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 Shawkun (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Shawkun (Heroes Uprising)   Mon Jan 23, 2012 10:17 pm

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Hmhmhm, your soul is mine
- Shawkun.

Name: Shawkun
Codename: Soul Taker
Alias: Shaw
Age: 46 (No longer ages)
Height: 6'1
Weight: 160 lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Identity: Secret
Species: Homo superior
Race: Asian
Personality: He is pure evil and has no guilt in taking the souls of others. He enjoys causing pain to others and is very cunning and manipulative. He is a genius and prefers to manipulate others and avoid battles than to fight himself. He is not a coward instead wanting to gain power. He seems to have no friends, and a God complex.
Known Relatives: Father and Mother.
Known Relatives: None known

Allies: Whoever serves him best

Enemies: SXM, Avengers, X-Force

Occupation: Villain, wander
Religion: Atheist
Theme Song:
- Soul Reaper theme - Disturbed: Inside the Fire: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
- Manipulator - In Time: Mark Collie: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Skills: He is skilled manipulator, and enjoys the pain he cause to people

Soul Manipulation: Shawkun's natural power, it gives him the ability to manipulate the souls of others in various ways. For a while he was basically a soul reaper, but thanks to Milo trapping him in a simulated damnation with no powers, Shawkun has developed this ability further.

-Soul Reaping: He can take the souls of others, leaving them in a coma like state, but alive. When he takes the souls of evolved humans, he takes their powers as well. Any soul captured and in his body experiences torture. He can return souls to theirs bodies, if the later remains unharmed. He can also give souls, and as a consequence, abilities, to other people other than himself, or the original possessor of the skill. He can even return the souls of the dead back to their bodies, provided said bodies can sustain life.

-Skull Summoning: Shawkun can summon tortured souls from the after life, bring dead spirits into the living world, and use them as a means to attack. The souls appear in the shape almost like a energy or plasma blast without a human body form. The front of the "blast" comes in the shape of a skull. These skull summonings are intangible, and can't be deflected by physical means. This was shown when a skull blast simply past through a telekinetic barrier that Sandra as the Phoenix had up for defense. These skulls are capable of tracking opponents, and when they hit, they attack a persons very soul, not the physical body. The damage from these skulls deliver the same type of after effect as Tenshi's spirit energy. Meaning you still feel the pain from the blow for a while, even though you have no physical injury.

Shawkun has a unlimited supply of these skulls, for as long as people are dying, there are souls to summon, not to mention the already vast array of spirits in the after life from past generations that have past away.

-Soul Manipulation: Shawkun's most potentially dangerous ability yet, he has gained the power to manipulate the actual soul of others. He can simulate and induce pain into his opponents soul in any way. Meaning he can simulate a knife stab, hellfire burning the soul, demons clawing at the soul, etc. He can strike fear, heart break, or whatever emotion he feels like into his opponents soul. He can even command the soul, giving him a form of control over opponents that's perhaps greater then that of telepathy. He can also look into a opponents soul, see it's history, it's pain, and use that against his opponents.

-Soul of the Universe: Shawkun's truly most frightening power. Being an advanced soul manipulator he is capable of accessing the Soul of the Universe(SOTU) which is basically the universe's collective conscience. This basically means he is in complete control of the universe's 'soul' making him virtually all powerful. He is in control of virtually every aspect of the universe except True power, and the Will of the universe itself, it is assumed SOTU might be equal with said forces. He is capable of using the other aspects of his powers on a universal level, and with the universe under his control even reality itself is at his command. Also being tied into into conscience he has some level of influence on high tier cosmics such as Eternity, and Death however he is NOT more powerful then them.

- Soul Masking: Shawkun has the ability to use other souls he's collected in order to mask his own, making him appear dead and having him be difficult to find.

- Soul Deal: Shawkun has his own variation of a Soul Deal. This deal basically lets Shawkun own the soul of another being without actually taking it. If said being breaks the agreement of the deal, their soul is instantly drawn from their body and collected by Shawkun. The distance between them means nothing. Even if on another planet, Shawkun will still collect said soul.

(I removed the ability list. It was based on ability's he had from collected souls long ago, and in no way relevant anymore. It actually hasn't been relevant in a long time as Shawkun's powers had fluctuated wildly throughout the rp.)

Bio: Shawkun was born and raised in an average family. He was considered a troubled child as he often got into fights at school and one day discovered his power taking the soul of one of his opponents. He was shocked by his ability and the police came and he was sent to juvenile detention centers for two years during the time he touched animals he thought he had the power to induce coma's he thought he gained coma powers and met another evolved human named Benjamin who had super-strength.

Shawkun began to gain animal-like powers and thought he had skill absorbtion but later read some comics Benjamin stole and learned he had soul absorbtion. He decided to practice his powers and learned he could send souls into others and gave one guy dog-like senses allowing him to develop a plan to escape the place and he briefly took Benjamin's soul to help them escape the Juve before their time. He than returned all the souls he stole except the bully's and they escaped.

He left and decided to return to his school and search for his enemies from school taking their souls and later met Jave Dave's father a spy and discovered this he fought him taking his soul and than went to kill his family as the FBI pursued him. He killed Dave's mother but Dave escaped to Egypt. He swore revenge on the family since it was Jave's fault the government was after him. He went into hiding and met Shin a boy with powers who could help him locate Dave. He killed Shin's parents and took his sister Tanya's soul. He hosted tournaments to gain powers having Shin win them.

