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 Nate Moron(Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Nate Moron(Heroes Uprising)   Nate Moron(Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 23, 2012 10:15 pm

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Will you just calm down and listen! Sometimes I wish I could use Milo's powers to shut you all up

Name: Nathan Monon
Codename: SR71
Alias: Fly Boy, Nate, Master-Planner
Age: 37
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Identity: Public
Species: Homo-Superior
Race: African American
Personality: He is a calm and kind person. He is always willing to help others and always tries to calm the others down. He is the logical thinker on the team and mainly because of his power. He is very creative  and thankful for what he has. He has trained his ability to levels of greatness despite having a weak ability and is serious when it comes to saving the world. While a good person, he believes in using lethal force if necessary. However after the hasty action's he took to attempt to end Sandra's life, he began to wonder where his life was headed.
Known Relatives: Father and Mother.

Allies: The Shadow X Men, American Government, Samuel's group, Damage Control, and S.H.I.E.L.D.

Enemies: Zulan,  Sandra, New Brotherhood,  Metallic's group, Mutant Response Division, Homeland Security, Benjamin's gang, Blackheart, Mephisto, Sefirot, Hellfire Cult, Mikey, Travler, Tyrant, Loki, Symbiotes, Akatsuki, The Espada, and AVALANCHE.

Occupation: Student/Musician
Religion: Christianity
Theme Song:

Skills: Nate is a skilled musician. He's capable of reading and understanding music. He's capable of playing the piano, and the violin. Classical music is his forte, but hip hop is right up his ally.
-Due to his experience with the SXM, he's become a skilled sniper
-He's a master strategist as well.
-He is a quick learner.

Powers: Attraction & Repulsion
Nate's new powers he gained from exposure to Mother's powers. He has the power to push and pull objects including himself. Nate can repulse himself for flight as well as repulse people/objects sending them flying and also cause objects to come to him. The upper limits of his powers are unknown but he's powerful enough to repel/attact entire buildings and possibly even more weight. He can focus on object or attract/repel multiple things at once so he can attract an entire city block around him or a group of opponents then repel them all at once. He can use his power to attract someone's arm then repel the rest of their body in an attempt to separate their limbs. He can hone his power to attract/repel specific parts of an object/person as well.

(Formerly)Self Propelled Flight: He can fly at supersonic speeds( meaning he can break the sound barrier). He can fly for a good amount of time, but can't go up to very high altitude or the will start to feel the adverse affects. He also has a high degree of control, meaning he can dodge and move very well in the air. His eyes can withstand high speed winds  and he possesses a special membrane in his respiratory system enabling him to extract oxygen from the air at high velocities or altitudes.

When Super charged he is capable of flying faster then the speed of light, allowing him to travel through time.  He has rarely used this asset of his powers.

[formerly) Rulk Transformation: he's capable of becoming the Red Hulk, and using his abilities. He's trained hard, making him the current most powerful Rulk, only second to Milo's Rulk state.

False Precognition: Future Milo disguised as TOAA came to him in his dreams and gave him the ability to manifest it like Rachel or Angel, but not like Holst. He only seemed to do it when Future Milo invaded his dreams as TOAA, so anyone in his dreams disguised as TOAA can help him manifest his power. It turns out he NEVER had Precognition, and it was merely Future Milo using telepathy to show him future events.

(Formerly) Symbiote: He gained superhuman strength which allows him to lift 15 tons.  He also has superhuman durability  and can absorb some projectile attacks.  He can also realease tentacles to eat people and gain their life-force adding their skills to the suit.  He has a super human stamina, Accelerated Healing Factor, Genetic Memory, Off-spring detection, Wall Crawling,webbing generation, Spider Sense,immunity to non symbiote's spider sense, and Camoflauge capabilities. He lost this after William removed his symbiote's bonding capabilities.

(Formerly) Multiple Powers: After absorbing part of Leah/Samuel's soul from Hitler, he gained access to a large library of powers including Telepathy, Biological Manipulation, and more. However his powers had a time limit, as his body was not meant to handle the power he would explode. Said explosion would take out half of the Milky Way Galaxy, this forced him to use his multiple powers as last minute resort.

Developed Attacks:

Take Down: He grabs a person, and flies them into an object such as a car.


