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 Marie Alexandria Holden (Heroes Uprising/Deceased)

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PostSubject: Marie Alexandria Holden (Heroes Uprising/Deceased)   Marie Alexandria Holden (Heroes Uprising/Deceased) I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 01, 2012 4:47 pm

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The shit 'a put up wit'

Name: Marie Alexandria Holden
Codename: Aeris
Alias: N/A
Year of Birth: 1994
Height: 5.6
Weight: 124 lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Identity: Secret
Citizenship: Ireland/USA/Genosha
Marital Status: Married
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Mutant
Ethnicity: Irish-American
Personality: Initially, Marie was a very sweet and caring girl who would avoid fighting and hated violence in general. This aversion was caused by her violent childhood, and she'd withdraw from conflict rather than face it out of fear of getting hurt. Her negative emotions were instead let out whenever she got drunk, creating a sort of dual persona befitting of an irish woman.
However, after spending time with the SXM and having to deal with Iliria's constant attacks on her and her relationship with Milo, she has grown far more aggressive even when not drunk. The Hellfire Queen's constant teasing and mental manipulations, coupled with Milo's tendency to leave her alone for extended periods due to his own issues, has caused her no lack of mental trauma and ever worsening intimacy issues, as well as a growing alcoholism.
Despite all these issues, she still firmly believes in heroics, and will defend her "family" to the very bitter end. In fact, she takes personal attacks on Milo and the others far worse than attacks on herself.
Base of Operations: Shadow League Underwater Base
Universe: 616
Known Relatives: Father (Gilroy Holden); Mother (Irene Alexandria, Incarcerated); Master Hong (Adoptive Grandfather),

Allies: Shadow X-Men, Avengers, Asgard, SHIELD

Enemies: MRD

Occupation: Superhero, Martial arts instructor
Religion: Atheist
Theme Song:
Flogging Molly: Druken Lullabies (Acoustic) [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

-Expert martial artist: She's an expert in the Chinese martial art of Bāguàzhǎng, taught to her by her master in order to allow her to master her powers. She uses this martial art in conjunction with her air manipulation, allowing her to use defensive and swift movements that are perfect for counter attacks.

Marie is an elemental with the power over air, and a penchant for either defensive counter moves or all out destructive gusts of rage

-Aerokinesis: Marie can control and manipulate the air around her. Her attacks vary from simple gusts of wind to miniature tornadoes and cyclones, maintaining a circular theme. Even a simple move like flicking her wrist can create an air gust, and Marie increases the power of her moves by performing larger sweeps and spins, using the momentum to stimulate larger currents. She can fly by levitating herself using air, or levitate others and send them flying.
She can bring objects to her or send them flying towards others for attack, and levitate objects for defense. She can control the density of the air and cause all air to leave a certain spot. She can protect herself using powerful air shields.
Marie's most used forms are defensive ones, often using the opponents movements against them. This is rarely to stop attacks directly and more often pushes the attack aside and away, conserving energy and allowing her to turn the movement into an attack at the same moment.
She tends to be of a peaceful nature. However, if she wants, she can create massive tornadoes to cause havoc or air blades that cut through most flesh and even some solid materials.
--Air Form: She can turn to air instantly, or only parts of her body to let others phase through her. She can also turn to air completely and merge with the surrounding air, making her invisible. She can use her own body as a blast of compressed air.


Marie was born to an American woman and an Irish father. Her father disappeared when she was young, and she was left alone with her mother in Belfast. It was later revealed her father was Gilroy, who at the time was already working for the British intelligence under recommendation from Fawkes.
They moved to America, as her mother was looking for a better life. However, she didn't find it, and as the years passed, Marie was abused by her mother physically. He mother was a drunk, and she gained an aversion to alcohol.
A socially awkward kid due to her mother's abuse, it took a lot for her to get past it and make connections with other people.

When she was 16, she took a boyfriend to her house, but her mother, drunk, found them both about to have sex. She tried to chase the young man out, killing him with a whiskey bottle when he moved to shield her daughter, and then went after Marie herself. She tried to "clean her" by dumping a bottle of bleach over her head, and then she began to beat her down. Marie was gravelly injured, and a streak of her hair was made white. She was about to die when she pushed her mother away with a blast of air, awakening her powers and knocking her mother out. The neighbors heard the commotion and called the police
She was taken to a hospital, and her mother was taken to prison. While at the hospital, none other than Stewart Lawliet operated on her. Through this experience he gained her aerokinesis.

She recovered, for some reason her bleached hair never disappearing. She was taken into the foster care system, and her powers, added to the fact she started drinking to bury her own fears and anxieties, nearly turned her the wrong way.
However, she meet an old man one day while walking home from at night, completely drunk. The man tried to help her, but she attacked him with her powers. Despite this, the man still overpowered her using martial arts, and took her to his dojo. She woke up the other day, and thanked the man, Master Hong. The man warned her that her own hatred would consume her. He said that he could help her if she allowed him.
Marie took up martial arts with the man, and learned to incorporate them into her own powers. Over time she came to see Master Hugs (as she calls him) as her own grandfather.

As she grew up, she got a job helping her master around the dojo. She'd still like to party and drink from time to time (leading to her alternate and violent personality) but she came to terms with it, saying it was a part of her (she blames it on being half Irish).

One day, while she was drunk at a concert, she meet Milo, Harry, Anna and Alisa of the SXM. After a small brawl, they took her with them because they didn't know who she was.
When she woke up the next morning, she took off. Milo however, tracked her down along with Harry and convinced her to join the SXM.

