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 Melissa Ventro( Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Melissa Ventro( Heroes Uprising)   Mon Apr 02, 2012 12:42 pm

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Name: Melissa Ventro
Codename: Boom
Alias: Me Me,
Age: 17
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Identity: Secret
Species: Homo-Sapien
Race: Caucasion
Personality: Melissa is a fun loving girl who treats life as one big game, however some levels she takes seriously. She enjoys regular things girls like shopping, boys, having fun, and is actually quite flirtatious. She enjoys spending time with her family, and friends and loves helping others although she's very destructive, and often runs rampart with her powers and is impulsive. She rarely thinks before she goes after something, and rarely has goals or motivations other then helping somebody she cares about.
Known Relatives: Father, Mother, Angel Ventro(Sister), Samuel Ventro(Brother in Law, Deceased), Milo Ventro(Nephew), Leah Ventro(Nephew), Rachel Ventro(Nephew), Stella( Niece,), Danny Ventro(Nephew), Amy Ventro(Niece)



Occupation: Adventurer
Religion: Christian
Theme Song: Nelly: Here Comes the Boom

Skills: She's skilled in karate, and a beautiful singer.

Weapons:She's skilled with a metal pole which she conducts her energies through.

Powers:Cosmic Energy Absorption.
Melissa has the ability to absorb cosmic energy, and utilize it on large amounts. She can utilize powers similar to the heralds of Galactus and possibly drain power from cosmic entities, and being an Omega level mutant with limitless potential she can potentially become a Cosmic Level threat. She usually absorbs energy, and releases it in bursts of powerful energy which causes explosions or Booms.

She can focus her energy into concentrated blasts, or for large amounts of destruction, and even convert her body into pure cosmic energy. She can dissipate herself into energy, and can also convert cosmic energy into other forms of energy, or convert other forms of energy into cosmic energy and absorb it allowing her to mimic the effects of absorbed energies. She can use ambient cosmic energy to boost her physical attributes, and form it into shapes of varying sizes such as blade's, and shields. Since she draws on cosmic energy she can cause many diserable effects such as teleportation, molecular manipulation ect, but has not learned to control the side effects that the Heralds of Galactus have leading to chaos.

She can also manipulate Cosmic Storms such as the one's that granted the Fantastic Four which can grant superhumans or even decimate entire planets and cause genetic meltdowns.

Bio: Melissa Ventro was born the younger sister of Angel into a family of superhumans, she dubbed the family the Fantastic Four due to the four of them having different abilities. She had little control over her abilities, as they manifested when she was a baby gathering cosmic energy she caused an explosion setting the hospital on fire, her parents saved her from the fire, and Angel as well. As Police investigated they moved to another city New York, and she developed a close bond with her sister Angel whom she loved, and they had many wacky adventures together. When she was attacked by some thugs she managed to use her power to fight them off, and generate a wormhole dragging them in realizing her power she intended to gain control.

However the family blamed her, and she gained more control with Angel's help, and they sought out a man from Angel's dreams Amahon who'd helped other specials gain control, and he helped her gain control, with the help of his daughter Selena. With them she gained control when the Americans began capturing Specials under the guise of traitors to the Nazi's, and she was placed in a concentration camp beaten and abused for almost a year. Taken to the experimentation cabin she revolted gathering cosmic energy, and decimated the entire camp sparing Angel and a few others. She herself had been dissipated into particles of cosmic energy due to overusing her powers.

Melissa regenerated years ago when Milo attempted to regain his abilities with Elle, when they were under attack by Solf. She regenerated, and came to Genosha causing chaos due to being a mass of energy for so many years. Milo helped her, and she bonded with him learning he was her nephew, and reunited with Angel a happy reunion among a time of much chaos, and danger.


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Melissa Ventro( Heroes Uprising)
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