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 Tommy Luther Lee(Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Tommy Luther Lee(Heroes Uprising)   Sun Apr 01, 2012 2:04 pm

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"Imma gonna be better..SXM..Avengers..X Factor..Redeemers I'm the best, world says Fusion is the best, wait till they get Fission."
-Tommy Lee
Name:Tommy Luther Lee
Codename: Fission
Alias: Lil T, Trigga T, T-Dawg, Hoodlum
Age: 19
Height: 5'7
Weight: 145 lbs
Alignment: Good
Identity: Secret
Species: Homo-Sapien
Race: African American
Personality: Tommy is a very outgoing person who does not enjoy speaking down to others, and is the guy who's friends with everyone. Making enemies is something he does not strive to do, and he's extremely outgoing. Years of abuse, bullying and other similar behaviors have led to him becoming more confident in himself. He is outspoken about his beliefs, and has anger management, and many issues with authority and control in general. He hates being proven wrong, and while he's out to help people he's known to have main streaks, and can be very biased in his activities. He seeks to be a hero inspired by Ebon's death, and is violent, and has no qualms ending lives, but above all he also seeks fame, and hates those who attain more recognition then him.
Known Relatives: Skeet Riles(Father), Lexi Lee(Mother),Jasmine(Sister), Perry(Sister), Ebon(Brother, Deceased), Markus(Brother), Rashad(Brother), and Ramone(Half-Brother), Lando(Material Grandpa), and Rosane(Material Grandmother).

Allies: X Force, Redeemers

Enemies: Code Blue

Occupation: Adventurer
Religion: Christian
Theme Song: Chris Brown Look at Me Now: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Skills: Tommy being intelligent has numerous skills.

Hand to Hand Combat: Tommy knows the basics of hand to hand combat. He's also trained in Karate, Tai Kwon Do, Ju Jitsu, Kendo, Stick Fighting, and numerous other martial art styles.

Weapon Usage: Tommy is a master of using hand guns, assault rifles, grenade launches, RPG's, and numerous other light and heavy artillery weapons.

Pilot: Tommy is skilled in piloting and driving nearly all formed of land based, air based, and ocean based vehicle's.

Musical Talents: Tommy is very talented musically, and is a lyrical genius able to rap, and outrap even the greatest rappers of all time. He's capable of singing nearly any tune/tone, and can play a multitude of instruments.

Expert Marskman.

Weapons: Being an inventor he has numerous weapons.

Shifter: A Device he invented that allows him to shift or rather teleport through anything ranging from time and space to realities and even dimensions. The limits of the Shifter are unknown but he can shift others aside from himself, and the limits of where it can go are not known except to him.

Saber: A Modified laser pen works as a flash light blue or concentrated red light which can extend into a blade of raw energy. It soaks in electricity, and even other forms of energy.

Foam: He has molecular hardening foam that makes clothing highly invulnerable, and grants the wearer enhanced durability. He can use the foam as a spray or more powerful form of glue.

Hood: Another invention his costume which is a modified camouflage suit, and can shift into other outfits, including his super suit, and he wears this all day, and it is doused in the foam.

SD: The Swag Download, is the ultimate hacking device. Shaped like an SD card, it can be injected into any computer or cellular device. It downloads information, or alters it in some way. This can be done to reverse the programming to control nearly any program, but won't work on advanced biological machines like Construct or Cyber. It can also form a net where it expands controlling a large amount of technology such as every computer in a lab, or library, in which it can send out a field to temporarily hack a large amount of machines, to either wipe there databases, or reprogram them, or add a function from one of his other inventions.

Powers: Self Evolved Intellect
Tommy has a unique ability, and has been described as a 'brain mimic' or mental mimic. His mind is self evolving, and evolves beyond the mental capacity of those around him, but doesn't stop there and remains constantly evolving but if he encounters someone with more intelligence then the evolution process is sped up. It also evolves allowing him to gain the information of those he encounters allowing him to instantly master skills, and even extends to his muscle memory allowing him to learn martial arts forms, and languages by being exposed to people who have said skills.

