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 Keel Blaze(X Force)

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Forgiveness? Is what the weak enforce, Letting your enemy survive, just allows them to develop better methods to finish you off in the next fight.

Name: Keel Blaze
Codename: Punisher
Alias: Cold K, Terminator, Ghost Rider, Hypocrite,
Age: 38
Height: 6'1
Weight: 311 lbs(All muscle)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Identity: Secret
Species: Human
Race: Caucasian
Personality: He is very distrustful of others having been betrayed and lied too a lot. He hates gangsters and tries to kill them. He enjoys using his powers to punish others and loves to fight. He thinks crime should not be allowed and that revenge should be aloud. He has a very violent view on life and thinks humans need a new start at life. He has no dual identity and is the most violent anti-Hero. He is a strict believer of Absolute Justice meaning if you do a crime no matter the reason he thinks you deserve to die and as such is wanted by the Government. He's even murdered a duplicate of Troy, and attempted to murder Marianna whom the X Force was helping.
He is a hypocrite, as himself has killed several people considered innocent by the general populace, however he believes no one is innocent, but some people follow the rules ala Justice, and considers Vigilantes, and Law Enforcement as enforcers of Justice, but will go against them if they come after him, or defy his morals. Infact he is immune to Telepathic abilities as a result of his insanity, and his beliefs. He shows no remorse in killing, and will even consider a child, believing forgiveness allows the perpetrator to be more prepared when it comes to committing there next crime. He hates humanity as a whole, somewhat supporting demonic threats or any threat that unites humanity, making him somewhat borderline evil.
Known Relatives: Father, Mother, Keeth Blaze(Brother), and Sindus(Uncle).

Allies: X-Force, Code Blue

Enemies: Italian Mafia, Russian Mafia, Japanese Yakuza, Colombian Drug Cartels, Mexican drug cartels, Aryan Brotherhood, Chinese Triads, Jamaican Yardies, Irish Mob, HAMMER, American Government, Mephisto, Blackheart, Kano, Council of the Gods, Sindus, Hellfire Cult, Mutant Response Division, Kira, Traveler, Black Club.

Occupation: X Force
Religion: Agnostic
Theme Song:

Skills: Due to his training from Punisher he is now a master of martial arts, and interrogation. He is an expert Marksman,Tactician, Demolition officer and Pilot. He can speak English, French,Spanish, Chinese,Romanian, and Japanese. He has peak human strength and speed. He has a large amount of stamina and durability. He can be shot multiple times and be drenched in blood and keep fighting

Weapons: He has a gun and he can fire hell-fire out of the gun. His gun can no longer shoot Hell-fire and he know has tons of guns. He has a katanna and a belt with several types of explosives,flash-lights, and a GPS. He can use nearly any weapon and vehicle known to man. He can pilot Skrull Warships and Skrull Weaponry.


Keel was born and raised with his parents and was learning to be a stuntmen like his father. He had little brother named Keeth when his parents were five and his mom became sick. He was the father figure in his brother's life as there father became addicted to drugs, he also became addicted but seeing the family fall apart, he took some of his father's drugs, and sold them at his high school making money to support the family he continued to steal from his father's drug supply, and sell them at school becoming a drug dealer, and often dealt with abuse from his father. As he grew older, and entered his teenage years he fought back, and got his own gun for protection, and tired of the drug abuse and loose women he brought in when there mother became sick he tracked down some of the women and murdered them angering several gangs, and he fought them, and to escape his family he ran away and joined the Military. He was drafted into the Marines, and learned to fight there.

Learning more about life, he became a patriot, but quickly grew to learn of the illegal activities the army did, and killed members of his own squad, and left the army on dishonorably discharge. He returned home to support his family, but refused to sell drugs instead assaulting drug lords, murdering them, and robbing them becoming a vigilante in New York and angering crime lords. As Keeth was in his high school years his father faced prison charges having assaulted the doctors who messed up the procedure that ended with there mother's death. He sold his soul to Reach Kcalb a foreigner with a superhuman ability, and he removed his father's charges, and revealed he was the demon Blackheart. Keel realized he made a deal with the devil, and he gained demonic powers such as hellfire ,and was bonded with the Zarathos. He became the Ghost Rider, waging war on crime as the Terminator. Becoming a mass murderer from the shadows he made enemies with virtually every known criminal organization including the Italian Mafia, the Russian Mafia, the Japanese Yakuza, the Colombian and Mexican drug cartels, the Aryan Brotherhood, the Chinese Triads, Jamaican Yardies, the Irish Mob, biker gangs, street gangs, gunrunning militias, muggers, killers, rapists, psychopaths, violent racists, sadists, pedophiles, and corrupt city officials.

