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 Shadow X-Men (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Shadow X-Men (Heroes Uprising)   Sat Mar 31, 2012 4:46 pm

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Shadow X-Men! Move out!

Name: Shadow X-Men/X-Men
Location(s): Genosha Island, Space Station X
Theme song:
Halo ODST theme (fan made) [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
John Ottman - Suite X2/DOFP/Apocalypse [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

The Genosha Mutant School
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Space Station X:
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The X-Mansion is outfitted with state of the art technology reverse engineered from the Skrulls and Travler's private ship. Ezekiel and Alex built the entire power grid and computer system of the mansion, and the entire estate is self sufficient with solar panels and repulsor back up generators given by Aaron Stark. The danger room hologram technology is usable everywhere around the mansion, and there are several port points between the large estate.

Beneath the mansion is the SXM command center, with a computer system connected with the SHIELD, Avengers and Shadow League database. The Cerebro, a psionic booster used to track humans, particularly mutants, and the Danger Room, a very powerful virtual reality simulator, are also located bellow the mansion. Only staff members and former SXM have access to the underground area.

A bit far off the campus is the hangar containing the SXM blackbird, Travler's ship (reduced in size to fit) and several Skrull weaponry. The hanger is only accessible through a special port point in the underground at the main mansion.

The Space Station also possesses teleportation devices to beam anywhere on the planet.

Goal(s): Help in the relationships between mutants and humans. To teach mutants how to control their powers

Yamairo (Jikoko Dono)

James (Psych)
Abagail Anderson (Vector)
Katy (Hydrogirl)
Luke Duke (Metal Man)
Jim (Sandman)
Justin (Metallic)
Isabel (Tempest)
Filipe (Ice-Hands)
Anna (Charge)
Rachel (Foresight)
Tiffany (Wild Cat)

Non active:
Collin (Mammoth)
Shaun (Wrath)
Ikon (Grim)
Mikey (Beast)
Cain (Kaine)
Niko (Blaster)
Roger (Stellar)
Riya (Tormentor)
Nate (SR-71)
Silver Rider

Code:Breakers (Independent within the team):
Emmet Von Phoenix (No codename)
Sandra (Phoenix)

Students/Underage members:
Galadriel "Gally" Ventro Costa
Stella Ventro Costa
David Fuller
Danny Ventro
Amy Ventro
Cassandra Fuller

Staff and Faculty of the Academy;
Yamairo (Principal, power control and history teacher)
Filipe (biology and chemistry teacher)
James (English and philosophy teacher)
Ezekiel (Programing, physics and math teacher)
Anna (Physical education and self defense teacher)
Juliet Sanders
Luke (Super strength control)

The group that became the new X-Men began sometime after the attack of the Hunters, and the genocide of all meta humans and other heroes from the universe, and the memory wipe that followed. During the eighties, three mutants, Samuel Ventro, Fawkes Logarth and Hank Pengrove came together to form a team to help others like them, at the time called the evolved humans. They gathered to them a boy named Gilroy Holden who could emit sonic screams and waves, Karuya Ryogu, a peaceful member of an assassin's family that could create a time dilatation field and Angel, a woman capable of seeing the future. Together they form what would later be called the "First Class".
However, Samuel and Angel together discover the inner workings of the Agency, an organization run by Blot, an electrokinetic, working to use mutants in their attempts to control the work. Samuel takes them over, and begins using them for his own purposes. Slowly he begins to lose sight of his vision, intense instead of mutant supremacy. Fawkes, Hank and the remaining First Class confront and defeat him, and then split.

