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 Avengers (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Avengers (Heroes Uprising)   Sat Mar 31, 2012 4:48 pm

"And there came a day, a day unlike any other, when Earth's mightiest heroes and heroines found themselves united against a common threat. On that day, the Avengers were born—to fight the foes no single super hero could withstand! Through the years, their roster has prospered, changing many times, their glory has never been denied! Heed the call, then—for now, the Avengers Assemble!"

Name: Avengers
Location(s): Los Angeles (Aaron's mansion), New York City (Avengers Tower and Avengers Mansion), SHIELD HQ, SHIELD Hellicarriers
-Alan Silvestri (Avengers OST) - The Avengers [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

-Iron Man's mansion in LA
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

-Stark Tower (Also know as Avengers Tower) in New York
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

-The Avenger's Jet, custom made by Stark using SHIELD's resources
-Stark's entire collection of important paraphernalia, including anti mugen guns and several counter measures against the Earth's strongest Heroes.
-Stark's laboratories and company.
-SHIELD's Atlantic hellicarrier fleet and resources

To protect human kind and the planet, and to deal with threats to world peace

Aaron Stark (Iron Man)
Tyler Arndson (Captain America)

Natsu Drernel (Salamander)
Laxus Lariot (Lightning Bull)
Elsa Scarlett (Titania)
Christopher Hank (Yellowjacket)
Tesla Nova (Diamo)
Kiya (Infiltrator)

Non Active
Oliver Morris (Green Arrow)
Sean Riffeld (Iota)
Dale Parker (Spiderman)
Matt (Goliath)


The group was founded by SHIELD director Aaron Stark as an aftermath of the Phoenix Alliance incident, during which he realized that humans needed to take their fate into their own hands and not always rely on the mutant team lead by Yamairo and Milo.

When he was made director of SHIELD, he immediately gathered humans who weren't mutants and assembled them into the Avengers. Himself, Marco (the new Captain America), Kano, Cloy, Natsu, Laxus and Elsa, and Cyber.
Their first task came from Kyle, a demi-god of the Olympus who was looking for his human mother. It turned out a former worker from Stark industries named Howard was behind the kidnapping of Kyle's mother.  The Avengers managed to stop Howard, and take his source of power the Mandarin Rings.

They begin to deal with regular crime, and eventually helped the SXM fight against the Olympian Invasion. They also dealt with the Atlanteon and Kree invasions. Later on, Kano left the team to help deal with a Hunter Invasion back on Asgard, and they engaged in battle against the New Brotherhood lead by Velon, an old enemy of Aaron.

During Dark Reign, they lost their support from SHIELD, and became an independent group funded by Stark Enterprises.
They continued to deal with threats as they could, and eventually, after the events of X-Lords and the fall of HAMMER and restitution of SHIELD, they regained government sponsoring, moving to NYC to the Avengers Tower.

Their next major fight came during the Council of Gods invasion as they defended the world from both the angry Gods and the invading demons from hell.
During this time, they gained a new member in Kosmos. However, he ended up in a confrontation with Terrel from the SXM, and was killed during the struggle. Surfer then vowed vengeance and during his own fight with Terrel severely injured Riya,
This in turned caused Terrel to become obsessed with murdering him. After two attempts and defeats by the Avengers (one of them thanks to a sneak attack by the Green Arrow), Terrel finally managed to kill Surfer and defeat the Avengers, killing many of their members in the process. Marco, Cloy, Dale and Kairi died in the confrontation. Natsu and Elsa were gravely injured, Cyber heavily damaged and Nono turned into a chocolate statue, her status unknown.

Nono was recovered, but Aaron quit both SHIELD and the Avengers. Without Iron Man, and Nono being the last one capable of fighting, the first incarnation of the Avengers since the return of the name was thus disbanded.

However, thanks to the efforts of the Green Arrow, Oliver Morris, the Avengers were born again, this time separate from SHIELD and their own team. Oliver used the resources from both his empire and the Stark empire to fund the new team, and new members joined, Felicia, Sean, Shawn, Poll-Aris (on request to the Inhumans), and Tyler, the new Captain America.
On their first mission to deal with the zombie apocalypse, they meet Matt, who called himself Goliath, who then became a member as well. They also picked up a girl named Samantha, who had a connection with Lucifer and vast reality altering powers.

Cyber returned soon after, having been repaired. Just in time for the Avengers to help deal with the Galaxy War, in collaboration with SHIELD and SWORD.
However, soon after, Castiel and Lucifer used Samantha to plunge the world into the Dark Month. The Avengers fought to keep her safe despite the Heavenly Host's efforts to eliminate her. In the end, she left the team. As she did, Elsa and Natsu woke up from their coma, rejoining the team.
When Milo created the Shadow League, most of the Avengers were drafted into the team, so the team was as of then defunct. Natsu, Laxus and Elsa left in favor of traveling the world.

