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 Dante Lacrima (Ghost Rider Agency)

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PostSubject: Dante Lacrima (Ghost Rider Agency)   Dante Lacrima (Ghost Rider Agency) I_icon_minitimeTue May 29, 2012 12:00 am

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Guess I'll just have to kick your ass!

Name: Dante Lacrima
Codename: The Demon Hunter
Age: looks early thirties
Height: 5.10
Weight: 180 lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Identity: Public
Citizenship: Amests
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Human/Demon
Ethnicity: Eastern European
Personality: Dante is incredibly flippant, callous and sometimes even coming off as uncaring. Beneath this however, he is in truth a good person and can be counted on to always do the right thing, often taking up missions just for the sake of saving an innocent or helping people in need. He has great care for his friends and his family, and even after his entire ordeal with his brother he still chose to try and save him.
He is a rash and impetuous person, never showing any sort of fear or care, taking on the most dangerous and large foes head on without much thought for the consequences. Despite this, he is a fair fighter and always tries to beat his opponents cleanly. Perhaps his greatest hatred is for demons, as he seems to detest them and his own nature as a demon. This is a combination of both his father's abandonment of him and his family, and his mother's death. Despite this, he has no problems with demons who chose to do good, such as Keeth. Interestingly, he also refuses to kill full blooded humans even if he thinks they can be worse than demons.
Base of Operations: Strange Mansion
Universe: 616
Known Relatives: Father (Spardus, deceased), Mother (Fay, Deceased) Brother (Vergil, Deceased),

Allies: X-Force, Ghost Rider Inc.

Enemies: Kithli, demons

Occupation: Demon hunter, mercenary
Religion: Agnostic
Theme Song: Devils Never Cry: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

He is very proficient with his sword and his guns.
He has great knowledge of demonology

-The Claymore: His claymore, which is demonic in origin and given to him by his father. Simply named "The Claymore", it can harm heavenly beings and is as strong as the demon wielding it.

-Twin Guns, Lumen and Arcebus: Latin for Light and Dark, the guns are both M1911-style handguns chambered for the .45 ACP round, and are both heavily modified. They both have a ergonomic wood grip which are inlaid with portraits of Victorian women; as befits their names, Arcebus's is dark-haired, and Lumen's is fair-haired. Besides this, they also forgo typical ammunition and instead use Dante's demonic energy as a source for their bullets. Lumen is modified with a sight for longer range, and both have muzzler compensators and custom slides. Furthermore Arcebus's Ejection port is located on the left side of the weapon, as opposed to the right side (as Arcebus is meant to be used left-handed, this causes spent brass to be ejected away from Dante.)

-The Katana: His brother's keepsake weapon, which he kept after he was killed in their fight. Called "The" Katana similarly how his weapon is called "The" Claymore, it is a powerful demonic weapon which can rend space with its slashes

Dante is a half demon born of the Hell Knight Spardus.

Dante possesses power above regular demons. He has enough strength to punch through stone with little difficulty, and often overpowers demons much larger than himself. Dante is inhumanly fast, capable of moving faster than the eye can see, and also extremely agile; able to jump to great heights or even to balance on a moving car. He is able to channel his power into various physical objects, like his guns. Dante can instantly heal from nearly any wound unless it is caused by another demonic or heavenly weapon. He has been shown to survive wounds that would kill a normal human like being shot point-blank in the head. Dante's natural abilities are far greater than humans, allowing him to achieve feats that humans cannot.
-Devil Form: He can turn into a demonic form, which supplements all of his physical powers, his regeneration, and gives him the ability to fire off demonic energy as an offensive and defensive weapon.


Dante was born to a demon knight who had betrayed the Underworld and chose to side with the humans, a long time ago, and closed down a great portal located in the country of Amests
Him and his brother Vergil were only two when their father left the family for unknown reasons. Alone with her children, their mother would raise them alone.
Until that fateful day when they were eight, their house was attacked by demons, and both of them saw their mother die at their hands while protecting them

The two separated, and Dante believed his brother dead. After traveling along Amests for several years, he eventually found a home in Central, and meeting a man name Evyk, he started hunting demons and other paranormal beasts for money, with the eccentric scientist providing food and equipment.

Dante was first seen in the story when he was hired by the Military Government itself to investigate several disturbances in a far town. There, he meet the X-Force, and him and the group became entangled in the plot that consumed the entire country. After encountering a strange shadow in a tunnel, the group traveled to Central, but were attacked by two individuals, calling themselves after 2 of the 7 Deadly Sins. After fighting them off, and derailing the train in the process, the group found themselves in a town that was plagued by a strange beast. Dante decided to help while the X-Force went on to Central.

The beast turned out to be another of the same group as the previous two superhumans. Calling itself Greed, it attacked Dante until it was stopped by an unknown fighter. Dante couldn't catch a glimpse of him.