It would be over 30 years before the dream was revived. Yamairo, a young mutant with chronokinesis and spacial manipulation, meets Fawkws. Together with Hank, they reform the dream, tracking down and aiding mutants all over the world. They are eventually joined by William, a healer, Holst, a precognitive that paints his visions, Anna, a girl able to create explosions and Filipe, a cryokinetic.
It is when this group meets Milo Ventro, the son of Samuel, and Nate Moron, a homeless man friends with Milo, that the purpose of the group begins to coalesce into something more. Together, they also find Troy, a pyrokinetic, Sandra, a girl with telekinetic powers and untapped potential, Katy a hydrokinetic and woman named Isabel Sephira, able to control the weather. Together, the group worked together to stop Zulan, a serial killer mutant able to absorb the powers of others by studying their brain. It was during the final fight that Harry Esteven, a young teenager able to control light, joined the group.

They gathered together at a warehouse provided by Milo's wealth, and organized into a hero team to fight against mutant threats too great for authorities to handle, and to protect innocent mutants from those authorities. After a final confrontation with the mutant Jason, who was attempting to take over the US government, the group were contacted by an Asgardian god. He revealed to them the truth of their world, and what the Hunters had done to the universe. It was at this point that Yamairo and Milo officially picked the name Shadow X-Men, a shadow of the past, just as the world was a shadow of what it was. Many joined the group. Kano the heir of Thor, Dave a teleporter who had saved Sandra during the first days of her powera wakening, Alisa, a mob princess that Anna rescued in New York and Chulance, a young man capable of adapting to situations through rapid evolution.

The group carried on as they were, fighting the Asgardian god Loki, aiding in the rescue of Bruce Banner's descendants, and fighting in a soul tournament to reclaim Sandra's stolen soul, However, when a returning Samuel Ventro uses a masterful ploy to jumpstart the return of mutant kind, Yamairo sees a need to create a safe haven for them, And so, using their powers, they bring forth a massive island out of the north Atlantic, near the USA, and form island nation of Genosha, run for and by mutants, and there establish the Genosha institute to help teach young mutants how to control their powers.

They go through a civil war between their kind, an invasion by a mercenary organization, and the return of the mystical powers to the Earth, as Blackhearth attacks their world. It takes the reawakening of the Phoenix Force within Sandra to stop him. They fight in Travlers Secret Wars, fend off a Skrull invasion and help defeat the Legacy organization, which had been behind the registration act that had split them apart.

Their mettle was finally truly tested against the Phoenix Alliance. Several of their members including Sandra and Milo were taken by the enemy, and the remaining ones were left to defend and mount a counter attack.
Despite this, thanks to help from Aaron and Amber, the SXM managed to defeat the Alliance. However, the discovery that they made shocked them. They discovered the origin of the attack that had killed most of the heroes, the Hunters, and they discovered that they would be returning. The SXM had to prepare.

Their first test to the new defends came when two groups they had fought before, Akatsuki and the Espada, attacked to kidnap the various elementals in order to use them for a ritual, which was revealed to be a manipulation to release a powerful demonic mutant, Iliria Galio, back into the world. During the fighting, Isabel, who had joined Akatsuki previously, dies fighting Yamairo.
They then defended Earth from an attack by the Gods of Olympus, who were tracking down Kronos, whom Yamairo had released to gain information and training from. They managed to defeat both the gods and the titans, who had attempted to capitalize on the war. The team was then caught in the middle of a struggle from Anna's past, as a past mercenary organization she had been a part of, but did not remember, came for her. The truth of her history is revealed when a mutant named Sefirot is released and attempts to take over the planet's life force, forcing the team to stop him, at the cost of Alisa's life.

While Anna was still missing, other plots were afoot. A strange church had began to move in it's "sacred" duty to exterminate all humans. As this church somehow causes disappearances of large buildings at once to obtain ransoms and funds, the SXM are forced to deal with an attack on the Genosha by Iliria, who made a copy of Isabel through homunculus alchemy to get inside Yamairo's head for her personal amusement. The attack failed due to a sudden return of Anna, who defeated the clone when Yamairo could not.
Moving back to the church, it seems their overall goal was the resurrect Apocalypse. However, the evil mutant soon went out of hand and fired several warheads towards major cities, intent on killing mutants and humans alike. Just as it seemed hopeless, the inhumans intervened and stopped the missiles. The SXM then defeated Apocalypse putting an end to his plan.