After the events of the Brood invasion disbanded the Shadow League, Aaron was one of the few heroes left who still had a positive reputation, and with his influence in SHIELD once more at an all time high, he was asked by Director Marcus to form a special hero team to help respond to bigger threats. He took this chance to reform the Avengers once more. Their first mission was investigation a strange signal on the moon, which turned out to be Hydra. Despite most of them being captured, they managed to escape, and Aaron used his iron drones to assist in the counter attack as Tyler hunted down and captured the Red Skull in Berlin.

They fought side by side with the Shadow X-Men during Jet's attack on the planet. Later, Aaron had no choice but to lead them and the SHIELD Atlantic fleet into battle against Sandra, who took over Genosha. A telepath managed to take control of the weapons technicians on the Hellicarriers and fire on Genosha, but Poll-Aris prevented most of the missiles from hitting. Despites this, it still triggered a fight and Sandra retaliated. It was a close battle, until Milo used his multiple powers to defeat them one by one until only Tyler, Matt and Oliver were standing. Before the regular humans could be attacked, Amber got them out. Aaron was visited by Milo, and after a brief exchange in the astral world, the mutant agreed Sandra needed a backup plan in case she went crazy, and sided with Aaron.

Aaron began developing a new way to contain Sandra's darkness powers. Dale, Matt and Oliver visited an expert on Pym Particles, Christopher Hank, due to Matt's powers failing. There they also met Maxwell Lionheart, the current Iron Fist. After a small adventure in the microverse, Christopher joined the Avengers, and with Aaron developed a device capable of neutralizing the darkness, using faery magic runes from one of Elsa's books and technology to generate the energy.

Before they could use it however, they were thrown into a pocket dimension in a ploy by Milo using Carmen and Samantha's powers. However, they managed to escape as this pocket dimension contained the tower, and so Christopher and Aaron were able to build a gate to the outside. They escaped in time to head to Chicago where Sandra was attacking, but Yamairo saved her from the darkness. It was at this point LA was attacked, by the US government instead. The Avengers headed there without a clear idea who they would side with, but the situation was also resolved before they could intervene, and instead Aaron left Tyler, Ollie and Dale to handle protecting the soldiers evacuating, with Near assisting with the Pacific SHIELD fleet.

Zach then hijacked the airwaves and begins playing the black chapter tape. Sean quickly saves the humans watching, but they're all very shaken, especially Christopher who has to be put to sleep by Elsa's magic. Korin instead stops the transmission and announces his terms, but when they aren't met, he attacks China with full force. The Avengers rush to defend Shanghai and the country, and there meet and fight Korin himself. Despite their best efforts, Korin can dodge all their attacks by simply reflecting them back. Elsa attempts to use faery magecraft against him, but that fails too, and they are all gravely injured and only saved by the timely intervention of Amber. Avengers tower, as well as Stark&Morrison HQ, are destroyed by Tess, but before she can do further damage, Cassandra returns, after having been thought dead, as the Goblin cosmic entity, and finally kills her. The Avengers are left to spectate as the X-Men finish the vampire army.

After these series of events, the Avengers are given time to rest, although Aaron, Nono and Sean are asked by SHIELD to mediate a peace treaty between Germany, Poland and Russia, the former of which had declared war on the other two. Aaron is kidnapped during by Kyler, who tells him that sin was increasing all over the planet, and this was a sign of hell opening up. After investigating, they discovered the Asgardians were attempting to break Kano out of hell. The Avengers rushed to stop it lest Kano return afflicted by the demonic energies that had shut him there in the first place, but despite theirs and the SXM's best efforts, hell is opened, and Kano returns intent on taking revenge against mankind
Aaron fights Kano in single combat to try and prevent his revenge against Earth, but loses. The Avengers regroup in NYC, when the attack begins. They defend the city as it suffers the brunt of the attack, but before Kano can overwhelm all challengers, Aaron, using powers given to him by Odin, is able to shut both himself and Kano in warrior limbo. Kano somehow gets Aaron out, but he is determined to rescue his friend.

The Avengers, meanwhile, stage a rescue of Samantha from Hell with Amber's help, who they discover had been held prisoner by Iliria during Kano's attack. They also fight against a plot by Omega, a robot from the future, to acquire the Infinity Stones and kill Milo. They later discover that Milo is destined to cause a reality that is slowly causing the end of the multiverse, due to the influence of the Outer Gods converging all of reality in one point, slowly crushing it. With the SXM's help, they manage to stop Milo in the present, and seal off the evil future.

Aaron returns, and creates a machine with Christopher's help to get the team into the realm of the Asgardian dead, where they manage to rescue Tanya after a bloody confrontation with the Executioner.


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Avengers (Heroes Uprising)
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