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 Kiya Skies (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Kiya Skies (Heroes Uprising)   Kiya Skies (Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 24, 2012 1:20 am

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Name: Kiya Skies.
Codename: Sharp Shooter, Infiltrator.
Age: 26
Height: 5.7
Weight: 140 lbs

Personality: Kiya is a focused and collected.  She's well aware of her limitations in the mutant community but isn't afraid to help, and will do so whenever possible.   She had developed a relationship with Shin, and left the SXM after his death at the hunters hands.  She later rescued Zane, briefly joining him before moving into Milo's X Lords.

Known Relatives: Mother, father.
Skills: Military training and operations.
- Skilled hand to hand combatant.
- Knowledge in a wide variety of fire arms.
- A degree of medical knowledge to look after wounds.
- Knowledgeable on how to operate a wide variety of vehicles.
- Able to access situations rationally.

She is also knowledgeable with swords and bladed weaponry.

Powers: Unnatural Precision - Kiya has a level of precision far greater then that of the best military shape shooters.  She can aim and strike any target dead center with as little as a simple glance, and can easily hit long distance targets many may miss without a scope.   When armed with anti-mugen weapons she can become a threat to many mutants, even elementals.  

Kiya's power also applies to unharmed combat as she can strike at opponents with extreme precision every time without miss.

Rebirth as a cyborg: After dying Kiya eventually was revived as a cybernetic human.   While her makeup is mostly machine, her human brain was retained as was her living flesh and growing hair.    Kiya's mechanical body is both extremely durable and regenerative, being Adamantium based but also mixed in with a living nano tech that regenerates any damage that may be caused to her.      Her strength is enough to punch though concrete walls and security doors and her mind is completely protected from mental attacks.

Other enhancements Kiya has includes a top notch, almost head of it's time hacking ability.    If it's mechanical then Kiya can break it and if she chooses, control it.    She also have extensive knowledge on dismembering and rebuilding machinery.

Upgrades: While working with Shield to infiltrate Milo's operations Kiya had managed to gain access to some supplies and bots Milo was using.  She took some of this tech and had it integrated into her own being.   These upgrades added a propulsion system for flight and a energy system that can be used to create blasts.   These systems are on a infinite recharge cycle and should be extremely difficult to overload.

Bio: Kiya was taken from her family and forced to work for the government, being a soldier who could out preform any human, while still passing as human.  In her history as a anti military agent, she was given an order to kill Angie.  Instead, she gave Angie a none fatal wound.  Later Kiya was seen moved up in the ranks, being a government agent.  Again she met with Angie and was ordered to kill her, however Zulan interfered and Angie escaped.   Kiya eventually lost her job in the government, finding her way around to a group lead by Zulan.  She spent some time in Zulan's group, but eventually left and was kidnapped along with Shin and Dave.  She started growing close to Shin, and found her way into SXM after they was rescued.  

Kiya took part in the Hunters invasion, fighting against Hei and helping as best she could.  After loosing Shin she left SXM, going on her own.  In the HAMMER attack, she came by Zane, saving his life and joining his group.  Though Zane she found herself in the X Lords where she assisted in fighting off the human resistance forces.

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PostSubject: Re: Kiya Skies (Heroes Uprising)   Kiya Skies (Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 24, 2012 1:21 am

Character name: Kiya Sky's.
Rp: Heroes Uprising.

Chapter title: Forced Career.

We start off with a look at an open field, in this field are various targets set up at different distances, directions, and heights. In the middle of all these targets is a 17 year old girl. She is armed with a handgun in her hand and a sword strapped to her back. She stands completely still as a breeze of wind blows through her hair.

Girl: 3... 2... and 1.

She quickly makes a quick spin around making various shots, she then quickly fires two shots high before and a couple of shots over her shoulder. She makes and spin, doing a sweep kick type move, and kicking up a few grains of grass. Putting away the gun though the spin, she grabs the sword making a slice, cutting one of the grains of grass length ways down the middle. She finishes with a slash, cutting the last few grains of grass in half.

...: Very impressive Kiya.

Kiya put away her sword, turning around to see several men in suits.

Suited man: Look at this, every signal target was a perfect shot, straight though the middle of the bull. And you made all these shots withing a few seconds.
Kiya: So what, I'm a good shot.
Suited man: Exactly, to good. The best marksmen in the world would need to take aim. You can do all these things effortless.
Kiya: Look, are you going somewhere with this or not? If your quite finished, then get out of my sight.
Suited man: Your skills are special Kiya, your much more skilled with a weapon then any human could ever hope to be.
Kiya: So what of it.
Suited man: The government could use your skills Kiya.
Kiya: Well sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not interested.
Suited man: To bad, I don't think your family would like that choice.
Kiya: What!!

Kiya takes aim at the man, the other suited men quickly take aim.

Suited man: Now now, you shoot at a target and it won't shoot back. You shoot at me, and well you get the picture. So unless you can dodge bullets, I wouldn't suggest it.

Kiya hesitates to lower her weapon, but faced with the situation at hand, she soon does.

Kiya: What... what em is it you want me to do?
Suited man: You'll be sent in with a team of highly ranked soldiers for those missions that require a little extra skill. Mainly various terrorist organizations that we can't handle alone.
Kiya: When you say "organizations you can't handle".
Suited man: Don't worry, you won't be hunting others of your kind, usually. The government are cooking up there own idea encase they decide to someday get out of hand. You can be a hero Sky's, or you and your family can be dead.

Years later.

Kiya: Let him go, or your gonna die.
Angie: I'll take my chances.
Commander: Kiya, take the shot.

Kiya takes aim, and shoots the gun out of Angie's hand without hitting her commander or Angie herself. The commander now reverses Angie's hold on him, maneuvering himself behind Angie, twisting her arm behind her back. He then knocks Angie forward, causing her to fall.

Commander: Stand up!

Angie does so.

Commander: For helping the enemy, as well as attacking your commanding officer. You are to be killed.
Angie: Your no judge, you have no right to make that call.
Kiya: Quick or slow?
Commander: Slow.

On that command Angie is shot through the heart. The commanding officer leaves but Kiya stays behind.

Kiya: I don't like working for these jerks any more then you do. The shot looks fatal, but you should be alive for at least a few hours, or longer. If you survive, just go. The next time I see you, I may not be able to spare your life.

With that Kiya turns and leaves
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Kiya Skies (Heroes Uprising)
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