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 Ledge Harrison (X-Force)

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PostSubject: Ledge Harrison (X-Force)   Tue May 29, 2012 1:20 am

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"Death? I don't fear death, were all going to die, except me of course."

Name: Ledge Harrison.
Codename: Slash
Alias: Claws, Bones.
Age: exact age unknown, looks around 30
Height: 5'7
Weight: 291 lbs
Identity: Secret
Species: Homo superior
Race: Caucasian
Ledge was a once a thief, dishonest and uncaring towards anything because he believed his mutant powers made him invulnerable and invincible. His family had left him, and this only contributed to his nihilist and wild nature. His gang was all he had. This very fact is what provoked his move towards heroism. Pursuing Zulan for vengeance against killings done against his gang, he became involved with the group of heroes lead by Yamairo who would later become the Shadow X-Men. However, his involvement eventually lead to the realization that he wasn't invincible.
After dealing with this, and being given an upgrade in his powers, he joined the SXM and became one of their most prominent members, being know as the team's daredevil and loose cannon. The events of the Soul Tournament only contributed to this, as he was determined to not be controlled by others.
Over time, mutant persecution and hatred has lead to him become much more willing to use the same methods their enemies use, and this was the determining factor in his recruitment for the X-Force, the killing squad which acted in the shadows. Since then he's become somewhat stoic, but still easily angered and imposing, and shares the same mentality on crime as Keel, albeit in a much more forgiving manner
Known Relatives: Daken Howlett(Father, Deceased), Karla Sofen(Mother, Deceased), Derek Howlett(Brother,), James Howlett(Grand-Father, Deceased), Itsu Akihiro (Grandmother, Deceased), Erista Howlett(Half Uncle, Deceased), Laura Kinnley/X-23(Grand Aunt, Deceased), Bryan Harrison(Foster Father, Deceased), Carey Harrison(Foster Mother, Deceased), Lia Harrison(Foster Sister, Deceased), and Ken Harrison(Foster Sister, Deceased.)

Allies: Shadow X Men, X-Force, X Factor, SHIELD, Avengers, X Corps, X Lords, Assistants, Atlantis, Asgard, New Mutants, ThunderBolts, X Men

Enemies: The Agency, HAMMER, Akastuski, Espada, Mutant Response Division, The Hellfire Cult, The Hellfire Club, The Hunters, Symbiotes, Predators, Cleansers, New World Order, C.O.G, ATEOTW, The Hand, Chinese Triads,  Japanese Yakuza, Italian-American Mafia, Brotherhood

Occupation: X-Force member, SXM member
Religion: Atheist
Theme Song: Shinedown: Diamond Eyes [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

-Expert Martial Artist: Ledge has extraordinary hand-to-hand combat ability, and is one of the best fighters of the super hero community, and probably the best within the X-Force, save for Keel. He has trained on the streets, has learned martial arts from several sources, including Filipe and Keel, the two very best fighters of the SXM and X-Force. He's a master of martial arts and is in the top three strongest martial artists on the planet along with Hei, and Nachun Choi.

-Skilled Mechanic: Ledge as passion for motorized vehicles, especially motorcycles, and often spends his free time customizing and fixing them up.

-Weapons Expert: Due to his experience traveling the continent and his long lifespan, Ledge s also a trained expert in multiple types of weapons. He's a master of air based, land based, and aquatic based technology. He's even a master of several forms of exterrestial technology.

-Multilingual: Ledge has shown the ability to speak English, Japanese, German, French, Yoruba, Swahili, Romanian, Spanish, Chinese, Hebrew, Enochian, Kryptonian, and numerous other dialects and tounge's some extraterrestrial.  

-Excellent Strategist: He's master of strategies, shown during World War 3, and 4.

-Expert Tracker: Due to his senses he's the greatest tracker on the earth.

-Enochian Magic: Due to saving Sarah from Lucifer's control, she trained him in Enochian magic making him a master of the art of angelic magic. Due to his heailng factor he can withstand it, and can utilize numerous blessings and curses on a biblical proportions and can even affect Arch Angels with binding spells, summoning, and banishment.. He's learned the 99th Seal which allows you to hide or locate any Angelic being, and is well versed that he can clash with Sarah.

