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 Anna Angelus (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Anna Angelus (Heroes Uprising)   Anna Angelus (Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeMon May 28, 2012 2:31 am

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When do things ever work as we plan? We plan, we get there, all hell breaks loose
Anna Angelus

Name: Anna Angelus
Codename: Charge
Alias: Ana Mihăilescu (her legal Romanian name), Anna Engel (her legal German name)
Height: 5'5
Year of Birth: 1990
Weight: 131 lbs
Alignment: Neutral Good
Identity: Secret
Citizenship: Romania/Genosha
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Bisexual
Species: Mutant
Ethnicity: German
Anna is a calm, stoic and collected person. She has experienced a great and many traumas in her life, from the death of her family, to the death or abandonment by her two biggest loves. All these losses have hardened her and made her a reliable combatant and leader. She doesn't allow herself to be manipulated or lose control, and doesn't allow her grief to affect her in high risk situations.
Despite this, she clearly shows signs of depression and longing for what she has lost. She displays alcoholic tendencies and often stays away from interaction with the other X-Men, who despite everything she still considers her family and her closest relationships. Despite all this she will not hesitate to jump to their defense, and puts them ahead of herself.
Base of Operations: Genosha's X-Manor
Universe: 616
Known Relatives: Father and Mother (foster); Father and Mother (biological/deceased); brother (Igneel/deceased)

Allies: Shadow X-Men, Shadow League, Avengers, SHIELD

Enemies: MRD

Occupation: Superhero, Genosha Institute teacher
Religion: Atheist
Theme Song:
Boom Boom Satellites: Shut Up and Explode [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Five Stars - Atom Bomb Baby [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Demetori - Nuclear Fusion [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Martial arts expert: Anna can fight hand to hand and uses this in combination with her powers for effective combos and attacks. She was raised since very early age to fight, however her memories of those times were sealed and she had to relearn everything. Since regaining her memories her skills as a fighter increased greatly and she is now amongst the best hand to hand combatants in the SXM

Leadership skills: She has been fighting with the SXM since she was 18 years old, and as one of it's most seasoned members, she is an effective field commander, and despite her past traumas is able to keep a level head, not allowing herself to be manipulated easily.

Multilingual: She speaks English. German, Romanian and Japanese, as well as a little Portuguese thanks to Filipe.

Indomitable Will: Anna has on many occasions displayed a will of steel, unbending and unmoving. She has withstood torture and unflinching resolve in combat that borders on machine like. She also displays unflinching nerves when people attempt to use the face of her dead loved ones against her.

-Wölfe: A personalized bike made especially to outfit Anna's powers, being able to use kinetic energy as a power source to reach speeds in the upper limits of 500 km/h. Perhaps one of the most powerful engines in the world, extremely resistant to harm (made to withstand the high speeds), and built to take full advantage of energy it is provided.

Anna is a mutant with total control over kinetic energy. She began as only able to create controlled explosions, but soon developed powers that easily ranked her as an omega level mutant, one of the strongest on Earth. While she is using her power, her eyes turn red.
She has also received angelic blessings from the Archangels. This allows her to harm demons and angels with her powers, as well as bypass some mutant defenses.

-Molecular Acceleration: The primary use of her power and her the source of her epithet, Anna has the power to take the potential energy stored in an object and convert it to kinetic energy thus “charging” that item with explosive results. She can charge any matter, even molecules in the atmosphere, enabling her to create explosions out of seemingly thin air. The only real limitation to this ability is the time required to charge the object. The larger or smaller it is the more time it takes. She can charge the object by thought, and is limited by her line of sight. Her powers are closely related to her state of mind. She has performed such feats as instantly charging massive buildings. She still prefers to use the physical charging, as she now does it instantly, able to punch a floor and cause the entire area to explode around her.

-Kinetic Energy Manipulation: She can use pure kinetic energy as a form of attack, sap it from others, and increase her own and thus her speed. Blasts of kinetic energy are always concussive in nature regardless of shape.
--Energy Form: She can assume the form of pure kinetic energy. This allows her to move at speeds far exceeding sound, and become invulnerable to just about every form of attack. Contact with her energy form will cause physical opponents to instantly lose all motion as their kinetic energy is absorbed into her

-Quantum Kinetic Energy: Anna has been shown able to manipulate Hamiltonian energy, the name for kinetic energy at the subatomic level. She is able to excite and move neutrons and protons, or freeze them still. This requires great effort on her part and seems to leave her drained.
--Nuclear Fision: By causing movement within the neutrons compositing an atom, she can cause the fission of that atom. Doing this releases the free energy contained within. If done on an atom of sufficient atomic mass, Anna can duplicate nuclear explosions or nuclear power.