She joined at a bad moment, as the Akashougyoukumiai were looking for elemental users in order to open a portal for Iliria, who they believed was a powerful demon, to pass into this world. She was captured and used for such, but soon rescued by the SXM. As this happened, she slowly connected with Milo, who during that time had fallen on a depressive state. As the two feel in love, Milo quickly managed to overcome it.

During the Poseidon arc, she fought alongside the SXM as a full time member, helping rescue civilians and then battle Hades monsters armies. For the most part, during this time she was the happiest she had ever been, making friends with Harry, Filipe, Anna, Alisa and Rachel besides her relationship with Milo.

However, it was not meant to last. Iliria, who had taken a liking to Milo, decided she wanted him for himself. She then kidnapped Marie, and threatening her with visions and torture of her past at the hands of her mother, made her break up with him. Marie did so, with a heavy heart. Milo however didn't take it well, and attempt to read her mind and find the reason. As he intruded on her mind, this only served to traumatize her even worse, and she forced Milo out and stopped talking to him.
After that she became a brooding person and slowly started drinking more and more. She still did her job, but didn't really care for interacted with the others. Filipe and Harry tried to help, but couldn't figure out the truth
When Iliria decided to torture Yamairo by creating a clone of Isabel, she snapped and attacker her in a blind rage, but Iliria easily defeated her.

After that, as the clone slowly integrated into the SXM, Marie felt sorry for her. She decided that she would free her from Iliria's control as one last act of defiance against the person that had cost her her happiness, especially after the hunters were predicted to arrive in 3 days.
She and a group with to Iliria to force her to give the clone her freedom. However, they were defeated by Milo who was there to ask for Iliria's cooperation. While Harry and Milo fought, Harry realized and told Milo the truth between Marie and Iliria. Milo, outraged, forced Iliria to leave Marie alone, and Harry took the chance to give the clone her freedom
After that Marie and Milo made peace with each other and resume their relationship

During the Hunter war, she mostly showed great increase in her attack power and skills, helping fight the Hunters around the island.
As the war ends, she comforts Rachel over the loss of Filipe, trying to help her friend through the troubled times. She would soon face her own problems as the Void, a powerful demonic entity, took over Milo and essentially attempted to rape and kill her. This followed itself by Jorgan's plot coming into motion, and the SXM being defeated instantly. Marie escaped very late into Dark Reign, and her first reaction was to find Milo, stopping Amber from killing him while he was still the Void. Milo regained his senses when he saw her get injured by Amber's own mad attacks
After Dark Reign, Marie moved in with Milo and Rachel. During this time, things were generally peaceful, until Shawkun reemerged. His clones were beaten by a returning Harry and Filipe, and Milo defeated him once again.

Marie then aided in the taking back of Genosha, and the group once again reformed the SXM. Next was the defeat of HAMMER, and the events around the X-Lords, in which Marie took Milo's side out of love, despite being very much against everything he was doing.

Some time later, Iliria lost her sanity as the Outer God persona, Lilith, took over. Completely manipulating Milo into sleeping with her, this was the final straw for Marie in a series of problems, and she broke up with him. She spent several weeks getting over this, but after a while began to regret what she did, as Milo became more and more reckless, she started to realize that she still cared about him. With the formation of the Shadow League, Milo approached Marie and asked for another chance. Marie decided to try once again, and the two are together again

Milo eventually asked her to marry him, and she accepted. However, the night before the marriage, Zed attacked Milo's party in Paris and defeated him, throwing Marie into a coma from which not even Sandra can wake her from. She is woken up at the end of the battle with Zed and the Cancerverse League, but Milo calls off the wedding out of fear, which greatly angers her, and makes her adamant in staying with him.

As the MRD crisis explodes, Marie struggles between staying loyal to Milo and the rest of her friends that picked the monitors, while at the same time dealing with Danny's bitterness towards her. However once Harry dies, she completely sides with Milo, and joins the resistance against MRD. During the fighting, Milo is killed by Nate, leaving Marie in charge of Danny and Amy. She wins Danny over by training him in the basics of her fighting style, and once Milo returns fights together with him against the Brood.

She joins the rest of the X-Men in fighting the invading Hydra forces, helping to defend Japan. She stays with Milo despite disagree with Sandra's take over of Genosha, and as the situation evolves, helps defend NYC from Korin's final assault. She also convinces Milo to fight against Kano's invasion and protect civilians, rather than focus on revenge against Tanya for her role in Leah's death. When Iliria escapes and attacks the space station, she vows to take her revenge on her. When Omega attacks, she stands with the team against him.

During the Human Supremacy Movement's terrorist campaign against mutants, Marie tried to convince Milo against the take over of the US government, but he elected to move along with the plan. She sided with him out of love, but that would cost her her life. Using Lex's technology to stand Milo in another dimension, the HSM then attacked his manor. After a brutal battle, and despite Marie's best efforts, she was defeated and killed by the attackers. Milo returned just a hair too late to save her, and Death herself came to collect her soul, to avoid Milo going back on the deal he had made long ago after the Serpent's assault on Earth.


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Marie Alexandria Holden (Heroes Uprising/Deceased) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Marie Alexandria Holden (Heroes Uprising/Deceased)   Marie Alexandria Holden (Heroes Uprising/Deceased) I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 01, 2012 4:49 pm

Early outfit
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Marie in her SXM costume:
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Air form
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Talking down a Sentinel
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Flying through the skies while teasing a pilot
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Marie Alexandria Holden (Heroes Uprising/Deceased)
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