Meanwhile, the Red Room (or rather, the remnants) used him to cause a mass pandemic of the Legacy Virus amongst the mutants, and in the infected counted Yamairo. Filipe himself had decided to master his powers to new degrees and broken quarantine to train elsewhere. The SXM procured the help of Virus and him and William got to work on making a cure. Meanwhile, the Hunters had began to move. When he decided not to go after Filipe, Harry broken quarantine as well
At their training sight, Harry and Filipe were attacked by the Russian forces and Harry was infected. William, who was out looking for him was attack by a mysterious agent, the "Black Reaper". He defeated the Shinigami Doctor and then proceeded in capturing both an infected Harry and Filipe. The infected Harry escaped to Genosha, and just when it seemed as if he would infect the entire island, Silver Surfer appeared and solved the problem. William also found the cure and vaccinated the SXM against the disease.

Surfer says he appeared because of the soon to be attack Hunters. Milo sends out a message to everyone, villain and hero alike, that the final battle drew near. Meanwhile, Filipe takes training from the Black Reaper, or Hei, in order to master his powers, and in return agrees to help Hei with a mission he must perform during the invasion. Kano takes up training in the runic magic. Meanwhile, Marie, wishing to rid the homunculus Isabel from Iliria's control, takes a team and attacks her, Milo protects Iliria. However, Harry finally deduces exactly what Iliria had done with Marie. Milo finally snaps and threatens her if she ever goes near Marie again. Harry takes the cue to force Iliria to release Isabel. Back on Genosha, Anna finally finds out what happened to Bernard. He became a Hunter under the hivemind's control

Spending the last few days as if their last, the SXM thus arrive at the final battle. The war starts in space where Nono, accompanied by the Buster Corps, starts the offensive on the massive Hunter fleet. Soon Kano, with full mastery of the runs, arrives.
On earth, the Hunters converge their efforts of the epicenter of superhuman power, Genosha. There, the X-Force guard the beach, while the SXM and Avengers fight across the island. While at first they manage to succeed in defending themselves, soon, the Hunters using a massive beam destroy the entire harbor area and kill Donny of the X-Force. As they prepare a second blast, however, Manny's crew, in Menace's navy ship, slam into them. As they do, Gary and Stewart arrive and begin to destroy the Hunter ground fleet. Meanwhile, in the center, it seems as if the Hunters are sending out the more power fighters. Anna and AVALANCHE end up fighting Bernard. Milo fights the Sentry Hunter.
In Namini's village, she's attacked by the Rulk Hunter. As it seems hopeless for the fighters, the villains arrive and manage to help out in deflecting the attacks on various points. The Espada in the center of the island, and Akatsuki at the docks. Milo meanwhile manages, with the other's help, to defeat Prime and Zulan. He gathers the strongest fighters on Earth and prepares to attack the main Hunter ship. The remaining fighters decide to take the fight to the major cities.

Meanwhile, at the mansion, Filipe arrives to save it from a hunter attack. But, he moves away as quickly as he came when he notices that Hei was attacked by Harry. The two friends fight with Filipe trying to stop Harry from getting in the way of the Black Reaper, whose mission is to take Yin to the center of the island.
In space, thanks in part to the inhuman fleet, the space fleet is also defeat. Nono moves quickly to the main ship.
Back on Earth, the SXM are being pushed back in the cities, particularly NYC, but when the Harbor forces clear their area and go for support, they manage to pull through. Hei defeats several SXM along the way and reaches the center of the island, and Filipe defeats Harry, deciding to go meet Hei to finish this "mission". Back in space, Milo's forces manage to just barely defeat the Hunter leader, with the sacrifice of Nono's degeneracy engine, and Milo becoming the new leader. Back on Genosha, it turns out that Hei's mission was the use Yin to kill all mutants on the island. Just as Yin is about to refuse, she looses control, and Hei uses his mysterious powers to create a gigantic quantum barrier around the center of the island, taking himself and Filipe with him.
The war ends with many casualties, but the super heroes of Earth survived

