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 Celebech (Ghost Rider Agency)

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PostSubject: Celebech (Ghost Rider Agency)   Fri Jun 15, 2012 8:29 pm

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I will cleanse our lands of Men and see us returned to glory lady Ilyrana, and I will not be denied
The Silver Lance

Name: Celebech
Codename: N/A
Alias: Silverlance, High King of the Noldor, the last King, the Dark Elf
Age: Over 2 thousand years
Height: 6.0
Weight: 170 lbs
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Identity: Secret
Citizenship: N/A
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Elf
Ethnicity: Noldor
Personality: Celebech, the Silverlance is a very honorable and commanding warrior who takes no prisoners and never surrenders. He perceives all humans as affronts to nature and will relish in the chance to kill as many whenever he can. However, he will give respect to those who deserve it.
His ultimate goal in life is to return the planet to his people and eradicate and drive out all humans
Base of Operations: N/A
Universe: 616
Known Relatives: None

Allies: Various exiles of the fair folk
Enemies: The elven citadels, humans

Occupation: Exiled prince
Religion: Pagan
Theme Song:


-Master lancer: Celebech, befitting of his name, is a master lancer. He can wield a lance almost as an extension of himself and even simultaneously use both a long and a short spear. He is frighteningly agile and even in short range combat there is little that he cannot defeat. He can take two superhuman characters alone without much difficulty. His skill is such that he can recover from a sitting position and instantly defeat both Amber and Ilyrana, with one fluid motion, while Ilyrana had an arrow point to his head

-Master archer: Like all elves, he has archery skills that surpass even the finest human archer.

-Multilingual: He speaks all of the dialects of the fair folk and most human languages.

-Magecraft: As all elves, he is a very proficient mage, specializing in runic magic.

-Craftsmanship: He is a master of magical mechanics and can create just about any object using dwarven and elven smiting and science. He often enjoys tinkering with goblin and dwarven technology.

-Leadership: He is an inspirational leader and can rally people easily behind him. Perhaps due to his exile, he also does not discriminate between magical creatures and as contacts in every race, except the humans whom he despises.

Celebech seems to have acquired a multitude of spears that were passed down human descendents of Irish warriors. He keeps them in a sort of limbo to be called on when needed.

Gáe Assail: The spear of Lugh, an ancient High King and deity of Ireland. It shines a pale blue with a blue yew handle, it is enchanted by Lugh with a rite of possession rune. The one recognized as the true wielded need only speak the incantation "Ibar (Yew)" and the spear is sure to hit its mark. They can also speak the word "Athibar (Re-Yew)" to cause the spear to return.

Crann Buidhe: A weapon of Manannán mac Lir, a sea god of Irish mythology. While simple looking with what appears to be a steel adorned tip and strong hardwood handle, it is in truth a powerful magic weapon capable of delivering death to any mortal Men, for it carries Manannán's power as guardian of the otherworld. Those slain by it hear the sound of the waves overtake them as they are carried off by the god to their death.
-Scuabtuinne: The sea god Manannán's chariot, drawn by the horse Enbarr, which can transverse land and sea and summon waves in its wake. In Manannán's condition as the one who ferries souls to the Irish pantheon's afterlife, it is capable of moving between the worlds. While normally not under Celebech, he can summon it due to possessing the spear Crann Buidhe.

Lúin of Celtchar: The spear of Celtchar mac Uthechar. It is a powerful weapon that secretes a poison that destroys a target from within. It places a curse on all living beings pierced by it that slowly turn their blood into red hot liquid that burns them from the inside, killing them in a matter of hours. The blood of the target becomes like fire to any who touch it, instantly burning on contact

As an elf of Earth, Silverlance possesses superhuman physical qualities, and a natural affinity for magic.

-Superhuman Strength: His strength is far above humans. He can bend metal and punch through stone easily

-Superhuman Durability: He can survive blunt impacts such as falling off extremely tall heights. However he is still vulnerable to bullets and other piercing objects

-Superhuman agility and dexterity: Silverlance is more agile than even the finest human athlete, and through training he can even surpass other superhumans that would normally be a match for an elf. He is so agile he can easily disarm two people simultaneously while dodging bullets and arrows from another elf, or removing the footing of someone who has an arrow tip to his head. He can scale walls with ease and easily spin in mid air completely in control of his movement, and fight multiple opponents simultaneously without even getting hit. His dexterity is likewise impressive as he can wield two spears easily, cut and block bullets and use one spear to defend and the other to attack almost mechanically.

-Superhuman stamina: His muscles produce far less fatigue toxins and he can exert himself for longer periods of time. Due to his magical nature it is unknown if he even truly tires

-Superhuman longevity: As an elf, he can life for hundreds of years. Also due to the Heaven's Feel Sorcery placed on all High Elves, he will survive until the end of the planet even if he loses his body, as his soul has transcended the physical.

-Superhuman acute senses: All his senses are extremely developed, but in particular his hearing and eyesight are far beyond any human. His ears are so developed they can hear a pin drop in a gigantic forest and his eyes are so focused he can see almost hundreds of miles away.


Celebech was born to the royal family of the Noldor, one of the three clans of High Elves, somewhere during the roman empire's rule. He grew up watching his people slowly whither and die, and by the time he reached adulthood, he began to preach war and defense against the encroaching humans.
Thanks to his preaching, the dwarves and his father constructed the Golden Army using knowledge from Khazad-Dum, the Outer God of Wisdom that resided in dwarven lands. He personally oversaw the project, gaining a profound respect for dwarves and their craftsmanship. However, the army would never be unleashed and his father hid all the mechanical golems in the lost city of Bethmoora. Unbeknownst to Celeb, the reason was that the Silver Witch had visited both the Noldor High King and the High Caster at the time (Ilyrana's mother) and warned them of the Outer God's influence.
She instead gave the High Caster one of the Five Sorceries, and with it she cast a spell that ascended all elves born at the time into immortal souls

However, their physical bodies still remained tied to the Earth and they remained a dying bread due to this. His father soon succumbed as well, and despite his best efforts, the remaining Noldor banished Celebech and denied him his rightful place, claiming he was a warmonger and he had very little claim given their dying and waning.

Traveling through the Earth for the next few hundred years, he witness human brutality and ignorance, but found refuge with various magical beasts such as trolls, goblins and dwarves. He became a leader to the forgotten fair folk and the creatures of the night, and recently using these allies he has began killing humans, looking for the clan who had in their possession the royal crown of Bethmoora, which could command the golden army

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Celebech (Ghost Rider Agency)
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