He also clashed with demons, and Blackheart's supernatural enemies rising as a murderer sacrificial his morals. Years later he began the hunt for pure souls for Blackheart, and ended up taking his brother Keeth. He rebelled against Blackheart to protect his brother, and tracked down a man with a pure soul a homeless man and religious. It turned out it was Loki in diguise who'd stolen from Blackheart a map of infinity that allowed control over species, and used it to gain control over symbiotes. Keel joined forces with Loki but intended to turn on him and stop the Symbiote invasion and then murder Blackheart. Loki helped hi mregain his soul, and he entered Shawkun's tournament using hell fire to place trackers on Milo, Zulan, and Kano making enemies with Shawkun a soul manipulator.

He left and went to capture Alisa to offer to Black-heart in return for the Ghost Rider powers. He was forced by BH to go get Keeth but when his soul was returned he re-joined Loki. He helped him begin the take over of Asgard as earth battled the Symbiotes. He later helped torture Kano and was defeated and his soul taken by Milo. However Blackheart came and took his soul and body back to his dimension. The SXM later saved him and Keeth. He was revealed to be powerless and went to Milo for help.
The later could not restore his mystical powers without absorbing his soul and instead Keel decided to become the ultimate killing machine and with Milo he went back in time taking him to Punisher and used Telepathy to force him to train him.

He than came and got Keel who was a dangerous killer and joined X-force. He was the most useful member on the team as for as killing only Ledge was superior due to his regeneration. He also disagreed with Yamairo thinking many members such as Troy deserved to die for the past sins, but hated the Government. After the Government began the persecution of X-Force he thought they needed to gain some control over the Government. He became the new Punisher murdering mutant terrorists working with his brother, and the x Force clashing with several superhuman threats.

During the time he also helped battle the Controller and even helped Ledge stop Frank. He was forced to be brought to the Secrete Wars. He began teaching the SXM why you needed to kill and sadly influenced Milo. He was responsible for the murder of the revived Brotherhood of mutants. He nearly killed Samuel's group thanks to Keel. He also taught Keeth why you needed to kill of your enemies and once they returned to earth he regularly pissed off other members of the team. During the Espada attack he helped go after Elle and Ledge saved his life. He respected few members of the team Ledge, Milo, and Keeth. He helped fight the Espada along with Milo getting Yamairo to kill the leader. During the Civil War after the SXM disbanded at the Government's request he went on a murder spree.

He was on the top ten lists of various countries and was finally captured in the USA. He met Nate his prison mate and they were rescued by Chulance and Kathy. They met up with others and eventually fought off an army of Mephisto's demons to save his brother Keeth and then take back Genosha. They wiped out the remaining Sentinels Milo failed to destroy in his suicidal explosion and he helped rescue Samuel. Later he attended Milo's funeral and some members of the team left the group he hung around the SXM and mainly helped kill mutant terrorists that Legacy didn't manage to recruit using their mind control devices. He later helped battle Darkness and his group after he killed several members of the Government.

He was a key member as Jet had his group use power suppressors, although Nightmare was in control. After Jet killed Nightmare and Manda, he helped go after Jet. But when Harry beat Jet, he helped chase after the remaining villains. He remained more active in the SXM, but since the SXM's goals were starting to change he felt alone. He was one of the members on the team who lacked abilities and needed to be a mutant. He thought about going Solo and sticking to X-force part time. He got advice from Fawkes and so far helped the SXM. He helped them out by fighting against Legacy and Hitler. As Time moved on he became obsessed with Absolute Justice, and after the X Force was turned into the Illumanti's personal hot squad he remained, and went on the mission to kill Afansas, where his behavior nearly got him killed.

However during HAMMER the X-Force was attacked by Nicole, and legions of HAMMER drones, after evacuating, he realized the Superhero Community was falling apart, and Vigilantism itself was being put to an end by HAMMER, considering them a major enemy, however even Ganta turned on them, and he grew less friendly. After the X Force began helping mutants he snapped killing the Artificial Troy, and trying to kill Marianna, he joined Kano, and Tanya on there crusade to bring down HAMMER, but tried to kill some mutants they were rescuing. They turned him into HAMMER, and he joined intending to kill all potential hosts of the Phoenix Force to prevent another Predator invasion. However his murder spree was put to an end when he fell in love with a mutant Daniel a fugitive against HAMMER and part of Zane's Assistants. He was drafted into them, and went to war with HAMMER becoming a Government enemy, but hiding his identity.

Eventually this failed, and he rejoined the X Force, and compromised his morals to work for them. He worked along side Ikon, and was glad when he left, and struggled clashing with Afansas and his Anti Mutant Projects multiple times causing him to grow resentment for how mutants was treated especially after revealing to the team Daniell's death. He went public as the Punisher clashing with all forms of crime, and even dealing with Supernatural opponents still doing missions for the X Force, and went on a murder spree taking out several politicians to stop the Mutant Registration Bill from being passed. His war on crime has lead to a Vigilante uprising with several putting on costumes to fight crime without powers.


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Keel Blaze(X Force)
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