Months have passed since the Hunter war. Harry has left the team, along with some others. One of their last missions is dealing with a strange kidnapper in Miami, which turns out to be a decoy. Jorgan rigs the election becomes the President of the United States, and frames Aaron as a criminal. Using that, he dissolves SHIELD and instates HAMMER. He forces every super human to register to the monitoring act and starts what many call "Dark Reign". The island of Genosha is attack by a bomb that takes almost all mutants and SXM members to the fiction prisons of Carmen. James join the Dark Avengers to protect the girl
Some members escape and form a resistance with other superheroes.

The SXM are dissolved at the end when it proves impossible for the mutant team to remain active. However, the members that remain together, along with some returning ones (Harry and Filipe) are forced to deal with a returning Shawkun, who gets Nightmare to help him with dealing with the dispersed members, including taking the Phoenix from Sandra. He also gets Spike to turn all of them against Milo. Jin, who's in on the plan, forces Katy to join him after altering her personality, and also gets her to kill Troy. The SXM manage to track Shawkun down, and Milo engages him. Proving unable to defeat him, he tricks him and gives his soul for his, but in the end overwhelms him from within and takes his soul.

After this, the SXM, still somewhat scattered, attack and take back Genosha island, turning into a free nation and a utopia for mutants. During this time they're forced to deal with many different fronts. Sefirot manages to return, and Sandra regains her status as the Phoenix, including becoming the White Phoenix of the Crown. Meanwhile, Jin continues his manipulation of his sister Katy to turn her into as bad a person as he is. Harry and Filipe try to maintain their status as agents of MI6 and CIA. Terrel deals with freeing the other symbiote from the government's control.

After Sandra's intervention, Katy returns to the team and Troy is revived. Terrel quits the team after Surfer nearly kills Riya due to his fight and murder of Kosmos. Meanwhile, as the Hellfire Club scatter due to the arrival of Azathoth and the awakening of Iliria as an Outer God, Anna returns to the team and deciding to finally put an end the Inner Circle, who are now scattered and weakened.
Meanwhile the other members deal with the revival of several villains, some from the old generation of heroes.

When Milo created the Shadow League to gather all of Earth's heroes together, the SXM stopped being a response hero team and was relegated to simply the staff of the Mutant Academy. Lead by Yamairo and James and operating from the X-Mansion they help train young mutants in the use of their powers and also serve as a boarding school for children and teenagers that do not take up permanent residence on Genosha.
However, after the MRD returned, Filipe decided to disband the League, and officially rename it the Shadow X-Men, in response to what he saw as an attack on his mutant compatriots. The SXM thus remained the fighting force throughout much of the MRD, Mother and Brood events. The team was then post Brood War split, and it is neither called the League or the X-Men. However, the Shadow X-Men side can be said to have been composed of Filipe, Yamairo, Milo and Sandra, plus their respective families, with James, Anna and Katy as other members. In this form they helped fend off the HYDRA invasion and Jet's attack on the planet

After almost a month of decentralized action, Sandra took matters into her own hands after cerebro was stolen. Believing Filipe and Yama were too soft, she decided to take leadership herself. She gathered several powerful people to her side, including a group of powerful metas lead by her friend Emmet, Terrel and Mike from the Terror Squad and several SXM members who were similarly disgruntled with the currently. After gathering her forces, she attacked and took Genosha island, despite attempts by the Avengers and SHIELD to stop her, and despite Yamairo's efforts to contest her leadership. She gives herself more and more to the darkness, and when Aya accidentally cuts the connection to her psionic powers and the Phoenix, it only gets worse. Dave, Ezkiel, Rider and Cassandra meanwhile travel to Zenn-Lavia to try and save Rider's people, while Cassandra works on her power. Here, the fight triggers the strange cosmic entity that inhabits Cassandra, the Goblin, a bat like demonic force. She uses it to defeat Monel. Meanwhile Zach continues his gathering of a mutant army, and Korin contacts the team for help with his mutant vampire hybrids, feigning good intentions.

