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 Dave Fuller(Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Dave Fuller(Heroes Uprising)   Dave Fuller(Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 23, 2012 10:16 pm

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"You'll never catch me, as soon as you get near me, I'll be gone in the blink of an eye."
-Dave Hollos

Name: Dave Hollos Fuller
Codename: Blink
Alias: N/A
Age: 28
Height: 5'7
Weight: 173 lbs
Alignment: Neutral Good
Identity: Secret
Species: Homo superior
Race: Caucasian
Personality: Dave is a kind and care-free person. He always looks on the bright-side of situations and hates death not even allowing his enemies to die unless they've done something terrible. He is a ladies man and even has his own fan-club. Although a ladies man he never cheats, or does anything to betray others. In-fact betrayal is his worst fear, and one reason he chooses his friends carefully.
He will always protect his friends, and defend them to the very end, no matter what they've done. Although he had a strong dislike for Troy, who had caused Sandra lots of pain. He eventually came to forgive Troy, and saved his life on numerous occasions. He is devoted to his lover Sandra, and has been through intense situations with her. His stay in hell, a break up with Sandra and falling out with Milo, and during these times an alcoholism problem. Sandra erasing his memory, getting back together and the problems with David which also involved Hell. But through all this, he has grown into a very mature adult, loving father and husband
Known Relatives: Javo(Father, deceased), Mother(Incarcerated,Escaped), Sandra (Wife), David (Son)

Allies: SXM, MI6

Enemies: Hell, HAMMER

Occupation: Thief; Vigilante; MI6 operative
Religion: Christian
Theme Song:
Normal: Shinedown: If You Only Knew [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
With Sandra: Bon Jovi: Livin' on a Prayer [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Skills:He is skilled fighter knowing various forms of martial arts, skilled with various weapons, and capable of speaking several languages. He is skilled at stealth, theft, and pick pocketing.

Weapon: He usually keeps his dad's handgun named Savior,and he knows were the SXM's weapon storage unit is, and has access to it.

Teleportation. He can teleport anywhere on the planet by changing himself into a mass of light and traveling to his destination. He can bring others with him.
He can uses this offensively, or just to immobilize someone by dropping them somewhere else. He can teleport objects to other places without actually teleporting himself, and can mentally choose where the objects go, however, to move living beings he has to be in physical contact with them but not non organic.

The Void: He can access the Void, whom he bonded with during his time spent in Hell. He gains incredible strength, speed, durability, and endurance. It is capable of communicating with Dave telepathically, and accessing control over his body. It can transfer to other hosts upon physical contact, and take over them, especially when said host is intoxicated.

As the Void, Dave possesses the ability to shapeshift, has massive control over the weather and darkness, and can create destructive storms and deadly "infini-tendrils". Black tendrils he can sprout from his body or from dark clouds he creates with his molecular powers. They can attack physically, make stuff explode on contact or phase into people to take control of their minds. Those impaled on these tendrils experience traumatic visions of the past, present, and future r eat their soul

The appearance of the Void changes, varying from a shadowy, trenchcoat-wearing villain to a massive hurricane of darkness. The Void is at his strongest during the night. His powers also increase to maximum whenever he is inside the Negative Zone, which he rules over.

Bio: Dave was born and raised in England his father being a spy in the MIA and his mother being a thief. He was born learning traits from both of his parents and learned never to tell either and when he was ten years old he found his dad's secrete room learning he was a spy and his mom learned too. He hung out there for two years and once escaped by teleporting away and his father Jave found him. Dave was shocked and later tried to train his power accidentally using it to cause a bully to harm himself and he finished the bully off. He learned about his abilities more, his father Jave training him revealing he had the same unique gift. Later Jave's soul was taken by Shawkun, and his mother was arrested, he started a new life of crime, using his abilities to obtain what he wanted, and he spent time traveling the earth, with no attachments.

That all changed, after he rescued a girl named Sandra from a super powered Arsonist named Troy. He bonded with her, and even more so after discovering they both had powers. Dave developed feelings for Sandra, and he later helped fight off Troy when he came after her, and even helped her escape from Zulan who murdered her parents in cold blood. He began helping Sandra gain control of her powers, when Yamairo and Isabel came after them in search of Troy, whom he had rescued from Zulan. He developed a rivalry with the ungrateful hothead, that even led to him being manipulated by Future Milo in Yamairo's form. When Yamairo was killed, he was the one who alerted the team of Isabel going rogue, and let them stay in his suite in Egypt while Homeland Security from the future hounded the group. He also formed a close bond with Abigale, whom

When Future Milo assumed the role of Yamairo he supported him, and once again left Troy for dead in the water, even getting into an argument with Sandra. Being close to Sandra, he also formed a friendship with Abigale who Sandra had bonded with. He purchased a new condo in Egypt moving in with Sandra, but frequently visiting the warehouse to check on Abigale. He was one of the people Nate recruited to help stop Benjamin's prison break, and he helped take down many guards in conjunction with Sandra. He later worked together with Harry, and Troy to bring down Velon, but he managed to escape with Dimitri's help. He later transported the group to Velon's estate in Hawaii, where a show down took place, he was brought down late in the battle, having managed to avoid a multitude of attacks. He was captured, and placed in a cell with Sandra, where his feelings only intensified. After regaining freedom, he helped them battle Zulan.