Early Life
Nathan Monon was born into a middle class family, who lived out in Arlington, Virginia. His mother a piano teacher, began exposing him to classical music when he was only four years old. He shared his mother's passion for music, and as such strove to become a classical pianist. However he was often bullied by others for his passion, which was considered "unpopular". He did not see his father very much as he was heavilly involved with the music industry working at a local recording studio, his mother eventnually working there, at this point he basically began raising himself, focusing on music. He developed a strong bond with his art teacher Ralph Malfonte, over their love over classical music.

Aside from Ralph he made very few friends during his schooling years, but upon graduation he did get into a relationship with one of his childhood Sweet Hearts Katelyn Monkeese. However their relationship became long distance, after he headed out to Julliard. Two years later upon visiting his home during Thanksgiving break, his family died in a fire set up by Benjamin's gang. He escaped the fire, by jumping out his window, awakening his power so he could fly away. He inherited his parent's wealth, but quickly turned to alcoholism to cope with his parent's death. He went out to Miami to reunite with his girlfriend Katelyn only to learn that she was cheating on him, and in a secrete relationship. Upset, drunk, and rapidly loosing money, he got into a physical altercation with her.

The fight resulted in him, hitting her, the police got involved, and he was sent to prison for several months. Upon escaping,  he used his money to change his identity to get a fresh start, and to evade the Benjamin gang. He fled to New York, where the gang had also moved, resuming their hunt for him.

Yamairo and Milo, changers of Destiny
He was hunted down by Benjamin, but thanks to Milo he was rescued. After discovering their similar abilities, he became Milo's room mate. He helped him with police work over the next few weeks, and finally he came into conflict with the dangerous arsonist known as Troy. Like Milo he was recruited into Yamairo's group, however after Milo left the group to give himself up to the future soldiers he left as well. The reason was because A darker Milo from the future had come, and impersonated Yamairo to gain control of the group.

He gathered a small team consisting of himself, Sandra, Troy, and German. However with Milo's return, his team dispersed. After this he joined Yamairo's group, and helped Milo with his work. Finally after a confrontation with Blot, he was rendered unconscious, and captured. He was later freed, and once again become important to the group after Milo vanished. He got Yamairo to take him back in time, so they could use Hank to locate Milo. He was later defeated, and shrunken during a battle against Samuel.

Like the others he was freed by Kathy, Zulan, and Velon. With Samuel's fall, he teamed up with Milo to find Strade. After Jason was exposed, he fled to Asgard to get the vacation he deserved.

Rise of a Hero
After the group's return to earth he tried to follow in Milo's steps, and become a hero. He began to save lives over the next week, until joining Shawkun's tournament. He was quickly defeated by Shin, and Shawkun took his soul. After regaining it he began to resent outright attacks, however during the Symbiote invasion he changed. After gaining a Symbiote, he battled the team on numerous occasion's, before William removed said power up.

With his mind cleared he went public with his identity, and started his music career. Around this time the Machine Cyber kidnapped and replaced him. He escaped his captors, and exposed their plan to ruin the SXM.

With Great Love, comes Great responsibility
Cyber as Nate had started a relationship with Kathy, and Nate not wanting to be cruel continued the relationship. As time went on he began to actually fall for Kathy, although the outburst quickly caused him to become overwhelmed with work. He decided to become a teacher on Genosha to help mutants with travel based abilities. Later on he assisted in Evacuation's during the Demon invasion, briefly becoming a member of Damage Control.

He left DC, and returned to Genosha. Once again his life was placed in jeopardy. During the era of the Civil War he agreed to the Government's demands, so he could live peacefully with Kathy. But later rebelled after Milo was turned into a fugitive. He was arrested, and remained in prison for months. He was later rescued by a squad Kathy had gathered, and after Milo's suicidal attack he was made leader of the team.

After they gathered all the members, he disbanded the team so they could escape the Government's grasp. He eventually got the team together so they could effectively combat the Terror Squad. His obsession with his new role on the team, lead to his relationship with Kathy ending. When the Secrete German Army became active, he went on a mission to obtain the soul gem so Milo could be revived. After gaining multiple abilities from a fraction of Samuel's soul he assisted in the final battle against Legacy.

Back to the Basics
Upon Milo's return he used the soul gem to restore Samuel, and Leah's souls, loosing his extra powers in the process. He left the team deciding to travel the world to learn the solution to it's problems. Around this time he gained "Precognition" and motivated by his vision's he set up a new future for the team. He then met up with Dimitri, Aaron, and Zane to set up the Sentinel Invasion to give the team a good public image. Later on he was wounded in the battle against Akatsuki, and he sacrificed his life to save Milo.

