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 Nono (Space Uprising)

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PostSubject: Nono (Space Uprising)   Nono (Space Uprising) I_icon_minitimeMon May 28, 2012 1:02 am

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You shall not set one foot on this planet while a single ounce of energy flows through my body!
The Buster Machine

Name: Buster Machine
Codename: None known
Alias: Nonoriri, Nono
Age: Unknown, looks around 20
Height: 5.9
Weight: 145 lbs
Alignment: Neutral Good
Identity: Secret
Citizenship: N/A
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Asexual
Species: Android
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Personality: Nonoriri is incredible happy and go lucky, with a very simple minded personality. Trusting and fiercely loyal, she is fast in friendship, a stout ally and absolutely fierce when protecting her comrades. She has a very strong sense of justice and will fight and defend innocents and people in need without being asked and without expecting any compensation, and will consider aid given to her a debt that she must repay at any cost whenever required of her. While she is slow to anger, she can inspire fear when her staggering strength is brought to bare in full, but she is also quick to forgive if the individual truly repents their evil action.
The only beings in the universe she seems to truly hate are the Hunters, for she was created with the express purpose of defeating them. She will pursue any chance to foil their plans and will gladly take up arms against them.
Base of Operations: Cairo Station, Avengers HQ
Universe: 616
Known Relatives: None

Allies: Buster Corps, Avengers, SHIELD, SWORD, Shadow X-Men

Enemies: Hunters, Annihilation Wave

Occupation: Buster Corps Commander, Avengers member, SWORD agent.
Religion: None
Theme Song:
Diebuster OST: Buster Machine March [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Noriko Hidaka, Rei Sakuma, Miyuki Sawashiro & Yukari Fukui - Fly High [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


-Space navigation: She is familiar with most star quadrants of the known universe and has intricate maps of most of the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies, as well as well charted maps of the LMC.

-Hunter expert: She is an expert on the Hunters, their origins, their tactics and command structure and their usual modus operandi when attack a planet.

Nonoriri is an android built at a far away planet, with extremely advanced technology. She's outfitted with a type of engine called a "Degeneracy Engine", which allows her to produce energy at incalculable levels. The engine system works in three parts: the main core in her chest, and the two energy output processing points, one in each arm
When she has the engine activated, her hair glows bright orange, her eyes seem to glow red, and her outfit changes into a mechanical looking white suit. The power she can call forth, and her android build gives her numerous powers:

-Super Strength: One of her most impressive powers is her staggering physical strength. The combination of her unique android body and the vast energies of her unique engine allow her to summon forth physical might far outclassing the 100 ton range. She has pushed back massive Destroyer armors, pushed an oversized Kathy into the sun, stood her ground against Kano the Asgardian God of War and overpowered her own degeneracy engine forcefields when the technology was being used by the Predators. Her strongest attack is the Inazuma Kick, that is delivered by activating the thrusters on her legs and pushing her past light speed, turning her into an Einsteinian projectile that has brought down structures as massive as the Hunter flagship during its invasion of the Earth.

-Super Speed and Reflexes: The degeneracy engine combined with her android systems allows her to react and move at superhuman speeds. She usually refrains from moving at light speeds while in an atmosphere due to the damage it can cause.

-Superhuman durability: She can survive blows from powerful weaponry such as the M'kraan crystal capital guns of the Shi'ar, blows from beings such as the Leader of the hunters. Her body is built of an unknown dense alloy that can handle the strains of the energy output of her engine, which is considerable.

-Flight: She has both built in engines on her feet for flight, and some on her legs for an extra boost, that she mostly uses for offense. Her engines are powerful enough to well exceed that of the human races method of ranking upper speeds (mach) and can reach the speed of light

-Interstellar travel: She can fly unaided through space by the usage of warp travel, creating wormholes to move from one point to another. She can do so within a planet, but she usually uses these for interstellar travel alone

-Gravity Well Disruption: The ability to create gravity disruptions in the form of small orbs that, in laymen terms, equal a miniature black hole. She can suck in numerous ships with each attack, and seems to create these at her will

-High Density Lasers: She can shoot forth high density laser beams from the tip of her fingers. These beams are powerful enough to cut through a space battleship, and cut through small moons. She has decapitated a Destroyer using the laser. She calls this attack the "Buster Beam

-Energy Absorption: She can absorb energy attacks through the plates in her chest and arms. She has an upper limit, although it has not been demonstrated yet.

-Energy Shields: Her output stations can bring forth a powerful energy shields that can withstand supernovas. She can also coat her body with the shield, although the durability of her metal frame usually makes this unneeded

-Sensor System: She has a very advance sensor system that can pick up most electromagnetic and heat waves, as well as noises, physiological responses and even other technological signals such as radio signals.

STR: A++
ENE: A++

Nonoriri, Nono for short, was created long ago on a distant planet, and was suppose to stand as the leader of a team of androids called the Buster Corp, whom her makers expected could save them against the oncoming Hunter Invasion. Before she could be activated, the planet was attacked by the very aliens her makers had created her to fight. The scientist team managed to preserve her even as the planet was burned. She awoke alone in the remains of the civilization that had given her birth, and roamed through the empty cosmos alone for many centuries. As she began to learn, she began to evolve as well, as her makers had given her true AI sentience. She began to build other androids like her, less sophisticated, but using the same technology, and created a fighting force to fight against the Hunters. During the defense of a quadrant during the early weeks of the Second Hunter War, she was damaged and had to perform an emergency landing on the nearest inhabited planet with sufficient technology for her repair, which turned out to be the planet Eart.

