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 Namini (Ghost Rider Agency)

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PostSubject: Namini (Ghost Rider Agency)   Namini (Ghost Rider Agency) I_icon_minitimeMon May 28, 2012 8:16 am

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Responsibility is something that haunts those who have it. It is having to follow through with actions that bring you pain because it is your duty.
Namini, the Sage of Six Paths

Name: Namini Rikudo
Codename: N/A
Alias: The Sage of 6 Paths
Age: Early 20s
Height: 5.7
Weight: 127 lbs
Alignment: Lawful Good
Identity: Public
Citizenship: Japan
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Mutant
Ethnicity: Japanese
Namini is has gone through several phases, from rash and impulsive with a mean streak, to flat out cold blooded, and now to calm, tempered and wise.
Throughout her ordeals, she's learned to keep a steady head, to think before acting and to put the greater good above herself.
She will fight and perform her duties down to the last breath, and she has gone as far as kill one of her closest friends to maintain balance and peace. She struggles greatly between using her powers for the sake of the greater good and using them to save those that really need it and those she values most.
Her tenure in Kushi Uchiha's service as also taught her how to be cold, ruthless and cunning if the situation demands it
Base of Operations: Village in the Valley (real name unknown)
Universe: 616
Known Relatives: Father (dead); Mother (dead); Grandpa (dead)

Allies: Her village's clans, Shadow X-Men

Enemies: MRD, Outer Gods

Occupation: Spiritual Leader, Sorceress Supreme (formerly)
Religion: Shinto
Theme Songs
Normal - Within Temptation: The Howling [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Akatsuki Member - Naruto Shippuden OST 2: Girei [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


-Martial artist: She is trained in the Gentle Fist, capable of using her inner chi as a weapon to inflict damage on the opponent's internal organs. It is mostly a counter based martial art

-Leadership skills: She is able to lead armies by natural charisma and keen sense for strategy, especially in defensive engagements.

-Magecraft: Due to her mutant powers, she is capable of understanding any magecraft she sees in action.

-Black Transmitter Blades:
These Energy Disruption Blades are blades made of the receivers used by Namini,. They can be used to disrupt the energy of her victim, blocking their power or rendering them incapable to move. When a victim is stabbed by the blades, the samsara eyes appear in their mind, suggesting that Namini has some degree of influence over them, similar to how she controls the Six Paths. Out of all the Six Paths of Pain, the Deva path has the most use for the blades

Namini is both a mutant and a powerful magus. Recently, her magical energy was left sundered and she is unable to use magic for extended periods of time, having lost the position of Sorceress Supreme. However, her mutant powers still exist.

Namini is a mutant with a unique power, in her village named the samsara eye. Unlike most mutations, it is inherited through blood. It allows her to understand the flow of any type of energy perfectly, allowing her to mimic it to the extent her body allows. She uses this power to manipulate her inner energies perfectly as well as master any magical spell or attack she witnesses. When using her powers, her eyes shift to a series of circles around a single dot. Because of her experiences with Nyarlatothep, while she can comprehend magic and understand the theory, her soul and inner energies were left sundered, and she cannot use any magecraft for more than a few minutes.

-Rikido Clan Magecraft:
Namini's specialty is in the brand of shinto magic her clan has developed. The basis for the magecraft is a powerful magical beast captured in ancient times, which produces a metallic component capable of transmitting energy as a signal. The Rikudo's were summoners of an ancient village, and using their powers they were able to capture this beast and study it, creating the method of body reanimation know as the 6 Paths. Using the metallic component as a transmitter to control dead bodies. The bodies share a field of vision, allowing for no blind spots, and allowing her to split her spells and use them more effectively. Effectively she gains a squad to outnumber her foes

-Spiritual Energy Magic:
She has mastered the usage of spiritual energy manipulation spells, which allow her to control and even shut down other people's powers through draining them of their mystical energy. She can do the reverse and boost the power of an individual.

-Gravity Spells:
In addition to this, she's also adept with countless other spells and sorcery of her clan, and of those, the most used spell she employs is the "Tensei", a set of three spells that deal in gravity magic.

