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 Jet Moller (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Jet Moller (Heroes Uprising)   Mon Jan 23, 2012 10:15 pm

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I am the dark itself...the shadow in your mind, and the fear of your heart. Never forget I'm always there somehow

Name: Jet Moller.
Codename: Darkness.
Alias: That dark bastard (by Harry)
Age: 26
Height: 6.0
Weight: 165 lbs (all muscle)
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Identity: Secret
Species: Homo-superior
Race: Caucasian
Personality: Jet is a sadistic and cruel individual with no qualms about killing or torturring others to further his own goals. He doesn't hesitate to attack anyone, friends or foes, to better his chances at attaining what he wants. Despite this, he is extremely calm, and has a great sense of opportunity and wits, which means he does not mindlessly kill without aim, and always has a plan up his sleeve.
He isn't above helping the SXM if it saves his own skin, but he hates working with Harry, despite the good team they make.
Known Relatives: Mother and father (deceased).

Allies: Hellfire Club

Enemies: Harry, SXM

Occupation: Mercenary
Religion: Atheist
Theme Song:
Disturbed: The Night [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Iron Maiden: Fear of the Dark [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

He is a very good fighter, and a master of stealth, especially at night due to his powers.

Jet his arguably the strongest elemental user of the planet, ranking toe to toe with Harry

-Darkness manipulation: Jet has completely control over darkness itself, and can create it from his body at will. He can use the darkness to form physical attacks, extra arms that sort of act like Abigail's vectors, or in the dead of night, or extreme dark conditions, he can become one with the darkness itself. He can even cause darkness to swallow the sky and turn off any light sources, turning the field into home advantage almost instantly. The darkness itself also functions as a void that absorbs anything, essentially making him capable of manipulating gravity.
--Dark Form: Jet takes the form of pure darkness, essentially becoming immune to any form of attack. His body naturally absorbs anything that hits him, nullifying energy and absorbing, crushing and relflecting matter due to the gravity aspect of darkness. If by chance a darkness attack was reflected back, it would merely be absorbed. His only known weakness in this form is pure light, but even then it is difficult to deal him damage. He can only be brought out of this form with sunlight.
--Darkness Consume: For times when there isn't the pitch black conditions required for "Dark form", Jet can take this alternate state. To attain this it, he literally absorbs any darkness around him. Shadows, shade, ext. In this state, Jet's eyes turn completely black, and a flaming black aura surrounds his body. His strength, speed, and durability all become enhanced in this state. Although retaining a physical form, he also attains a sort of regeneration ability while in this form.

--Gravity Manipulation: Darkness can also act as a form of gravity, as such, he can crush people with weight or swallow matter into himself. He has shown himself able to crush entire cities under his darkness gravity instantly without effort.

Jet's powers have grown over time to the point where he was shown able to completely block out moons and suns, setting the entire Earth in a state of complete darkness.

Though yet unknown means, Jet has transcended bounds mortality or a need for a physical body. He has become one with his power, a virtual god of the dark, a power which spreads all throughout the universe. Little has been known of what exactly took place that night as SXML was distracted by Milo's battle with Zed, and Jet has yet to display any new feats or even shown up since. But one can only assume that this only means dark days lay ahead.

Bio: Jet just seemed to have showed up at Nightmares base one day. Not much is known about his past except he's killed his entire family, and has no regret over doing so. How he found Nightmare is anyone's guess, some speculate that where he controls darkness, that he can also use it as sort of portals to warp where ever he wants, as long as said area is dark. This trick has been referred to as "dark teleportation". Some believe that he can also feel people who are in the dark, and use these feelings to track said person down. This has been referred to as "dark feel". But however he got there when no one else could was never truly determined. All that is known is that he liked what Nightmare was doing, and joined him.

He began killing various Government officials, high up in the American Government. His mission bringing America, and the rest of the world into a state of chaos.

Jet would later betray and kill Nightmare, taking SXM members hostage, and try to us a eclipse to rule the world. He was defeated by Harry, and started a rivalry with him. He would end up facing Harry a number of times, as well on helping the SXM against the Phoenix Alliance and Hunter invasion. He would end up getting recruited to Hellfire Club by Iliria. After Hellfire Club fell apart Jet worked with the occasional other odd group, his feud with Harry continued, their battles getting more intense as their powers grew. It eventually grew to the point where Jet started showing up in SXM with a "nobody kills you but me" attitude, kinda like Vegeta to Goku in DBZ. He assisted against Serpent the last time he appeared.

Jet has stayed to the shadows since Serpent. His last brief appearance was during Milo and Zed's encounter. Altough it is yet unclear what exactly was done, it seems Jet found his escape to being under the heroes watchful eye. Seeing the final parts of some ritual that Tenshi attempted to stop but failed at doing so, Jet appeared to have broken free from the shackles of morality and discovered his own method of eternal existence. We know Jet has transcended the need for a physical body as he displayed so while mocking Tenshi's failed efforts. At what depth's his powers now lay, nobody is yet to know.

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PostSubject: Re: Jet Moller (Heroes Uprising)   Mon Jan 23, 2012 10:15 pm

Darkness Consume
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Jet Moller (Heroes Uprising)
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