad
Identity: Public
Species: Zenn Lavian
Race: Caucasian
Personality: Monel is a hot headed general who believes violence and control are the perfect factors needed for an organized society. He believes the strong willed should have control over the lesser and weaker factions of a population, and he self elevates himself to a high status believing he is superior. Despite his narcissistic personality, he is a strong believer of no man left behind, and is devoted to preserving his people, even if he wants to dominate them. To add to this he has a slightly Xenophobic nature and does not like other races. He balances out his intellectual nature with his fierce nature, making him a powerful yet tactical combatant. Last but not least his manipulative charisma is of legend, and even with the tiniest evidence he can turn entire civilizations against each other.
Known Relatives: Jorel(Father), and Lara(Mother.)

Allies: Black Zero

Enemies: Avengers, Trill Squad

Occupation: Terrorist
Religion: Polytheistic
Theme Song:

Monel is a master of nearly all forms of combat, and has  studied and practices several martial arts styles. He's also Omni lingual, and can speak several languages. He's a master of bladed weaponry ranging from Heavy Swords to Stiletto Knives.

Nothing notable

Powers: Monel has no known Superhuman powers except he has a vast intellect. He is considered intellegent even so compared to other Zenn Lavians, whom are sometimes not able to understand him, and his technological advancements he develops for Black Zero.

Monel was born to one of Zenn Lavia's greatest scientists Jorel, and was raised to live up to high expectations. He at first attended regular education, and excelled continuing his family's legacy. After graduating from the major learning facilities he was tutored by his father, and realized that despite there advanced culture they were weak to attacks. He realized they depended too much on Norrin Radd the Silver Surfer to protect them, and was upset by that. He had his father tutor him, and unlocked the secretes of his planet, included old weaponry, using modern technology he rebooted it, and began designing several weapons including many WMD's,, and joined the ZLC(Zenn Lavian Council). He quickly was rising to be the President of the Council but voiced his concerns, and was removed for advocating violence.

He was frustrated, as some aliens attacked there planet, he defended the planet with his technology. After that he started a faction known as Black Zero because they were first Zenn Lavian offensive faction and were the first to start. They were outlawed despite the invasion, and the council relied on the Surfer. He built the faction up, and even come into contact with energy from the Heart of the Infinite intending to use it to become omnipotent. He turned Black Zero against earth whom he claimed without they would not be needed, as Surfer would be there guardian. He invaded earth after Surfer's death, and intended to use Terrel's powers to become one with the HOTU energies.

Stripped of his power he united his people against earth, and  Black Zero become the planet's main defense against threats, and they played a massive war in the Galaxy War, in the end loosing to the Human-Skrull alliance. After retreating he later donated technology to Aaron to help him exact his vengeance on Terrell. After finding out he'd been tricked, and Aaron hadn't killed Terrell he was infuriated. However dissension in Black Zero meant he was focused on dealing with the Zenn Lavian council, and dealing with rebelling factions that wanted to stop him from turning the planet into one of a war world. Monel used Black Zero, his resources, and technology to wage war on Zenn Lavia using the Council against the people, he successfully took over the planet. He slowly but surely transformed Zenn Lavia into a war planet, and sought out the Surfer founding out he started a family elsewhere in the galaxy.

Monel put together an elite team to seek out and murder the Surfer's family, and celebrate his death, as he framed him as a traitor to the Zenn Lavian race using sophisticated illusion generating technology, and mind control technology. After capturing the Surfer, and his wife he seek's to harness the power cosmic and combining it with a device he's working the Enhancer, to gain vast cosmic power that rivals that of Galactus to concquer the universe for Zenn Lavia. However the only obstacle is the Surfer's board which his son has escaped with.


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Monel(Heroes Uprising)
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