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 Hideki Matsuo

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PostSubject: Hideki Matsuo   Tue Apr 24, 2012 4:07 am

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"I've seen the worse of humanity and have comitted atrocities of my own, but the funny thing is I'm not searching for redemption or vengeance. No I had joy taken from me and I became a slave. If you want to know what I'm looking for welll, tough shit because I don't even know it yet. I'll tell you when I think of something."

Name: Hideki Matsuo
Codename: Enigma
Age: 41
Height: 6'1
Weight: 210 Ibs
Alignment: Neutral
Species: Human
Race: Asian/Eastern European decent
Personality: Stubborn, strong willed, curious and a planner
Known Relatives: Non (for now)

Allies: Some former regular clients

Enemies: Anyone his job hurts

Occupation: Unofficial occupation is usually Assassin/Mercenary
Religion: Non he is a Deist
Theme Song: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Skills: Expert Hand to Hand training, Marksman, Amazing cook, very acrobatic

Weapons: Vibro ninjato sword


- Hideki is a human genetically and Cybernetically modified by a rogue Japanese black ops group called Shogun.
- His strength is above peak human giving him the ability to win most hth fights with other opponents. With the cybernetics he is capable of putting a dent in tank armor with a single punch.
-Speed: Faster then peak human. He can run at speeds of up to 88 Kmph and can react fast enough to doge bullets (not all the time).
-Durability: Able to take bullet wounds and keep going. Genetic engineering allowed him to heal even mortal wounds in minutes. Due to his cybernetics and his armor Hideki can withstand small arms fire. Even a 50 cal round won't go through unless he takes a few more hits.
-Camoflauge: The technology within his suit uses stealth tech. It allows him to not be seen by the naked eye, but firing weapons or moving to fast will take it down.
-Vision was enhanced by Cybernetics allowing him infared imaging, Night Vision and enhanced vision that lets him zoom in on objects over 100 meters away.

Bio: Hideki was once a member of the Japanese Self Defense Force. He was a rising star in the military for rising up the ranks quickly and near unmatched skills with guns and even hand to hand combat. Even his military life wasn't the only thing he was happy about. He once had a family. His wife was a former American citizen who stayed in Japan to be with him and they were planning on having children someday. While his military life was time consuming they were intent on making this work. All in all they were actually happy and were ready to make this work.

Hideki was soon given the option to go into a Japanese special forces unit. It was a difficult choice since he knew it wouldn't give him much time to raise a family. Before he could even decide he got into a car accident on the way home after his tour. The accident wrecked his body to the point where he would likely not make it with normal medical care. Instead of heading the hospital he was intercepted by a black ops called Shogun.

They healed him using advanced tech Japan was developing for a supersoldier program. This group used genetic engineering combined with advanced cybernetics that was decades and decades ahead of its time. Hideki was given new arms and legs and even his torso and eyes were heavily enhanced. During the process it seemed that he had Amnesia. His military training was still instilled into him but as a side effect of the treatment he wasn't able to remember a lot of things about his life especially his loved ones. Those who were responsible working on him decided that it was best to keep him as a soldier and nothing more.

This group went rogue due to the Japanese government finding out about some of there less than reputable strategies in gathering test subjects. They were willing to keep Hideki since he was one of the very few subjects who survived. They could use him as an Assassin to take out political enemies. For a while he worked as an Assassin for the group, but couldn't help looking into to the people he was working for. With every kill and mission Hideki was beginning to question his organization. He was taught to serve them, but flashes of his life began coming back after months of missions. It was tiny fragments, but enough to make him question Shogun.

A handle of his was undercover in the organiztion. He knew that Hideki was becoming more and more disloyal by the day. Eventually he was able to get accesss to his files and gave Hideki information on his former life. He still couldn't believe what was happening, but he recognized his wife's face from a one of his targets. The fact that they made him kill her enraged him to the point that he was ready to take this group down. His handler informed him a raid was going down tomorrow and that he should get ready.

On the day of the raid he aided in sabotaging the base he was in allowing JSDF forces to more easily take it down, but Hideki was no where to be found. Using former Shogun contacts he was able to get out of the country with some money. Now he is in the only profession he really knows how to do. He kills or potects certain people for money. Right now he is loss and is just doing what he can to survive. Its the best he can do now.

Battle Form

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With the help of former Shogun member Doctor Nutter, Hideki was able to acquire the necessary cybernetic parts to create an entirely new cyborg body to enhance his already deadly combat capability.

Strength- He is capable of lifting 200 tons and when stressed it can handle far more. Of course if he ever tried to bench press a Nimitz class supercarrier his cybernetics wouldn't be able to handle it. The power source that it runs on would probably explode if he overworks himself.

Speed- Hideki can move 180 Kph and has reflexes capable of dodging bullets with ease. When it comes to avoiding energy weapons he can't move at the speed of light so he would need to simply move before someone activates the weapon.

Durability- Only a MBT's main cannon can actually make a dent in his armor. Anti armor, and high heat weapons are effective, but not so much that he can't withstand such firepower. Of course if Spectre gunship decided to use him as target practice there isn't much he could do to stop it.

Perception- Has all the same abiltiies as his old cybernetic eyes. This time he could probably see well enough to recognize a face 5 kilometers away.

Stealth- The same as before, but with the added ability to simply stand next to a wall and take on its appearance.
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Hideki Matsuo
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