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 Ana Hernandez (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Ana Hernandez (Heroes Uprising)   Tue Apr 24, 2012 11:56 pm

Name: Ana Hernandez.

Codename: Healing Arrow.


Age: 20

Height: 5'5

Weight: 119 Pounds

Alignment: Neutral, she'll follow her own beliefs.

Identity: Secret, she dreams of one day being able to form a family, and she wouldn't want to have her real name tainted by any of her previous acts.

Species: Human

Race: Latin American

Personality: Can be shy. Is determined and strong when she needs to be. Her normal behaviour is understanding, tolerant, gentle and shy. There's always an smile on her face. If it isn't there, it's obvious she's either determined to do something, or something's troubling her.

Known Relatives: None.

Allies: She's got contacts in some gangs, and she's helped them before, so they gladly help her when they are asked to. She's worked for almost all the gangs at least once.

Enemies: None known.

Occupation: She's a mercenary in her free time, she's hired for jobs as a field medic mostly.

Religion: Christian.

Theme Song:

Skills: Due to her being hired as a field medic, she's learned with time some first aid.
When she was little, she learned how to use a bow, and she's practiced frequently ever since.
She knows how to use swords, just a bit. Self-defense stuff.
She's good at parkour, so she's able to climb walls and do that sort of stuff.

Weapons: A dark brown wooden bow and its arrows. Always carries a Short Sword in her suit's belt and a Survival Knife attached to her boots.

Powers: Has the power of healing other people and herself with a touch of her hands. This is why her right hand's glove is fingerless.

She was born in South America, raised as a normal child, until one day, she tripped on a rock and hurt herself, her parents had seen this and they rushed to her side. Ana, though, just touched the place that she'd hurt her leg in, and it simply healed. No scars, no nothing.

Ever since that day, her parents exploited her, literally. They'd go with her to poor neighborhoods and heal some physical wounds in people, it was really tiresome for her, but her parents didn't mind, they seemed to be loving the donations they were getting from churches more than their own child. One day, though, they gave her a bow, and gave her the time each day to practice with it. That was, like, the best form of entertainment she'd had from now on.

A few years later, her parents dissappeared, they never returned home to Ana. She was 12, and she was scared, why did her parents never return? She'd never know. And she couldn't care less now.

She spent her next years living by commiting petty crimes, never leaving her bow and arrows behind. At the age of 16, she started working for a few gangs... She got paid by the jobs she performed. Assassination, robberies, intimidation, trafficking... She ended up having a reputation among many North-American gangs, she had enough money to buy a simple place now. And so she did. It was a small house in a town called Auburn, state of New York.

She still lives there today, but she's expanded the place, it's now two stories high, has a basement (where she keeps her important stuff), the walls are reinforced and so are the windows. She has a garage there, where she keeps her bike. [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Her suit is a dark brown with black details. Her whole body is covered by it, except her right hand's fingers, of course. Her suit includes a whole-head mask. This mask has glowing green side triangles as eyes, a respirator and extra-reinforced textiles. Her whole suit doesn't let any bullet penetrate, but htey do hit bluntly, leaving a few injuries afterwards. After a few bullets hit a part of the suit, it'll puncture and start to lose effectiveness.

The suit protects decently against fire, water, chemicals and a bit against radiation. She's spent most of her money on this suit, and she has a couple replacements hidden well.

Her bow is made of the finest wood, and if used correctly, shoots arrows with a really good precision.

She has weaknesses, though. She lets her emotions get the better of her in sudden situations, her lack of close-combat knowledge leaves her a bit weak in that area, of course, she knows how to use her sword, but she's not excepcionally good at it.
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Ana Hernandez (Heroes Uprising)
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