Bio: Tommy was born and raised in New York City his home town, the ghetto. Raised in Bedstuy with his older brothers, and two years later younger brother Rashad. His father Skeet was a construction worker, and sold drugs on the side, after getting laid off he became a full time drug dealer, and abandoned the family getting into a relationship with a stripper named Candy leading to his half brother Ramone who was accepted into the family reluctantly. Raised in the ghetto he dealt with expose to drugs, alchohol, and numerous other illegal substances and activities, and his brother Ebon taught him how to play Basketball leading to them having a strong bond from an early age, often playing ball at the court.

Tommy due to his intellect was a fast learner, and always learning, and developed an interest in reading unusual for his race, and especially his age. He read numerous books, and spent hours in the library, and was labeled as creep, and as early as sixth to seventh grade was rumored to be homosexual. He was bullied due to his rumored sexuality, and dealt with bullies his brother Ebon became involved with the Bloods, and eventually Brick Squad, and Markus as well, while Rashad distanced himself from Tommy, and his older sisters as well, and he became a social outcast. He eventually got a job working at pizza hut delivering pizza, and began balancing work and his studies. He wanted to become studious and after Ebon recovered from a drive by he went to Tommy, and he tutored his older brother setting him on a path that lead to him getting a scholarship to Havard. Tommy while entering high school had became addicted to drugs specifically marajuana believing they were an escape from the Hell he was forced to live in.

After getting fired he began to sell drugs, balancing that with his studies, and being a genius far ahead of his class learned how to make his own materials getting a chemistry set, and rose in popularity, and even became popular with the girls. He became involved in numerous illegal activities but refused to participate in gangs due to what Ebon went through, and even when rising in popularity dealt with social issues. After Ebon's death at the hands of Brick Squad days before he went to Harvard Tommy became more agressive, and interested in Star Wars completed his invention the Saber, putting a hole i his wall, and went on to design a foam that molecularity hardened material, and made a material that granted him durability, and strength becoming Hoodlum he went after the thugs who murdered Ebon, and avenged his death. He decided to fight the Bloods, and Crips becoming an enemy of both gangs often initiating several 'battels' between the two gangs.

He also began dealing with Skeet who felt bad about Ebon's death, and tried to sacrifice drugs, and Tommy had a relationship with Skeet who became abusive after LExi got fired from the salon, and struggling Tommy stopped a drug bust, and stole the money for his family, and revealed his identity to Rosane, and Lando. They supported him cleaning up the projects, but convinced him to turn the money into the police. The Hoodlum became an ally to the projects, and eventually Derone the leader of Brick Squad for a massive gang war against Crips, and Tommy managed to stop the gang war, and continued to experiment after using a prototype gauntlet to save his life. He began to experiment, and used an abandoned Gas Station as his HQ. Because of his murders he became an enemy of Michael's Code Blue operation, and clashed with the police despite his support from many cops, and worked with Punisher to take out a rising mobster in Queens, and even stop an Arab Terrorist Faction.

He easily maintained his grades in school, and as Hoodlum grew less active, and more focused on inventions/experiments. After becoming lazier, and causing more accidents he retired as Hoodlum, and worked on more advanced inventions graduating high school, and his family proud, he retired from illegal activities, and went to Haavard for a year. He got suspended for fighting, and took a break returning home to complete his most complied invention Shifter, and the gateway device to numerous highly advanced devices, and ended his career as Hoodlum instead becoming Fission using the advanced tech to deal with higher levels of the criminal empire. To this end he wanted to be the technological Milo, and have an invention for everything. He called himself Fission, and went out to stop criminals with pure intelligent, and hand to hand combat, proving to be quite the hero. He ran into Milo early, in his career explaining his rivarly which Milo laughed off.

Not wanting to join the SXM, he instead went to join the Redeemers. Terrell accepting him recognizing his talent, and he formed a close friendship with Construct.


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Tommy Luther Lee(Heroes Uprising)
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