Meeting up with the others in Central, the group eventually found a connection between several paranormal incidents that ended in genocide, and the military influence in those areas. While investigating a military prison on a hint, they were attacked by another member of the same group, this one calling itself Envy. Envy beat them up until Peter appeared to provide backup. After the event, the prison was destroyed, presumably to cover up. During this time he also meets a Colonel who was looking into the top brass as well, and gives all the information so far to him.

Fawkes decided to send the X-Force to one of the first genocides. There, Dante discovered it was his own home town. There, he meet his brother Vergil who he discovered was somehow related to the events. After fighting and being defeated by his much stronger twin brother, Dante was almost killed, but somehow awakened his demon blood heritage and survived the attack, following his brother into a tunnel. The X-Force follow, and eventually they are trapped there, discovering the tunnel is also guarded by the same shadows as before. After fighting them off, they manage to escape much farther down the tunnel, right under a former military base

Deciding the military was definitely hiding something, they return to Central to take it down. At the outskirts, they are meet with Envy, Gluttony, Lust and Envy, managing to defeat the 4 of them (with only Lust/Alice escaping).
As they press on into the town, Dante is next met with his brother again. After another defeat dragged into the sewers. There he finally meets the culprit. A strange parasite like demon had taken control of his father, Spardus's body, and calling itself "father" had created the 7 homunculi, using them to control the Military Top Brass. Forcing sacrifices to occur on specific points, he was planning to turn the entire country into a portal to the underworld. His father had tried to stop it but failed, and his brother, wanting to attain more power as a demon, was under his service. Using the blood of Spardus, he was about to open the portal, when the X-Force, having beaten another homunculi arrive on the scene. A fight between Vergil, "Father", the last homunculus Pride (who was in truth Controller) against Dante and the X-Force breaks down.

After Pride is defeated, the X-Force fights Father, taking it to the streets above. Meanwhile, a coup had started, orchestrated by the Colonel from before, and effectively killing the last of the homunculi, who was the proxy ruler of the country.

Dante defeats his brother at last, forced to kill him, with tears in his eyes. Meanwhile, "father" looses control of his body as Spardus forces himself to stop, allowing the X-Force to kill him.
Dante says goodbye to his friends, and stays behind to help rebuild the country.

Dante next makes an appearance in the Second Hunter War, helping to defend the coast from the Hunter's attacks, again meeting his friends from the X-Force.

His next meeting with the heroes came when he was kidnapped by an anti demon order, the Templars. There, he meet Keeth Blaze who had also been taken, and the two joined forces to escape. They were helped by the enemies of the Templars, the Assassin Order. After helping the Order deal with the Templars attempt to recover a holy artifact, Helena's Nail, and fighting a mislead Knight of the Templars, Fathae, he moved to New York where he began working with Keeth in a paranormal agency.

Fathae contacted them again, as the Templars were attempting to unleash a powerful demonic force onto the world, and she also wanted to recover the birthright of the Pendragon family, Calibur. Going to their base in New York, they manage to steal the key they needed, but lost Fathae in the meantime. Amber decided to investigate the Key, but also disappeared.
Dale, Keeth and Dante contacted Namini and they tracked down Amber across the planet Earth, eventually tracking the Templars to the island at the center of the world. There, a mind controlled Fathae, who had been corrupted by a strange force, fought them. After a struggle, Dale, Dante and Keeth were dragged into a portal.
While inside the portal, Dante, Keeth and Dale had to deal with Nyarlatothep's influence, and were almost overcome before Namini and Amber arrived to save them. However, as they were escaping Namini was trapped inside
Fathae joined Dante and Keeth and they formed the Ghost Rider Agency.

Their first job together was a situation in the middle east. However, soon Amber decided to set out to save Namini from the Outer God's dimension. Keeth, Dante and Fathae busted out Castiel to help her with this, but she decided to work alone, in turn leaving the four without nothing to do. Castiel decided to use the agency to track down an object them could use to talk to God and solve the civil wars in Hell. Dante knew someone from the Vatican's Burial Agency, which was supposedly where it was located.

He was split from the rest of Ghost Rider Inc by an attack from Sean after they had investigating the huge demonic activity within MRD and was brought back right at the end of the Brood Wars when Sean was freed from his Brood parasite.

He went with Keeth to investigate the new Heaven on Earth built in Los Angelos by the angel siblings Tie and Earrings. However, not trusting the duo, and being warned Tie might kill him out of principle, he leaves, decided to head for Vegas to track down the one angel he trusted, Castiel. After finding him, the fallen angel reveals he too doesn't true the pair.

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PostSubject: Re: Dante Lacrima (Ghost Rider Agency)   Dante Lacrima (Ghost Rider Agency) I_icon_minitimeTue May 29, 2012 1:08 am

Dante vs Keeth
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Dante Lacrima (Ghost Rider Agency)
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