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 Samuel Ventro (Heroes Uprising/Deceased)

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PostSubject: Samuel Ventro (Heroes Uprising/Deceased)   Mon May 28, 2012 8:21 am

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You may be stronger than me. But I still have more experience son. This isn't over
Samuel Ventro

Name: Samuel Ventro
Codename: N/A
Alias: Old Man/Boss (by his group)
Year of Birth: 1948
Height: 6.2
Weight: 153 lbs
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Identity: Public
Citizenship: USA
Marital Status: Married
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Mutant
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Personality: He's cunning and deceitful, but believes he is doing the right thing, and fights to the end for his goal. Recently he's completely given up on fighting, and him and his group simply provide assistance to SXM whenever needed. Isabel has described this as a sort of God syndrome. He's become so powerful and has lived to long, he sees his interference in the world's affairs as trying to play God. He's taken a liking to chess.
Base of Operations: Ventro mansion
Universe: 616
Known Relatives: Father (deceased) Mother (deceased), Wife (Angel) Son (Milo) Daughter (Leah)

Allies: His Group, His family (and by extent the SXM and the X-Force)

Enemies: Whoever he wants to make

Occupation: Retired, former head of the Agency, former White King of the Inner Circle
Religion: Christian
Theme Song: Jimang - La Divina Tragedia Demonic Song [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

-Hand to hand fighter:
An experienced fighter and combatant, Samuel has trained for all his life and can fully use any physical enhanced he possesses

-Armed Combat:
He is a master of several weapons, from guns to white blades.

-Master strategist and leader:
Perhaps his greatest strength is his natural leadership skills, charisma and great intellect. He has lead several organizations, including the Agency, which was responsible for single handedly keeping the existence of evolved humans a secret from the general public for years

Samuel is one of the strongest mutants in the world. Only few people can truly match him.

Power absorption. He can steal the powers of any mutant through touch. The person looses the power. When he absorbed Milo's powers, he took all the powers Milo had copied as well at the time. However, he's only demonstrated the following:
-Rapid Cellular Regeneration
-Electricity Manipulation
-Self Propelled Flight
-Enhanced Strength
-Space-Time Manipulation
-Biological Manipulation
-Weather Control
-Induced Radioactivity
-Light Manipulation
-Gravitional  Manipulation
-Darkness Manipulation
-Magnetic Manipulation
-Malleable Physiology
-Matter Manipulation
-Size Control
-Sound Manipulation
-Super Speed
-Empathic Mimicry
-Soul Absorption
-Elemental Manipulation
-Seismic Bursts.
-Induced Explosions
-Ability Supercharging
-Chess Board: He sees the world as a giant chess board, and it's people as the pawns. He can track anyone with this power without making his mental presence known, something that allows him to bypass all mental and physic blocks.
-Clone Creation: He can create a complete clone of anyone he desires, including their powers, even ones he's unaware of. Stronger people require more effort on his part.

Is is assumed that he copied these powers as well
-Precognition through paintings
-Intuitive Aptitude
-Shape Shifting
-Hulk Transformation.
He's also taken hundreds of powers during the outbreak of evolved humans caused by his power formula. He took most of these to stop the users from wreaking havoc. It is unknown what powers he has gained exactly.

STR: A++

Samuel's childhood and early years are largely unknown. He was born into the Ventros, a rich high class society from Connecticut, who some say were also involved in the underworld, specifically the mafia. He grew up during the height of the Cold War. At some point in the 70s, he awakened his powers, and stole his first from his mother, who was a telepath. He alludes to a tragic event involving his parents, but he never specified. What is known is that at the close of the 70s he inherited his family's estate and business. He began to put funds into researching others with abilities, that at the time he dubbed evolved humans. His research eventually lead him to meeting Hank.

While on a trip to a contact in the FBI, he met Fawkes Logarth, and together with Hank, the three began to investigate and help other people like them. Eventually, they gathered a team that would be dubbed by Milo years later as the "First Class" of the Shadow X-Men. During this time, he also met and married Angel, not knowing her involvement with the Agency. He did have deals with Bolt.

At the end of the 80s, the glory days of the Agency, something happened involving Vinlo, the details unknown, that lead to Samuel discovering the Agency, putting Vinlo in a comatose state, and jading his entire view of superhuman and human relations. He became obsessed with giving the entire planet powers, and this lead to a confrontation with Fawkes and the rest of the First Class. Fawkes managed to defeat him at the time and assumed him dead, but Samuel had already stolen enough powers to be near invincible.