-Eastern Elemental School:
She's also adept with Eastern elemental magic, in particular the wood element and fire elements.

-Copied Magic:
She's copied many magic from many places, including Amber, Black Heart and several others. Known copied magecrafts including:
-Fae magic
-Enochian magic
-Eastern exorcism



Shinra Tensei:
She uses her magical energies to create a repelling force centered at her own body. The force applied is great enough to rip buildings off their edges, repel the likes of Alex (although only in Hulk state) and damage the entirety of Genosha island, raising every building to the ground. The reverse version, Basho Ten'in, also packs the same power as this

Chibaku Tensei:
This spell creates a black orb that functions as a gravity center, attracting everything near it and creating a gigantic sphere comparable to a mini moon. While her early attempts were weaker, Namini has grow progressively better at the spell, and currently, her upper limit is unknown. Last time, she drew in so much land she caused the area around Samuel's mansion to be flooded with water, which is considerable given the ocean was a few hundred miles away

Fire Vortex:
A swirling vortex of magical fire that that can then be brought down crashing on the foe. It's powerful enough to incinerate a small forest

Birth of Trees:
She creates a living forest out of her own magical energies, controlling every tree she creates to attack and bind her opponent in place, constricting them and leaving them with no escape possible

Namini was born into the Rikudo clan, and was from an early age though martial arts and training, so has to become the heir of the Samsara in the future
This happened sooner than expected. One day, a scientist working for the SXM arrived at the village to study the sacred eye mutations, but became enthralled by the power, trying to take it for herself. This act led to the murder of her parents and grandfather, something she never quite got over. It is latter revealed that the one behind the murder was really Akashougyoukumiai, as the leader ordered the members to ignore any orders from Ell and kill Namini's family. He did so so he could manipulate her into attacking the SXM later.

As time passed, she became used to the power. One day, a huge fire of Amaterasu burned over the village and destroyed it. As she wondered the cause and again fell into despair, a ghost named Yoko allowed her a chance. She could start a time loop on the area and discover the cause. Over each repetition, she gained knowledge of what was causing the events.

She soon managed to train Shari, the last Uchiha, to stop the flames. However, each time, the flames triggered a bacteria that lived in the area, making each rewind a disaster, one way or another.
Finally, Filipe and Rachel from SXM arrived at the scene. With their help, she managed to discover the wereabouts of Ell's laboratory, and make sure she never obtain the White Eye, and as such the powered up Kaleidoscope.
Meanwhile, she managed to send Shiyo and Shari to stop Izoru before he triggered the huge fire, and stopped the strange bacteria from becoming overly active
After battling Ell in a final showdown and utterly defeating her, she gained peace for herself and her friends.

However, Akashougyoukumiai would soon loom over her. Kushi Uchiha went to her and revealed that Ell was a scientist working for the SXM. Edging her on and feeding her feelings of bitterness, he managed to turn her over and make her join his side.

As she became overcome with hate, she first turned her attention on Samuel. She killed Ray when he investigated her village, and then she and the rest of Akashougyoukumiaii led an attack on Samuel's estate. In that battle, she killed Samuel.

After that, she had her paths attack Genosha. Milo was away at the time, and she started the attack with a massive Shinra Tensei that leveled the structures on the island. Next, she proceeded to kill nearly every major fighter in the SXM, including Yamairo, Alex and Keeth. The last majors fighters Kano and Amber were about to follow suit, when Milo arrived
Namini's paths were a match for Milo, one by one in a frightening display of power defeated by Milo until only Deva was left. Namini managed to catch Milo, but Nate saved him at the cost of his life. Milo's grief and anger lead him to an attack in which the island itself was destroy. He took everyone to his mother's island.
Namini herself appeared, and just when it seemed all hope was lost, Shawkun arrived. He gave Milo his dad's soul, and Samuel managed to convince Namini of the the truth, that Kushi was to blame.

Namini finally saw reality, and to atone for what she had done, brought everyone that was killed in Genosha back with the King of Hell. She almost killed herself in the process.
Later, she arrived at Milo's fight with Kushi, and with her help, Milo was finally able to beat him once and for all. Namini returned to her village after the incident.

