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 Angel Ventro(Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Angel Ventro(Heroes Uprising)   Angel Ventro(Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 24, 2012 10:15 pm

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Name: Angel Ventro
Codename: Foresight
Alias: N/A
Age: 56
Height: 5'1
Weight: 131 lbs
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Identity: Public
Species: Homo-superior
Race: Caucasian
Personality: She tries to remain calm no matter the situation and is very protective of her family. She is very secretive and has a cold blooded and ruthless side she hides from her family and most people. She believes in doing whatever it takes to save the world and will even kill without remorse if she believes she is doing the right thing.
Known Relatives: Samuel Ventro (Husband,Deceased), Milo Ventro(Son) Leah Ventro(Daughter), Henry Ventro (Second Husband, Deceased), Rachel Ventro (Daughter), Father, Mother, Melissa(Sister, Deceased)

Allies: Samuel's Group, New Agency, SXM

Enemies: HAMMER, MRD, Legacy

Occupation: Retired, Agency Member (formerly)
Theme Song:

Skills: She is very intelligent

Powers: Precognitive Dreams
She has the ability of Precognitive Dreaming meaning she can see the future in her dream. Her dreams can be about something 20 years in the future or the next minute. She can focus her power and it can be activated if she has natural sleep only. Before she falls asleep she can think about something such as the lottery and she will dream about the future of the lottery. During her dreams she is extremely vulnerable to telepathic assaults and can communicate with others who are dreaming while using her power.

She can enter other people's dreams, and even awaken them from comatose states. She's capable of conversing time through dreams.

Bio: Angel was born and raised into a family of mutants who hid there powers, although her sister Melissa thought they should be like the Fantastic Four. However there father had the family hide there abilities, and she dreamed the future trying to warn people of there fates. It was futile they were eventually put in a Concentration Camp along with many other Specials across America, she managed to escape her sister having the power to absorb cosmic energy, and Melissa sacrificed herself, and decimated the camp. Angel survived, and the Government shut down the operation as she fled. She gained control of her powers, and won the Lottery, and went to college studying genetics. She got large amounts of stock in Summerholt, and joined the Agency, and took a romantic interest in Samuel leading to there marriage, and the birth of there daughter Leah.

Then later Milo, but the Agency life grew dangerous for the kids, and she broke up with Samuel, and had a front a relationship with an abusive man named Henry upset at being used. She and Milo hated him and she thanked Milo after he caused his father's arrest. He later committed suicide a few months later and Angela and Milo became rich. She took over her husband Henry's business and when she was on vacation she learned the mansion was destroyed and knew how it happened due to her power.

She decided to buy a private island knowing the mansion would never be safe again since Milo's powers manifested and she revealed her power to Milo when he begin having dreams of events that happened. She and Milo lived on the private island and later she began to use the internet to communicate with a group. Later she was kidnapped by Zulan and held hostage by Samuel's group and she had a dream about Milo loosing his powers. She tried to warn him but was unable too and her dream came true.

She escaped and returned to the island when Kathy and Zulan freed everyone. She returned to her quite life on the island and met Michael helping evolved humans get to the island to gain new identities to help them evade the Government. After the hunt ended she returned to her luxurious life on the island until Milo came to ask her about her recent dream and she revealed Tyrant was coming and that he would die if he tried to stop him. She tried to convince him to leave earth for the next six months and later Travler kidnapped her and brought her to the planet where the Secrete Wars would occur. She was useless of course deciding to sleep to get a vision and later thanks to her vision she left to the fight between SXM and Samuel's group with a gun.

She knew Milo learned the secrete of his parents and Keel shot her. Milo healed her and she moved in with Samuel at his mansion restarting their relationship. She became 2nd in command over Samuel's group having them working on a formula to restore his powers and she visited Milo in his dreams to encourage him and mend their relationship. She moved to Genosha, and started a new life there with Wave as her personal body guard after the fall of Samuel's group. She was depressed after Samuel's murder, but was encouraged to form a New Agency to build an army of mutants to stop the Hunters, and avenge her husbands death. She worked with Feline, Blot, and others and condoned in various illegal activites she'd only done during her time in the Agency, and was saved by Tenshi when Feline joined the Hunters, and she helped Ikon master his powers.

After that she decided to retire from meddling in events, and formed the Illuminati bringing them together in the Ventro Mansion, and moving to a peaceful life on Genosha. She often gave Milo advice, and became the principle of the school on Genosha, and also the Guidance Counselor using her dreams to guide the students. She started a stable relationship with Velon, which they revealed to Milo some time after Peter, and Catherine were back to life. She continued using her knowledge of the future to guide the next generation, as Velon proposed to her. She'd been seeing visions of various horrific futures, leading to her abusing sleeping medication to get artificial sleep to avoid using her powers.


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Angel Ventro(Heroes Uprising)
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