Eventually she fully falls to the evil powers, but thanks to the Shadow X-Men that had stepped back from the team, she's fought off, and with Amber's help the Phoenix fixes her powers. However, it is at this point, the government perfects a new weapon called the Genocide weapon, acquired through manipulation of Ezekiel by a mutant called Arianna who has sided with Zach, as she hopes this will push him into a genocide of mankind. The government, with Tess Summer's help, fires the weapon on the mutant slums in Chicago, and then on Genosha. Zach managed to save most, but not Cassandra, and this makes Sandra swear revenge. She attacks Chicago, but thanks to Yamairo's intervention, she is purged of the darkness, and Jet is killed by Amber. Vance orders an attack on LA, which spurs Gally to its defense. She, as well as the X-Force and Korin, fight Shaun, while Filipe and Sandra infiltrate and destroy the Hellicarrier. Despite their victory, the weapon vanishes. Korin uses another of Terracorp's projects, Inertia, to superchange his and his sires vampirism, amongst them Carmen and Ledge.

The X-Men then track down and do battle with Zach as he unleashes the chapter black tape, a recording of all of mankind's evils pulled from Yu Yu Hakashu with Kujon's help. Yamairo quickly freezes time and talks Zach down. Sandra hunts down and kills the people responsible for the weapon, until it is revealed it is in Korin's hands, and he has Tess unleash it on the government of China. The X-Men united with the Avengers fend off the vampire army, until Ledge manages, with Peter's help, to begin curing them of their super vampirism. Carmen captures and leaves Korin in the shadow realm of fiction, and the army is pushed back. The President gives all the Shadow X-Men a presidential pardon, but they elect to move to a newly built space station instead.

Soon after this assault, Kano is released from Hell. Yamairo manages to inspire most of the team to help defend humanity from Kano's onslaught, as the Avengers take the fight to him. Before they're even allowed to rest, the next day, after the Avengers track down Amber, it is discovered Iliria escaped the Brimstone, and she attacks the space station, managing to control several team members into attacking Sandra, capturing on tape and spreading further hatred for the Phoenix. This keeps them from helping the X-Force in Baghdad against Darksteel and his Horsemen.

After this, the team finally has time to bury all the casualties of the Kano invasion and Simon's Celestial attack. However, a robot from the future called Omega starts killing various heroes, including Ledge, Yamairo and Isabel. The team races to stop him, and after a fight and race across several planets ending in Zenn-Lavia, they manage to outwit and defeat him, and Milo uses the infinity gems to end the chaos wave. Just shortly after, he decides to take matter of human hate against mutants into his own hands, and declares that he shall protect and handle all mutant affairs in the USA. Yamairo warns him to not go too far, but Milo all but takes over the US and forcefully activates anyone that has an x-gene but does not manifest powers. Yamairo convinces several members of the team to aid him against Milo, but he loses, and Milo completes a takeover of the planet. During these events a girl from the future, who Yama determines to be his daughter, is brought in and questioned. She is taken back by a group of five very powerful enemies.

After Milo's first victory, Yamairo with the Avengers and the Code:Breaker's help goes into the future to discover what happened. Here he finds the universe ruled by Emperor Fusion, with the Outer Gods of Pride and Lust slowly consuming him and using the never ending struggle to release themselves back into the multiverse. Yamairo orders the team to go back to the present while he aids what remains of the X-Men and the Code:Breakers in the future, but Sandra elects to simply shut out the dimension and brings Yamairo back. The X-Men, Avengers and Code:Breakers then fight Milo's team and manage to defeat him. Yamairo banishes all the team members that sided with Milo


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Shadow X-Men (Heroes Uprising)
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