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 Wave (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Wave (Heroes Uprising)   Tue Apr 24, 2012 9:56 pm

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Name: Beon Shasu
Codename: Wave
Alias: N/A
Age: 27
Height: 5'9
Weight: 186 lbs (muscle)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Identity: Secret
Species: Homo-superior
Race: Japanese
Personality: Wave is very eager when it comes to fighting and hurting others.  He loves using his powers and is somewhat playful however if he fights strong people or someone life threatening he can be quite serious. He is very protective of his friends and thinks Samuel is doing is a good job. He is extremely devoted to the Ventro Family serving as Angel's body guard years after the Agency was dissipated.
Known Relatives: Father, Mother, Sister

Allies: Angel

Enemies: HAMMER

Occupation: Bodyguard
Theme Song:

Skills: He is a master of martial arts

-Sound Manipulation. He can control sound waves. He uses them to create blasts of concussive property, even disintegrating soft tissue. He's immune to sound based attacks
He can control the frequency of the sound waves he emits and can mimic or distort sound.
He can manipulate and alter music for his own entertainment. He can aim his blasts at the air to cause nausea and imbalance. He can convert electrical energy into sound to be a human telephone or and can use infrasonic too low for the human ears to pick up.
--Solid sound form: He can also assume a quasi-solid form meaning he can still do things as pure sound but in a physical form. He can also interact with physical objects.
--Pure sound form: He can turn into pure sound which makes him invisible and capable of moving at the speed of sound. While he is pure sound  he is intangible and he can also absorb sound causing people to go deaf or to be unable to talk.

Bio: Wave was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan by two living parents and he also had a little sister. He took marital arts serious as he planned to win the champion ships one day. He trained hard and got inspiration from his family,friends, and anime/manga. He was a major fan especially of DBZ and one day managed to release a blast of sound. He trained and begin to discover he had sound powers. He trained and told his master who thought they were from God.

He trained hard and later  won the tournaments with ease gaining money he became rich and  a famous martial artist. Later the Agency came to capture him and instead he fought them off  and escaped. He later met Ray  and was defeated  deciding to join this Agency he helped out a lot and become more care-free as time passed on befriending Ray and others. He was thank-ful to Samuel who helped his career and he later wanted to make the whole world special after the Government decided to go after Evolved humans.

He trained hard and went with Rail and Ray to rescue Benjamin. He recruited Joe and battled Abigail and Katy with his new friend. However Milo came defeating him and he escaped with Joe. He later helped out in various fights against the heroes and  held Milo and Nate hostage with Rail. He was forced to fight Milo after Chulance and Dave freed him. He lost the fight but managed to get the formula to Samuel and later went to find Zulan recruiting him into the group. He rested and later in the final battle helped Ray fight the others. He later evaded the Government alone and sad and was forced to fight Gary in Shawkun's tournament. He later returned to his quite life and used his power to help Velon stop the Symbiote invasion.

Later Peter found him and he rejoined Samuel's group.He helped out in his tournmanent fighting Isabel and loosing. Later on he helped calm down the outbreak  and helped the SXM when Samuel asked him too. He often aided the SXM under Samuel's orders, and developed a close bond to Samuel, and his wife Angel, becoming loyal to the Ventro Family, learning that they had helped his family's business, and later when Akatsuki decimated most of the group, he was one of the few survivors. He attended Samuel's funeral depressed, as he considered the man a father figure in his life, he returned to Japan seeking a purpose in his life, rejoined the family business, the Sushi Restaarunt, and became a skilled chef, determined to impress his new family, and start a new life, without Government persecution at every turn. He aided his family bringing down enemies to there restaurant, and they become the most popular Restaraunt in all of Japan, until he suffered a stroke from living a lie.

During his time in the hospital, he lost control of his ability, and managed to get himself together, his family accepted him, and he continued the family business, but decided to abandon them to guard Angel, who had no one left, and he promised to return one day, and he became Angel's Personal Guard devout to the Ventro Family. He protected her through several Trials and Tribulations even becoming a Fugitive with her during the time of Jorgan's Presidency, and later went with Angel letting Milo absorb their souls to hide them, after being released once ATEOTW was stopped, he's continued to serve her, and joined the X Lords as well.

He continued to protect her, devoted even after the events of X Lords, and several other invasions. During Dark Serpent he fled into a pocket dimension Milo created from Angel, and some other close loved ones of the SXML's family members. Upon return Wave began suffering from nightmares, chest pains, and trouble converting his body into sound. His trouble with his powers was psychological as he began having flash breaks of repressed memories when a mutant criminal with energy powers beat and raped his sister, and he was unable to save her. He realized the Agency suppressed him and his sister's memories which was what allowed him to distance himself from Angel. He sought out Velon seeking his aid in finding a telepath to make sure his sister would never get those memories back short of the Phoenix herself fishing them out, and moved back to Japan to open up a restaurant with millions saved up from working for the Ventro's. He went into hiding when the Japanese MRD began hunting down mutants, and got involved with the Yakuza to help mutants flee the country as Japan had oppressive mutant laws. During this time he reunited with his family, and opened up a shelter for mutants without family in hiding. He battled against the BROOD, and HYDRA in Japan, but has refused to seek out the Ventro's and the other heroes still angry about the cover up and wanting to be left alone to his own business.


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Wave (Heroes Uprising)
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