-Chi Manipulation: He's studied under Nachun Choi, and is capable of manipulating chi lie him and Milo can. He can use chi to sense the body's state, and he can focus chi to increase his physical attributes, and cause massive destruction. He can heal people, and remove toxins from people however he's not as skilled as Choi or even close to Iron Fist's level of chi manipulation, and this technique drains him.

-Nervous System Control: He has near-complete control over his nervous system, enabling him to deaden himself to pain and pass lie detector tests. Choi is the one who trained him to help him master his nervous system.

-Master Hacker: He's a master of hacking into nearly any computer program, shutting it down changing the function of the program or more using a source he could potentially hack into several X Drones, and reroute there system to follow him.

-Genetic Information: Having trained with Ikon he's learned a lot about the body, and as such has knowledge of college level geneticists. He has trained and is capable of manipulating his genes so he can transfer them to allow people to regenerate, and transfer genetics to his system to temporarily gain abilities or skills from mutants and non mutants alike. He can also suppress specific gene's within people with physical contact making him and touch and go German. He can also recover locked and suppressed genes.

-Magical Knowledge: While he is no magician he's picked up various information, and knowledge regarding magic, ranging from black magic to demonic magic. He's also picked up banishment spells, summoning, and even spells to aid in hiding from demonic forces. He's also learned blood communication, however he is nowhere near the level needed to perform true magical power, he's also picked up large amounts of information regarding the Supernatural.

Weapons and Equipment:
Adamantium laced Skeleton:
His entire skeleton, including his claws, have been laced with the rare metal adamantium. His skeleton his thus nearly unbreakable, and his claws can cut through anything, with the exception of adamantium itself.

He has ownership over several fire-arms, and bladed weapons. He also has access to Keel's personal storage unit, and the SXM's storage unit.

Muramasa Blade:
He's the current owner of the Muramasa Blade. He has the one that Wolverine had developed. Making a deal with Crowley he had a piece of his soul forged with his own Muramasa Blade, and it is capable of negating healing factors, and is extremely durable. It can cut through any substance, and it is capable of killing him. He managed to murder Sarah with this blade and it is shown capable of harming heavenly beings.

Ledge possess a healing factor that grants him several powers.

-Rapid Cellular Regeneration: Ledge's primary power, he can spontaneously regenerate any tissue in his body. His only weak spot is to be stabbed in the back of the spine, stopping the ability itself. His blood is capable of healing anything injury or sickness and capable of resurrecting the dead, provided them haven't been dead for too long. His RCR also slows down his aging process. While he looks very young, he is actually a chronological senior citizen.

--Foreign Chemical Immunity: Ledge's natural healing also affords him the virtual immunity to poisons and most drugs, except in massive doses. For example, it is extremely difficult for him to become intoxicated from alcohol.

--Immunity To Disease: Ledge's highly efficient immune system, which is part of his accelerated healing factor, renders him immune against all known Earthly diseases and infections.

--Super humanly acute senses: His sense have likewise developed beyond human levels, and he is able to track down individuals by smell alone, even for miles. He can also hear sounds normal humans can't, and he can see in near total darkness.

--Superhuman Strength: Ledge's Mutant Healing Factor enables him to push his muscles beyond the natural limits of the human body without injury, granting him some degree of superhuman strength. His natural strength is augmented by the demand placed on his musculature due to the presence of over 100 pounds of Adamantium bonded to his skeleton, which also removes the natural limitations of the human skeletal structure by allowing him to lift weights that would damage a human skeleton. Due to having increased physical attributes as a result of his mother he's far stronger then Daken, and Wolverine ever where, and all his physical attributes are boosted beyond there own.

--Superhuman Stamina: Ledge's mutant healing factor grants him high immunity against lactic acid and other fatigue toxins generated by his muscles during physical activity.

-Phermone Manipulation: Being the son of Daken he possesses the same Pheromone manipulation, and the limitations of this power are still unknown. Ledge has the ability to manipulate his pheromones for the purpose of suppressing his own scent to such a degree that even Wolverine's senses are unable to detect him. He can also use his pheromones to manipulate the emotional state and sensory perceptions of other beings. He has been known to use this power to instill intense fear, happiness, depression, and a false sense of security to other beings. This allows him to seemingly appear where enemies can't see him, enabling him to inflect damage before an opponent realizes it. Such tactics give opponents the belief that he can either teleport or move at superhuman speeds, though he stated during his fight with Deadpool that he doesn't possess either of those powers. His pheromone powers appear to be physical in nature, not psionic. He can even use this against the Spider Clan's spider sense ability, and  He also appears to have great knowledge as to the capabilities of pheromones in general as well as their taste and smell. In conjunction with his enhanced senses and knowledge of pheromones, he can expertly judge the emotional/physical state of those around him, both animal and human. He can even effect the sensory perception of others, e.g. sexual attraction, psychotic rage, rational thinking, and more.