He was one of the few who refused to trust Kathy, and even went as far as to physically harm her. She used her abilities to tease and torture him, until she got over it. He helped her rescue her friend Ezekiel who was the one who brought down Blot, making him a major player in bringing down the Agency. He worked together with Chulance to rescue Milo, and Nate, and helped the group escape to the warehouse. When the group went to attack Samuel's mansion, he proved useless against Samuel, as him, and the rest of the group were reduced in size by Kathy, and imprisoned to be used as future test subjects, he embraced Sandra, and confessed his love, starting there relationship. After they were freed, he helped Sandra battle the Agency Agents, and helped deal with the onslaught of Government Agents, and policemen after them. He once again helped many mutants escape during the mission to free mutants from the prisons, and afterward went on the two month vacation to Asgard.

After that he teamed up with Sandra, but did not want to become a fully active member of the team, moving to Manhattan with Sandra. They did help some mental patients, but it was trap started by a soul manipulator named Shawkun who took her soul, and Dave told the others about the tournament, getting them to enter. He fought hard, managing to defeat even Stewart due to his telepathic blocks. He later fought Milo, who he told to save Sandra. Milo murdered him in cold blood, but he was revived momentarily. With Yamairo he gathered the remaining SXM members with souls, and after Shawkun was stripped of his souls, he murdered him seeking vengeance for kidnapping Sandra. Due to his ability he got a job as a Photographer at the Daily Bugel. He avoided the team's activities, and he helped out during the Symbiote invasion.

After the invasion he returned to his normal life meeting his father Jave and learning Vinlo Zulan's dad was back. He later tried to fight other members of the SXM when they wanted to detain Sandra. He was beaten and awoke in the midst of the demon invasion. He took her to their apartment after Sandra beat Black-heart and later he fought her when she was under Controller's control.He was later controlled and forced to attack Samuel and others but was easily koed.

After that he returned to a normal life helping the SXM part-time and later was brought to the Secrete Wars. Yamairo sent him to get Simon and he was forced to fight Wave and Ray. He was captured and Samuel took his power to make sure he couldn't escape. He was later freed and powers restored. He went to live with Sandra planning to join the team full time after Abagail finished school. After Abigail finished school, he moved to Genosha with Sandra, getting a house there. He helped get mutants away from Genosha when the Espada attacked, and during the Civil War he joined Filipe's team of Anti Registration.

He dealt with various Sentinel attacks, and attacks from the Government. After Milo's death he helped fought the Terror Squad, and he helped deal with Sindus's mutant army legacy. He helped on the retrieval mission, in which Ezekiel got killed. He slowly became less active, and his relationship with Sandra grew more serious. As she began to manifest the Phoenix Force, he began to help her deal with her new emerging abilities. He later helped spread out the SXM during the Sentinel Invasion, and later was killed by the Six Paths of Pain on Genosha.

He was revived thanks to Namini, and once again after returning to Sandra, Machi kidnapped him. He was placed in Ivan's mind, and rescued by Amber. He helped Sandra regain control of her emotions, and became an active member again to support her However finally during the Akatsuki's second sneak attack on Genosha, Milo loosing control to Madara's superior control, become Midara and killed him with Amaterasu. Later Howard placed him in Hell, and he was freed after Sandra killed Velon. However during his time in Hell, The Void had entered his mind, and showed him images of DECIMATION. He met up with Dracarot, and they worked together to stop the future he saw with Apocalypse ruling, and humanity enslaved.

However due to Kevin's ability, she was trapped inside the body of a fat powerless human. Dave got his wife to safety not wanting her to be slaughtered by Apocalypse's sentinel army, and with Milo's help she was freed from the body. Dave however still had memories of Hell, and broke up with Sandra blaming her for abandoning him in Hell. He began delving into alcoholism wanting to forget the memories of Hell, and stopped working with the team blaming them also for having a part in his demise. With encouragement from his friends he sought to restore his relationship with Sandra but learned of her brief fling with Milo, and infuriated he left to deal with a mission in the Red Room going to kill Afansas to vent his frustrations. Sandra went after him to stopping him knowing the blow out of the Russian President's death could affect the team, He ended up killing several people in Russian due to the Void's power learning the Void was within him, and began concocting a plan for vengeance against Milo whom he was convinced had stripped him of everything he held dear in his life.