-Enhanced Strength: She can use kinetic energy to enhance her own strength, enough to punch through solid rock and steel. She does this by controlling the energy upon impact of her attacks, causing a bigger release and thus a bigger impact.

-Static Interference: Ability to create static, because of the charged potential energy always in her body, that shields her mind from detection and intrusion by all but the most powerful telepaths. The shield has the added effect of destabilizing (but not nullifying) touch based powers.

-Minor brain manipulation: Ability to "charge" the kinetic energy within a person's brain, allowing a subtle influence over any sentient mind. This power allows Anna to compel others to believe what she says and agree with anything she suggests. It's a weak suggestive power, so it doesn't always work on stronger minds.

-Healing: She can stimulate the kinetic energy of cells and heal her own wounds to an extent. It's unknown if she can do the same to others, but her healing isn't as effective as William's, and expends the Hayflick limit, meaning it shortens lifespans.
--Increased metabolism: She can increase the speed of her metabolism to quickly detox herself from drugs like alcohol, or process poisons and toxins. It expends her body's energy reserves, and she suffers the same symptoms a person would suffer from detoxing the given substance, for example headaches and dry mouth for alcohol.

-Thermokinesis: She can control kinetic energy in atoms, controlling their collision and as such increasing the temperature around her. She can both decrease and increase the temperature, although her range isn't as great as Filipe or Menace as this is a practical application of her power. Her body is also not adapted for the shifts in temperature.
--Cryokinesis: By directing the cold waves with her physical motions, she can create ice for attack. She can't control the actual ice, so she uses this in direct attack, forming the solid ice as spikes from both the air and the ground. She can also create shields or just freeze things in her path
--Pyrokinesis: By directing heat waves she can create fire attacks. She can't manipulate the flames once their formed, so she uses physical motions to direct them at her targets. She usually sends out either fireballs or streams of fire from her punches. She can also form flame shields by lighting the area in front of her on fire.

-Electrokinesis: By using kinetic energy to cause atom collision, she can cause electrical discharges from anywhere in her body. She again can't them once she forms them, so she needs to direct the attacks with physical movement. She can constantly release a steady stream of electricity from her body.

-Chronokinesis: Be slowing the kinetic energy in movement, Anna can cause everything around her to slow down or even completely stop. However, she must keep an active control over it or the effects dispel, and it is taxing to do so for extended periods of time.
--Super speed: By increasing the kinetic energy in her movements, she can run at super speeds. She can do this to others as well. However her body is not adapted for super speed, and she must also enhance her reaction time when she runs and protect herself actively from the hazards of super speed traveling.
--Enhanced Agility: By manipulating the kinetic energy as it flows through her neurons, she can also increase her agility and dexterity, as well as her reaction time. It requires great concentration, and although she has trained herself to do this with relative ease, if her mind is being disrupted it becomes difficult.


Anna was born in Germany, and orphaned at such a young age she does not remember her parents, only knowing she is from a poor rural town somewhere in East Germany. Her brother Igneel looked after her for most of their early childhood. When Igneel was older, around 12, he was taken in by Sefirot's father, and experiments were performed on him. He survived, and the both of them started living in Sefirot's remote village close to the Hungarian border. When his powers manifest, he and Anna were outcasted. Fortunately, Sefirot himself, and Faust, another child who was experimented on were also in the same situation, and they became friends, almost like family.

When the boys turned 18, they all left the village and Anna followed with her brother. They first fled to Berlin, and then stowed on the first plane they could, heading to Tokyo. Once there, they used their powers to form a mercenary group that took on assassinations, but kept their targets to mostly crime lords, corrupt politicians and avoided morally questionable actions.
As the years passed, Anna became interest in joining AVALANCHE's missions, but Igneel wouldn't let her. On one of his mission. Igneel meet Bernard on a mission, and saved him. Bernard turned out to be a mutant as well, so Igneel allowed him to join the group as payment for his rescue, which angered Anna due to what she perceived as his brother's favoritism. She instead turned to Sefirot for training and mentorship, at the time Sefirot already beginning to show early signs of his mental issues. However, the "coolness" he gave off had Anna infatuated with him. At the same time, while she did hit it off badly with him at first due to her arguments with her brother, she became good friends with Bernard. Igneel eventually caved into Anna's demands, and she demonstrated herself to be a useful asset, despite not yet showing any mutant ability.