He learned he was in Jail and decided to search for Dave seeing him with a girl who he learned was Sandra. He and Shin searched for Sandra and later when the SXM became active he tricked Sandra and with Shin's help captured her and stole her soul giving Dave a message. Shawkun later hosted a tournament to save Sandra and began taking the souls of the losers of the matches growing stronger. He later fought Milo and Yamairo and lost then Dave killed him. He was later revived on the island the tournament was and a mysterious man asked him of a favor. It was revealed to be Samuel and he fought in his game beating Troy and than fighting Isabel. He was later frozen inside his own magma attack and Samuel rescued him later. He dissapeared after the demon invasion and rejoined during the Secret Wars.

He took Katy's soul and had her fight Troy before taking his soul and trapping Abagail. When Milo suppressed everyone's powers Filipe defeated him. He lost all the souls he had stolen and was once again powerless. He managed to manifest the powers he had during the Secret Wars minus Troy's and Katy's despite loosing their souls He fought with Samuel's group and after Samuel gave himself up he left the group.

Shawkun would later become the soul survivor of Samuel's team, and obtain Samuel's powers for a short period. He would later use the mutant Tenshi to open the dimensional spirit barrier to hell to regain powers. His first attempt failed, having being defeated by Milo, and the souls returned to their resting place. Shawkun was then inserted into Sancho's body for safe keeping. However, thanks to the Hunters, Shawkun gained a second change at power. He was freed from his imprisonment, the barrier was broken again, and Shawkun regained all his powers and more.

Shawkun would shortly after find himself recruited to the Hellfire club. Shawkun helped the Hellfire Club for a while, facing Amber before starting to develop more of his own plans. First step was getting the power gem which he temporarily boosted Manda's powers to find, then erased her memory. After obtaining the orb he next manipulated Sandra into making him the host of the Phoenix Force, and just for kicks, staged her family's disappearance on Iliria. While all this was happening, he made sure no one would intervene by having Nightmare put the SXM and other groups in nightmarish dreams. He also helped Devon shortly and gave Jin the means to get Katy to his side as well. Shawkun regulated Jin two conflicting ability, allowing Jin to use both powers to there max, even elemental forms without having one ability effecting the other, giving Jin a massive power boost. Shawkun had the SXM and X Force turn against Milo with the help of his minions keeping his deal with Iliria. Shawkun later faced the SXM defeating them easily and killing Tiffany, Sandra, and Tesla. He fought Milo directly after revealing Sandra was only the beginning of his plans. Suffer, Milo himself, Kano etc, he wanted every super power to reign once again as the terror of the universe. Shawkun and Milo fought a intense battle until Shawkun started letting his better judgment to get clouded. Milo took advantage and devised a plan that would de-power Shawkun. After his defeat, he was sent to a dimension resembling hell where all the souls he once tortured came to tear him apart.

He was later released by Milo in order to assist in retrieving Nate's soul. Despite being the master of souls, it would seem Nate's soul was even out of his reach. He was sealed away inside the lake house, unable to leave unless Milo wanted him. Later again, due to a deal with Milo in turn for his help, Milo gave Shawkun Vinlo's soul, thus his powers as well. Shawkun later appeared in X Lords stealing Jin's soul after he was defeated by Joe, and later killed a thug. He later met with Sandra unexpectedly, and used the chance to display some new skills. After battling Sandra wanted to go after Shawkun and finish him, but Milo dis-approved. Dave then talked her out of going.

Shawkun at one point later would get Sandra's soul again while she was staying at Manny's ship. As always though, he would be unable to hold on to it in the end. He would also have encounters with Aya.

Shawkun's most recent actions had him assisting the Hydra group and later Zed.

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PostSubject: Re: Shawkun (Heroes Uprising)   Mon Jan 23, 2012 10:18 pm

True age appearance.
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PostSubject: Re: Shawkun (Heroes Uprising)   Thu Oct 06, 2016 10:07 pm

Shawkun's reset ability list.

- Soul Manipulation -  His natural power, see profile for details.

- Teleportation - The ability to move instantly from one desired location to another, can be used in conjunction with fighting.    Obtained from unknown mutant.

- Age Manipulation - The ability to alter aging.   Can be used in combat to age opponents so far forward they become bones then dust.   Or can age backward to pre-birth/non-existence.   Obtained from a unknown female mutant in Florida.

- Strength/Stamina Absorbing - This ability allows Shawkun to feed off the physical strength and stamina of his opponents, growing ever in combat as the opponent grows ever weaker.   In cases of fighting opponents with infinite stamina, Shawkun will forever grow stronger the longer he fights.   Obtained from Juliet Sanders in Genosha School Of The Gifted.

- Energy Manipulation - The ability to harness inner energy also known as ki for physical inhancement and a wide range of energy based attacks. - Obtained from a unknown Shaolin Monk in Japan.

- Immortality - The ability to never die.   While to many a dream, to Shawkun it's a curse.  This ability was granted to him via a powerful mage.   After a business arrangement went sour, the mage worked magic that forced Shawkun to release all his captured souls, said mage then gave him immortality so he could never die and access hell where his supply of souls to collect would be infinite.

Owned consoles - Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Playstation 4.

Previously owned - Playstation, Nintendo 64, XBOX, XBOX 360.
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PostSubject: Re: Shawkun (Heroes Uprising)   

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Shawkun (Heroes Uprising)
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