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 Lex Leven(Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Lex Leven(Heroes Uprising)   Sun May 05, 2013 11:45 pm

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"That Lex, he has as many inventions as Milo has powers"
-Zane Fury

Name: Alexander "Lex" Joseph Leven (Lev-een as in green)
Alias: N/A
Age: 22
Height: 6'1
Weight: 211 lbs(All muscle)
Alignment: Good
Identity: Public
Species: Human-Mutate
Race: African American/Caucasian

Personality: He is a man who seems kind, gentle, and wants to help the people. He claims he's a hero and wants to bring power to the people. He has no problem killing, cheating, and manipulating others to bring power to the people and accomplish peace. He believes humanity has descended into chaos, and can only be united when there is a common goal or opponent. He believes earth can only survive with a dictatorship and can then rise to greatness. He is a man who is obsessed with wealth, reputation, and appearance.

He enjoys having power and control of his situation, and despises not having enough information about a situation he is placed into. He is shown having a strong bond with his friends, and hates not being able to help them, or not knowing things about them, for the longest time Milo hid his super-powers from him, which put a strain on there friendship. Over time it was mended, and Lex has grown to understand himm and others. He's become more concerned with the well being of the world, however he still pursues the finer things in life, and now with Eternity giving him the role Scientist Supreme he strives to become the greatest scientist that ever lived even greater then Reed Richards.

Known Relatives: Lionel Leven (Father) and Lily Leven (Mother)

Skills: Gifted Businessman: Lex Leven is one of the most shrewd businessmen in the world, a trait that has earned him an immense fortune second only to entrepreneurs like Samuel Ventro and Steve Dayton. Unlike Ventro however, Leven is not above using cutthroat tactics, unethical practices and illegal operations to maintain the success of his business empire. At the height of his power, Lex Leven virtually owned every business enterprise in the city of New York City.

Seasoned Politician: Lex Leven's corporate skills applied just as sharply in the political arena as they did in the boardroom.


Genius-level Intellect: Lex Leven is one of the most intelligent beings on the planet. Lex possesses a mastery of electrical, mechanical and aerospace engineering, electronics, chemistry, all levels of physics, and human and alien biology. A visionary theoretician and inspired machine smith, he has made breakthroughs in such varied fields as space travel, time travel, extra-dimensional travel, biochemistry, robotics, computers, synthetic polymers, communications, mutations, transportation, holography, energy generation, spectral analysis and more. He's shown superior knowledge to most if not all scientific minds on earth as well as other planets with technology vastly superior to earth's. His level of intelligence is such that many have rumored he's developed a gadget or device to match every one of Ventro's abilities.

Trained Combatant: Lex Luthor is also trained in hand-to-hand combat, though his personal Amazon fighting instructors consider him a a sub-par combatant with poor form. His various technological inventions have allowed him to become superb in almost every form of martial arts on earth, as well as some extra terrestrial combat styles.

Bio: The current Leven family has a long history with the city of New York City . Some of Lex's ancestors were with the Pilgrims who came to the island, and other ancestors of his were among the Native Americans who met them. As the centuries went on, the Leven family grew in prominence and wealth. Leven's great-grandfather, Wallace Leven, was a millionaire steel industrialist/tycoon at the beginning of the 20th century. An ardant pacifist with dreams of a united society, Wallace was distressed when America was pulled into World War I. He reluctantly agreed to sell his steel for the manufacture of allied ships and weapons. In the stock market crash of '29, Leven ost his entire fortune and was forced to declare bankruptcy. He went to his grave a penniless old man, believing that it was divine punishment for his part in the war.

Somehow, the family fortune was rebuilt by the latter part of the 20th Century, and Lex Leven was born to New York City mogul Lionel Leven , whose Levencorp Industries overlooked Suicide Slum, and his socialite wife Lily. His sister Lena was the only relative that he truly cared about. In his late teens, he spent time in Smallville, Kansas, under the care of his Aunt Lena. His parents thought that fresh country air would cure the young Lex of his propensity for acting like he was the smartest guy in the room. However, Lex went on to prove that he was the smartest guy in most rooms, soon becoming head of the family corporation, renaming it Lexcorp. It was here that he met the younger Milo Ventro, Mikey Gretisky , and Angel Ventro on a school field trip. Although Lex was friendly with the bespectacled Milo , contrary to the Birthright depiction Milo was not his only friend and confidante, nor did he get blamed for the loss of the older Luthor's hair. After some months, Lex left Smallville "with a full head of hair, and under a cloud of suspicion." He settled in Metropolis following his parents' mysterious deaths and took over his father's enterprise. As he grew further into adulthood, his hair receded over time.

Lex turned the company into a multi-national corporation that would ultimately come to dominate the city of New York City. The one paper outlet that continued to be bought was the Daily Bugel (he would come to buy it much later). One such critic was the young reporter Matt Jameson , whom Leven detested, due to his outspoken attitudes. Leven made many criminal connections and industries, anything to help him rise to be the unchallenged master of NYC. His legitimate businesses attached to LexCorp stretched from anything from telephone companies to personal gaming devices. As part of his image, Lex created the illusion of being a caring philanthropist He became the most powerful man in NYC, both financially and in the world of organized crime. Lex would create havoc on the streets by selling weapons to the gangs of Metropolis and using his primarily female staff of underlings to keep blackmail files on all of the major organized crime groups in the city, so that Lex could use them to further any schemes he had planned. However, this all ended with the arrival of Fusion.

Fusion aka Milo Ventro his child-hood friend began fighting his organized group as well as the other members of the SXM such as Ice-Hands, Light Admiral, Jikoku Dono,Charge, Gigantess, Ghost Rider, Hulk, Iceburn, Mister Invisible, Ironman, Tempest, Plastic Package, Shinigami Doctor, Painter, Ms. Movestress, Hydrogirl, Phase, Dr.Darwin, Blink, Slash, Shin, Boost, Psych,DD, FMA,Punisher, Tormentor, Bonage, Spiderman, Miss Strange, Stab, Surge , Angel, Metal man, Replicat, and Forsight. His group was taken down, and he got involved with politics. During the Mutant Rights Debate, he proposed the idea of MHF(Mutant Holding Facility).

With SXM's help he formed the prison, and began to capture their enemies placing them in there. However he later gathered a group of villains from MHF, and used them to distract Sandra. After using the villains he permanently freed them from MHF, giving them to chance to restart their lives. However it seemed the most dangerous beings were continued to be placed within his prison, and he quickly became the overseer of it's operations, and later due to Riya there was a mass escape from MHF. After the mass escape he felt bad, and got help from many Superheroes to round up the prisoners including Carmen who captured Angie's group. During the ensuing mess he also began working with Oscorp Scientists Bella, and Darrius on a Hulking Project that would change the military, and give them the power needed to go against rogue mutants without help from any superhero team, and he also supplied Michael's Supervillian Strike Force Code Blue with powerful anti mugen weaponry.

When the Hulking Project went sour he teamed up with Kano, and Nate to hunt down Darrius, and the remaining members. After the hunt failed, he took full control of the project from a distance, and worked on negating sentinels for the govenrment in wake of the chaos, and aided HAMMER although he was an inside man who questioned there actions, and aided mutants. Eventually he joined Ventro Industries, and helped turn Milo's company into a billionaire business. Using the money gained from aiding his friend he began working on his own operations often helping the SXML With whatever threat he could by providing technological aid bidding his time in the shadows until he would rise to be superior to the various heroes he aided.


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Lex Leven(Heroes Uprising)
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