She returned on the SXM's request to help defend LA city from the Predators attack. She managed to defend the civilians from the first blast using a Shira Tensei to repel it, and the proceeded to fight off the drone ships. Despite her powers, she couldn't harm the main ship. As a result, she used two Chou Shinra Tensei's, one at each point of the ship's diameter to bring it to the ground. Gary then used his powers to send the ship into the bowels of the Earth.
Namini helped fight the rest of the invasion

Afterwards, she showed up two times, both of them because of Kushi. The first was during the Phoenix Alliance arc, as Kushi made his presence felt inside Milo thanks to the PA's help. She helped fight Milo and the Alliance off, as Amber went to their dimension base created by Kujon's brother Makin, and defeated them there with the help of Aaron, Gary, Stew and Kujon.
The second was during the Brimstone Arc, when the Akashougyoukumiai returned. Namini appeared as Kushi took over once more, but her forced her to give him control of the Gedo, the Rikudo beast. She had to oblige or risk her village's safety. However, after, she helped fight him and the demon's under the control of Iliria. After the arc, she was seen discussing the danger's of the phoenix with Amber.
She showed up briefly during the Olympian Wars to lend a hand against the Titans.

Her next major appearance was in the Legacy Virus arc and subsequent Hunter War. She was warned to keep her village safe from the virus, and when the Hunters attacked, she had to fight Rulk. When it looked as if she would be defeated, Milo came to her rescue and put Rulk in an alternate dimension.
She helped in the final fight against the Leader. After that, she returned to the peace of her village.

During the next few months, she was again off the radar, until Shari, the last living Uchiha, escaped from the village with her brothers eyes, essentially performing the same deed Kushi Uchiha had before her. Namini gave chase, and was dragged into a conflict between the SXM and a man named Amadeus, who was attempting to use the Evils of the World as a force for his own devise. Namini discovered Shari had came under his employment, and joined the SXM to stop her. During a confrontation, the powerful force was transferred to Isabel, the homunculus, and in blind rage she murdered Shari. She returned again, control by the shadow, and Namini once again fought her, finally defeating her, but proving unable to deal the finishing blow to her friend. The other succeeded in stopping the birth of the Evil onto the world.

Due to Amber's transgressions, she was given the role of new Sorceress Supreme. The vishanti then attempted an attack on the Outer God Azathoth, provoking his anger and causing both themselves and Namini grave injury. Namini escaped barely, going to Amber for help. She has since recovered, appearing at the Illuminati meeting.

Afterwards, she was seen helping Amber deal with a conflict between the Templars and the Assassins of the middle east, as the former were trying to unleashed another Outer God into their dimension. Amber had disappeared investigating an artifact that was related to this, so Keeth called for her help. After investigating many leads, they eventually tracked the Templars down to the island at the center of the world, where Keeth and Dante were absorbed into Nyarlatothep's dimension. During the fight Namini managed to free Fathae, who had disappeared and was being controlled by the Templars.
The two went to the main Templar base under Jerusalem and moved into their portal to Nyarlatothep's dimension. After they found Keeth and Dante, they made to escape but were approached by the Outer God himself. Namini stayed behind to make sure that it did not follow them through the portal.

Eventually, with the Sorcerer Zelreth's help, Amber was able to save her. Her soul was, however, left sundered and her magical energy crippled, and she was removed from office as the Sorceress Supreme. Spending the new few weeks with Amber recovering, she eventually returned to her village, removed of the charge of Sorcerer Supreme

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PostSubject: Re: Namini (Ghost Rider Agency)   Namini (Ghost Rider Agency) I_icon_minitimeMon May 28, 2012 8:19 am

Ceremonial Dress
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Namini and the Gedo Mazo:
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Namini using a magic blast:
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Namini bombarding her opponent from above:
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Take the Magic: The Gathering 'What Color Are You?' Quiz.

The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.
Albert Einstein
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Namini (Ghost Rider Agency)
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