Sometime before her eighteenth birthday, group was called back to the village due to Sefirot's father's death, and the reading of his will. During the trip, Anna and Bernard started to grow closer, and she showed him a secret clearing she would visit during her childhood at the village. Before anything could happen between them, Sefirot found the truth about his past and finally lost all semblance of reason. He destroyed the village in cold blood as Igneel and Faust attempted to stop him. Anna and Bernard returned as the two were managing to put down his friend and Sefirot switched his target to Anna in an attempt to distract Igneel. Her brother blocked the attack, and died in her and Bernard's arms, begging the young boy to protect his sister. Anna's grief and rage finally awakened her mutant powers, and Anna easily defeated Sefirot. As she was about to deal the finishing blow, Faust stopped her, wanting to spare his friend's life despite what he had done. However, Sefirot took the chance to attempt to kill them both. Anna managed to react instinctively and shit down his brain by freezing the kinetic energy of his neurons, leaving him in a coma. After that, Bernard took Anna with him and escaped the village before Faust could stop them, leaving the sick young man the last survivor of the group.

Bernard managed to get across the border from Hungary and then Romania. But was intercepted by strange beings, who were in fact the Hunters. Having picked up on Anna's omega level powers and wishing to restrain her, they had tracked them down. Bernard gave his freedom to save her, and left her somewhere safe, before confronting and being taken by the Hunters. When she woke up, her brain blocked out her entire past life due to the shock, as well as her vast powers, only remembering the name Anna and the world angel.

Wandering into a hospital with no memories and not yet of legal age, she was placed into the Romanian foster care system, and soon found a good home and a decent life. Unable to find records of her birth, as she and her brother had been orphaned before she was a registered German citizen, her foster parents simply told her to go by Anna, as it was the name she remembered.

As she began to acclimate to normal life, she was once more dragged into danger, kidnapped by local criminals of her town. What the petty thugs did not count on was the awakening of a part of her mutant powers. Her eyes turned bright blood red and upon touching them in distress, she triggered a kinetic acceleration in their bodies and caused them to explode. Scared of her own self, she ran away in fear with no intentions of returning home. Before she could do further harm to herself or others, she was found by Yamairo, whose curiosity had been peaked by the news story of the thug's deaths. He taught her how to control her emotions and subsequently, her powers, and offered her a chance to aid him in finding others like them. Anna, in gratitude, accepted, and became one of Yamairo's first team mates.

It was shortly after that Yamairo brought with him Filipe, and she helped trained him in the use of his power, and he brought formal hand to hand training expertize with him. The two became fast friends and battle companions. She also meet Milo and Nate, as well as Sandra and Troy, and the group had its first great battle with Zulan in Washington DC, and with Milo's help managed to defeat him.

Realizing there was potential for growth in her powers, she began to train to improve them, just as Yamairo's group unearthed the sinister Agency, who were experimenting on others with abilities. The group fought the magnokinetic villain Velon for the first time, Anna battling him one on one. Before she could decide the fight, the German, a man who could block abilities simply by being in a mutant's presence, arrived and shot her dead. She was saved later thanks to an injection from Ledge's regenerating blood. The group then attacked the Agency's headquarters, and she fought Velon once more.

When Milo was kidnapped, she helped the others in the rescue attempt, but they were all captured by the Agency. Their only way out would prove to be the size altering mutant Kathy, whom Filipe refused to trust, while Anna disagreed, and was proven to be right, when she helped rescue them. The group then tracked down and defeated the one behind the Agency, Samuel Ventro.

In the aftermath, while some of the group went after Sindus, she went with Yama to investigate a possible mutant related explosion in New York. It was here that she met Alisa. Accidentally having her abilities supercharged by the plucky girl, she cause a huge explosion that causes several building collapses, and ends with her and Alisa trapped bellow debris. The two of them bonded while trapped under the rubble, and soon developed an attraction and love for each other.

She was there when the truth of their world was revealed, and thus became one of the official founding members of the Shadow X-Men. Their first adventure was aiding their friend Kano in handling the truth of his heritage as the son of Thor.