-Telepathic Immunity: Like his father, and grandfather he has a strong resistance to telepathy. He has inherited his father's trap that is for telepaths or any who go to 'far' into his mind leaving them trapped, similar to Cyclop's black box technique. His mind is also capable of healing mental damage such as being rendered comatose, psioninc nightmares or even erased memories, and his healing state is so advanced he can do near instantly while before it took time.

-Gravity Manipulation: Being the son of Moonstone he has control over gravity like her although it's uncontrolled, and he has focused on his physical powers. His powers are not as potent as hers as he's not actually bonded with the Kree stone that bonded with her nervous system, but he can affect gravity on massive levels increasing or decreasing it at will. He can also fly, grant himself intangibility, and his physical attributes are increased more so due to her powers. He can release powerful lasers, and blinding flashes of light. He also has the potential to manipulate Gravitational Forces letting him control move and manipulate matter, force field generation, Generation of mini black holes, and formation of dimensional rifts.

-He also possesses six bone claws, three in each hand, that extend from his wrist into the back of his hand. While they extend, he needs to keep his wrists straight, but after, they are completely in his hand, allowing for free wrist movement. They aren't natural, and were an induced mutation caused by Weapon X, mimicking the dead hero of the former generation James Howlett. They are coated in Admantium allowing him to pierce and move through most substances with ease, and there indestructible.

Str: C
End: A+
Agi: C
Mana: C
Psi: C
En: E
Luck: B
Int: B

Ledge Howlett was born the son of Daken, and Moonstone whom he'd impregnated during his time on the Dark Avengers. Born during Dark Reign, along with his brother Derrek they had had no visible abilities, placed in Foster Care, which was eventually burned down by some rebellious mutant. He healed, and was taken in by some old mutant named Caretaker who took in mutants, and he was raised in mutant town with his brother. They manifested abilities, and quickly got into numerous fights also dealing with the Darwins, and Mendels rising mutant gangs, which was another reason for HAMMER to continue there oppression of the mutant race. When the hunters invaded the world, and Caretaker was murdered he sought out Daken and Karla for revenge for abandoning him, and helped Karla during the war, as Daken was already dead. He was rendered unconscious only fifteen, and one of the few mutant survivors living in the Hunter's telepathic induced stupor.

The Hunters invasion was disguised as a massive earth-quake, and now thirteen adopted by the Harrison family, along with his brother. They lived a normal life, going to high school, and becoming a student he had anger management issues, and took up football due to his strength dominating with his brother Derrek. He began working in his father's seafood restaraunt, and became a skilled chef, often going out with his father fishing during weekends when there was no football practice, and bonded with his adopted family learning he was adopted he ran away from home, Derrek went after him, and he developed a more immense bond with the family, which is when he went to the aquarium with Ken, and Lisa and the glass burst and they all drowned ending there lives. He was revived by the Fire Department, and healed.  He fled home, abandoning his parents, and Derrek went with him after revealing he had abilities too, and they became fugitives against the world on the run from the police.

They went to New Orleans, and got jobs as waiters Ledge getting promoted as he was the better cook, Derrek became involved in illegal fighting, and there restaurant was burned down. Ledge joined Derrek in getting revenge taking out the fight club, and he manifested bone claws in comparison with Derrek whose abilities were more advanced. Him, and Derrek were then captured and brought to Sakyo a Japanese man part of the Yakuza who'd formed the Black Club a club that sponsored illegal mutant fighting rings, and such, and ledge and Derrek joined and made enemies with several members of the Yakuza leading to a gang war with the Yakuza while Derrek joined the Yakuza, Ledge feeling betrayed by his brother instead fled to China to escape the Yakuza. There he met and had a fling with Psymor, and they were both joined the Chinese Triads as her father Hagashi was a crime lord in the Triads, and Ledge saved him from assassination by The Hand, and he clashed with The Hand, and fought them until Hagashi was assassination, and he was tortured, they wanted to use him as a host for the Beast of the Hand. Ledge learned of the Hunter's telepathic induced stupor, his true origins, and how many were escaping the stupor.  He Betrayed Psymor, and took in the Beast to gain control of the Hand.