He was revived, and later helped the team set up Samuel's funeral. He also joined forces with Harry and Filipe to arrange a concert of sorts. During the Predator Invasion he helped co-ordinate the attack on the Predator Invasion, and used his War Machine  armor to combat the Predators. Due to the Phoenix Alliance's kidnapping spree, he once again took over the team when Milo fell victim to the Dark Phoenix and Madara Uchia's control. He later suffered serious injuries after a brief fight with Jason, and during the hunt for Elementals he gathered a small group who intended to kill Sandra.

After his plan to kill Sandra failed, a grief stricken Sandra reprimanded him. This caused him to look over his recent action's, and the start of his descent into darkness began. During the rise of Priest, he was kidnapped by Metallic's group. He was delivered to Afansas, and placed in the Red Room. His powers were negated, and he was used a test subject to develop the Shanti Virus. Over time Shin, Kiya, and Riya were also captured. He bonded with them, and helped them put together a team to help Riya escape.

He took the blame for her escape, and was assaulted by Afansas's body guards, and later helped Dave adjust to his new surroundings when he was captured. He was later freed by Alex's Squad, and returned to the mansion, assigning missions, and helping Milo organize the army to combat the Hunters. The day the hunters came, he regained his Iron Man armor, and helped combat the hunters. He teamed up with Angel to get the power gem, and the mind gem. He managed to deliver the mind gem to James, being seriously injured the process. Over the next months, he became a less active field member of the SXM, sticking to the mansion, and helping manage the team.

Dark Reign
By this time thanks to Milo, and the others the world was in a state of world piece, but he did not trust Jorgan as the President. Despite not being part of Illumanti he kept up with the matters they disguised thanks to Milo, and was one of the few people who knew about Void, the others being Michael, and Marie. He tried to hide the entity from the others on the team at Milo's request, and his job became an informant, and he often traveled around speaking to World Leaders, and other important political matters, keeping the World Government on the SXM's good stuff, and worked on the sound-track for the SXM video game, and also planned to help work on the sound track for the movie Michael Bay would be making.

He quickly became leader of the SXM, as the strongest members began fading away, and after Riya freed all the prisoners from the Mutant Holding Facility, he gathered members of the team, and went to DC to combat the threat. Fearing Alex was there, he took the incomplete gamma canon, and met up with Lex to get it completed. He learned about the Banner Project, Homeland Security, and Rogue's, and decided to put an end to it, discovering Benjamin killed them because they learned the gritty details about the project. He met up with Kano who's earthly family was killed as a result of Darius, and his involvement with the Banner Project. They went out to confront Benjamin, whom Nate killed with the Gamma Ray cannon, when Darius came having further developed his abilities thanks to Chulance, he then went to use the canon against Darius in order to overload and kill him. The radiation from the blast infected him, giving him Red Hulk like abilities.

Kano took him to Asgard and trained him, he snapped, and drained energy from Mjlioner, and led an attack against the White House. He was stopped by Kano, and trained for weeks, later helping the team during the Asgardian invasion, fighting hard, and even facing Void in one on one combat. He banded with Dale's group of fugitives, and helped fight the Punishers sent by Galactus, He helped fight off Galactus's cosmic invasion, and moved into an apartment with Milo, Rachel, and Marie after Jorgan was hospitalized. He lived in peace for months developing his powers, and later he helped deal with Shawkun, easily defeating him now one of the most powerful beings on the planet.

Death and Return

Nate meet his end at the events of All Evils of the World. Unknown to what they were facing, he rushed into battle against the shadows, and was taken down, skinned alive, and his body absorbed and used as a mindless berserker.
His death greatly affected Milo, and perhaps contributed to the events of X-Lords, as he wasn't there to talk his friend out of the insanity.
However, TOAA, to make sure Milo wouldn't stray from his path again, brought him back. He has once again taken residence on Genosha. He returned to being Genosha's diplomat, and became a teacher at the Academy helping Milo's goal to help train the next generation of superheroes. However as they continued to fight stronger threats, he once again felt useless, and began growing reckless. He released a new album with Kanye West, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, Floyd Banker, and Kano. When Mephisto clashed with the team he developed the plan to give the demon a false cube, however the plan backfired as he had used David's powers to plan psionic "Bugs" in his mind and other SXML members. During the rise of Serpent and the Worthy he was nearly killed by Serpent trying to gather people to fight against him.
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Nate Moron(Heroes Uprising)
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