She was forced to fight in Shawkun's soul tournament due to his taking of Sandra's soul. He defeated Rail in the first round, by using her ability to supercharge anything that touched her to force a surrender after Rail had used his phasing to try and grab her heart. In the second round however, she had to battle Zulan himself. Despite her best attempts, Zulan defeated her, and not only killed by blew up her entire body, preventing the others from bring her back, utterly devastating Alisa.

She was indeed brought back however, by Samuel Ventro, who had Ray reassemble her body's matter, and Shawkun bring her soul back. He then subtly altered her mind and turned her against the SXM in his final confrontation with them, but she was defeated and brought back to her senses by Filipe and Riya. Yamairo brought her back to Genosha, and Alisa helped her come to terms with the pain of dying.

An incident with Alisa caused her to blow up a wall, and that inadvertently saved her life, as Filipe arrived to investigate and caught Vega, an assassin, trying to kill her. After a brief scuffle, the demon attack began, and she joined her old friends in the battle. She was able to defeat several demons and later fought against Elemental during the Secrete Wars. She was nearly killed again by Zulan but Yamairo saved her. She helped the team a lot over the next period of time and later  during the Superhero registration arc. She joined Anti-Registration and helped out in various battles. She was nearly killed several times and helped go to save Sandra, Alisa, Samuel, and Riya.

During the darkness arc she was mostly in the sidelines, helping out in the final attack.
She was next seen when the Skrulls attacked. Legacy took the chance to kidnap William, and she was forced to run with Alisa, eventually running into Samuel who saved them. They went with the group to Olympus and watched the fight with the god's champion to allow them a single request. which was to give Yamairo an audience with Kronos and increase his knowledge of temporal manipulation.

She was next seen fighting off Namini's attack on the island of Genosha. She managed to survive, and witness Namini reviving everyone. She was left to guard her, but once Namini awoke she quickly left her behind.
She was next seen fighting off the aliens in the final attack by the SXM.

During the Phoenix Alliance arc, she and Alisa were kidnapped early so she was unable to help. At the end, she, along with the others, were rescued.
Fawkes recruited her along with Harry, Rail and Leah for a covert operations team within the SXM, giving her training in the field. She began to have flashes of memories to similar training, but could not recall anything but vague dreams.

After that, during the brimstone arc, she helped defend Genosha from the Daybreak organization by attacking the explosive clay wielding assassin, the Artist of Death, and keeping him busy. She fought him again, at the island at the center of the world, and beat him by suddenly accessing flight, using kinetic energy. It was then she realized her powers were different than merely explosions. After that, Poseidon helped confirm this on the same visit he made to arrest her. During the Olympus arc, she was thus mostly gone, until the very end where she and her squad helped track down Jason, who had Typhon in his body. After that, Filipe explained to her the extent of her powers, theorizing that her ability to kinetically charge matter to explode could mean she potentially had control of kinetic energy itself.

Just as her true powers were awakening and her vague dreams of her past were intensifying, her past life finally caught up with her. She was sent on a mission to Japan, which was really a trap set by AVALANCHE members Hu-Ren and Zin-So. Zin had become the new leader, and decided to bring back every possible member in an attempt to make the organization stronger again. Anna tried her best, but her team was beat in a surprise attack, and she was taken. She was given back some memories, but not the entirety of them. After, she fought both Manny's group to get Eston, who had also been a member of AVALANCHE. Zin then sold the mercenaries services to Iliria Gallio, the Black Queen of the Hellfire Club, and this brought them into confrontation with the Shadow X-Men.

However, when Zin tried and succeeded in bringing back Sefirot, the situation soon spiraled out of everyone's control. Sefirort tried to kill Anna in revenge for what she had done all those years ago, and as Anna seemed lost, Alisa, whose powers had evolved to the point she could now take control of over mutant powers, came to help her. Before she could, Sefirt killed her in cold blood, repeating what had happened to her brother. However, just like last time, she proceed to nearly defeat him with her incredibly powers. But this time, he escaped into the lifestream from where he started to corrode the very life force of the planet. Milo and Sandra managed to get him out by forcing his last piece of being, his consciousness, out. When he got out, he was soon faced by Anna, who attacked him, and turning into pure energy for the final blow, finally defeated him and laid her past to rest.