Ledge learned much about demonic and supernatural forces from the Beast leading the Hand for several years, until he rebelled against the Beast to regain control of his powers trapping him, and causing a civil war amongst the Hand leaving them in ruins as he went to war with the Yakuza, and Triads, and murdered several members of the Italian Mafia blaming it on a fight between the Yakuza and the Triads leading to a bloody war that a recovering SHIELD tried to deal with. Ledge however got the attention of Sakyo again, and became his mercenary eliminating people who messed with his business, and met Dave who at the time was also a mercenary, and together they worked together to save Amora from the Egyptian God Anubis who wanted a tablet to restore his powers and lead an invasion of the dead, training with a series of deceased Pharoh's he managed to summon the Egyptian Pantheons to stop Anubis from disrupting the telepathic induced stupor, and worked with Dave when he got the Olympian Gods help to lead a task force against the Hunters to return the earth to it's old ways.

He moved to America after failing to stop the Hunters, and rose in power demonstarting his immortality, and became known as the Crime Jesus. He rose in power, and clashed with Howard the Kingpin on multiple occassions, and they formed an alliance, and he clashed with Greg as well in Vegas trying to gain control of the Casino's, Greg attempted to burn him alive but he healed himself, and impaled Greg, but Howard saw him as a threat, and betrayed him. He was recruited into the FBI by Arthur who needed some superhuman assistance against the mutant uprising taking place, and he worked within the FBI for several years against his former allies bringing down the criminal empire. Around this time he was set up, and arrested. He escaped to a foreign island, and took over, where he was sought out by Mephisto and several demons as he was connected to the Beast, and they all wanted the Beast's powers he clashed with several demonic forces, and united the people and trained them to fight off there demonic enemies.

Mephisto sought to hire him as the new Ghost Rider, but he refused to exchange his soul, and instead betrayed Mephisto making a powerful enemy. He fled the village which was set aflame, and sought out Dr. Strange who'd survived the Hunters invasion, and was trained by him in defense against the magical, and supernatural. Together they fought off Mephisto, and he used Strange's medallion to head into the past and warn the Superheroes of the Hunters, but instead sought out Daken, and fought him, and revelaed his past, and Daken not wanting to be like his father accepted Ledge, and trained him, and they sought out Moonstone from the Vault, overpowering Cage's forces, and saving Moonstone, they formed a dysfunctional family, and started new lives. Wolverine and the X Force set out Daken tearing up there family, and Ledge was pulled back into the present by a weakened Strange, and Ledge beat Strange unconscious. He rushed him to a hospital ,and fled to continue his travels across the world. He was later captured by Strange ,and his memories of Marvel erased.

He started a new life in New York ,and got a job as a bouncer at a club and formed a father figure out of Marty Morsel. He helped take out Morsel's enemies, and eventually a stripper burned the club down after being fired for getting older. Ledge murdered the stripper, and faced judgement being placed in prison. He lead a prison break months later,and became involved with a minor gang in Manhattan. He began dealing with  Yamairo's group, and the arsonist Troy. He eventually was lead into a conflict against Zulan, the result being he was placed in a telepathically induced coma-like state.

He later got involved with Troy, Milo, Nate, and the rest of Yamairo's team. This resulted in him being hunted down by Zulan, and placed in a coma. He escaped, and later was forced to help Yamairo's team since his blood could revive the dead. Later he was forced to join Samuel's group, only to get his powers absorbed by the leader Samuel. He was rescued by Stewart, and Gary, but fled from there custody, and became a powerless fugitive living by stealing, until he sought out Yamairo joining his group as they intended to restore his powers because of his healing blood. After Milo was repowered, he used Strade's ability to restore his powers. He escaped the police by going to Asgard, and later fought in the Soul Tournament where he was overpowered by Kathy/ He joined Velon's gang, and thanks to the new Weapon X program gained more abilities against his will.

