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 Leah Ventro(Heroes Uprising/Deceased)

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PostSubject: Leah Ventro(Heroes Uprising/Deceased)   Leah Ventro(Heroes Uprising/Deceased) I_icon_minitimeTue May 07, 2013 11:20 pm

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"I can only take in one ability at a time, how damn useful can I be!?

Name: Leah Ventro
Codename: Replicat
Alias: Lea, CopyCat, OneGirlWonder
Age: 37
Height: 5'4
Weight: 138 lbs
Alignment: Good
Identity: Secret
Species: Homo-superior
Race: Caucasian
Personality:  She is a very forgiving person and does whatever it takes to avoid conflict. She has a temper although she forgives people despite what they've done and believes killing is wrong. She is a strong Christian due to Angel taking her and Milo to church. She believes in God and believes these powers are god-given and useful. She is not afraid to fight to protect innocents and rarely lies. She's somewhat of a pacificist due to her religion, and hates those that do not believe.
Leah has changed a lot due to her experiences as a mutant, dealing with the Espada, she's learned the need to be strong, wanting to be powerful enough to protect her friends and family. She strives to be useful, and is somewhat jealous of her brother wishing she had his powers.
Known Relatives: Samuel(Father/Deceased), Angel(Mother), Milo(Brother), Rachel(Half Sister) and Henry(Stepfather,deceased)

Allies: Shadow X Men, Stealth Squad, Samuel's group, and S.H.I.E.L.D

Enemies: Espada, Akatsuki, Predators, Phoenix Alliance, Hunters, and HAMMER.


Powers:Power Replication.  She can copy a power through touch, but only one at a time. She has good control of her power so she can choose when to replicate the power of someone when she meets an evolved human however sometimes if upset she can accidentally replicate the power of an evolved human. She needs physical contact with the skin but touching clothes that an evolved human is currently wearing works.

If she meets a someone with multiple abilities she can only replicate one and if in control she can choose which one although it cannot be an omega level power. She can replicate omega level abilities even if she is in contact with someone with an elemental shift, and can replicate multiple abilities.

Current Ability
Construction & Deconstruction(Terrorist)

Former Replicated Powers
Precognitive Dreams(Angel)
Gravity Control(From the Bearded Man)
Healing(From Milo)
Flight(From Nate)
Power Absorption(From Samuel)
Telekenesis(From Milo)
Space-Time Manipulation(From Yamairo)
Molecular Manipulation(From Milo)
Invisibility(From Fawkes)
Telepathy(From James)
Sound Manipulation(From Wave)
Precognitive Dreams(From Angel)

Bio: She was born and raised by Angel and Henry. She knew a Henry who loved Angel not knowing he was merely  being used by Samuel as a fake husband till Angel told them about the Agency.  Later one day she went to hug Henry and she hit him. She cried and hugged Angel. She had no idea why Henry had became abusive when he was eight. She later befriended Milo her brother and they had a fairly normal child-hood till she entered the cheer-leader contest and met Amber befriending her. She touched her and replicated her power.

She later discovered her spider-powers and went to tell Angel seeking guidance. She went to tell her about these abilities and she replicated Angel's. She feel unconscious having a massive dream  about their school exploding due to terrorists.  Angel revealed that was her power  and she contacted the Agency who disguised as police prevented the explosion. Leah graduated from high-school and took pills to sleep to avoid natural sleep and her abilities. She went on to college wanting to get into helping troubled youth, and after studying she became a Counselor, and set up her own office, dealing with troubled youth, and Suicidal people, her religion further helping her goals. She tended to avoid her family, even during the era of the Shadow X Men, and occasionally encouraged her brothers to use his powers for God.

She decided to attend Milo's birthday party, when she gained Gravity Alteration from a bearded man, and lost control, and was kidnapped by the Espada. The SXM came to her aid, and she helped Milo and the others fight the Espada. She joined the team after Espada, and during the Superhero Registration Act, she went Anti Registration, and helped the X Force rescue Nate from prison.  Later she gained all of Samuel's abilities, and after Milo's death temporarily became a Co-leader. She helped fight Nightmare's group, and later her soul was taken by Hitler. She returned with her original ability, and she gained her professional life back. She continued to help the SXM, fighting the Hellfire Cult, and later during Namini's attack on Genosha, she was murdered.

After she was revived she attended her father's funeral. Later, she helped the SXM fight off the Predator invasion. She remained with the team, often continueing her work, keeping abilities that allowed her to travel, she proved to be a major help against the Phoenix Alliance, and joined Fawkes's Stealth Squad, often helping obtain the powers of the enemy, so the team could understand what they were up against. After the Hunters invasion was over, she retired from the team, and started her own Counseling Organization with help from her mother, and supported mutants financially.  Over time grew tired of watching from the side-line's, and helped Milo, and the gang deal with Shawkun. After that she returned to the sidelines, providing financial support, and helping provide areas where Illuminati met.

She grew tired with working on the sidelines again wanting to be a hero, and had a brief fling with Nate after they had beaten Shawkun when Milo was only limited to his mutant abilities. After that failed she returned to the fashion industry, and began during chairty work for Damage Control where she met Monroe Dellis, and they had a relationship learning Monroe had the ability to release Seismic Bursts, and he was kidnapped by Ford's Military Uprising. Leah did her own investigator on Ford and his connection with an Israeli Terrorist faction intending to develop Israeli mutants to control the Middle East.  Leah ended up joining the Shadow Escorts, and ended up rescuing Dracarot, and Emma helping the SE bring down the faction.  After learning of Monroe's death she turned to alcoholism and left the SE.

Her mother Angel comforted her, and she duplicated her ability learning she had more potential regarding her abilities, and let her dreams guide her future seeking out Zane, and joining the X Factor.  However after the events that lead to X Factor loosing funding and getting shut down, she decided to get back into the super hero business having too much time on her hand with just her clothing line. Her business eventually fell apart due to being Milo's brother, and she moved back to Genosha to live with her family. There things quickly fell apart during the monitoring act as Nate allowed the MRD to influence Genosha, and she fled with her family as MRD grew to be an international power. She sticked with her family fighting against them, and helped the others battle Nate fused with Mother. After that she went into hiding with Filipe's family, and Dale, living with them so she could help rescue Rachel from MRD captivity.

With help from Jorgan, their inside man in MRD, she planned to replicate the power of a dimensional manipulator so she could help them break into MRD to rescue her half sister. She'd learned to replicate up to five powers at a time, but when she replicated the power the BROOD Empress laid an egg in her unknowingly. She then helped the group with help from Yamairo, Isabel, and Anna rescue Rachel, Holst, and some others captured by MRD. She continued to help the team until she vanished only to find out the BROOD Empress had finally gained control of her, and modified her body with confiscated space technology so they could she hold almost 30 powers at once, and proceeded to use the BROOD to hunt down some of the strongest super humans and replicate their powers into Leah's body to make her more powerful, and an effective leader of the BROOD. She battled Anna in the white house, overpowering her, and converting her into a BROOD to use against Yamairo and the others, but in the end during the final battle she took on Tanya, and Sandra. Tanya overpowered her, and instead of letting Tanya free Leah from her control fearing that she could help put an end to the BROOD, she used her new-found powers to kill herself and Leah in the process.


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Leah Ventro(Heroes Uprising/Deceased)
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