She disappeared for a few weeks after that, returning just in time to help Yamairo with what appeared to be a resurrected Isabel, but was in truth an homunculus made on Iliria's orders to toy with the samurai.
She spent the next two arcs, Decimation and the Legacy virus arc, dealing with the homunculus, helping her learn emotions and think for herself. Marie, driven in part by her own hatred of Iliria, suggested they help free the poor girl from the Black Queen's control, and Harry agreed to the endeavor. Harry distracted Milo long enough for Marie and Anna to force Iliria, by playing to her anger, to admit what she had done, not just to herself, but also to Yamairo. Milo's trust in her broken, Iliria agreed to free the homunculus.

When the Hunters finally started to appear once more, forewarning the second Hunter war, she finally found out what happened to Bernard. She first fought him by the coast of Genosha with the SXM's help, and then, later, during the actual war, with the 3 members of AVALANCHE that remained, Faust, Zin and Ren.

Zin and Ren were defeated by the enhanced Bernand, and Faust was taken to near death from overuse of his synthetic mutant powers. Anna, using her powers, managed to get him an opening, wounding herself in the process. Faust finally managed to injure Bernard and break his reality marble, dying an honorable death. Anna was taken back to get healed as the war was brought to a close by actions elsewhere.

Five months passed, as she returned to the SXM. She's helping Rachel deal with the loss of Filipe, with the strange assistance of "Isabel".
After that, James gave her a very secretive mission to infiltrate Iliria's Hellfire Club, under the pretense of rejoining AVALANCHE. As such, she stayed a while absent from the others, showing up occasionally when Iliria showed herself, to help or otherwise. She tried hard to get Katy out of Jin's grasp without revealing herself.

During her infiltration, Dark Reign was set in motion. It was during this time she met Bernard once again, and thanks to the excuse of her undercover work, started to take her frustrations on him. The lose of Alisa, and the knowledge that Bernard was still out there but refused to return to her, was slowly starting to take their toll.
After almost a year of infiltration, Anna's mission was canceled with Iliria's nature as an Outer God awoke. She and AVALANCHE officially left her employment and she got Amber to stop her former "boss", sealing her back into the brimstone dimension.
She then rejoined the SXM, and watched as the team disbanded during No More Heroes.

Milo personally invited her to join the Shadow League. Her time alone had cemented her depression, and she turned to alcohol for comfort. Harry and Marie attempted to help her as best they could. However, despite this, she was still a very powerful member of the team, and helped in fights against the Serpent and Sutur

Her alcohol problem began to worsen, and frequently heads to a bar near the League tower.
She is called in to help Filipe deal with an explosion in Portugal. There, she meets Raphael for the first time and becomes the third of the SXML to receive angelic blessings that supplement her powers. She helps locate the source, an angel trapped within a cyborg body. After subduing her, she helps bring her back.
She attends Marie's bachelor party and once again gets drunk. Later she helps fight off the Cancerverse invasion.

During the MRD crisis, she along with Harry decide to investigate Tesla's framing. This mission proves to be fatal to Harry, and leads to his death. Anna puts the blame squarely on herself, and her depression spirals further out of control. Mostly alone during the following weeks, she comes together to fight off MRD one last time, before being captured by the Brood. Yamairo sets her free.

She is tracked down by Dale in NYC during the darkening of the sun, and despite attempts by the darkness to corrupt her holds strong and battles the shadowlings attacking the city, and later on Genosha.

Despite her desire to intervene in Sandra's take over, she stays out when told to do so by Filipe, and merely provides support for Yamairo as he challenges Sandra one on one. After keeping out of everything that happens during Sandra's rule of Genosha, Yamairo waking from his post-battle coma finally pushes her and the other passive heroes to action again. Yamairo's plan to stop Sandra however, has her forced to go back in time to receive Alisa's supercharge. Seeing her last lover again finally breaks the tough exterior she had been projecting, and she cries in Yamairo's arms as he consoles her, before the two go out to save Chicago from Sandra's attack. Yamairo manages to save Sandra from the darkness, and Anna successfully evacuates all the civilians and wayward military.

When Kano escapes from Hell, she wordlessly follows Yamairo into battle, aiding in the defense of New York. She watches from above as the Avengers attempt to storm Asgard and stop Kano's rampage. The next morning she watches the events at Iraq, the SXM unable to stop whatever is causing it, before Iliria, returned from the brimstone, attacks the X-Station. She's used as a weapon against Sandra and Cassandra.

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PostSubject: Re: Anna Angelus (Heroes Uprising)   Anna Angelus (Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeMon May 28, 2012 2:36 am

Anna in her SXM outfit:
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Anna with her bike
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Anna in her AVALANCHE days
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Anna Angelus (Heroes Uprising)
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