After the dissolution of the First Class, Samuel had Angel leave him with both Milo and Leah. He contacted Bolt and the remaining Agency members, and reformed the organization under his direct control, with the new goal of giving powers to regular humans. With the help of Strade's blood, he created a formula that gave powers to ordinary people. However, by this time, he had grown too old to effectively use his powers, his body no longer able to stand. The Agency entered into a confrontation with the new generation of heroes lead by Yamairo and Milo, his son. Samuel slowly allowed the Agency to die, seeing their purpose fulfilled, and began hunting down an evolved human with the power of regeneration.
He found one in Ledge, and took his power. This allowed him to regain a youthful body to fight with the heroes himself. After the first battle, he stole Milo's powers, which gave him an ever bigger supply.

He easily overpowered the rest of the heroes, and captured them. However, he didn't foresee Kathy's change of heart, and she helped the group escape.
With the help of the German, his last confrontation with the heroes went different. They were able to take his powers, and shoot him. Yamairo, aware of his history through Fawkes, assured him he understood his intent, and took him somewhere, returning, and claiming it to be over.

However, his dead body was reanimated by Strade's formula. He gathered to him a new group of powerful mutants, and began hunting for a way to fight with his more powerful son head on. He found it in the powers of the Ghost Rider. Acquiring them, he then stole Alex's soul using Shawkun's power, and gave the heroes a chance to reclaim it in a game.
During the game, he sat behind and let his team fight the heroes. However, his true intentions were merely to create a distraction. While Milo and the others were busy, he infected many world water supplies with the power drug, giving the general population abilities. Also, due to his own time powers, he has created a time paradox, effectively putting Milo and Yamairo in a situation without solution.

He mostly stayed in the shadows after this, but made sure no criminals took advantage of the powers, by taking them himself. He kept doing this while at the same time keeping tabs on Milo and the others through unknown means. When he noticed Yama went to Mephisto, he decided to get involved, and was there when Black Heart declared the attack.

He went to Genosha, and gathered his squad, ordering them to help out the SXM. He then started figthing demons himself, and notice the island was taken of it's foundations by planted bombs. Unaware of the cause, he devised a plan to keep the island safe, but a gigantic snake created by Black Heart swallowed it before he could do anything.

However, not willing to give up, he told Elemental the plan was for the geokinetics to anchor the island back onto the planet's tectonic plates. With this knowledge shared, he flew into the snake's stomach, and using all his powers, catapulted the island out.

He was almost dead, when Vegeta arrived and saved him. Zulan then arrived, and took advantage of hi weakened state, taking his powers. He woke up, and wanting revenge, began a fight with him. However, Zulan showed great power, and he was forced to take the fight out of Genosha so as not to damage it. However, Zulan showed him he was now another Ghost Rider, and defeated him. He was joined by Hammer, Peter and Catherine, and the four went to witness the battle between Black Heart and Sandra. Later during the Secerete Wars he finally had a big battle against the SXM and Milo nearly killed him till Angel rescued him and Milo took his powers but left him at the age of 40.  He had his team work on one more vial of the formula to restore his powers. Later Sindus had men capture Samuel and Angel and Leah came to restore his powers wanting him to kill Lucy so Milo would be a true hero.

He refused and instead had his group join Anti-Registration and later after fighting Milo he gave himself up to the Government to clear the others of all charges.

He had the idea to take Yamairo to Kronos so he could gain the power to defeat German, and helped the SXM fight off Legacy. However, is soul was taken by Hitler and he spent most of that arc incapacitated.

Later, he assists Milo in finally defeating Vinlo, in what would be is final battle along side is son.
Soon after, he became suspicious of Akatsuki. He gave the order for Ray and Peter to find Akatsuki and Namini respectively. Instead, Ray found Namini, already influenced by Madara, and he was killed.
Samuel gave the red alert to the rest of his group.
However, Akatsuki, finding out through Namini using interrogation on Ray, that they had gotten curious. In one attack, the killed Samuel's entire group. Wave and Strade were the only survivors, and Peter wasn't there.

Samuel fought Namini's 6 Paths. While at first he held is own, he started to weaken by the constant attacks, and taken off guard, he was killed by Namini.
He managed to send his soul into a dying Shawkun, who got away in time to survive himself.
Later, Shawkun used the soul to give Milo a message from his father. Samuel's final words to Milo were that Akatsuki was manipulated, and that he must learn to forgive those who wrong him, for he is now the beacon of hope to mutant-kind. Refusing to be brought back, he finally laid his soul to rest, managing to get Namini on the right track before he left.

Despite his evil deeds, God rescued his soul and placed him in heaven for the acts of kindness he did in his final years. He shows up occasionally when Milo goes to visit him in Heaven. He's become a good friend of Archangel Micheal, and to some extents helps him try and understand how humans work.

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Samuel Ventro (Heroes Uprising/Deceased)
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