He battled for control with Void during the Hunter's invasion, and used his power to slaughter Hunters to save numerous lives in USA and gain control over hunters via infini tendrils. He later transferred the Void to Milo, and after the Hunters war Sandra removed his memories of their relationship and the team. He started a new life in Manhattan as a bachelor and a bouncer at a popular club. There he managed to run into Harry due to his ability while he was working for MI6, and got a job there helping deal with Syndicate and Solf. Working with the British Agency he developed close bonds with everyone there, and ended up being attacked by Void and saved by Sandra who sacraficed her life, and her child's life to save him. She returned to life, and restored his memories. He resumed their relationship after she signed a soul deal that forced her to work for Jorgan in order for Blackheart to restore their child to life. Dave tried to assassinate Jorgan but failed, but he was stopped, and he moved to England with Sandra after she gave birth to David.

He resumed work for the MI6 with his memories restored, and needing money to provide for his family. After a battle with Shawkun in which him and his son were kidnapped, they managed to resume life in England with Sandra now just a powerful mutant. When HAMMER passed the monitoring act he took the injection and tried to persuade Sandra too as well not wanting to go to war with HAMMER. He pursued her to give her the injection but failed in doing so, however after HAMMER's fall the injection was removed, and he returned to Genosha with his family. He began helping the team investigate ATEOTW's murders, and objected to Ikon being aloud to join the team despite his change of heart. During the rise of the X Lords he remained neutral with his family, and tried to stop Dracarot's resistance from breaking the team apart.

He was later affected by David's power nearly being slaughtered by his mental manifestations until his wife saved him, and later he confronted David who'd accelerated in age, power, and mental capability seeking vengeance for being left in Hell. They managed to alter his memories of Hell to those of a normal child hood, They learned that Milo due to having the Void had put innocents in Hell inadvertently, and began working with Uriel to save them and finish Milo. He was killed in the battle against Milo, but after God reset the time-line he was back to life bonding with his family. He learned hsi son David was a gateway to hell, and freed many demons, forcing his wife to kill her. They sought many different methods to save David from Hell, even the angels including Namek who betrayed them. He went into Hell with Sandra, Milo, Filipe, and Harry to battle Lucifer, and free the innocent souls trapped in Hell.

During the Dark Month he was once again under Void's control becoming a Voidling and aiding the battle against humanity during Zadkiel's rise to power, but was freed, and aided against the battle to regain Heaven for the Angels. He dealt with Abby's return to life with joy, but sadness came when Mephisto had taken her soul. With Shawkun's help they learneds he had no soul, and the real Abby had been suffering in hell for years. The Forces of Heaven sought to murder David to prevent Legion from rising, and he helped protect his family during the onslaught of divine fury. Milo managed to bond Abby's soul with her false soul given to her by Crowley, and Dave helped raise her and prevent her memories from soulless Abby resurface.

He was faced with another challenge in the form of his ex fiancee Amora who'd risen, and tried to seduce him. This lead to him getting with her, and impregnating her. This put a severe strain on his relationship with Sandra, and put the family at risk until Terrell and David intervened splitting Dave into two beings giving one to Amora, and one to Sandra with the one for Sandra not knowing of his intimacy with Amora. Later they decided to take his child Chloe from her upon learning she was abusive, and Shawkun merged the two Dave's together restoring his memories. They adopted Amora and planned to raise her with the rest of the family determined. He aided the SXML in dealing with Mephisto, and putting the family back together sad that Chloe had suffered He played a massive role during the rise of Dark Serpent, supporting his wife in battle, and fighting.

.Determined to Save Abby, they plunged into her soul with Castiel's help, and his own memories of Hell resurfaced and he dealt with them. With David's help Abby's soul was saved, however she left the family. Dave confronted her revealing he still loved her, and continued his relationship with his family.He was Sandra's attorney when she was put on trial by Osiris for all the pain and suffering she caused over the past 8 years, until Milo rescued them. With help from Tesla's anger Sandra opened up to him about how messed up she was, and he tried to help her in a multitide of ways. He even tried to deal with her feelings for Milo, until the latter stuck her down and she realized she loved Dave. He confronted Milo knowing why he snapped and thanked him but wanted him to re council with his best friend before taking Sandra and David and Chloe for a family therapy session with James.
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Dave Fuller(Heroes Uprising)
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