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 Black Widow (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Black Widow (Heroes Uprising)   Wed May 30, 2012 11:39 pm

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You find me a spy that's never lied to their lover Dale, I'll find you a very bad spy.
The Last Black Window

Name: Natalya Asha Belova Petrovski
Codename: Black Widow
Alias: The Last Black Widow, Natasha
Age: Around mid 20s
Height: 5'6
Weight: 133 lbs
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Identity: Secret
Species: Homo-sapien
Race: Eastern European
Personality: Natasha was raised in a very strict environment with constant training and grooming to mold her into an assassin. Despite teaching her from a young age to prepare her for a life as the daughter of a spy, her mother never mistreated her and Natasha deeply loved her mother, to the point of becoming a spy herself to honor her wishes. She is often cold, most of the emotions on the surface being a mask she puts on for others.
Despite being callous and willingly following any order as long as she is payed, she none the less has a soft spot for the heroes, especially Dale and the Avengers, and prefers working for SHIELD than other organizations.
Known Relatives: Yelena Belova (Mother/deceased)

Allies: Dale, Ghost Rider Inc, Avengers

Enemies: Various

Occupation: Assassin, Covert Operations, former KGB and CIA
Religion: Atheist
Theme Song:
Matt Monroe - From Russia With Love [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Hand to hand combatant: Natasha has received training from both her mother since a very young age, and by the Red Room's Ops program. She is an expert in many forms of unarmed combat, of note judo and aikido.

Expert acrobat: She was trained by the Red Room to Olympic class skill in gymnastics, acrobatics and in the usage of this skills for practical combat and infiltration purposes.

Expert marksman: She is a trained sniper and a deadly sniper assassin

Multilingual: She is fluent in Russian, English, Mandarin, German, French, Arabic, Spanish, Japanese, Punjab, Iranian and Finnish. She has conversation grade skills in over 20 other languages.

Master Seductress: She is an expert in the field of seduction. Natasha has been infamously known to bend many different men to her will and sometimes even get them to do her bidding for her.

Expert Spy: Natasha is a dangerous secret agent trained in espionage, stealth, disguise, infiltration, and demolitions.

She makes use of numerous guns and other assortment of equipment. Her skin tight suit is reinforced with kevlar. She carries with her an assortment of ammunition, including exotic rounds such as antimugen and silver bullets.

She has been enhanced by Red Room's variant of the super soldier serum, which allows her to maintain a youthful appearance and extends her life. The most well known Black Widow, Natalia Romanova, was born in 1928 and lived with the appearance of a 20 year old woman in her prime up to her 60s.


Natasha, birth name Natalya Asha, is the daughter of Yelena Belova, a spy groomed in the Black Widow Ops Program, born in Moscow circa the 1990, at the end of the Cold War. Her mother raised her form an early age in the art of espionage, trained her in hand to hand combat and weaponry and in manipulation, seduction and subterfuge. Despite knowing her mother's profession as a high level KGB spy and assassin, she deeply loved her mother and was given an affectionate childhood, despite all her training.

Around her 16th birthday, her mother died, along with the famous Natalia Romanova, on the job for the Red Room, one of the last people that survived the purge of the Hunters. The KGB approached a young Natalya and offered her training and resources in return for her service. With no other family to speak of, she accepted. She thus was the last woman on record to undergroup the Black Widows Ops Program, and is known in the Red Room as the last Black Widow.
She worked for a few years with KGB director Ivankov, helping to uncover secrets forgotten due to the Hunter invasion. When the director resigned to join SWORD, she "left" Russia and became a freelance assassin. At one point, she worked full time for the CIA, and did assassination work for Hydra sleeper cells, although she was unaware of their true nature.

She came into contact with the new heroes when she was hired to assassinate the new Spiderman, Dale Parker. Instead, she ended up taking a liking to him and together they took down her former employer. She then took up a semi-permanent residence in NYC, often serving as Dale's contacts to the espionage underworld and information black market. She also lent Keeth and his Ghost Rider Agency help whenever they ask, and did field work for the various SHIELD directors off the books.

When SHIELD reformed after the Brood invasion, she became a full time operative, and helped rescue the Avengers after they were captured by the Hydra invasion force.

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Black Widow (Heroes Uprising)
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