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 Sindus Blaze(Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Sindus Blaze(Heroes Uprising)   Tue May 07, 2013 11:28 pm

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"Why do I persecute mutants? Because of there potential to persecute us. We cannot wait for them to attack, Ignorance is Bliss."
-Sindus Blaze

Name: Sindus Blaze
Codename: Sin
Alias: Senator Sin, Mr Blaze, Torch
Age: 52
Height: 5'6
Weight: 156 lbs
Alignment: Lawful Good
Identity: Public
Species: Human
Race: Caucasian
Known Relatives: Father, Mother, Brother, Keeth Blaze(Newphew), Keel Blaze(Nephew), Haley Blaze(Wife), Savannah Blaze(Daughter).

Allies: The USA, S.H.I.E.L.D, Purifiers, Humanity Now, Legacy, Hellfire Cult, Desmond, MRD

Enemies: Shadow X Men, Avengers, Hell, HYDRA, Apocalypse

Occupation: NYC Senator/Casino Owner/Mobster
Religion: Christianity
Theme Song: Eminem Business [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Personality: Sindus is a Senator who cares for his family, and wishes nothing more then to deal with terrorists due to the negative experiences he had as a child. He is a man who cares for the people, and there worries, and sympathizes for the problems they deal with in every day life. He is a serious individual, one who is not in the job for comedic antics. He rarely smiles, his smiles being out of pure happiness either due to his situation or an advantage he's gotten. He is labeled as a paranoid extremist when it comes to his views on mutants, and super-humans in general, especially the superhero Community who he believes is planning to take over the earth. He believes humanity should be able to unlock power to defend them-selves or rather eliminate the X Gene which he believes is unnatural, and demonic in origin.

He supports extremists such as Desmond, and Bastion's Purifiers. He is a very manner able person, and very respectable. He hates being used or being a 'tool' and often tries to understand everything about instructions he's given. He will go to the ends of the world to protect his family for harm, and will gladly sacrifice himself to help them, even putting them above the general population his fatal flaw. Aside from his over protectiveness regarding his family he is a semi-law abiding citizen as he does run various casino's using his criminal resources in his war against the superhuman population, and Terrorists. He is also racist especially to Muslims, and other Middle Eastern People. He has also claimed to have beliefs in Christianity, and after his Reconstruction his beliefs have heightened, and blames Mutants for his torture in Hell. He also has a streak of ruthlessness when it comes to interacting with terrorists in general, and his ruthless streak does not however compromise his general behavior.

Skills: Sindus was an experienced businessman. He is a skilled manipulator and is great in working with organizations. He has a hatred of mutants which makes him unafraid of their wide variety of abilities. He's a skilled manipulator, and is knowledgeable on military tactics, and armed combat.


Anti Mugen Gun: He keeps an anti mugen hand-gun, all the bullets are anti mugen, meaning they are capable of harming mutants regardless of there substance meaning even mutants who are in Elemental Shift can be hurt,

Negative Zone Crystal Ring: He has a ring with the center being a cut up Negative Zone Crystal. Due to this ring he is capable of hurting beings who remnants of the Void's essence such as Milo, and Dave.

Powers: N/A

Bio: Sindus Blaze was born and raised in a normal home with his younger brother, and his father and mother were both involved in Homeland Security. He was a straight A student, and was obsessed with politics having dreams to help the world. Eventually his father left HS and joined Shield with Devon Fury's help. He remained a nice young man, and traveled the world with his family. His mother got into Shield and during a trip to a Caribbean, there was a terrorist attack and both of his parents died. His brother ran off to join a carnival starting his daredevil career and he was interrogated by Shield. At this point in time he'd recently graduated high school, and quickly became depressed, and an alcoholic. Zane Fury tracked him down, and recruited him into SHIELD.

Sindus denied entry into SHIELD, instead enlisting into the USA army, being drafted for the war in Afghanistan. He took part in the war where he met Samuel Ventro, and another man Tyler Ruuse, the latter having the ability to heal others, using it to aid there squad in there various missions, eventually however Tyler himself was fatally wounded, and in his dying moments Samuel managed to absorb his power. With most of the Squad died during a HYDRA ambush, he left the Military, taking up Zane's offer joining SHIELD to continue the war against HYDRA. Working hard with SHIELD and working with Devon, he infilitrated HYDRA, and aided SHIELD in bringing down HYDRA who he learned murdered his parents because they'd uncovered information regarding there plans for a nuclear attack on the USA capitol. During his time in SHIELD he became known as Agent 'Torch' due to his affiliation with explosions. With HYDRA's dissipation he left to college making his way to grad school, he quickly ascended into politics, becoming a Senator in his home town NYC.

After his brother's death he ended up adopting Keeth, and raising him using him to come in contact with other Mutants who he wanted to help, but quickly learned of there destructive potential. Also During this time period he established his own line of Casino's getting in contact with the criminal underworld, using his wealth garnered from his parents, and casino's he assembled the Torch Gang one of the most notorious mobs in all of Las Vegas, The Sin City. He formed a strong bond with his nephew Keeth, and purchased a private island, and began experiment on mutants wanting to unlock the key to humans manifesting powers, and also was involved with the Absorbium Project to get humans to be one with there power. After Yamairo's group raided his island and released his mutants, he was arrested by Homeland Security for his crimes against mutants. He mangaged to get out of jail with his connections, and went to the FBI for help in tracking down Keeth.

He regained his position as Senators, and went public with his views to mutants. He befriended German, and bringing Ben Hulson back to life used him to bomb Odessa, and get the Superhero Registrations Act into place. He funded the construction of several Sentinels, and started a charity organization for those who were negatively affected called Humanity Now. With the Civil War amongst the Superhero Community he put together an army of mutants called Legacy sponsored by the mutants, and aided German in getting a device that allowed him to generate duplicates to aid the Government's war against rogue mutants. With Lucy taken hostage, he indirectly manipulated Milo into allowing the USA to win World War 3, and had implants in the Legacy Mutants to gain control over them. However as the revived Hitler ascended into power, Legacy crumbled, and he began to support the Hellfire Cult's actions across the globe, and put together MRD to continue the war against mutants. He tried to wipe out Genosha with an Anti Mugen Bomb, and also tried to develop a Super Sentinel named Sindone to defeat the higher tier SXM members, after both plans were tharted, and the Superhero Community came together he suffered a serious blow.

He was rapidly loosing public support, and was one of the people who debated against the Mutant Rights Bill. Sandra manipulated by the Phoenix Alliance came after him, and nearly killed him until the SXM with Filipe's Absolute Zero techniques saved him. He was later kidnapped with the Phoenix Alliance along with Lex forced to watch as they used Sancho to murder the Hellfire Cult. After being rescued by the SXM, also during his hectic life he'd met Haley Crimis, and fallen in love with her, having a child named Savannah Blaze. He became a family man more determined then ever to end the Superhuman threat, and began collecting he Mandarin Rings until they were taken from his possession. Finally he was targeted by Priest's religious fanatics, and escorted by Dracarot, until murdered by Apocalypse's horsemen. He was placed in eternal damnation where he suffered until meeting Afansas, befriending him, and eventually starting a resistance joining the Hell Wars, there he tried to murder Sandra, and the SXM there hoping they'd join them.

The SXM defeated their resistance, and after being captured and tortured, freed by Lucifer who revived him, Afansas, and 97 others, back on earth he regained political power and thanked God for his miraculous resseruection gaining massive public support. Learning Milo was the last Absorbium, tried to restart the project but Milo crushed said efforts.


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Sindus Blaze(Heroes Uprising)
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