He was a victim of the Symbiote possession, and was captured by Aaron. He was interrogated, and betrayed Velon's gang.  He was once again captured by the new Weapon X Program, and given Admanitum. After that he joined X-force to help kill Mutant Terrorists wanting to get rid of Zulan and Velon. After various battle's on X-Force, he joined the SXM during Black-heart's demon invasion. He became a better person overall, and helped fight several villains including Samuel's group, The original Brotherhood, Controller, and the Espada. He went anti-registration during the Civil War, and helped rescue Nate. He continued to fight villains such as Nightmare's group, SGS, MRD. When the Hellfire Cult rose he worked with Luke on patrol, and they saved Angie from being murdered by members of the Cult. He helped kill several Cult members, and formed a close friendship with Luke. He was later killed by Namini during the Daybreak arc, but was revived later on. He attended Samuel's funeral, and later fought in the Predator Invasion.

Around this time John Connor began working on a cure for STD's using Dale's blood, and working with Ledge's blood the cure was a success, and he joined Damage Control as the cure was put in Tranquilizer Darts, and they went into Africa curing the majority of the people, and animals. During time he formed a bond with Lamont a general participating in the alliance of African countries, and they sparred. He played a big role in the next fights including against the Phoenix Alliance and other groups. When Jorgan formed HAMMER, and Mutants persecution continued he became more active like all other members of the team joining the fight against HAMMER. After Ganta, and Nicole joined forces for an Atlanteon-Hammer Joint attack, he and the others were captured. He managed to escape custody, and gathered attention in a cat and mouse game with Nicole sacrificing himself to help the  other X force members escape. He managed to survive escaping her range, and sought out the X Force aiding them in the battle against HAMMER, and hiding Marianna. He helped fight the clone of Troy, and during the time of the  X Lords joined them, and aided against the Rogue Military forces against them.

In the new time-line he remained in the X Force aiding the world, and after Vanessa used her powers to send tons of SXM fan-girls to attack them, he began hunting down Vanessa teaming up with Mikey. After hunting down Vanessa he played a small role in the war against the COG, getting Dracarot and Emma to safety in another X Force Bunker in Vegas.  During this time Keeth recruited him on a mission to stop Lucifer who was attempting to escape from his cage by controlling the master of enochian magic an angel named Sarah, Ledge stopped her, and went into her freeing her from Lucifer's control, and she trained him in Enochian magic so he could help free herself from Lucifer's control. During World War 4 he played a role in intruding Russia. He was in the underground unit with Frank, and Frank, and Keel who were assaulted by Omega Red, and Russian Forces. Captured he gained information from within, and once rescued defeated Sebastian.  After escaping Russia he remained at the X Force bunker for the rest of the war getting drunk, and planning to make a difference.

Months later as the world was going to hell he became more active as a superhero for the SXM fighting crime, and fought Greg's criminal empire in Vegas, and learned about Castiel, and rogue angels involved in heavy crime, and sought them out seeking the Mursama Blade. He got into a fight with an angel demonstrating his knowledge of enochian magic, and symbols having picked up knowledge when he went to Nachun Choi for a journey through the mists of time for millions of dollars he'd stolen from a bank.  He was later captured by Castiel on Genosha, and recruited on a mission to murder the angel Sarah the master of Enochian magic, so Heaven would have a harder time tracking down the rogue angels, and agreed to do so in order to save Katy from her comatose state. He worked with Castiel summoning Sarah, and fought her using the Mursama Blade he managed to kill her. After her death, using a binding Enochian to stop her Grace's explosion from destroying Vegas he turned on Castiel in an attempt to kill him impaling him with the Mursama Blade, and calling for help only for Uriel to arrive, and sense he murdered Sarah, and capture him.

He was tortured in Heaven but refused to give up information on Enochian binding magic, and eventually was rescued by Milo and some of the other SXML. Returned to earth he resumed work  in the SXML, being a double agent working for them in the X Force, and seeking to be more active. As events on earth grew he became more of an alcoholic  to drown out his sorrows, and when Serpent and Dark Asgard rose he left the X Force to work with the main team to help stop the attacks. He battled the Worthy, and became one who gained Aaron's hammer and used it to help Oliver defeat Sammie, and fight the Worthy.

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PostSubject: Re: Ledge Harrison (X-Force)   Tue May 29, 2012 1:22 am

X Force Costume
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Ledge tracking down someone
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Ledge on his bike
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The Revival of the Fastball Special with Luke
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Against Nate, The Red Hulk
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Regeneration from Bone
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Ledge vs Vergil (Dante's brother)
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Ledge Harrison (X-Force)
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