She was found by Elsa on the desert of Nevada near SHIELD HQ and brought to the base for medical attention. During the attack by SHIELD on their own HQ to capture the Avengers, she defended them and Elsa in particular, destroying the entire squad of planes that was sent to attack them. She then revealed that she an android that hailed from a far off planet.
She decided to help the Avengers deal with Jorgan, kidnapping Tyrone straight from the Osborn company, and then fighting and defeating the super soldier Regan by herself. This helped clear Aaron's name. However, SHIELD had already gotten the blueprints for the Iron Man armor
Afterwards, when the military started using reversed engineered copies of the Iron Man armor, she helped deal with the attack, while Regan and Aaron lead the assault on the control room to defeat the government

As the fight ended, she stayed for a while longer with the Avengers, and revealed she was helping fight a galactic threat. She then learned that planet Earth was being targeted by the Hunters, so she swore that she'd protect her new friends with her life. She said she'd return in a few months time with her squad.

At the time of the Hunter War, she, along with Kano and Son, lead the battle in space against the flagships. She was having trouble, until Kano used the Odinforce to destroy all 3 flagships. Upon the recovery by the Hunters, she was pumped up enough to take down one by herself, as Son also took down others. Eventually, she finished them off and flew towards the main ship.
Upon arrival, her first action was to slam a flagship into the mothership, enter it and decimate an entire Hunter army by herself. Upon finally arriving at the Leader, she immediately attacked him, using her strength to match his, and give the others enough time to attack him. However, the Leader survived even the Ultimate Nullifier and proceeded to defeat the team, except for Kano, Milo and Nono herself.

Nonoriri then attacked the leader with all her strength using the Inazuma Kick, and managed to catch him in a death lock. The Leader, however, took the chance and fired an energy beam straight though her chest. Before she was too damaged, she grabbed the Leader and gave Kano the chance to fire another Odinforce Godblast. However, the Leader survived and ripped out the Degeneracy Engine. As she fell to her doom, she was happy, knowing that she bought enough time for Milo to once again fire the Ultimate Nullifier.

Upon returning to Earth, Kano brought her damaged body. Yama saw her, and took her to Aaron, who repaired her. However, Aaron could not replicate the engine, so she was left mostly powerless, with enhanced strength and speed.

After a while, Nonoriri again regained her powers when the Predators, vicious aliens that had attacked Earth, returned and with them brought technology created by Nono's former planet. Using Stark's quick thinking, she reinstalled a degeneracy engine within her and regained the power source with which to use her android body to the fullest.
Since then she became an active member of the Avengers.
One of her first fights alongside the team was helping to put a stop to the Galaxy Wars

She later, along with most of the Avengers, joined the Shadow League. She's seen helping in numerous battles. During Fear Itself, she was made one of the 9 Mighty, her already powerful energy levels boosted by a degeneracy engine made of uru and powered by the Odinforce. She was able to help defeat the Serpent with her new powers.

She lately has taken to helping SWORD in their endeavors along space, serving as both a guide and a protector for the various military and trade ships that have been established between the Skrull and Human societies. Her remaining squad of Buster Machines help her out whenever they can and have spread out along the entire quadrant.
She is called upon when the Shi'ar, lead this time by the mad Ganiorgi, restart the Galaxy Wars, fighting off the invaders. However, the war is stopped when Gan unleashed the Annihilation Wave.

She has mostly stayed as a SWORD agent, and was away from the planet during the Brood invasion. She returned to help rebuild the SWORD infrastructure but soon left again on more space missions. However, she was called by Aaron once again to reform the Avengers, to investigate a strange signal on the Dark Side of the Moon. There, they discovered an amassing Hydra army. However taken by surprise they were defeated and most of them captured. Nono joined the battle latter and helped in the defense of DC against the betraying MRD forces.

She rejoined the Avengers full time, and helped them battle against Sandra when she decided to take over Genosha, as well as against Korin and his army of vampires, although her strength was of little use against Korin's powers.
When Tanya began collecting the keys to unleash Kano from Hell, Avengers tried to stop it because it would release the demons back into the Earth. They failed, and Kano decided to take revenge on mankind. Nono defended NYC from the Destroyer attacks and fought Kano in an attempt to bring him down, but was defeated by the gods magic and overwhelming power.

When the Avengers needed to rescue Sammie from Hell, they tracked down Amber to the island at the center of the Earth, only to discover Iliria had returned. Nono attempted to fight her, but she was disassembled by the mutant's magic. She stood with the Avengers against Milo's attempted take over of the world, and when they were defeated, was captured along with Pol-Aris. However, Amber managed to force Milo's hand into their release. She was there at the final battle in DC against Milo's forces, and with Christopher's help managed to defeat Terrel.

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PostSubject: Re: Nono (Space Uprising)   Nono (Space Uprising) I_icon_minitimeMon May 28, 2012 1:09 am

Nono's Android Structure:
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Nono's "human" form
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Nono (Space Uprising)
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